JUNIOR DOCTORS: Some archive material on the murky past of Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt is not an honest man. His perfidy goes back a long way. All the way back to getting James Murdoch to agree to support the Conservatives during a visit to New York in 2009; getting the Culture & Media job and then behaving improperly in his Newscorp dealings during the BSkyB bid; and then being promoted to the job of Health Secretary – having five years earlier authored a pamphlet with Daniel Hannan that recommended the demolition of the NHS.

During his business life, he was saved from disaster when handling The British Council Account by his second cousin Virginia Bottomley (from whom he inherited his SW Surrey seat) and pulled several tax avoidance stunts during the patchy past of his company Hotcourses. A major combine was about to pay £17m for Hotcourses two years ago….but then pulled out after seeing the books.

The three following extracts tell you some of the story. The full grisly history can be read at The Slog’s dedicated page Hunt Balls.


REVEALED: The harsh reality behind Jeremy Hunt’s oh-so-concerned tweets

Slog prediction confirmed as Watchdog bites Hunt in the bum

huntfopaintTwo days ago, I posted that public and media apathy about the fate of free healthcare in the UK was guiding us somnambulantly into the ‘shower’ of privatisation. For some months now I’ve been nailing Jeremy Hunt’s every lachrymose tweet about how much he cares for the NHS, when in truth the little weasel is quietly shifting the funds off-piste and watching its hospitals starve. I predicted Lansley’s reforms would create a mess three years ago, and I predicted that – once hospitals saw how little money they’d got – Trust insolvencies were bound to follow. All of this has come to pass.

Late last night, David Prior, head of the medical Care Quality Commission (CQC) watchdog gave a widely media-circulated speech in which he strongly suggested that primary care (the very GPs who Lansley and Hunt gave most of the NHS budget to) are not looking after senior citizens well enough….and as a result, older people are turning up in A&E with illnesses it is too late to stop. The healthcare system, Prior stated bluntly, is “on the brink of collapse” and his CQC “cannot promise to prevent further scandals like Mid-Staffordshire”.

Mr Prior slammed:

* The 50% of hospitals providing care “which was either poor or not terribly good.

* The 45 hospitals which have had problems which date back five years. (Three of which were, of course, on Camerlot’s watch)

* The decision to allow GPs to opt out of weekend/evening care, saying that they should be available to patients around the clock.

* The Thatcherite ‘internal market’ choice bollocks. He admitted there was no real market in health care, leaving many patients at the mercy of their local hospital, regardless of its quality. “The patient or resident is the weakest voice in the system,” Prior said,“we can talk about competition until the cows come home but if you live in Norwich there is one hospital.”

The wave of common sense above, by the way, comes from the mouth of a former Tory MP. So Hunt can hardly dismiss it as knee-jerk health-sector self-protection. But Prior is broadening the debate out into the social consequences of ignoring the demographic time bomb all governments have kicked down the road for the last thirty years.

“Emergency admissions through A&E are out of control in large parts of the country….that is totally unsustainable,” he asserted, adding ““If we don’t start closing acute beds, the system is going to fall over.”

But what happens then to the patients? Mr Prior is calling for large-scale closures of hospital beds, and a massive diversion of investment monies into community care. Unfortunately, the Lansley-Hunt axis of madness privatised most of the Primary Care sector, which they have handed over to a combo of Dave’s mate Sir Richard Branson and go-getting GP entrepreneurs on £250,000 a year and no after-hours working, thank you very much.

A number of alternative (or side by side) responses to this will now emerge from the DfH and Downing Street:

1. We inherited this mess from Labour

2. We told you the NHS is a disaster and the only way to raise standards is to bring in the private sector….which we are doing

3. It’s a bigger problem than just health and so we need an Enquiry into social care for old people.

But in fact, what this latest embarrassment for the forces of decisive markets and patient choice represents is the logical outcome of a policy designed from Day One to melt down and let in the massive private health lobby at Westminster. Forget politics for a minute – consider events over time:

Last November the Royal College of Nursing warned that more than 60,000 health jobs would disappear as a result of the hospital cash starvation engineered from mid 2010.

