It seems to me entirely apt that this morning’s Cabinet session is the first one to take place on a Saturday since the Invasion of the Falklands in 1982. There’s no physical invasion this time, but the threat to our sovereignty lies just across the Channel….as opposed to the South Atlantic. And whereas last time – whatever one thinks of the Mad Handbag – we had a PM who we just knew was going to give Galtieri’s fascists a good kicking, this time we have a Prime Minister who (without being forced to by public, UKIP-driven pressure) would never have gone through this ‘renegotiation’ charade in the first place.

These are the facts:

  1. We are being asked to decide on the deal before it’s been ratified
  2. Real reform of EC dictatorship is completely absent from the proposals
  3. The Government’s primary argument for staying is what might happen if we didn’t
  4. The only other ‘reason’ is that we’ve obtained ‘a good deal’.

I’m going to return to my Life mantra again now:

“Harken not unto what they say, but watch closely how they behave”.

We’re being asked to Trust the word of these EU leaders and their apparatchiks. So for starters, we should all read these two statements out last night:

Francois Hollande: “Just because it lasted a long time it doesn’t mean that much happened.” Thanks Frankie, nice line in graceful support there.

Charles Michel, the Belgian Prime Minister: “We are very, very far from the initial British position that wanted to create a discrimination.” Dave removes knife from front, flies back to London.

The EC, eurogroupe and ECB (all unelected mobsters) have an abysmal track-record when it comes to the keeping of words and obedience to the law: Lisbon Treaty referendums, ambushing Yanis Varoufakis, Juncker’s bullying in Cyprus, Draghi subordinating Greek bondholders, endless lies from Schäuble about Greek debt levels, the Portuguese economy, the Spanish banking system, using Stournaras at the BoG to destabilise Athenian banks….their loveliness goes on and on.

None of this is being changed or even addressed: the Euronauts will continue on their road to FiskalUnion Hell, and our opting out clause about even this is shot full of holes.

Camerlot persists in suggesting we shall be lepers if we leave. What he doesn’t say is that the U.K. has been the top export market for German cars for more than a decade: over 20% of German cars wind up being driven by Brits. If we declared German autos to be leprous, Merkel’s economy would collapse. Trade is a two-way thing, and Britain has a trade deficit with the majority of EU Member States. We couldn’t survive without them? They couldn’t survive without us.

Not once was this blindingly obvious economic reality used to leverage real reform of European institutions during these “tough negotiations”. Because, of course, Cameron doesn’t want to leave. And the Eunatics know he doesn’t want to. The same thing that sunk Tsipras has torpedoed Cameron.

This is not a good deal, it isn’t a deal at all until ratified, and it changes nothing about the fundamentally corporacratic baseball bat approach used by the EC/EG/ECB Troika in its dealings with everyone. None of those three prongs of the Devil’s trident, for example, is to be made more accountable.

It boils down to a devious Tory leader covering a steaming stool with sauce hollandaise, in the hope of rendering it palateable….and then warning the diner that if he leaves the restaurant, he may never eat again.

David Cameron is gambling on the hypotheses that

  • UK voters have no discernment of or interest in The Right Thing to do
  • The British voyager gene has gone awol
  • They’d swallow any old cack served up to them so long as there’s footie on Sky
  • He can so confuse the facts of the agreement, the Truth will be hidden from view
  • The Outers/Leavers are divided and will continue to be all over the place

Well, it’s three years since I left now – how time flies when you’re somewhere else other than Bugger-You Britain – and I see no sign at all that I made a mistake. I think we are opposed to the EU for many wrong reasons, and support it because we have lost our reason. And I think we in Vote Leave are going to lose, because for all that he is a loathsome, balsawood spined suit, David Cameron’s hypotheses are fundamentally correct. Cynical and dastardly, but correct.

I am going to campaign actively, but on the right issues: first and foremost, getting our democracy, rule of Law, judicial equality and liberties back. My reasoning is simple: if we The People only have Westminster to fight, it’ll be a lot easier.

And second, hastening the demise of the most stupid, expensive, dysfunctional, incompetent and thoroughly nasty shower of corporate fascists ever gathered together on one continent.

This time, the choice is ours….at least, in theory. We’re going to blow it, because we are a post-Imperial ragbag in decline. But I would love to help prove me wrong, and so that’s the basis upon which I’ll proceed.

