At the End of the Day

Between a Rock Bottom & a Hard Place

Something of a mixed bag tonight….gags, thoughts and speculation held over from previous posts that didn’t quite make it. At times it may be hard to separate the three, but that’s all part of the fun.

Do you ever get the feeling that, when it comes to Bourses, ‘market sentiment’ might be an oxymoron? Surely anyone with sentiments good or bad makes judgements, thinks, has a constructive bit in the Right Cortex and cries during a movie now and then? I got the feeling this afternoon watching BBCParliament Live that David Cameron is an oxymoron, but that feeling wasn’t as strong as the disenfranchised alienation I felt listening to the thoroughly undeserved respect he got from his Commons audience on the subject of EU ‘renegotiation’. The only bloke on display who I felt got anywhere near the truth was Bill Cash. It could be that we could start a movement to change the connotations of Cash for Questions forever as a phrase in UK political life.

However real people might think, it’s hard to deny that Cameronian spin has now reached rock bottom.

One question I’d pay cash to get answered is why a certain DJ once famous for Radio Caroline pirate broadcasts and marrying pretty starlets is the latest victim to be questioned by Captain Plod for alleged paedophile tendencies. It beggars belief that the Met’s Newscorporate Police think trying to drill 4,000 holes in a 1966 Lancastrian town is more important than multivariate miscarriages of Becky Redtop Justice in 2015, but then anything can happen when the political denominator is the mob. One person who’s been directing the mob towards crucifixions in recent years is Marcus Bilius Tomtit, the renowned Surreygate copper of yore. The Slog can now exclusively reveal that the Tomtit bird (it’s double cockney rhyming slang) has penned a new rousing anthem for his followers. It goes like this:

I torred I taw a paedophile a creepin’ up on you

I did I tor a paedophile – there’s more than just a few.

For every phoney paedophile I accuse of a crime

is more money for tomtit birds who grovel in the grime.

Genius I tell you – sheer, rock-bottom genius.

Of course, it is true to say that many within our odd élites seek out anuses they must not have, but it’s a surprise to see such thoughts as onscreen supers at Bloomberg Television. However, while ‘Oil investors look for new bottom’ may at first sight have seemed like Peter Mandelson in search of Jeffrey Epstein’s latest offerings, it turned out that the Bloomers were talking about crude rather than KY.

Life is full of such disappointments, but rarely more so than in the promises of corporate banking commercials. One that continues to intrigue me is for Bank of Indian whose strapline asserts that it will be ‘With You all the Way’.

You’re kidding: all the way? What, like all the way to the bail-in? In my day, there used to be a saying in the advertising business, “Nothing kills a crap product quicker than great advertising”. It seems to me that BoI’s agency is out to kill the brand slowly; but the bigger question here is why would anyone – corporate or private – believe that any bank anywhere is even remotely likely to be with you all the way?

At last – after many decades of attempting salvage – bank advertising has reached rock bottom.

And so at the end of The end of the Day, I leave you with this ecouraging news: the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is telling us tonight that the European Union shot its hubris bolt ages ago, and now represents nothing more than a confused and truculent old git. He writes:

‘The point of maximum danger for British parliamentary democracy was 13 years ago, the high-water mark of EU hubris and triumphalism….It is now obvious that the EU had bitten off more than it could chew, and the Ode to Joy anthem at the closure of that giddy Convention marked the moment when the European Project flamed out as a motivating force in history and began descending into the existential crisis we see before us…The region is ankle-deep in debt deflation, defenceless when the next global downturn hits….monetary union has proved malignant and incurable, splitting the eurozone into bitterly opposed camps of creditors and debtors…David Cameron’s exchanges with Brussels seem oddly irrelevant in the face of Europe’s self-inflicted catastrophe….There is nothing wrong with [David Cameron’s] menu of demands. It is useful that Britain’s special currency status has been nailed down, if only to keep the European Court honest. The EU’s Donald Tusk has shown goodwill….We must decide whether we are better off managing the eternal headache of our relations with the Continent inside or outside the EU”.

But as with so many of AEP’s pieces, the question remains open. I fear for his bum’s condition in the light of so much fence-sitting: ‘They’re all tossers and we can bend them to our will, but my God what a mess they’re in’.

In or Out? This is my view: if the EU consists of toothless wonders, then they’ll be desperate for our business whether we are EUers or not; and if the sclerotic Brussels Sprouts are doomed, then better to be on the continental shelf than on the sea bottom that was once Atlantis.

Well…what can I say other than if Britain accepts the EU’s sea bottom, then it too has reached rock bottom.

