At the End of the Day


Jerks, Cheats, Wars, and Whores on the Web


This morning, one of those adorable Microsoft panels popped into view: use the Microsoft Backup Suite, it said: it takes but a few seconds, it said. That seems like a good idea, I thought.

Two hours later, my laptop had crashed twice – and I had been the recipient of endless vague and contradictory inaccuracies.

‘There is no DVD in the D Drive’. Wrong.

‘You have not chosen any files to burn’. Wrong.

‘You still have files left to back up’. Wrong.

‘An error has occured’. Right.

However, what truly pisses me off is the assumption of the Silo Stepford Wives that the error is mine. Having lived through a stream of required downloads (one of which idled away twenty minutes before telling me ‘Something isn’t Right’) and reconfigurations before eventually giving up, I regained my sanity and decided to use the fucking computer for something useful.

But still this ‘alert’ from the ‘action center’ keeps saying, “Important updates and backups urgently require your attention”.

In the good old XP days of yore, backing up one’s files was a matter of five seconds attention per day.

I’m all updated, downloaded, upbacked, and inundated out.


I surely cannot be the only surfer to have noticed that Google – under multivariate circumstances – now needs two clicks to achieve certain actions that used to require just the one. These include the ability to switch from news to web during a search, to go back one page beyond Google search, and other randomly introduced variations.

As of three days ago, Google took over from Apple as the most valuable internet/hitech company in the world. Part of the judgement of this by braindead analysts is how many clicks it records.

I don’t like to think too much about how many digital ad agencies are selling clicks to their clients as evidence of advertising effectiveness. Go to any site at random, and you will experience just how infinitely more click-sensitive an ad visual is than any other region. I would estimate based on my own longstanding experience (divided by two because my fingers are not what they were) that a good 30% of ‘recorded clicks’ are nothing more than user error….aka deliberately created accidents.


When I use Microsoft’s memory-apps page to access Twitter, it offers me a crappy browser layout that is less than useless.

The only way to get round this is to go to Google and laboriously type in ‘Twitter SignIn’.

Microsoft’s default search engine of choice is Bing, which I can only conclude stands for Bing Crosby…..who – despite being dead -would be a better bet as an engine if you were searching on the internet. Perform any software download using Microsoft software, and there will be the flyshit half-point light grey option ready-ticked to make Bing your default engine.

Recently, I posted about the gangster hijack tactics used by Yahoo to get new search users. Some of you tuned into the markets may have noticed that Yahoo stock is heading towards junk status. It is no less than they deserve.


Looking for internet reviews of any value is an ever-worsening nightmare. The key reason for this is that self-assigned ‘quality adjudicators’ are far too often in the pay of the crooks who sign up for their service…which, on the whole, is a service to the crooks, not the consumer.

I first discovered this eleven years ago while on the case of a serial bankrupt and violent offender in the UK who was busy providing the sort of pc repair service that the average mediaeval serf would’ve found wanting. One of these ‘filter’ sites was including said chummy as a five-star rated supplier of computer services.

I alerted the site to its mistake, only to be informed by return in fluent Anglo-Saxon that the mistake was mine, for it was clear to him that I was a sleeping Soviet Commissar out to destroy the global success of unregulated neoliberal capitalism.

More than a decade on, the ‘service’ provided by millions of similar sites recommends everything from Avast security software (whose mafiosa methods are infamous) all the way through to a rift of sites – for once rightly – designated by Google as dangerous.


Having for many years naively assumed that this sort of whoring was restricted to the lowest of the lowest virtual common denominator, in recent times it has become clear that both the Telegraph and the BBC are quite content to whore for HSBC. So the George Orwell vision of media existing to promote the corporate (as opposed to questioning the veracity of the greedy) is, like almost all of his predictions, coming to a bitter fruition.

I posted some time ago to the effect that the internet is a vanguard warning to us all of what it would be like to live in the physical world under the jackboot of élites whose only desire is to sell any old shit in order to make blood money. The Present has already rendered it well past its sell-by date.

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19 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. There’s a reason why where I work are sticking with Windows 7 for the foreseeable. Quite a lot of reasons, in fact; your experience is typical. It should also be noted that a recent article on the Slashdot news site describes how leaky Windows 10 seems to be; even when the user has opted out of every conceivable wossname, the OS still babbles away to about a dozen separate IP addresses, mostly belonging to Microsoft.

    That is just plain wrong. About all such an OS should be doing is checking with a very few central servers (which should be user-configurable) for security updates, in a user-configurable manner and that is bloody well all.

    I would normally offer pithy advice on precisely what to do next, but you seem not to like that sort of thing, so I shall merely say “Alimentary, my dear Watson” and leave it at that.


  2. For Godssake abandon Windiws its crap. Get yourself onto ios 9 or whatever the latest Appke update ix. It may be capitalistic but it works . Forget Bing and Chrome as search engines as they block the more ” nefarious” sites telling you you are illegally watching and will be reported to police unless you pay up to usd 500 to unblock your site . Bollox. This is swatted away by just clearing your search history or at worst resetting network settings — both very easy to do on an …. hello? ….. ipad.

    There is ONE search engine which does not give this problem on ios but I will not name it as you can deduce it by process of elimination .


