BEHIND YOUR BACK SPECIAL: 110 reasons to Vote Brexit, and still counting….

Forward with the Troika of camel, mule & elephant?


On the whole, I think we’d rather not….

111: Spain and Italy


Target 2 deficit keeps on rising

112: Ezone loans for business drying up


113: Mass of evidence showing that Erdogan double-crossing EU re ISIS…but thanks to ‘special status’ negotiated by Cameron for the UK, we are committed to seeing Putin as our implacable enemy.

Now I’m no fan of Vlad the Lad, but (a) I’d rather deal with him than either Erdogan or Trump and (b) I don’t remember anyone asking me either way.

This is ‘getting back control’?

114: The Euro’s central bank the ECB is now the only one outside Japan whose balance sheet is still growing….ie, economy not so much stimulated as flatlining:


So, Mario is going where Abe has just gone. That should work OK, then.

115: Leading German EU observer Wolfgang Münchau says Cameron’s deal would create a 2-tier Europe….which of course, it will. But he writes in the FT, tellingly:

‘If you divide a union you end up with disunion. You cannot have it both ways….How can the EU pursue ever-closer union when one of its most important EU members enjoys a permanent exemption? Core-Europe projects — those pursued by only a subset of members — cannot be the answer. They did not work well in the past. The EU has a legal mechanism in place that would allow a minimum of nine countries to seek deeper integration among each other.’

I completely agree with him: we should get out of the way of their Handcart to Hell, and let the silly, deluded sods get on with it.

116: Crony theft Privatisations of state-owned assets remain a central plank of EC/ECB/egroupe Troika agreements with debtor nations such as Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. But few observers have broadcast what is really going on here.

Privatisation plans imposed on Greece under the latest and third Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) are by far the most naked examples of carpet-bagging, but it is not the only one being pressurised into implementing such programmes. Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK have all seen a renewed effort to privatise the last remaining state services.

As always, however, the gap between promise and outcome displays nothing more than greed and utter incompetence. The rationale put forward by advocates of privatisation does not stand up to the evidence. Privatisation has been justified on the basis of providing revenue for indebted states and increased efficiency. Yet in nearly all cases, only profitable firms are being sold and consistently at undervalued prices. Meanwhile research by the IMF and by European universities shows that there is no evidence that the privatised firms are more efficient. Instead privatisations have undermined wages, weakened labour conditions and growing income inequality.

Cheap shares for the boys – standard practice. And in the other back pocket – the voluminous one sported by every bureaucrat with power – through selling them to other state-owned companies – especially the Chinese…who have become dominant players in buying up European energy companies, buying stakes in Portuguese, Greek and Italian public utilities. German and Azerbaijani state-owned companies have also been involved in buying in up privatised assets in other European countries.

Not forgetting of course – right at the top of the money-tree – The Slog’s previously recorded (and ignored) posts about the undeclared interests and blind eyes of Martin Schulz and Guy Verhofstadt.

Meanwhile – as always – the real brokers raking it in are the lawyers, the accountants and  the banks. A small coterie of legal and financial firms are active advocates for privatisation throughout the EU, and all of them lobbied hard for it to happen…with below-the-radar help from Belgian anti-Syriza bombast Verhofstadt.

So there we are: one day into the Recommendum process, and six further solid Brexit reasons for we lucky Brits given the chance to leave this unaudited, fascist cockup.

Why ‘solid’ reasons? Simple: all of them show the eurozone area to be a cross between snowflakes in the Sahara and featherweight fatties at the trough. David Cameron is trying to tell the British People that they’re better off – “safer” – with this rubber-chicken basket case than we would be outside it. As Tim Montgomerie put it bluntly on BBCNews last night, “this was one insult too many for me to stomach, and that’s why I have resigned from the Conservative Party”.

I posted earlier to say that none of this stuff matters to the vast majority of voters, and I am absolutely certain of that. But I am told by the stats that The Slog is way above average as blogsites go for professionals, the politically aware, senior corporate management and those engaged in the markets to do more than cheat.

So if just one person in that profile slips a phrase into a speech, and the speech gets made to one influential audience, and one hack decides to write something scathing (at last) about this 2-humped psychotic Cameulephant sitting upon European freedoms and workers at all levels, I’ll be a deleriously happy bunny. And that is one too many ingredients for the metaphor blender.

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22 thoughts on “BEHIND YOUR BACK SPECIAL: 110 reasons to Vote Brexit, and still counting….

