Why he isn’t sticking his neck out on Brexit

You may have spotted this unintentionally hilarious tweet from Turdoch to Gove-a-Go-Go a few days back:


What struck me as odd initially was that this reflects my own philosophy on ethics – ‘a principle isn’t a principle until it costs you a friend’ – although by the age of 67 it does leave a chap with an intimate circle of chums, nothing more. However, what made me laugh really was the idea of Roop (a) having principles and (b) the verb thing about ‘overcoming’ friends. He was talking about Gove not himself of course, but the sad use of language there is pretty obvious.

The hypocrisy of The Digger’s pompous praise is further apparent in that this is precisely what he is not doing at the moment. The Slog has tweeted him thus:


Indeed, clues are emerging about where The Antipodean Hacker’s unprincipled power-networking among Principals is leading him at the minute. The old boy is denying it, but it’s as clear as a digital mobile messaging service that he is backing Mrs Clinton for the White House…and giving Fox News carte blanche to Dump the Trump.

As long ago as 2014, Murdoch shocked fellow rednecks on declaring he “could live with Hillary as president”. And eight years before that, Roop threw a personal rubber-chicken fundraiser for Killary’s Senatorial reelection campaign.

I think the key to this move lies in a Fortune Magazine interview some years back, when he said he’d support a Democrat for President, but  “that would depend on the Republican candidate totally.” This is thinly disguised code for “Trump doesn’t need me, so it’s got to be Hillary.

Which is OK for Yankdig, because when it comes to US/Murdoch foreign policy, Clinton is right down the fairway on message and heading for the pin…even if it is in a grenade. In particular, after her indoctrination spell at the State Department, she’s a Born Again Seven Regime Changes for Seven Oilstates enthusiast.

As America’s leading advocate of email privacy, Clinton will also have to be sure and change that cellphone code if she’s going to cosy up to the man who hacked a nation, but either way these developments go some way to explaining Murdoch’s currently rather shy approach to opining about Brexit.

Because the thing is – just like his stalwart supporter Mayor Borisconi – Rupert Murdoch is ‘conflicted’: and conflicted is the new Blackguard masquerading as Whitehat. You see, Hillary is, I’m told, virulently opposed to a Brexit, on the grounds that (she feels) the freedom contagion following such an outcome would hasten the European Union’s demise…and rip up all her NATO gung-ho plans.

And Mr Murdoch is keen to stay on the right side of the woman he’s sure will become the next President of the United States.

His need for this revolves around a number of developing eventualities. Stay tuned…and remember, American friends, if you’re anti-Establishment, then Sanders and Trump are it.

Closely related earlier at The Slog: More to Brexit than meets the eye


  1. The American Presidential circus rolls on. Trump,with his populist and demogogic rhetoric has hit a nerve with the people. I have no time for his message and his lack of knowledge of Foreign affairs is unsettling.
    But his one great advantage is that he is independently wealthy and can not be bought, Whether blackmail or assassination will be used against him is open to question. At present he is a loose cannon and giving the Republican Party elite and Deep state string pullers, nightmares as to how to control him.
    Sanders is a more intelligent man with policies of free health care and education.This makes him a Socialist in American eyes and this ,to them , is anathema, and equates with Communism. He has done well in the Primaries,but this does not help with acquiring delegates when selecting the candidate for Presidential election.
    The Party machine and ,Big ,banks , Corporations and the Military Industrial complex have anointed Hillary as their preferred candidate. She is totally corrupt and her involvement in the destruction of Libya and Syria and other domestic shenanigans would rule her out in any sane country.
    The American media controls the message and the population has little true information as regards Washingtons many involvements in regime change in numerous Sovereign countries around the world.
    I favour Trump as the best of a bad lot and the possibility that he could clean house of the physcopathic neocons that dictate US Foreign policy at present. But that is a forlorn hope.
    The demise of the US state continues and bears all the hallmarks of the collapse of the Roman Empire. Exceptionalism,hubris , arrogance ,greed will eventually bring an Empire to its knees. The end may be chaotic unless a military coup brings it to an end.
    Power is addictive and intoxicating, elites would rather go the road of destruction than surrender to a more mundane existence.

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  2. It really is cowboys and indians. Trump cries out: “Circle the wagons!” While Wild Bill Itchcock shouts: “My Squaw Hilliary is going to squaw the circle”……


  3. @Danbuck

    Good comment.

    And lest we forget that the Dirty Digger is even more conflicted as he would benefit mightily from a Clinton-enabled fragmentation of Syria given the concessions illegally granted to Genie Energy by Israel in the Syrian Golan Heights. The principal shareholders of Genie Energy being… Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild. You couldn’t make it up.

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  4. @John

    I don’t disagree, but in this case I suspect Turdoch’s motives are more mercenary than ideological. Turdoch, (and probably the Hildabeast) would probably support Hamas if it would benefit his business interests and increase his personal wealth and power. Psychopaths are like that.

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  5. Made me laugh, earlier:

    No10 spksman admits Generals For EU letter was organised by Downing St. And reveals “mistake was made” in naming Gen Sir Michael Rose.


  6. @JS

    The You tube clip is a very enlightening look at the EU Agenda. If you can’t spare 35 minutes fast forward to 15 mins in and stick with it for 10 mins.
    I can confirm that the unelected regional assemblies have been operational for at least 7 years. I hadn’t realised just how close we had become to EU domination.
    Useful background for anyone contemplating voting on June 23rd.


  7. Thank you JW for enlightening people like myself, aided by your regular ‘Sloggers’ posts, who furnish additional info’ ref; the fascist gang over there in the EU. Albeit that I’ve been anti EU for many years my feelings have been based on conjecture and supposition rather than evidence. So, thanks again to you all. I’ll be voting OUT for definite.


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