→ Morale is appallingly low, and as a result NHS nursing is 6,000 understrength. As Lansley handed over to the bizarrely promoted Hunt last year, the cash crisis had removed 28,500 posts in two years.

In July 2011, NHS managers bluntly warned the Coalition that the Service “faces a dire financial situation that will risk patient safety and clinical outcomes……NHS managers are also worried that patient access will worsen”. Lansley dismissed it as flannel. As with most things, Lansley was wrong.

→ Last year, Clive Peedell, Chairman of the NHS Consultants’ body, told the media there was “evidence that privatisation is an inevitable consequence of many of the policies contained in the Health and Social Care Bill” – this having been the test-tube baby created by the Conservatives which passed into Law on 27th March 2012.

Note that the Act was ‘Health and Social Care’…but what David Prior now says is that without massive social care investment, the entire system will (as he puts it) “fall over”. So just a year after ‘the most extensive reorganisation of the structure of the National Health Service in England to date’  it’s, um, collapsing.

On introducing the Bill to the Commons last year, Andrew Lacklustre stressed three central principles as the foundation for the new NHS:

  • Patients at the centre of the NHS
  • Changing the emphasis of measurement to clinical outcomes
  • Empowering health professionals, in particular GPs

Well, the man personally appointed by Heezak Hunt to run the CQC says it not only isn’t working very well: it won’t work at all very soon unless something drastic is done. Taking those three ‘principles’ set out by Tweet-freak Imac Hunt’s predecessor, what has predictably happened here is that his ’empowered’ GPs have empowered themselves onto a five-day week with shares in the business, so by the time neglected older patients get to ‘the centre of the NHS’, they’re as good as dead: which is most definitely going to ‘change the emphasis of measurement to clinical outcomes’.

This entire shambles is the result of discredited market theories, sloppy Camerlot thinking, and mega-powerful private health companies combining to produce under-funded anarchy. From the outset, Hunt’s game plan has been to engineer an emergency, and then bring in a privately dominated fire brigade. Keep at it Heezak, you’re almost there mate.

I feel a Huntweet bombardment coming on. Anyone care to join me?


CALL TO ACTION: Jeremy Hunt, self-styled ‘fan’ of the NHS, proves he is the Bain of our lives

Infecting our blood supply with Bain is a senseless act of murder by fanatics

huntcatptOnly a United Front can stop the feral alley-cats now

I think this week was one of those when somehow I felt a step-change in the nature of what the Conservative Party is turning into. The chief symptom of the step-change was the direction, and brazen acceleration in that direction, of the fanatics who now seem to have all the power in the Coalition government here in Britain. But an equally depressing second symptom was the truly pathetic reaction to it from the Opposition.

How easy it was to see how Hunt, Hannan and almost the entire right-wing press played the plight of a Health Service kicked from pillar to post over three decades, and then puffed up with Blairite bollocks: for their own foul advantage. I ran a piece predicting it on the morning of the 14 trusts report, and the entire day was spent watching Stepford Tories performing as if they were my personal puppets, enslaved by their own braindead agenda.

But I can probably best sum up to qualitative nature of the change as follows:

They’re no longer selling the family silver: they’re stealing the citizen’s silver – and fencing it

For foreign readers within Dan Hannan’s fantasy land the Anglosphere, I should explain that ‘fencing’ means ‘illegally pawning’. And let me also make it clear to new readers that I’m not ‘left wing’, but rather a one-nation mutualist who thinks that what’s going on is wrong for two vitally important reasons: decency, and the long-term economic survival of the country I once loved….