  1. The European Project

    No splinters in my arse, I WANT to be a European. I have no wish to be constrained into the narrow bracket of “Englander” or even “Briton”. I’m not one who has a congenital notion that my country is better than all others – because it is where I was born and brought up and is where my roots are. If we all took a dna test we’d soon discover that we had ancestors all over the place. Furthermore, I know enough about some other European countries to see, that in certain respects, they are our betters and that includes being more democratic and egalitarian. Indeed, I’d like to see the whole world better integrated so that we can all consider ourselves a Human Brotherhood. With modern communications (physical and electronic) this will happen whether we want it or not.
    That’s the fundamental reason, but there are many more.
    I am deeply opposed to gross human inequality at all levels, from the individual to the national. It seems that a persuasive argument for many people in our country against the European Project is that we have an “open door” to certain poorer nations. Why were those fellow European nations so much poorer? As usual we need to look to the US. Its rabid fear and hatred of all things Socialist kept the Soviet Bloc (and only the Cuban Revolution was such a justifiable expression of mass public outrage as the Russian) out of the then main area of commerce for most of the 20th century. (They’ve done exactly the same with Cuba for nearly 60 years and it was they who financed Hitler and other maniacs to serve as a buffer against the spread of Socialism and Republicanism as a threat to European Monarchies). We went along with that and the EU has tried to make amends. I greatly applaud it for that bold action.
    The EU as a regulatory authority is increasingly necessary to ensure a minimum, and the general improvement of, standards in all areas of quality control and health and safety and Human Rights.
    The trading and economic ramifications of our leaving the EU, I know no more about than ANYONE else. It seems for some to be the clincher either way! This means that no-one knows for sure.
    If we voted out, within weeks the Scots would go for separation from UK so as to be able to rejoin the EU. Then we really could enjoy being Little Englanders draping our sheets painted with a red cross over the fronts of our houses. Ugh!!

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  2. PPS You may be correct on many details and specifics but on the FUNDAMENTALS you’re well wide of the mark.
    If the arguments are all economic – as you suggest then I’d say that financial waste and corruption in the EU Project is as a small pinprick compared to how we are screwed by the Bankers and the 1% who own more than half our wealth.


  3. Good Grief … it would seem that Cameron (he of the incendiary underpants) has little work to do if the above comments are a real and true example of how people are ‘thinking’. Not a word about the corruption, the waste, the lies about the true nature of the EU and its ultimate aims. Still, if one were able to ask the animals who the most popular chap on the farm was, it would be the bloke who feeds them, every time. Perhaps we shouldn’t be overly surprised at the Gadarene rush towards willing and self-imposed slavery.

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  4. “Hate, Hate, Hate” sounds like a good first step on the road to your ‘Human Brotherhood’ fantasy !

    Whilst the following viewpoint was expressed specifically in relation to the migration fiasco within Sweden, I think it can be pretty well applied across the board ……..

    “The inability of the European leadership to deal with the crisis is at once surreal and fascinating, almost like witnessing a Donald Duck version of the fall of the Roman Empire in real time.”

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  5. “Hate, Hate, Hate” seems like a good first step on the road to a ‘Human Brotherhood’ fantasy !

    Whilst the viewpoint reproduced below relates specifically to Sweden’s refugee fiasco, I think it can be pretty much applied across the board ……..

    “The inability of the European leadership to deal with the crisis is at once surreal and fascinating, almost like witnessing a Donald Duck version of the fall of the Roman Empire in real time.”


  6. Working in a manufacturing industry, in the last two decades I’ve seen the effect on profit margins of EU edicts – all undoubtedly well-meant, but all adding costs without benefits. Small companies are struggling to fulfill all the mandatory inspection and monitoring: pipework checks, sound level checks, H&S stuff, COSHH, etc., etc. All industries performed checks before in a common sense and effective way – it’s the attempt to legislate to the nth degree which adds the costs.
    And that’s the core problem (I see) with the EU – edicts without consultation or the freedom to be adjusted to individual requirements, giving rise to whole new parasitic industries.

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  7. In the first referendum I voted to leave. In all the years since then I have seen nothing whatever which persuades me that I was wrong in voting to leave or that I should alter my vote in the coming referendum. However, I also remember a similar referendum being held in Ireland a few years ago. What guarantee do we have that if the result is ‘LEAVE’ we will not similarly be required to vote again until we came up with the ‘right’ answer? European Democracy? Bollocks more like!