  3. The last sensible Backup program in WIndows, NTBackup, which offered a reliable full system backup to Tape was removed after WIndows XP.


  4. Learned some time ago that offers to’Click Here’ and claim my million clams or
    ‘Download This’ to Fix/Repair my computer always lead to head-aches and/or
    a messed-up Windows computer.

    With exception of M$ Updates [it’s self a pain in the a** at times] I steer clear of
    everything that I’m not specifically looking for!

    I look on M$ O/S’s as work-in-progress rather than a claim-of-perfection thus
    saving my sanity for yet another day!


  5. To be serious for a moment though…


    MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and every other proprietary operating system these days, wants to ‘guide’ you into backing up your data on ‘the cloud’… basically so they can trawl it for metadata in order to fulfil the ‘whores’ bit all the better… and to provide all your data to whatever security agency/ad agency/dubious dodger and their dog that will pay the most for it.

    Get yourself a 1 Terrabyte USB drive and setup an incremental backup onto that device… to run manually when you want it to…. or… just manually copy your files across when you feel it timely to do so.


    Aaah yes, you have spotted the fundamental flaw in the whole ‘ad revenue click-through’ thing… and the reason that I, like yourself, think it will ultimately experience MASSIVE shakeout.

    However, for now you are stuck with the whole ‘sticky click-through’ phenomenon where in order to do one thing you have to invariably sign up for another.. it’s a cascading data gathering technique ubiquitously used. Google have this down to a fine art now – which is why I refuse to use Google and especially Chrome which is now pretty well an absolutely dedicated data gathering/ad channelling browser designed with the sole purpose of ‘guiding’ you into that walled garden again.
    Microsoft ‘Edge’ browser is now pretty well trying to emulate the ‘Chrome’ model… as Microsoft are trying to move to the Google business model. Data to Microsoft is now king.. which is why Windows 10 is now absolutely packed to the gunnels with technology that keeps an beady eye on everything you are doing. Microsoft want to build a similar datatset to that of Google… with their cloud service (One Drive and Azure) being the honey-pot as far as backup and data aggregation goes..

    Use Firefox or another open source browser. Install Ad blocker and Ghostery and try not to ‘sign in’ to any Google services if at all possible. Use Startpage or DuckDuckGo search pages if you can delete all the other egregious crud from your search engine list or they’ll keep creeping back. Break the ‘google chain’ of data gathering events.
    Do not install any ‘search bars, handy tools, or other daft extensions’ as they are also conduits for nonsense.


    This is just more of ‘Cheats’
    See above.


    This is just more of ‘Cheats’
    See above.

    When standing in the way of an oncoming train… one might suggest swiftly getting out of the way …. especially as the train is going to charge you egregiously before it runs you over.
    But hey ho…


  6. It’s been all said before Roland Bonlett, but worth constant repetition, in my view.
    Would only add NoScript, worth the extra clicks, because they are just for you.


  7. We use windows 7 at work and it’s excellent as long as you have a computer geek on permanent retainer. Sometimes it goes for a whole week without having to call him. However my biggest gripe these days is the computers themselves. As they have got cheaper over the years they don’t last as long….funny that


  8. John, Dan H and all

    For those who thought that in rejecting Win 10 their data remained ‘theirs’ under Win 7 & 8, think again: – Microsoft have kindly supplied telemetry patches for both of the older systems. They have to be installed, either automatically (if enabled in Win updates), or by selecting them under optional upgrades, and then allowing installation. So, effectively, it’s your choice.

    Here’s a useful little or standalone version of GWX Control Panel: which monitors/removes/prevents installation of any Win 10 installation files as you choose, prevents that s***ing pop-up which now describes Win 10 upgrade as ‘recommended’, this since around 2nd. of this month. I use it, and it does the trick, but use at your own risk.

    The word ‘Recommended’ is significant “…Windows 10 is now classified as a “Recommended” update, which means many Windows 7 and 8.1 users will download and begin the installation automatically…”.

    Further, if you thought that your (paid for) installations of Win 7 would be fully supported until 2020 and your Win 8 install until 2023, think again: – looks like the cut-off date could be significantly closer than we’ve been led to believe.

    I think I’d better get used to Linux Mint – I’ve been playing with it for quite a while, now perhaps it’s time to stop playing with it, and get using it properly.


  9. got to be a market for peeps wishing to migrate to Ubuntu and rid their systems of the worst virus on PCs evah, Microsoft…


  10. I don’t think we can keep up with the nefarious ways they try to spy on us.
    Since I stopped switching my laptop off (ever), to stop MS sneaking an update or 10 when it re-booted, it has now found a way to mischievously switch off my computer at absolutely random times about 5 times a week. I am not opening too many windows, pressing too many buttons, swirling a mouse around, or nothing. It just goes ‘click’ off. Thank you very much indeed.
    If you then try to read the event log, the brilliant MS diagnostics tell you “unkown error”. I surmise that this ‘error’ is not unknown at all.

    on Windows 7 Pro, which was one of their better releases.


  11. I also used to hear my laptop wake up from hibernation around 5:30am each morning, and talk to the outside world. I think it was Linkedin telling their friends who I have been talking to.
    It is as bad as MS ……………….. in ……. my ……… humble ……… opinion ….


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