HUNT BALLS: Hotcourses buyers back out of Jeremy Hunt’s payday

Inflexion reflection leads to Hunt dejection

Inflexion Private Equity has abandoned plans to acquire the education course listings business owned by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and former adman media director Mike Elms

The company was expected to fetch £35 million, netting Hunt, who is understood to own a 49% stake in the company, £17 million. But Inflexion’s due diligence seems to have thrown up a few, um, problems.
Perhaps one might be that in the six months to 31 July 2012, Hotcourses had a turnover of £6.5 million. This was a fall of fully 32% on the same period in 2011. And in 2013, I understand, the turnover fell over 50% to £4 million. Gulp.
Hunt and Elms began scrabbling around looking for a buyer last August. Inflexion seemed hot to trot, but now they’re not.
Only one reaction can sum up our sympathies re this one.
sealaughfinalJezzer hoped for the seal of public approval
Instead, he got the public approval of the seal

67 thoughts on “JUNIOR DOCTORS: Some archive material on the murky past of Jeremy Hunt

  1. Thank you very much for the above Mr Ward.
    Necklacing (a la south africa sanction) seems least Hunt / IDS deserve. Branson also.


  2. And it shall come to pass the useless eaters will enter the twilight zone, perched on a trolley, in a forgotten corridor in A and E until such time as they pop their clogs.


  3. My 88 year old mother received brilliant care at Kings college hosp (including a somali cleaner who went above + beyond job description when she had “toilet trouble”).
    I /we should be even this lucky in old age or sickness I fear. Even Hayek thought the Nhs was a good idea. Pop eyed psychopath *unt seems to be teflon even though baggage at least equals that of Bo-Jo.


  4. Nasty nasty man is our ‘unt. Mind you, he’s in good company eh? Looks like now they are about to take away attendance allowance well, for all new claimants, still that’s the thin end of the wedge, soon they’ll take away everything. 14000 Motability cars have been taken away since the PIP was introduced, some poor sods have no legs yet they don’t qualify under they new rules for a car.


  5. As most of you know, I’ve been on this rascal’s case for six years. A former Hotcourses employee referred to Hunt and Elms, when he complained of sharp practice by the owners, as “staring back at me like two goggle-eyed sociopaths”.
    A good summation, I think.


  6. John

    Sociopath is too nice a word for *unt.

    His CV should read….

    Professional lie teller. Big ones, small ones, no lie too tough, no lie too small. I will tell them. (Please note this entry is the only truthful entry in this document)


  7. Mr Ward. My apologies for unconscious plagiarism/adaptation ! I recall your description of Osborne as a “mendacious hooker hag” fondly too.
    I’m sure impending squabble re Tory succession will see wider dissemination of “Borisconi’s” inseminated Linen. Garden Bridge/Heatherwick/Lumley (inseminated ?) farrago looks interesting ?


  8. @kfc1404 – of the 14,000 who had their claims for mobility-adapted vehicles rescinded, 60% won their appeals.

    ‘A Government big enough to give you all you need, is strong enough to take everything that you have’ (Thomas Jefferson, I think). And that is the position that large numbers of people now find themselves in.


  9. Northern Spirit,

    Can you please provide a link to the facts behind you 60% appeal statement. I have searched and cannot find confirmation.



  10. Motability is a ridiculous scheme. Fine, give people mobility but do they really need to drive around in BMW’s, Audis, Mercs etc etc? If they can afford the top up to have one of those they don’t need the Motability allowance in the first place.


  11. In the midst of trying to find a tolerable care home for my mentally incapacitated son following a cardiac arrest at Heathrow airport 4 years ago where paramedics took too long to reach and resuscitate him, it’s very concerning to find that strings of such homes across the country are being bought up by American companies. Given one’s knowledge of average US business practices, there’s a fear this does not bode well for the welfare of their patients (sorry, “service users” in today’s jargon).


  12. Stevie. I’m one of the millions of tax payers who are paying for these people to drive in Motability subsidised expensive German metal. I think I have a perfectly reasonable right to point out the obvious and if you don’t like it then tough!


  13. I’m Mr “Arboreal Clinch Master”, compared to most of the above. All I’m getting, from my perspective, is bitching on how he got away with it when….

    …. you couldn’t?

    p.s. His written name has always matched all his actions to us Dyslexics. (We make everything-up as we go along & get believed!)

