We are witnessing the EU remake of The Truman Show

Yet another European crisis debate is going down to the wire. I doubt very much if the irony of the EC being late for everything is available to the closed minds involved in all this palaver: but whether or not, I’m making this appeal to those real people far, far beyond the Bubble tonight.

The appeal may strike those already aware of where my sympathies lie as being contradictory, but bear with me…it isn’t.

My opening observation is this. Were I tonight a Commissioner having my dinner three hours late – to which of course, being a eunatic, I’d feel unquestionably entitled, late or otherwise – my overwhelming desire would be to say to David Scameron, “Shit or get off the pot”.

I would want to blurt this out for one simple reason: I would think, ‘Whereas I am a misguided believer in the future of fascist corporate Suprastates and so are you, you bum-faced hypocritical bastard, I really do not see why I should wait for the trough because you want to mislead your own half-asleep electorate purely to save your own useless Old Etonian hide….and thus go on to write dissembling memoirs for an advance even greater than that given to the Tony Blair you so obviously admire”.

And this is the odd bit: as a UK citizen holding the diametrically opposite view about the future to this eurocrat (who for the sake of convenience I shall call Herr Schultzschäuble) I would applaud his interjection wildly.

It is profoundly potty, is it not, that the unfairly privileged son of a serial tax evader is now debating angels on the pinhead of national sovereignty with a gang of criminal losers who continue to dodge any sovereign accountability whatsoever for the shambles that has followed their federalist hubris?

Is there a single functioning brain left in Britain who really believes that the UK’s Prime Minister cares more about the citizens he doesn’t represent than the rich rewards he can get from being a collaborator with the euronauts?

Beyond that group, is there one talented bourse analyst who genuinely believes our future lies with a Union that has lost the respect of bondholders, Forex dealers, a majority of ClubMed citizens and its export markets?

This is a pointless negotiation between Cameron the Damned  and Brussels the Doomed. It will never square the circle between citizens who want to be free to prosper, and faceless nonentities who want the élite to crush a socially diffused prosperity.

Camerlot and Brussels are members of the same club wearing the same Old School ties. They may wish to argue the toss ad infinitum. But for those of us left beyond reach of the trough, there is nothing to argue about: we should leave, and leave now.

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