At the End of the Day

At the last bloods check to which I was subjected, the readout said both my bp and cholesterol were high. So the quack gave me anti-hypertension pills, and I cut out all animal fat.

I went back a fortnight later, and my bp was normal.

The result from the latest session today is that I have lost several pounds (there was never that much of me in the first place) but the bp is rising again.

I do not doubt that, in order to get something vaguely enjoyable into the food I eat, I have replaced the fat with salt. Now that has to go as well. Foolishly, I’d thought the medication had granted me carte blanche; but there is no such thing as a free à la carte blanche.

Oh and by the way, the liver enzyme output was high thanks to my many decades spent studying – purely for research purposes – the effects of acohol.

Everything is a trade-off if one accepts that life is to be lived rather than forever extended. I will keep you posted as to progress.


I have a question tonight for all those involved in the global warming/cooling/tides/salinity/ozone/greenhouse/CO²/melting/Gulf Stream/El Nino bunfight. I freely admit it’s an edgy enquiry, but I’ll make it anyway:

How many weathers are there in a climate?

Every time I post about this infernally complex subject, I am treated to patronising lectures about the “obvious” difference between weather and climate. But I fear we lack some sort of centigrade measurement system to clarify matters.

The generally held belief is that all climate change is a gradual process, but that simply isn’t true. The North Wales coast – so the soil layers tell us – went from being a simmering, bubbling swamp of mud casserole to being under forty feet of ice in just 57 years. In Earth terms, that is but the blinking of a velociraptor’s eye.

Bearing in mind that 57 year geologically cast-iron proven span, in the 60 years from 1953 to 2013, the human race trebled in size. And during that time, water consumption continued to increase at a hugely faster rate than population growth. Today, over one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, and waterborne illnesses are associated with 80% of disease and mortality in emerging nations. Unlike reproduction rates, water usage rises hugely with the onset of improved living conditions.

One of the very few things the nutter spectrum on climate change seems able to agree about is that the wet bits of our planet are getting wetter, and the drier parts are getting drier. This is exacerbating the water problem we’ve always had: it’s in the wrong places. Put together naturally polluted water, inaccessible water, saline water and simply uncollected water, and you’re left with a staggering stastitic. only 2.2% of all water that falls from the sky is available for drinking.

So all this stuff is what occasions my controversial question. It’s rhetorical in that there is no such thing as one answer; but it is also practical: who gives AF about the separation of weather and climate, if 100 years of shit weather could wipe us out?


Finally tonight, I wish to return to one of my favourite hobby-horses: all those politically correct goblins who used to call each other Comrade, but now – in the face of changing times – refer to those around them as ‘colleague’.

These are the people, you will recall, who define tolerance as the banning of all perfectly normal descriptions of ethnic and cultural difference. But this does not deter them from total intolerance of all those who disagree with their definitions of tolerance.

Over time, their empire has advanced to bar all criticism of those who are disabled, obese, tall, short, dangerously thin, thick, female, young, old, psychotic, homosexual, violent or any number of these things.

The colonisation of mores and language by these Nazis did, to be fair, follow an era in which lots of knuckleheads, MPs, Royals, football clubs, trade unionists and employers felt it their right to discriminate against everyone on mulitvariate bases that ranged from hair colour to myopia. But those days have long gone: today in 2016, the peecee peeps need to have their raison d’etre constantly refreshed by new forms of imagined prejudice. Even I – a man without stain on his impeccable character – found myself this week being accused of joking at the expense of the mentally ill….of whose regiment I have been a squaddie for several periods in my life.

So I feel I should help them in their quest for new territories of human variety to conquer in their remorseless search for We’re All the Same Really.

I won’t beat about the bush: the single greatest unrecognised bigotry left in the world is Zodiacism. All my life, I have been the victim of life-ruining rejection purely because I am a Piscean.