    I’ll return to my lonely solace


  14. Skirmish, i too am one of the millions of tax payers. I sense a modicum of jealousy in your post that disabled people actually have German cars. Are they supposed to drive around in cars that you don’t like/want?


  15. Re: Skirmish – I detect another h’unt in our midst

    For 6 years the British Government has been killing disabled people, making poor people homeless and generally socially cleansing the country. The demise of the NHS is only another ‘pillar’ to be removed and prisons are now firmly in the pipeline. This government is also buying through agents land and villages to prepare the way for HS2 – even though it’s not agreed – millions going to property companies. American companies with links to Disability Denying Insurance companies like UNUM are taking milions upon millions of taxpayers money out of the country whilst they endeavour to complete fitness for work assessments for the dead and the living, sick and disabled. The Lords has recently voted to stop the government from replacing the WRAG group and putting those people in it who are known to be too ill to work in it and reducing their income to JSA rates. The government will overturn this ruling. The DWP are appealing a discrimination ruling by the EU. This government is OUT OF CONTROL.This has been going on for years and NOBODY has noticed. Charities are being sweet-talked and the trade union movement hasn’t moved for years and the labour party ….. well, FFS. Sick and disabled people in Britain are totally unsupported and have to do all their own fighting against this viscious attack. This is no more than we can expect from a government of the entitled – remember it was people on benefits who were claimed to be ‘entitled’ – what utter rot

    Sorry if this isn’t grammatically correct – head of steam is more important – the time for talking is over, surely, IT’S TIME THE POPULATION STOOD UP – they’re coming for everything and anything they want


  16. Oye, you pair… Stop taking liberties… Remember who’s cyber living room your in.

    Spot on Ron… Had over 10 years on incapacity, then 20+ years on an NHS hip replacement, Care & kindness are beyond money.

    The real problem, to me is that we stopped seeing each other & only seem to see the money… Go figure.


  17. Stevie
    I don’t have a problem with the state providing a means for the disabled to be able to travel by car. IF, and it’s a BIG IF, they can’t afford a car with the necessary modifications. If they use their allowance and then add thousands of their own money to buy a top of the range BMW then they could clearly afford to buy themselves a smaller cheaper car in the first place.
    And Ron. As someone who will be marching through his town centre to try and save the local A&E I suggest your retract your accusation.


  18. Hunt is prepared to do as Cameron tells him, and this is why the two cnuts have successfully fkuced up our NHS to breaking point . The pair of them are unfit for purpose and history will look back and point the finger.
    Ultimately one looks at the son of a bent stockbroker with no real experience or breeding, who attracts similar oiks in his kitchen cabinet to run his railway how he wants it..Osborne holds the purse strings, but his talent is non existent (like his recently struck off fornicating brother) and the national debt has nearly doubled on his watch. The young doctors have got the mesure of this government and we can expect more long term dameage which will always be denied by this lying heartless bunch in orifice at the moment.


  19. Never mind history looking back……….this is an emotive subject…
    We give them each the middle finger RIGHT HERE AND NOW.


  20. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/feb/11/george-osborne-brother-adam-struck-off-psychiatrist-affair-with-patient-medical-tribunal

    …….”Osborne, who qualified as a doctor in 2003, is five years younger than his brother the chancellor and one of four sons born to Sir Peter Osborne, who co-founded the wallpaper company Osborne & Little.
    It is not the first time Osborne has been cast out by his profession. In 2010, the doctor was suspended for six months by the General Medical Council after he admitted falsifying a prescription for a cocaine-addicted escort girl.
    He and his wife, Rahala Noor, a cosmetic surgeon, met as students and he converted to Islam, taking the name Mohammed, before their wedding ”………

    Weird or what..????/


  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3445135/PETER-OBORNE-Cameron-axe-George-doesn-t-stop-juggling-jobs.html

