At the End of the Day


Earlier this evening, the BBCNews anchor announced that Donald Trump had won a stunning victory in South Africa. I must say, the American appetite for colonialism is getting out of hand.

Earlier still, the Mayor of London finally jumped the way it always looked odds-on he would:


So now it’s BoJo-a-Go-Gove, ba-boom….and the two sides are clearly lined up. Yet it still all looks oddly confused.

For one thing, apart from Kate Hoey, I don’t like any of the major players on either side. I will Vote Leave, chiefly because there are two Establishments we need to chuck out, and the EC-ECB-eurogroupe Troika is marginally more ghastly than the British one. Furthermore, get rid of one illegal corporate dictatorship with a cross on the ballot paper, and that means we can focus fulltime on the home-grown shower.

Then there’s the fact that Boris adores Brussels but wants to leave – whereas Dave hates it but wants to stay.

Or that Jeremy Corbyn deeply distrusts its corporacratic motives, but insists that we should vote to Stay In….which is nice of him to risk our rights to save his skin, but not entirely satisfactory.

And that Hillary Benn is in the Labour Party, is passionate about bombing Syria, and enthuses about a Union that smashes any and all opposition with a fiscal baseball bat.

Not forgetting Nicola Sturgeon who says that, if we leave the EU, there must be another referendum on Scottish Independence. Which is, um, exactly the same as she wants if we stay in.

I suppose I’m making two points here. First, the entire thing is – apart from a few honourable exceptions – riddled with opportunism, false hope, hypocrisy and mendacity. Plus ça change.

Second, the Westminster Party system now looks deeply uncomfortable in its own skin….as indeed do most members of them. Place an issue like this before it, and it takes on all the functional discipline of a puppy socialisation class.

In short, there are medium-term ramifications that, regardless of one’s preference, do need to be at least thought about. I hope to enlarge on these tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I leave you with one thought: with Johnson and Gove now firmly in the Brexit camp, Rupert Murdoch has everything to gain from them winning. But he remains – although his newspapers are solidly anti the Cameron ‘deal’ – coy: he has not allowed any of his titles to break cover, nor has he personally commented.

Could it be, I ask myself, that the Leavers think he might, if he did intervene, do more harm than good?

Earlier at The Slog: Be generous to Cameron – he has inadvertently shown why we should Brexit


11 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Hmm, any truly real ideological fight among politicians has to be some sort of a good sign these days, I suppose; in as much as – inscrutable ulterior motives aside – there is a chance for us plebs to see some johnsons on the table at least. BBC R4 coverage this evening was clearly and sickeningly directionalised.

    The bubbled photo header is strongly reminiscent of an Eye cover from 1974, I have it somewhere, which has a press shot of our own dear Jolly Sailor, who got us into this mess in the first place (European Communities Act 1972), greeting the precociously versatile Andre Previn outside No 10, both immaculately coiffed:

    Heath: “Do you know your hair’s lovely?”

    Previn: “No, but if you whistle it I’ll soon pick it up.”

    One of their very best – where are the Ingrams and Cook of 2016? Gagged in a cupboard somewhere, I suspect.

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  2. The FT rails against Cameron and his EU deal then Boris jumps ship. It looks like the City of London is heading toward the Brexits.


  3. Frank Field has been on the OUT side for at least a couple of decades and along with Kate Hoey and the late Tony Benn and Peter Shore were lonely voices on the Labour side, though frequently speaking out at meetings and rallies.
    The inability of the average working class to understand that unlimited immigration is a threat to their jobs and payscale is mystifying.


  4. At the end of the day, yet another torrid media frenzy of a day, where all the REAL issues are subsumed, the referendum vote is all about personalities. Rather like the Miss New Brighton gala of old, what we have here is Cameldung in his blue suit and plastic face versus Boris FlyByNight with a new haircut. It is all down to this and s*d democracy, s*d the economy, s*d the people, s*d killing disabled people to make ends meet, s*d no investment in the future, s*d the housing crisis, s*d being in Europe but not of it – these two cultural representatives of the elites will no doubt be on MasterMind, pitted against the BBC BigHeads, there’ll be ‘real life’ documentaries and even a guest spot on Top Of The Pops.

    Get rid of them all



  5. JW, I enjoyed this ‘end of the day article’ because it gave a balanced accurate summary of matters, along with your acerbic humour. Ha, ha!


  6. Do I not recall Bojo invitibg a certain octagenarian billionaire media mogul to be his guest of honour at the London Olympics?


  7. How sad that the future of this country should as usual be decided on the basis of personalities. I think it will be decided by one migrant/ terrorist outrage before the referendum to sway the vast majority whose ignorance on the subject is displayed on every TV bulletin asking the ” man in the pub” for his views. Try looking at ” to hell with political correctness” on Face book to see what’s happening on the streets of Germany and Sweden as they commit national suicide. Then remember that once they are in those countries and get the paperwork they’ll be coming here. I’m quite sure the majority of them have English as a second language and not Swedish or German


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