Yesterday at The Slog: the unrepresentative representations of a retrogressive reprobate


  1. I honestly believe Cameron would leave if it wasn’t for Washington, that’s where his true loyalties lie, with his tongue firmly wedged up Washington’s bottom. If Washington said ‘Leave’ we would be out by now.
    I also think the ‘leave’ party will lose and that’s the main reason for rushing through the referendum, which does seem to have been brought forward rather rapidly, wasn’t a 2017 event when first talked about? As JW has said, he needs to get it through before the sh8t hits the fan bigtime and might weaken all the arguments to stay in, not I think it matters which way the vote goes Cameron isn’t going to take us out all the time Washington says ‘No’.


  2. The 5 June 1975 referendum had 25.9 million votes split YES 67.2 percent, NO 32.8 percent. If the UK had been a company, the YES vote would not have satisfied the 75 percent threshold of a Special resolution. In June,2016, taking a line through the bookies and the polls, the widest possible result looks like 55-45, either way. As a consequence, CMD has guaranteed that almost half the electorate that bothers to vote is going to be pissed off with the result, as Jacob Rees Mogg’s ‘thin gruell’ will come to haunt him. Inevitably, attention will focus on the refusal of EU leaders to countenance any further future concessions,in future, as they have made abundantly plain. An IN vote in June,2016 will not be the end of the matter.

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  3. Let’s not be counting our chickens just yet.
    The Vote date has at this minute, still to be announced.
    A lot has been said already on the subject – but WAIT – what about immigration this spring, turkey, syria?
    A lot has been said about that as well.
    It is openly speculated that up to 5000 jihad terrorists could already be in europe, and that an ‘attrocity’ is a distinct possibility….
    If this DOES happen – there will be HELL TO PAY AND IT WILL TURN EVERYTHING ON ITS HEAD..

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  4. The simple version of this is Dave made a rash promise before the election of a referendum on Europe in order to cut the ground from UKIP. Expecting not to win the election he knew nothing would come of it. However he won and UKIP took most of it’s votes from Labour. So he is hoist on his own petard. Having won the election, why then go ahead with the referendum, he has shown himself to be a consummate liar at keeping to election promises , things like tax credits etc.
    The “dark matter” version of this is, if he holds the referendum on minuscule changes and wins , he silences his party’s Eurosceptics for ever , strengthens his party , he then feeds in boundary changes, and parliamentary numbers reduction from 650 to 600 and leaves perpetual Tory government in England , at least until the baby boomer’s pass away and cease to be electorally significant. If he loses as a closet Eurosceptic out to save the city he still wins with a good job in the city when he retires. My evidence for this comes from a certain former editor of the Sun on a BBC program stating he was at a certain xmas party with Dave who was expressing his full Eurosceptic credentials to all who would listen.
    However he has misjudged middle England who are going to treat this as a chance for simple yes/no in/out and completely ignore his pathetic efforts. These fools are playing dangerous politics with peoples futures for party gain.


  5. The simple version of this is Dave made a rash promise before the election of a referendum on Europe in order to cut the ground from UKIP. Expecting not to win the election he knew nothing would come of it. However he won and UKIP took most of it’s votes from Labour. So he is hoist on his own petard. Having won the election, why then go ahead with the referendum, he has shown himself to be a consummate liar at keeping to election promises , things like tax credits etc.
    The “dark matter” version of this is, if he holds the referendum on minuscule changes and wins , he silences his party’s Eurosceptics for ever , strengthens his party , he then feeds in boundary changes, and parliamentary numbers reduction from 650 to 600 and leaves perpetual Tory government in England , at least until the baby boomer’s pass away and cease to be electorally significant. If he loses as a closet Eurosceptic out to save the city he still wins with a good job in the city when he retires. However he has misjudged middle England who are going to treat this as a chance for simple yes/no in/out and completely ignore his pathetic efforts.


  6. So Dysentery Dave has returned, uncured, as still full of sh+*t. despite all his peripatetic babblings. Is the man capable of a single sentence without mendacity creeping in?


  7. OK, so here are some answers that the ‘brains’ in RUSI, NATO, Sandhurst and other halfwits cannot find before we are led into nuclear war:

    Give IS sanctuary with the russians in Syria.
    STAY OUT of Syria. Do not attack Syria in any form.
    Open NATO base in Libya before russia does.
    Herd IS out of Libya and Iraq INTO syria and leave well alone.
    Herd Syrian refugees into Libya and feed and clothe until Syria relents.