Many’s the time, on revealing my Zodiacal identity, I have heard the words, “Begone you smelly fish-brained dreamer of impossible dreams, for you are surely to blame for all our ills”. I have had to bite my tongue as insensitive people at dinner parties talked of “cold fish” and their disgust at the thought of handling slippery fish skin. Or listened to swineish fishermen revelling in the act of sticking hooks into the mouths of innocent salmon.

This is a conspiracy of silence that has gone on too long. We must end this stereotyping of Pisceans as indecisive, self-pitying and lazy. We deserve affirmative action on the equally important dimensions of being adaptable, devoted, imaginative….and above all, compassionate and accepting.

Except of course for them Aquarians. We fuckin’ ‘ate Aquarians, with their bloody hairy musicals and their unemotionally detached perversity. We spit on Aquarians. Stranglin’ at birth is too good for ’em.

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25 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Perhaps being Piscean explains JW’s liver enzyme level :-) As a Greek island cereal I am likely to change my mind about that though.


  2. Sorry to hear of your health issues. I value your commentaries, and would be happy to offer my services. This should allow you to reduce your pharmaceutical requirements.


  3. JW – they do things differently in North Wales, but I don’t think a Pachyderm could evolve into a woolly mammoth in one generation….

    As for alcohol it is a slow poison – but none of us are in a hurry to expire!


  4. The question is whether one wants to find oneself in a assisted care facility being sponged bathed and peeing in a container with the help of a nurse at 95 or have that medium rare steak and a hearty glass of wine and stroke out in your sleep at 86. I am warming up the grill and already through half the bottle of red.

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  5. JW – You did not mention the worst thing about BP medication.

    The psychological dependency if you believe what your GP tells you! What you going to do if you run out? you always trust your GP don’t you so to not take them means after the GP explains the consequences that are NOT 100% certain!

    This malarky of legislating somebody to take pills for life though, just legislated big pharma to take a parasitical capitalist cut from the socialist body. Wish I could have a piece of that action! Bit like Obamacare.

    Do you need them or don’t you? Or do the GP’s dish them out for bungs? Think there is a bit of the latter on this.

    All in the interest of big pharma

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  6. It gets hot at the equator, not so much at the poles even when the sun shines. On the equator your moving at 1000mph+ at the pole just spinning once a day. Energy tends to disperse, humans tend to see patterns. Weather is the dispersal bit, climate is the penchant for patterns bit. I could go on.

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  7. Linguistic hypertension – also called political correctness – is typified by an intolerance towards any kind of thinking or speaking that isn’t fluffy, and in advanced cases can lead to contortions. It confines non-sufferers in an emotional corset, woven from finely but deliberately mistaken intentions, and is a well known cause of high blood pressure. A pinch of salt is a useful remedy, so long as it is metaphorical, I’m not sure about animal fats.


  8. Dear John Ward,
    I enjoy your sojourns through the foggy damp that passes for enlightened human action. But I Must Protest When You Say: “We must end this stereotyping of Pisceans as indecisive, self-pitying and lazy.”
    If Pisceans cannot claim that their being indecisive, self-pitying and lazy is the result of the alignment of the stars and Moon at the time of their birth, or some other cause external to their own deficiencies, Pisceans will lose the moral high ground in the eternal struggle for victim-hood status. The status of “victim” is very highly prized and extremely valuable in our modern world of social entitlements. Please do not weaken the Pisceans claim to entitlements arising from causes not of their fault, else they will be forced to claim prejudice against themselves as “entitlement challenged” and seek affirmative action to combat income disparity suffered by the indecisive, self-pitying and lazy.


  9. “Over time, their empire has advanced to bar all criticism of those who are disabled, obese, tall, short, dangerously thin, thick, female, young, old, psychotic, homosexual, violent or any number of these things.”

    Looks like another even more powerful empire is advancing in its own restriction of free speech. Je suis Charlie my a@se.


  10. If Israel joined the EU like it joined the Eurovision Song Contest would it be more ‘special’ within the EU than Camerdung’s UK is alleged to be this morning?


  11. Eat high fat, moderate protein and low carb ( from veg and fruit only) and throw your pills in the bin and watch your weight come down.
    No grains, no potatoes, no rice, no sugar.
    The evidence is overwhelming and is out there.