    ‘This week, Michael Crick, who enjoys a well-earned reputation as a forensic investigative journalist, lent substance to these rumours.In a hugely important report for Channel 4 News, Mr Crick produced documents that appear to prove that the Conservative Party overspent by more than £50,000 in Reckless’s constituency in Rochester, and at least by £10,000 at Clacton, which is still held by Carswell.The Channel 4 reporter and his colleagues have uncovered £56,866.75 of undeclared hotel bills in the Rochester by-election, and £26,786.14 at Clacton.
    Mr Crick has also exposed alleged irregularities at the earlier Newark by-election won by the Tories in 2014, and also during the General Election itself at Thanet South, the seat contested by Ukip leader Nigel Farage.
    The restrictions on election expenditure are there… to prevent rich men from abusing the democratic process by buying influence at elections
    Mr Crick has also made one very odd discovery. Most of the hotel bills were not paid by the Conservative Party itself, but by a party official named Marion Little, who arranged for the invoices to be sent to her personal address.
    Yesterday, I asked the Conservative Party why Marion Little paid these bills, whether she was later repaid, and who authorised this expenditure.
    Why has no record of these payments appeared on the returns submitted to the returning officers of the relevant constituencies?
    What did Tory Party chairman Lord Feldman and his co-chairman Grant Shapps know of these irregular arrangements?
    In reply, I received a curt response from a Tory spokesman, saying: ‘All spending has been correctly recorded in accordance with the law.’ This is nowhere near good enough.
    The Channel 4 investigation has exposed a pattern of potentially criminal behaviour at the heart of the Conservative campaigning machine.
    It looks very much as if the party submitted fraudulent returns to returning officers in order to secure an unfair advantage over political opponents.The restrictions on election expenditure under the Representation of the People Act are there for excellent reasons: to prevent rich men from abusing the democratic process by buying influence at elections.
    Lord Feldman cannot resort to bland denials. It is time he emerged from the shadows and told the full truth about Tory Party spending while David Cameron was fighting for his political life last year.

    More ‘in your face’ corruption with lies to match.

    This is DAVID CAMERON C.N.U.T and his cronies all over – just like BLAIR C.N.U.T.


  22. If you are after a skirmish then you can forget it – most disabled people in Britain live on subsistence levels of income in a country with diminishing services and a healthy approach called ‘why don’t you just die’.
    David Cameron as millions in the bank yet he claimed DLA for his increasingly dying son. Since when he has denied it to thousands of other people. Are disabled people not to have wealth then? Is it only the rich who can have as much as they like and still use the services provided by the nation too – whilst laundering their bonuses off shore, tax free – whilst the poor, deliberately made poor, just have to die? Not good enough citizens hey?

    I was marching for the NHS 50 years ago and still am!


  23. On another note, talking about health and social security, which this present government think they are managing well – if killing people is management – recently a person attended an interview for ‘fit for work’ benefits claim and was asked by the interviewer when they expected their Parkinson’s Disease to get better


  24. Quite clearly, Jeremy Hunt is just like all the others in the current herd of political troughers. None of whom would find a real job above C1 in the real world. They d the prime ministers bidding – a man who only got the job due to the size of his mouth, not his brain.
    Unfortunately, they are able to devise the rules that affect you and me, and therefore ruin our childrens’ future, not to mention our today. We can have a quiet life and ignore their mismanagement by looking in on ourselves, or we can take action and face the consequences. Nothing new here then.


  25. Skirmish,

    I see, you are not jealous of their car, you are jealous of their disability. You are obviously resentful that a disabled person is given a benefit to use in any way they wish.

    You sad sack.


  26. Ron. You really should re read what I said about Motability.
    Then give one good reason why a scheme that is about providing mobility to the disabled, which I approve of. should subsidise RICH disabled people to buy expensive cars, which can only be considered luxuries.
    Bare in mind too when you answer that the money which these wealthy disabled are taking out of the finite pot could be used to pay for more deserving needs.
    Please answer instead of just going off on unrelated rants….


  27. Skirmish do you work for The DWP or ATOS, separating the good disabled from the bad disabled?
    In your twisted mind :

    good disabled = has no money
    bad disabled = has money

    By the way THEIR IS NO FINITE POT of money. More conservative brainwashing on display.