    Vote “LEAVE” ……and vote often!

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  8. Ericco my dear chap, I am completely unmoved by your emotional cry, you seem almost over-wrought. Please calm down and exercise a modicum of restraint, the Philistines are not upon us!

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  9. Since 1996 Britain has opposed 72 motions put forward by the council of ministers and has been outvoted every time.That is 72-0. and those motions have now become UK law.
    So much for being at the heart of Europe.
    British MEPs voted against 576 eu proposals between 1996 & 2014. 485 were passed and became law.

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  10. Go on vote yes, you just agreed for the EU / EZ to do whatever it wants no matter the consequences to you without an individual veto.

    This is what the EU / EZ wanted all along and anything Cameron says he achieved will be eroded away over time without this veto.

    This is the reality of the yes vote Cameron is chasing.

    This is yet more loss of sovereignty the total opposite of what the people say they want.

    A bird in the hand is worthless if you cannot close your fingers because it will fly away!

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  11. I have yet to see any of the mainstream media give a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of membership of the EU.
    In my view we are heading for a virtual dictatorship irregardless of the outcome. Also the Empire of chaos is against us leaving, and we all know what they are capable of. Furthermore a No vote just kicks the can down the road until the vote is yes, a real Irish outcome. We are so stitched up we are dammed for what we do and for what we do not do. Democracy was last seen riding out of Dodge some time ago. The Eton bully boys only play with the corptocracy, we lesser mortals are barely tolerated vermin as is ably demonstrated by the utter contempt with which legislation is passed to hide their actions and further curtail our freedoms. All done to combat terrorism we are told – S’cuse me _ Who trained them? Were they really home grown or conjured into existence by the shadowy spooks from you know where? Nothing like a few casualties to justify a further turn of the screw.
    Just think how many were killed and lives ruined by the Bush Blair WMD justification for war. Are they going to be held accountable? Dream on. Nothing has changed, the great game continues.
    However the positive outcome was that the corptocracy controls the oil and the fallout from the war has enabled far tighter control of the people(those that have not been killed by the illegal use of depleted uranium munitions – a weapon of mass destruction if ever there was one. A half life of 4.5 billion years ) Fortunately for humanity Vlad has ridden into the middle east on a white charger and kind of soured their game a little.


  12. I agree, Anonymous. It’s deliberate hobson’s choice so that after the result, whatever it is, people are beaten into submission on the basis that they ‘chose’ the outcome.
    Without decent leadership of our own, it makes no difference whether we’re in the EU or not. Tempting as Out is, it could could actually leave the country less independent than it was in the EU, as we would still be heavily in debt.
    We have been set up to be run over by a bus or a train. No doubt we’ll all be told again again how important it is to vote – but unless the options change I really don’t think it’s worth endorsing this process by voting either way.


  13. “But I am told by the stats that The Slog is way above average as blogsites go for professionals, the politically aware, senior corporate management and those engaged in the markets to do more than cheat.”

    John, good for you!

    “You cannot have it both ways….How can the EU pursue ever-closer union when one of its most important EU members enjoys a permanent exemption?” – “You vill stay with usss!” Can’t have it both ways, OK, fine with me. Ever closer union, well, maybe I don’t WANT that.

    My only concern is that Boris wants to leave and what Boris wants is a) good for Boris and b) good for Murdoch.



  14. I am just thinking, why would Brussels really want the UK in European Union; what more than anything else?
    They don’t want our calm, considered guidance (ha-ha-ha), they don’t want our diplomatic expertise (ha-ha-ha) or manufacturing genius, but they do want our financial sector, and they want us to share the costs of the debt jubilee and the European Central Bank stupidity, and certainly want rid of the pound sterling.
    Since there is no sign of Call-me-Dave trying to get us into the Euro (and even he can’t think that is the dream we should aspire to), what does Europe think they gain from us being in -other than, bluntly, somewhere to export their unwelcome immigrants.
    Or do they just want to conquer us?


  15. To Errico Mate, where are you coming from with this little Englander business, try living down under or the US and start saying Australia or New Zealand or even South Africa are not up to running their own affairs.These people on the whole are tough and you could well find it a painful business disputing that they should not run their own affairs.

    There are trade associations in these countries but they do not want to be ruled some bureaucrats in some foreign country. In my view, our history shows we are quite capable of looking after our own affairs as well but many of our politicians want us to do as we are told and be wage slaves. .

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