  8. @kfc

    Agree entirely. As one who used to be in favour of the European project for purely naive and selfish reasons – I felt that the U.K. would be buffered from the rabid Friedmanite ‘economics’ of the Trans-Atlantic Neoliberals by the European tradition of social democracy and I loved the idea of unrestricted travel and ability to work on the continent. I had admired the Gaulleist independence from Washington and the general suspicion of government exhibited by the French populace during the sixties and seventies. (I find it interesting that Operation Gladio was not very active in France during this time.) What I failed to foresee was the efficiency with which the U.S./U.K. banking sector would use U.K. membership as a trojan horse to hijack the mechanisms of power within the EU. As JW points out above, as power is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands – hands that moreover remain unaccountable to the European people – the easier it becomes to suborn. The Snowden revelations made clear that the German leadership is entirely controlled by Washington, and I have no doubt that the NSA have enough dirt on the few key figures in the EU to fully control the workings of the European government. The ongoing agony of Greece is an object lesson in the true modus operandi of these Neoliberal/Neocon ghouls.

    I am now of the view that Brexit would be preferable to the status quo and am even prepared to forego the opportunity for my children to work anywhere in Europe. However remote the hope, change in the U.K. is more feasible if we are freed from the oppression of the European bureacracy and the removal of the U.S. trojan horse might allow the European people to wrest control back from their own U.S. puppets.

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  9. The LibLabCon as a group should be demanding one thing out of Europe … a proper set of audited books!

    Only then should Cameron be bickering over different bits.

    No proper set of audited books … the UK out.
    Legit set of books … the UK in.

    I don’t care which, because after that the other bits can be debated and argued over to find a best fit and all the fraud and corruption removed. As for Cameron, he tried to renegotiate things that are of no worth without the set of books to justify his demands, on that I rank him either as a top of the class idiot or traitor.

    He would not have had to renegotiate anything, the transparency created would have made the changes happen naturally by a sense of fair play. We could start reducing our payements into the EU to bring our pensioners income up to the EU level and so many other economic plays, whilst stopping migrant benefits then pales into insignificance.

    Once all the other EU citizens start seeing the truth they might think twice over what they are being signed up for … they might even thank us because their traitorous politicians will never demand the truth. As for the pound and the city, their demise is already written in the Lisbon Treaty and whgat Cameron was fillbustering over.

    What a difference a decent PM could have made … but we don’t have one or any others in the wings to take over the mantle.


  10. Will this become the equivalent of the 2015 Greek Referendum, where the Hoi polloi voted No and the Government were forced into a U turn and the people were led to believe we have to do something else for the good of the country.


  11. @Ricoh

    There is only one sentence in your last contribution that makes any sense. “Stay out of Syria. Do not attack Syria in any form.” Had the U.S. and its vassals heeded this advice seven years ago there would be no ISIS and no refugees, but then that would not have served the Neocon purpose of weakening Russia and Iran, and a certain state would not be eyeing the water and oil resources of the Golan with such anticipation.

    ISIS is clearly the creation of CIA/Mossad, even if their Frankenstein’s monster has become difficult to control of late. It is no coincidence that after being denied an intervention against Assad after the blatant false-flag gas attack at Ghouta, extremely well-produced atrocity videos were unearthed by Rita Katz of the SITE Intelligence Group and the narrative suddenly changed to one of (illegal) intervention to confront ISIS. Thank goodness for the Russian intervention. Read the recent statements of the former Russian Ambassador to London, or the former Chief of the Defence Staff if you doubt this.

    BTW please to do display your supremecism so blatantly. The use of the word ‘herd’ when referring to the forceable displacement of human beings betrays a certain lack of human empathy on your part.


  12. @ canexpat
    I don’t expect any sympathy to my solution, nor do I GAF.
    Your embellishments on CIA Mossad etc is of no interest to me so what.?
    If you love the bear so much why not go and live there.
    My supremacism? No. Just blunt fearless comment that too many panzies cannot swallow today. Call it what you wish. I only want those people to live and be happy, but not in my back yard.


