The craven face of appeasement

There’s a really incisive and all-inclusive quote from Nigel Farage in the UK media today:

“The logical, practical and safe thing to do is to cut ties with a failing political union and take back control of our lives. All it needs to defeat the big banks, the vested interest of the big businesses and our craven politicians is for you to believe in Britain and vote to leave this European Union.” 

The only problem is that it’s in the Sunday Express. It’s such a shame, because for once he eschews the bellowing bombast in favour of all the right words: failing union, take control, defeat the banks, craven politicians, believe in Britain, vote to leave. I find it hard to believe how any person looking at the empirical data and objective reality could disagree.

Sadly, Britain’s élite is chock-full of ideologists: of the globalist Right (who believe in TTIP, corporatic control, and bourse financialisation) and the eternally centralising Left (who believe in Big, Nanny, and shutting up everyone who disagrees).

The Express’s front page is, in fact, bigging up the attempt to cobble together an agreement between those among the extra-Parliamentary Right and Left who are opposed to sticking with the pain of the European Bunion. The trouble is, that shakey alliance stretches from Occupy at one end to the BNP at the other. The old Crusader tells us:

‘A CROSS-PARTY supergroup made up of top businessmen and politicians will join forces to spearhead calls for Britain to leave the EU….The new group will see around 15 Eurosceptic groups, including Leave.Eu, Better Off Out, the Campaign for an Independent Britain, the Freedom Association and the Bruges Group merge with the Grassroots Out organisation. A new single board will be created to sit above the supergroup, with directors appointed from each of the political parties, who will be able to nominate their preferred representative. The group is being formed with the intention of becoming the official out campaign.’

How much better it would’ve been for we Outers if this supergroup had got its act together six months ago. How much better it would be if the UK’s spineless old media had declared itself long before Cameron brought back a watered-down Munich Agreement from Brussels-am-Berlin. How much better it would be for Britain if the two main Parties (both equally split on the issue) showed some democratic ethics and pointed out the EC’s blind ambition and the EU Parliament’s troughing corruption….while telling the true story of the European States of Corporate America’s sociopathic cruelty towards Greece….a bullying torment that continues in relation to the migrant issue.

I genuinely hope that this latest unification attempt for Brexit fans isn’t too little too late. But in the meantime, let’s not forget what the disarray is really about.

It is this: neither the Neoliberal Right nor the State Socialist Left trusts We the People to deal with a mess of their own disastrously united making: the ideology of one planetary human with one set of values, mores and goals. The political, economic, religious and cultural spectrum we face is not one of diversity; it is one of confrontation. Forcing all of it together into one global civilisation with no pre-agreed legal code – let alone a Rule of Law – will drive our species towards self-destruction at dizzying speed.

In Britain and America, there are enough multicultural strains as it is without trying to invade the rest of the world with it. The multi-nationality EU with its 28 languages and hundreds of different community histories is nothing more than a tame trailer for the nightmare real-life movie that will lie ahead.

There is no such thing as the global village, a global consumer, a one-size-fits-all Homo sapiens, or World Government. Only one per cent of globalism is reality: its self-appointed élite.

The mission facing British voters is to stop the nonsense here. Here in the Rhineland of 1935. Not down the road in the Poland of 1939.