“We’re in the money!”


You may have noticed by now that a leaked copy of the Brexit Summit document is doing the rounds. It is genuine (it’s featured in part at the FT, but the FT has a paywall and The Slog doesn’t hahaha).  The full text will add serious concerns about the long-term trust we can put in Brussels without passage of EU Law prior to a referendum). These of course must be placed alongside the paucity of content to the deal, given David Cameron’s early and somewhat obfuscated ‘demands’ as featured in the UK media last year.

Perhaps as disturbing as any other single thing is the careful use of legalese in the draft, specifically in the tendency to describe what is rather than what will be guaranteed;  and also the continuing wooliness:


Well, they may say that…but it is being made clear to us that we are not changing minds one jot in this ‘negotiation’. This is made abundantly clear througout:


It says there very clearly that it remains a Union objective to stick with monetary union and that the currency is the euro. As the single biggest problem the EU faces is an inflexible single currency, why should we stay in an take on a suicide case as our leading trade partner?

Where is the promised reform in all this?

Equally, a major worry for the Kippers is the pressure on Britain’s social security system represented by free movement of workers. My concern is that it will crush worker wages even further; wherever you stand however, this clause is pathetic:


Equally recurrent throughout the document are endless references to ‘subsidiarity’ – ie, the eventual Sovereign power “in due course” will be something as yet to be specified within the EC….but not us. In returning powers to the UK, Cameron is now being effectively humiliated by dilution and double-negative:


“Frankly squire, your chances of getting any real power back are diddly-doo, but theorically, it’s possible”. This next classic promises to ‘take into account’ the ‘reasoned opinions’ of Member legislatures:


“But if you really twist our arms about it, oh alright then, you can have 12 weeks of trying not to comply and persuading 27 legislatures to agree with you”. Then they’ll do it anyway.

The Sovereignty issue as a whole, in fact, is a giant fudge being dragged slowly into a quicksand of dictatorship by loose ends:


Right then, we’ll do that.

Even the acceptance that we don’t want to have bathroom tissue shredded by puppies as our currency is booby-trapped at the end:


So, an undemocratic Member State who for the sake of argument we shall call the United Kingdom – which regrettably finds itself the poodle of another Power for example the United States – will request euro membership from Wolfgang Schäuble at some point in the future, and this shall be respectfully accepted. We the People shall not be involved in the invitation…any more than Hungarian citizens were in 1956.

There is, dear reader, just one area where Camerlot has decided to get tough. Can you guess what it is?

City of London safeguards are to be a major topic at the Summit that starts today. As the FT notes [my emphases]:

This was not the plan. The officials negotiating this text wanted to sort the section on economic governance — basically outlining principles for coexistence between euro and non-euro countries — so that leaders weren’t subjected to a deep dive on financial regulation. But they failed to agree a key part that marked out turf on financial stability issues between national, eurozone and EU authorities.’

So now we know what really matters to Lord Snooty & his Pals. Actually, we’ve always known it, haven’t we?

Previously at The Slog: No real safeguards on banks in sight, nothing to see


  1. Given that UK banking and insurance used to be the best in the world, it is disconcerting that that British companies are now afraid and seem to need protection from the eu. Like everything else, the old boys are retiring, and the up coming youngsters (mostly female) are in the 3rd division by comparison. We need to GET IN – join the euro and get with the continental twerps in totality, or else GET OUT and run with the ball to win. Cameron can only think of halfway house which is a losing combination.


  2. Later today we will be treated to the unedifying spectacle of the British camel and the Polish pachyderm engaging in a spot of stage-fighting, all carefully choreographed so that neither gets the hump. Mick McManus, The Dulwich Destroyer, was more realistic..




  3. Does this information even warrant a headline? The banks run Britain, and have done for decades; that doesn’t stop the media telling everybody that Britain is still a democracy though.

    As to those those countries who aren’t yet under the banker’s thumb, TTIP will sort them. (And don’t believe those who side with the central bankers who will tell you otherwise!).


  4. In preparation for Last Night of the Poms, I thought I would rework this little ditty:…..

    When Britain first, at Heath’s command
    Arose from out the post-war malaise;
    Joined the EEC charter sleight of hand,
    And Guardian writers sang this strain:
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    The nations, not so beset as thee,
    Must, in their turns, to tyrants fall;
    EU Commissioners flourish great and free –
    With dreadful cronies one and all.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    Still more pathetic are the cries,
    More dreadful, from each foreign stroke
    The pap or “news” from Beeb & Sky,
    Serves but to uproot thy native oak.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    These haughty tyrants ne’er shall be tamed:
    All their attempts to bend thee down,
    Will not arouse thy apathetic frame;
    They work with Blair and Cameron.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    To thee bound up in EU chains;
    The City shall with NIRP shine:
    All thine shall be subjected to bail-in,
    And be very sure it envies thine.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    The MEPs, still with freedom found,
    Shall to thy unhappy cost repair;
    To best seats with the priceless Davos crowd,
    With many police to guard their fare.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

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  5. Excellent Stephenroi

    How about this too

    Brian Moore and Kevin Keegan, England v Argentina, 1998

    Moore: ‘Now, you know him better than anybody. Do you back him to score? Quickly, yes or no?’
    Keegan: ‘Yes.’
    Moore: ‘Oh and he hasn’t!’
    Keegan: ‘Oh no!’