  28. Stevie.
    Are you and Ron conjoined twins sharing the same brain?
    No, I’m just a normal hard working self employed guy who sees a hugely expensive and wasteful scheme that is abused by those who could well afford to buy their own car.
    Please answer the question I asked your brother…


  29. Lets be fair here – Skirmish has a fair point when there are people not getting needed treatment due to cash shortages elsewhere. He’s not denying anyone the allowance – just suggesting that if they have the spare cash to take a top of the range beemer… Maybe they should leave the money in the pot and buy a ford focus instead. When people are being denied life saving treatments due to cash shortages, I can see the point he makes.

    O\T (sorry John) but anyone else hear that the Rolf Harris case is being ramped up again… He ought to give all his cash to his family so the cash grabbers leave him alone.


  30. I think i should add a point,in manufacturing vehicles to cut cost certain mountings & fixtures are not provided,this means converting some vehicles are extremely costly & is in fact cheaper to buy more costly vehicle(that provide them) that are easier & cheaper to convert,than cheaper vehicles
    Seeing expensive Vehicles & assuming people are just wasteful is rather lazy & particularly since the person points out that most seem to have these high ends Vehicles without asking the question WHY?


  31. Valid in s amll proportion of cases however the vast majority of Motability cars have no added fittings and are as standard as any car purchased straight from the dealer.


  32. Garet

    People are not getting treatment because of ideological whims of the conservatives who have decided to starve the NHS of cash. There is no cash shortage there is only people deciding where money is spent. You and Skirmish have accepted the shite spouted by the “elite” about the need for austerity. This is a sovereign country with a sovereign currency, not a household. Go away and try and educate yourself on the difference.

    Skirmish you didn’t actually ask a question. You made a statement about allocation of resources from a finite pot. But there is NO FINITE POT. Do you want to try asking a question again?


  33. Skirmish my point wasn’t about that in the sense drilling holes in vehicles to fix mountings without damaging weakening the integrity of the vehicles is costly changing panels to house the new fittings is costly,its the fact certain holes are not provided & certain problems that that creates makes it difficult costly & even impossible to convert some vehicles!not what is there but what isn’t there!


  34. I would normally be imposing my views on this conversation but today I am otherwise occupied with my long term valentine’s visitor from Munich – The Kommandant.


  35. Hunt’s game is actually a play for privatisation because you must compare similarities between borth sides of the pond.

    Obama being so instrumental with the help of medical insurance companies who would be the main financial benenficiary created compulsary legislation to force legislate money from the populations pockets.

    Now Hunt to achieve this needs a privatised healthcare system so you can be compelled to purchase a similar medical insurance providing the funds the mega insurance companies are after.

    By the time the sheep have woken up it will be too late your NHS will be gone.

    On an aside the powers that control us are stepping up a gear as the global slowdown takes effect. First junior doctors had contracts forced upon them and then the rest of those employed by the state.

    To get an understanding of what is going to be put upon us you might like to take similarities for the future going forward from this


    The Romans taxed farmers so heavily they left the land, unable to afford the taxes is so chic nowadays and in more fields than just farming.


  36. Following on from Bramble22’s Marion Little comment above;


    “… Conservative activists have received the next most prestigious order, the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire). Marion Little is a long serving party organiser, based at head office, with the title ‘campaign specialist’”.




  37. Here you are Stevie. the question you don’t seem to want to answer.

    “Then give one good reason why a scheme that is about providing mobility to the disabled, which I approve of. should subsidise RICH disabled people to buy expensive cars, which can only be considered luxuries.”

    In reply to your reply to Garet.
    You obviously know a garden centre that supply those fabled socialist Money Trees. When you find one that doesn’t require a way of paying it back please let me know…


  38. Well one of the biggest things I’ve learned from this post, is the value & power in reflecting on past perceptions. A wonderful way of gaining insight into the flow of changing, or it’s lack, of awareness.

    An excellent & gentle long term therapy for those who are subject to recurring patella spasms, IMHO.