  13. @Ricoh

    “Blunt and fearless” TM

    Wonderful. :-)

    As to loving the ‘bear’, I’ll assume you mean the Russian Federation. Loving any nation state seems ridiculous to me. I am capable of loving individual human beings, and to some extent (purely platonically) even animals, but to love a man-made political and geographic entity seems a bit of an ask. I do however approve of the geopolitical intervention of Russia to oppose nihilistic Wahhabists who would otherwise be ensconsed in Damascus as well as Libya. I realise that this is a subtle distinction. Once again I would refer you to the late, great George Carlin…

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  14. @Mark Deacon

    What good would a “set of books” be?

    Every country that joined the Euro had a full audited “set of books” and look how good those tomes turned out for the Club Med.


    Blunt and fearless eh? A fearless NIMBY……


  15. The EU will do anything to keep us in and any negotiator with even basic skills would have got a much better deal based on that fact.

    Those that want to leave, whatever, should vote NO. Those that want to stay in but with a better deal should ALSO vote NO.
    We then end up with a vote to leave and then just watch those EU leaders come running back with better offers.

    It seems a no brainer at this moment in time. Everyone who either wants to leave or receive a better deal should vote to leave.


  16. “Soros” to keep on going on about this.
    I still think it’s worth bearing in mind.
    Was the guy truly “ambushed” by the euronaughts, or is that what they want us to think?
    I recall that he departed quite smartly after the scuffle.

    A quote.
    “No less than Tsipras, Varoufakis is a plant for the big banks. Before becoming Syriza’s Finance Minister, he was a resident scholar at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) in New York, a Soros-funded project. And his love of the EU–and his silence on TTIP and NATO–are dead give-aways as to his true sympathies. With a Brexit vote looming and TTIP in trouble, Varoufakis has been enlisted to fill European leftists with false hopes of EU ‘reform’.
    Beware, Europeans. You have been warned … Seamus Padraig”


  17. @ Stevie et al items
    Can we have less of the snide armchair comments to amuse your waste of space and time .
    What have you constructively done with your life on this earth? Do tell us.
    Where are your solutions to problems today? Do tell us.


  18. To swing the undecided and those who don´t really give a chuff, you will need a risk free plan to leave.
    this Plan exists John, and you need to push it as neither Vote Leave ( witless and gutless Torys ) nor Leave-EU ( Witless and un reconstructed UKIP fanatics of the Farage ) have the brains to go to the people with a plan.
    and you can find it


  19. You need a plan John, and this plan already exists – Flexcit, sometimes known as the Norway Option.
    this plan is risk free, non-disruptive and do-able within the 2 year time frame of Article 50.
    which is why the establishment is using all it´s strength to deny it exists, and why cameron rubbished the Norway Option – in Iceland you will note – a diplomatic outrage


  20. @Ricoh

    I will certainly endeavour to reduce the snide comments. Your original post was littered with questionable assertions however.


    “Give IS sanctuary with the russians in Syria.”

    The word “Sanctuary” suggests you believe that Russia is colluding with IS in Syria. I mentioned the CIA/Mossad link to ISIS in an attempt to refute this. It is unlikely Russia would start offering safe haven to the very Wahabbist nutters that it has been successfully combating in Chechnya.

    “Open NATO base in Libya before russia does.”

    Russia has I believe only two military bases outside Russia proper, and that is if you include the Sevastopol base in Crimea. The U.S./NATO has well over a thousand. I cannot see how one more NATO base would avert WWIII. It would be one more agressive act by the hegemonic USA/NATO/Neocon/Israeli psychos who have caused the entire conflict. I could remind you that Libya is a chaotic hell-hole full of Wahabbist headchoppers as a direct result of the hegemonic ambitions of the usual suspects. Many of the refugees currently destabilising Europe hail from this destroyed state.

    “Herd Syrian refugees into Libya and feed and clothe until Syria relents.”

    Firstly, why would you wish to herd refugees fleeing the Wahabbist headchoppers in Syria into the arms of Wahabbist headchoppers in Libya?

    Secondly, what exactly does Syria have to relent from?

    Apart from the above, I agreed wholeheartedly with the sentiments of your post. :-)

    BTW I have personally achieved very little of import in the world other than in the sense of attempting to follow the Hippocratic “Do No Harm” principle. I am certainly ashamed that my pursuit of a career and family life have compromised my ability to oppose the psychopaths in power. I have recently awakened to the Matrix however and would love to hear your practical suggestions as to how to improve the geopolitical situation.

