BREXIT: It’s not about nationality, it’s about uniting against the sovereignty of the 1%


The craven face of appeasement

There’s a really incisive and all-inclusive quote from Nigel Farage in the UK media today:

“The logical, practical and safe thing to do is to cut ties with a failing political union and take back control of our lives. All it needs to defeat the big banks, the vested interest of the big businesses and our craven politicians is for you to believe in Britain and vote to leave this European Union.” 

The only problem is that it’s in the Sunday Express. It’s such a shame, because for once he eschews the bellowing bombast in favour of all the right words: failing union, take control, defeat the banks, craven politicians, believe in Britain, vote to leave. I find it hard to believe how any person looking at the empirical data and objective reality could disagree.

Sadly, Britain’s élite is chock-full of ideologists: of the globalist Right (who believe in TTIP, corporatic control, and bourse financialisation) and the eternally centralising Left (who believe in Big, Nanny, and shutting up everyone who disagrees).

The Express’s front page is, in fact, bigging up the attempt to cobble together an agreement between those among the extra-Parliamentary Right and Left who are opposed to sticking with the pain of the European Bunion. The trouble is, that shakey alliance stretches from Occupy at one end to the BNP at the other. The old Crusader tells us:

‘A CROSS-PARTY supergroup made up of top businessmen and politicians will join forces to spearhead calls for Britain to leave the EU….The new group will see around 15 Eurosceptic groups, including Leave.Eu, Better Off Out, the Campaign for an Independent Britain, the Freedom Association and the Bruges Group merge with the Grassroots Out organisation. A new single board will be created to sit above the supergroup, with directors appointed from each of the political parties, who will be able to nominate their preferred representative. The group is being formed with the intention of becoming the official out campaign.’

How much better it would’ve been for we Outers if this supergroup had got its act together six months ago. How much better it would be if the UK’s spineless old media had declared itself long before Cameron brought back a watered-down Munich Agreement from Brussels-am-Berlin. How much better it would be for Britain if the two main Parties (both equally split on the issue) showed some democratic ethics and pointed out the EC’s blind ambition and the EU Parliament’s troughing corruption….while telling the true story of the European States of Corporate America’s sociopathic cruelty towards Greece….a bullying torment that continues in relation to the migrant issue.

I genuinely hope that this latest unification attempt for Brexit fans isn’t too little too late. But in the meantime, let’s not forget what the disarray is really about.

It is this: neither the Neoliberal Right nor the State Socialist Left trusts We the People to deal with a mess of their own disastrously united making: the ideology of one planetary human with one set of values, mores and goals. The political, economic, religious and cultural spectrum we face is not one of diversity; it is one of confrontation. Forcing all of it together into one global civilisation with no pre-agreed legal code – let alone a Rule of Law – will drive our species towards self-destruction at dizzying speed.

In Britain and America, there are enough multicultural strains as it is without trying to invade the rest of the world with it. The multi-nationality EU with its 28 languages and hundreds of different community histories is nothing more than a tame trailer for the nightmare real-life movie that will lie ahead.

There is no such thing as the global village, a global consumer, a one-size-fits-all Homo sapiens, or World Government. Only one per cent of globalism is reality: its self-appointed élite.

The mission facing British voters is to stop the nonsense here. Here in the Rhineland of 1935. Not down the road in the Poland of 1939.

20 thoughts on “BREXIT: It’s not about nationality, it’s about uniting against the sovereignty of the 1%

  1. Brexit’s a joke, played on a 24/7 loop for the benefit of of fooling the UK public into staying in the EU.

    Over in Germany, Der Spiegel published an article on 5 January 2016 with quotes from all of Europe’s big wigs saying that not only has “s deal” been put in place already to paint David Cameron in the best light, but that both Merkel and Junker have already completed their speeches and press releases (yes 7 weeks in advance of David Cameron’s 11.59pm Victory for Britain) and they are quite open about how all of Europe is working in harmony to fool the British public.

    Safe in the knowledge that no UK based TV news room or mainline news paper will run the story and quash Cameron’s faux victory.

    Read it for yourself :


  2. a good article JW… but i suspect we could vote 2 to 1 to leave and we wont because they do not want us to and would not allow us to do as we want…. in spite of the words used there is no respect of democracy by dictatorships which the EU is. The ‘Eurogroup’ runs the show and those members are from patronage and nobody voted for them. the alternatives i see are only two and we can employ both. do not accept the result and respond by being as awkward and unenthusiastic as possible…. and also continue to hope that the whole edifice of corruption falls apart in bankruptcy etc… heck, to continue in the EU now would be the same as not bothering to fight against the nazis. in fact the ‘eurogroup’ is todays nazis.

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  3. strap lines…’ Vote BSE to be ruled by Germany, Italy and France.’
    ‘stay on the Titanic or get in the lifeboat’


  4. Concerning democracy or its lack thereof in the UK, it might be noted that Tory MPs have been told not to listen to and/or reflect the views of their constituents with regard to the referendum!!
    What a shower our political scum have become!


  5. @desmond

    Exactly. Considering the statistical ‘anomalies’ of the postal result in the Scottish referendum, I have no doubt that our ‘elite’ have a fallback plan. Will postal voting be part of the in/out vote?


  6. Living in Greece I am able to inform you that only half of the population of that former area have balls & the other half that don’t have a firm grip on those that do.

    Apt post Nobby.


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  8. What are the new rules on an independent inspection of ballot boxes and postal votes.
    I presume someone has asked for new rules after the last few debacles.

    -or is it going to be one of these little british type “something must be done” outcries.
    (err, by whom?)


  9. Are we sure all this EU Hocky Kocky is going to be of any real importance, without addressing the wider malaise? I really understand concerns about all the “Far” this & the “Far” that, but that has always seemed to me completely symptomatic of any discussion in materially difficult times, purely because the total lack of manoeuvrability it gives to negotiation. It’s synonymous to “Fight or Flight” or “Backs to the Wall” to intellect. I would argue that this has been happening for a long time, & equally in terms liberalism against Authoritarianism. No balance. No way in mind & as such an action to achieve one.

    I suspect it’s akin to the adage about owners looks & their dogs, in as much as it is totally fallacious, & in truth completely antithetical.

    It would seem to me, our current performing Poodle is merely a reflection of those who selected him. For those who have it defecating & urinating all over your plot, who’s to blame. The same seems true of the European breeds. An impasse for all current actions of intellect. Just have to Shake it all about.


  10. It was a cheap shot Nobby & yes to the “Ping Back”. (Wish I knew how to do that, on second thoughts maybe it’s better I don’t)

    2> Canexpat Don’t apologise! I think we might be about to rediscover what truly made Britain Great!

    The ability to laugh at ourselves. I think it’s going to take quite a bit of polishing, but we have had lots of practice at that with all the turds… 8^D


  11. Not to say it cant/won’t happen but it’s gonna take some seriously bad news coming out of Europe to swing a successful exit vote else the stay safe vote will prevail. Currently then brexits saviour seems to comprise of a ramp up in anti migrant sentiment or deustchebank precipitating the mother of all euro banking failures


  12. An excellent summation by JW of the dysfunctional, economics and politics of the EU.
    BREXIT is a neccessity to prevent a spiral downwards of our freedoms and economic well-being. The EU is a rotten hulk of a ship heading for the rocks.
    Unfortunately for a Democracy to thrive, requires an informed and politically awake electorate.The controlled MSM ensures the sleeple are kept in a sombulent condition and distracted by irrelevant issues.
    I fear that only collapse ,chaos and reset will be the end result. The informed and aware are but a small minority despite the great advances in modern communications.


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