  6. Is it me? Am I in need of some of Iain Duncan S***’s cognitive therapy? I can’t remember a day when Cameldung hasn’t got up early, had a quick breakfast provided by taxpayers and his divine wife, and left these shores to fight those nasty European’s on our behalf – returning to repeat the process the very next day? is it me or is this really Groundhog Day?


  7. I’m still being the outsider here, but I still see Germany dropping the EU and getting jiggy with Russia and China.

    Expect to see more tit for tat international court cases againsts the big multinationals. USA vs anyone who dares question where the paid for and bribed allegiance lies.



    Volfgang Schaeuble favors a plan to force holders of sovereign bonds to take a haircut before EU bailout funds kick in, to preserve the EC rules against sovereign bailouts. Critics of the plan warn that it will lead to a run out of sovereign bonds and bankrupt the PIIGS, who cannot print Euros to pay off their bonds. The PIIGS are bankrupt already, but this plan would defeat Extend and Pretend.


  9. tfs
    I’m of the same mind. Bit with yer Berlin, right, it’s always alles klar: no matter what happens, everything is ready.
    Mutti is merely playing out the options until the result is clear: as she did in the DDR….


  10. After all, it’s the same reason the banks give Mr Osborne when telling him what to do, isnt it?

    “Listen, Mr Osborne,” say the bank’s owners, “why don’t you let us, as the bank’s owners, decide what does or doesn’t warrant regulations, eh?”

    That way, fraud takes the place of real business.


  11. When you go to Brussels having already stated your pro-EU credentials, it does seem a rather bizarre platform in which to launch any meaningful negotiations. Cameron is in effect saying that he is one of them and is simply advising his incontinental friends on the best way to word the lies to endear a first time Stay in the EU vote.


  12. if I read things right, he is saying “protect the City” but this must not be discussed by the Leaders or we will vote to leave the party (the migrants/benefits noise is just that). So he is using a democratic process to subvert a democratic process. You couldn’t make this up.


  13. You have applaud Cameron for sheer incompetence.

    He has burnt bridges with everyone in this game

    In voters – this is just about stopping EU banking reform and big business.
    Exit voters – Benefit cuts (or the lack thereof).
    EU Leaders – sneaky attempt to hide financial negotiations beyond their gaze.


  14. Agree with Ricoh, there can be no halfway house on the EU and the euro.

    The euro is a certainty through the Lisbon treaty and nothing changes that and why Labour would never allow the population a vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

    The London financial sector is a dead-duck staying in because all the other countries would love to have it so they can reap the benefit. Any deal on this is politically worthless, politicians should realise “how they behave is how they will be treated”!

    AKA … Shake hands on the deal today, renage on the promises tomorrow.

    Stay or go then? The consequences for the population are already decided, what we have is fat bunch of elites trying to secure a deal for themselves before going in, what this is all about. Hence Cameron pretending to play hard ball is a joke when the only concern for him are his banker buddies … the vote is thus pointless.

    Even now, if Cameron does not get what he wants then he will not allow the vote until he does and HE IS NOT STAYING OUT SO IT IS UNTIL THAT DEAL IS DONE THEN WE ARE IN. If anything he is only agreeing the “the sale price for the UK” before clinching the deal and we are the goods.


  15. “The House of Cards continues to investigate this critical and timely manner and expects resolution very soon. We are being impeded by the documents lost cerca 1215.”,
    The last several days have been glorified by intense and immediate denials by people and institutions that don’t usually do that, knowing it causes freak outs and stock sales of their product. Little blogs are being addressed directly by major media outlets (cloacas) complaining they have been accused by these nobodies of outright lies, slander, libel and crimes agaisnt hilarity, even when accompanied by the proof. In this day we can only determine the truth by learning if the big wig is suing the little guy for the above infractions. They aren’t.


  16. All the talk aside folks. What is going on here is nothing more than a PR stunt from Carlton Media PR man Cameron. There is absolutely nothing of substance being done at all. It reminds me very much of the days when another traitor called John Major signed away powers of this country that weren’t his to sign away. That period in time was all about Maastricht. Remember that. All the tripe in the compliant media about it. Yet no discussion with the population about it. No referendum either. Strange that Switzerland has a referendum on just about everything that affects the national scene. Cameron is just an errand boy for the international Rothschild/banking/financial criminals. The same ones behind busts/booms/credit crunches/ asset stripping the nation one house at a time. This list is longer.


  17. The truth of the matter is that we could be out with the stroke of a pen and a leader with a spine, not one who has a multi million £ fortune and will never be on the receiving end of any of his/his fellow fascists social policies.



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