  12. OK, John, I’ll bite.

    Climate is generally defined as weather over a long period, 20 – 30 years, say.
    Poles to Equator, there are many climates, & within those climate zones there are virtually infinite different weather zones.
    It can be snowing in Scotland & sunny in Kent. All very obvious.
    It makes the issue of global climate interesting, if difficult, to discuss. But it can be done.

    Another definition of climate is: “A coupled non-linear chaotic system”. A fancy way of saying we don’t yet understand climate, or its changes.

    Abrupt Climate Change is a well known phenomenon.
    I googled “Abrupt climate changes last 100,000 years” & got some interesting answers.
    Wiki, being a tool of the 1%s, is still trying to flog the dead horse of man-made greenhouse gas did it.
    Wiki allowed a fanatic, William Connelly, to alter 5,400 + articles to push the con along.

    One possible cause of abrupt change is the speed our solar system travels through our galaxy, the Milky Way, & whether we are travelling into or out of one of the arms of our spiral galaxy. Another is volcanic activity. There is a 40,000 mile chain of undersea volcanoes, thought to become more active in colder periods of low solar activity, throwing particulates into the air & reinforcing & speeding a cooling trend into an ice age or a little ice age. Another factor is higher penetration of cosmic rays, in periods, such as now, of low solar activity & low solar wind. The cosmic rays ionize particles in the atmosphere, leading to the formation of low altitude clouds, thus shielding us from already low solar irradiation. is an honest site.
    If you click on “Quotes”, you’ll get the real agenda behind the Green Con.
    If you click on “Charts/Images there are many interesting ones.
    I like this one: History of Climate Change Since Last Major Ice Age
    This shows previous warm & prosperous periods, the Minoan, Roman & Medieval, & the Little Ice Age we are climbing out of.
    Note the abruptness with which these changes occur.

    Nowt to do with man-made CO2.


  13. Water shortages?
    All part of the “Man is the source of all problems” mantra from the UN’s depopulation think tank, The Club of Rome.
    Another facet of the global warming scam.
    70% of Earth’s surface is water, & those oceans are deep. Water can be desalinated, the technology is widely used already.

    I recommend this book: Merchants of Despair, by nuclear engineering Ph.D Robert Zubrin.

    It shows, counterintuitively, that personal disposable income has risen in direct correlation to population numbers,
    & debunks the human haters from Malthus, through eugenics (the holocaust) through the failed famine disaster predictions of Paul Ehrlich, through the vast slaughter (more than Hitler killed) from the effective banning of DDT, etc, through to the present warming scam .


  14. Well done all

    Brilliant threads tonight. I think you are either all right or all wrong, or perhaps some of you are right and some wrong, or the other way round. It’s hard to tell.

    “Well alright!” as Labour leader Real Pillock once said.

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  15. John it’s the sugar. And the white bleached (Rockefeller Green Revolution Dwarf Wheat) flour. That is messing up your blood sugar, as it was mine.

    Can still enjoy the red wine also, not maltose beer.


  16. And happy birthday to you John. I was contemplating an Eagle Stout but Jeremy convinced me to change that order to a Maltose Falcon.


  17. When big business decides there is more money in water than there is oil, then they’ll stick giant tankers in the tropical oceans and desalinate seawater with solar panels and on-board wind turbines.

    I bet you all these silly bottles of water sell for more than $50 a barrel.


  18. Well no one else said it so, when you had your dental work I guess you had some root canals done. It’s common for some dead tissue to be left behind, isolated from your immune system by the small capilleries, this tissue creates a comfy home for various bacterium. Plaque causing bacteria are a popular choice, Nothing much you can do about it, but salt, some propriety rinses or alcohol mouthwashes with extreme pressure changes in your mouth improve hygeine, they thrive on sugar in your mouth or blood so the suggestions above about starch and such are good. There are enzymes, herbs and some spices that various people make claims for chillies for instance. Good luck.


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