    Yours sincerely

    et al


  21. @Ricoh

    I apologise. I was wrong. Russia has two naval bases outside Russia. It has several other military bases although the vast majority are within the former USSR.

    The current NATO build-up in former Warsaw Pact countries continues apace. Not the actions of an entity attempting to avert conflict with Russia I would suggest.

    BTW I didn’t consider that I was baiting you, I was merely questioning your assertions. As to getting a life, I have one thanks and would like to keep it. Perhaps you have misinterpreted my comments, but I believe I have been arguing that we should all keep ours despite the apparent ambition of certain Neocon actors.



  22. Ricoh,

    Did I touch a nerve calling you a NIMBY? You did actually say that yourself…..

    You read my comments as snide,so in response I would like to use your ever so quaint TLA, do I GAF? Nope.

    By the way if I am being pedantic the actual full acronym is actually DILIGAF. Work it out for yourself.


  23. Stevie..
    touch a nerve? Don’t have any.
    Don’t bother questioning my assertions. Come up with something original yourself.

    Fellas, you are very boring, yawn, and rather outclassed in these discussions. See you next time.
    I’ve got a date at eight with a beautiful woman to fulfill. Night night…


  24. From where I was standing, it looked like the Scottish Referendum ‘failed’ because the over 50’s were spooked into believing their pensions were not safe with independence.
    (The fact that the third-rate Sturgeon and Salmond weren’t even offering a currency or a central bank, and were desperate to immediately hand over their new power to a European Commission who don’t believe in any democratic freedom one iota, is beside the point. One could have put one’s faith in them or their successors learning from their mistakes pretty quickly).

    I suspect this time round, Dave will pull out this fear and uncertainty pensions card big-time in the last few weeks of campaigning, when he sees he is still in a big hole. This is going to be a real dirty-tricks campaign.

    I heard Dave say he was voting for a “reformed Europe”. Since he doesn’t have a reformed Europe and won’t get one, I presume he will personally vote for out.

    Moi, get the hell out of EU, and reform Westminster too while you are at it. Live with just a trade deal.
    Re-open all the bridges to the Commonwealth, start selling to Russia and give us some decent Canadian wheat like we used to have.


  25. Anyone trying to spread the message, I would urge you to tell people about Slogger J’s “100 reasons for EU Brexit. Most people are going to get more and more confused with the disinformation that will be spread over the next 4 months.
    All that ‘safer, protection from terrorism, export markets we will lose, (we actually buy more from Europe that we sell), propaganda.


  26. Ricoh,
    Call me Dave will inevitably tell you that if we leave Europe, you’ll need a visa to travel to the Costa Blanca on holiday.


  27. @FTW
    Agree – the Commonwealth provided good inexpensive New Zealand lamb too I seem to remember.


    Sorry to bore you earlier, but I will miss being outclassed while you are away.


  28. Guys…
    we love your combatant spirit, but please remember that this is my site and even though I need the number of comments that you create to look as though intelligent people read my work, it is apparent ( in abundance by the way) that the quality of your work is , well, frankly, arsewipe material. Can we do better please..?


  29. Ricoh, the white supremacist with a ready made solution to the Middle East. Your proposals are too absurd to even discuss.

    Enjoy your evening with your beautiful woman and booking your holiday. I am presuming it won’t be in Europe with all those jihadiis running around.


  30. i have heard at least three talking heads on the box today telling me we have the Commonwealth. The big three, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are wrapped up in various trade agreements with USA. So from my seat we either jump into the existing USA trade agreements with no bargaining power and take whatever crumbs are thrown at us.
    Or we stay in EU and negotiate as part of a block. This is a binary choice.


  31. At the moment, we are only half in the the EU. Merkel et al should have told Cameron to committ or foxtrot oscar in short order. The point I wish to make though is we aren’t being offered a choice in the referendum because the desired outcome would fail. A fully in, Euro and all, option was a non starter.
    So given the fact we’ve only ever been half in we can vote to remain half in or vote out and remain half out.
    The vote makes bugger all difference to anything.


  32. @John Word

    More ‘arsewipe material’ perhaps. I believe the owner of the blog would have spelled his own name correctly and would have spelled it ‘arsehole’ rather than ‘asshole’, but I could be wrong.