    After all that chewing, I expect some might now be eager for their “Pudding”. Thanks JW.


  39. Dear Squaremish
    the scheme for motability is/was universal – appying only to people at top end DLA and is/was an alternative to receiving the benefit. DLA is not a work based benefit – it’s given in recognition of the additional costs incurred by disabled people to live. Your one dimensional insistence on saving money (small amount) to be spent in other ways just gives your game away. I’m sure you are delighted also that the Independent Living Fund has been removed leaving several thousand disabled people without the means to live independently – just to save a few quid. People with motability problems did not cause the failures of the banks and government and bring about needless austerity – there’s no ‘austerity’ for the rich – so stop trying to ‘care’ – you don’t, just like Jeremy Rhyming Slang


  40. Skirmish, I still cannot answer a statement, but I will try and make sense if your closed mind, where the politics of envy rule.
    You make a presumption that the disabled person is wealthy. What if their carer is a wage earner and they BOTH contribute to the lease of a vehicle?

    I wondered how long it would be before you made reference to the “money tree”.

    In a few short sentences you have managed to confirm you are a small minded bigot, who is actually jealous of the disabled, and an economic idiot.

    I got it wrong earlier, you are not IDS you are Gideon Osborne.


  41. The mystery money tree is a right wing monetarist tree! see how money is created skirmish,you can’t even see the falsehoods in your statement,money trees belong to neoliberal flat earth economics


  42. If it’s of any interest I have a relative with a bad back who when she’s not on holiday 10 times a year in exotic climes swans around in a BMW mini convertible paid for by the state…when not using her Audi Q7 or 9 ,I get confused


  43. Gordie, I suggest you go to the nearest DWP office and snitch. It will obviously make you feel a much better person. Well you could if the story was true.


  44. Stevie. I’m surprised to see you make such an assumption. Maybe she’s entitled to it. And if she is then I will welcome an apology for the insults you so readily threw at me. I will accept a private message if you feel too humiliated to do that in public…


  45. Stevie at 11.44 – You said: “This is a sovereign country with a sovereign currency,” I’m sure you must be aware that a sovereign country makes its own laws and this is no longer the case for most of Britain’s laws.
    And please give over with the snide superior insults to those you disagree with, it doesn’t enhance your arguments or this blog.


  46. Alexei,

    What an interesting thread. First the money tree and now the UKIP rubbish about Britains laws.

    These are incontrovertible facts and I am using the House of Commons estimates for various definitions of laws:
    Acts put in place by our parliament between 1980 -2009 UK Laws 86%. EU Laws 14%
    Regulations initiated by UK parliament 1997/1998 – 2008/2009 UK 86% EU 14%
    All regulations (including EU initiated regulations) 2009 UK 47% EU 53%

    The current UK currency is £.

    So we are still a sovereign country and we still have a sovereign currency.


  47. @Stevie(tro)
    I think I see where you are coming from now… Far left side of field where the country doesn’t have a trillion plus in off sheet debt and we can just keep borrowing and printing as much ponzi paper as we want… Except it doesn’t work like that and the people you want to help become the people who you hurt most.

    By tway – I’d happily string up the b’stards who are mentioned in this piece.



    JW’s little dresser up is running around again… I wonder why he allows such activities when JW deplores the perverted activities of the Members of Parliament… yet he allows it here.



  49. Gemma

    Please remember this luvvie….
    JW is the owner of this site, and if he allows his ‘ little dresser’ as you put it , then thats up to him is it not. If he banned everyone that gemma likes or dislikes there wouldnt be any peeps to read his BS. So please now STFU and get a sense of humour and then get a life outside of socialist support that cries like a stuck pig with lipstick.
    I thannnggggg yyooouuu…!!


  50. Fair enough, John.

    It is your site after all, you make the rules – even if they include an unwitting casual sexism (as you called it). Because your response to Stevie’s impersonator was immediate, and I only wondered why you didn’t do that for me.

    As to a life, that’s fine by me. It’s market day after all. But I don’t need wine to make it feel better in the evening.


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