  33. I never thought I would rethink my longstanding support for the EU, but Cameron’s blundering excuse for statesmanship and all the discussion and puffed-up publicity around it have caused me to do just that.

    I have little use either for xenophobes or the stout little island types usually associated with rejecting the EU, but I fear the EU concept I’ve always supported has virtually disappeared.

    Today the EU is, to a considerable extent, just another mechanism for American domination of Europe. It gives America one name to call at the start of any of its new dangerous or destabilizing adventures.

    And who needs that except the madmen at the State Department?

    I had always held out hope that the EU could become a true force in world affairs, countering America’s bullying influence, leading the way to a multi-polar world.

    But I’ve waited a long time to see anything happen, and all I’ve seen is decay from the early possibilities.

    I don’t think that Europe’s emergence as a world power is going to happen now. America would certainly not support it and would actively work against it, and America today behaves almost drunk on the sense of its own power.

    The current generation of European leaders is truly pathetic. Cameron, Hollande, and even the gifted Merkel are the most pathetic servants of America. Gone are the great leaders of decades ago. Not a sign of real individualism remains. One might suspect all of them as being long-term recipients of CIA pensions, a common American covert practice for bending governments abroad to their purpose.

    Events in Syria and Ukraine and their impact upon Europe are distressing reminders of the truth because these crises were generated by America while almost all the very great costs, social and economic, are dumped upon Europe.

    World dictatorship is even more threatening than dictatorship inside one state.

    So, for the first time, I almost hope Britain does exit the EU. Economics – the original and best argument for the EU – remains important, but social and political and diplomatic matters are also important, and when they are seen consistently all going the wrong way, as they are today and have been for years, it is time to reconsider.


  34. @John Chuckman

    I agree with every word you said. But still my doubts about the spineless sociopaths in the Conservative party remain and what they will do after a vote to leave.


  35. A majority Leave vote on June 23rd will simply guarantee two further referendums to be planned.
    Immediately, the SNP will set the ball rolling for another independence vote, this time with even greater confidence of success. That then sets the challenge for Brussels to start the real re-negotiation, rapidly offering Britain whatever concessions are necessary to keep us in, with a confirmatory referendum to follow, timed to occur before the Scottish vote and thus head them off at the pass.
    The EU needs the UK for more than the UK needs the EU, but the last thing the EU wants is to lose the cash-cow component of England, yet have to accept the teat-sucking dependency of Scotland instead – that’s the worst of both worlds to Brussels.

    Whether you really want to leave the EU or not, the only sensible course of action on June 23rd is to vote ‘Leave’, then sit back and watch the other pieces fall into place. At the end of it all, we may just get a decent deal – but either way, we’ll at least get the grasping Scottish monkey off our backs, so it’s a win-win.


  36. Is the ‘@’ bit in front of someone’s name really required here? It looks rather silly.

    That aside, I work in an office of about 150 fairly well educated people (for what that is worth) – conversation related to the EU debate in the office has been almost nil as far as I or a few colleagues I’ve asked have heard. Astonishingly little interest in such an important event. I wonder how typical this is?


  37. logically a out vote should bring bigger & better terms,everything in theory barring two things tells me staying in is best,but because of those two things i will be voting out!


  38. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Excellent article. Liars – we were sold lies and have been lied to all along.
    Excellent advice – watch the actions – why would we want to stay in this thieving, corporate, fascist club?? Evidence all around us!


  39. I come on here to learn something. I read the comments as further enlightenment and maybe a different point of view. Intelligent dialogue is of value but the silly sniping and childish ripostes on here diminish you and are an embarrassment to a very good site.


  40. My view is that the single most important reason to campaign for ‘Out’ is that DC and Sir Jeremy Heywood have conspired to pass a law allowing the UK Civil Service to use UK taxpayers’ money solely to brief for ‘In’. There was nothing in the Conservative Manifesto which said anything other than ‘We shall allow the British People a Referendum on EU membership’. It said nothing about ‘We will campaign for In and ensure that all Government money assigned to the Referendum is targeted to In proponents’.

    The BBC has already slipped up on its purported neutrality, with Jo Coburn getting a proper roasting from George Galloway.

    People need to stop deferring to UK politicians because they went to Eton. Imagine David Cameron, Boris Johnson et al all went to some scrawny grammar school in a dodgy part of London. Would you stand for their grandstanding nonsense then??


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