Earlier at The Slog: the rock-solid ethical bottom cometh

20 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Always tomorrow, In my world anyhow.. Thanks John, to my eyes, you give more than you take.

    Dream beautiful dreams, that’s what I’m here for… I suspect you too.


  2. I remember a nice little saying from the “real beer” movement back in the 80s about a mass produced ale that fits the bill about EU membership – ‘I thought the bottom had fallen out of my world until I drank the EU, the the world fell out of my bottom.’


  3. Camerdung nicely sums up where he’s coming from:

    “The Prime Minister warned backbenchers not to take a view on the vote “because of what your constituency association might say”.
    He told his MPs to “do what’s in your heart” rather than what “might be advantageous this way or that way”. (D/T)

    British representative democracy in a nutshell


  4. Got to say that I was shocked and dismayed that the house of commons was not reechoing with the ditty ‘liar liar, pants on fire’ with 600 odd fingers pointing at the tosser trying to pretend that he achieved an iota of movement out of the EU dictatorship.
    Why the took he didn’t have the balls to tell the truth and at least gain some credibility…
    The man’s a simpleton and dishonourable. And not fitted to bear the title Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


  5. It has been announced by a government spokesman that fracking will commence in the morning in the little Westminster hamlet of Cameron’s Bottom


  6. @Hb – Just in:

    Here is the forecast for Friday 5th February at 17:00 hrs G ’n T:
    There are warnings of strong gusts and triple CCCs for
    Riskay, Vastdebt, Laundering, Rsole, Sweet Rockall, Irish allat Sea, Bailin and Bailiff
    Dogger Bank, thick fog – visibility 0.00000001 mile
    German Bite – pressure rising, storms ahead……


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  8. There is no longer any point in discussing British Democracy. It is akin to Monty Python’s parrot, only more so. Forced immigration is merely one of the tools to destroy nationhood. We will all be good little euro clones wether we like it or not.. I will see flying pigs long before any exit strategy from the EU has any hope of winning. The likelihood of a no vote for exit being a majority is in the stratospheric heights of a lottery wins as far as the odds are concerned. How many more Munich moments will we have to endure before the harsh reality is recognised? We have been sold down the river. The corporations do not like to deal with little countries, they can bamboozle large federations far more easily, and it is less people to pay order to get their evil way..


  9. Utter hypocrites! The Eu Parliament has just approved the ‘legalising’ of each and every diesel car incapable of meeting their own (impossible) fine particle tests. If that can be changed at the whim of an industry lobby, why not put the treaties up for grabs? This will not end well.


  10. The more you see the more you realise the UK trying to join with anybody be it US,China,EU or anybody else .. Nobody else has the economic egg laying golden goose. They are all laying t*rds lol, every last one of them. So the question is which t*rd do you want to lay with? What puzzles me is we are not being paid enough by whoever we lay with to balance our economy.

    On that last point and those who are supposed to represent us we are being sold to the highest bidder as a nation and the biggest bribe for the one who makes the deal currently Cameron, Osborne,Hunt etc.



  11. I too read AEP’s essay and thought it was oddly insightful, more reminiscent of AEP’s halcyon days rather than his schizophrenic present. Despite his insight and reasoned analysis I think he too ignores the elephant in the room.

    This morning on the BBC they are discussing the Syrian refugee situation and the new proposals to provide aid to the people in the camps. This is the crisis that will change everything and render AEP’s dissection of EU machinations irrelevant.

    Is it cynical to postulate that having millions of destitute and desperate people corralled in vast camps maintained on subsistence regimes has now become a bargaining chip for those who host the camps?

    Send the money or we send the refugees?

    Let’s face it, Syria is not going to be fixed any time soon, even if the politics and the hate could be ironed out – a tough ask, what do you do about the cities that have been ground into uninhabitable rubble? Who is going to rebuild them and at what cost?

    So the west through its proxy war chess game has created a displaced population who are now being weaponised for a second level of abstraction of proxy war – a war fought with misery, deprivation and racial tension.

    Conventional approaches to disaster relief and refugee crisis fail in these circumstances – the EU will fly apart like an unbalanced machine trying to manage this disaster.

    I am still a daily reader of JW’s posts although I don’t comment as frequently as – 1) Just writing ‘I agree with JW’ adds little to the debate and 2) I am very busy trying to earn a living and prepare for what I think may be turbulent times….


  12. In my day the strapline favoured by McCanns for a then topselling OTC analgesic was

    “NOTHING acts faster than Anadin”

    To which the logical retort was — so take nothing.

    Laat heard the UK outfit manufacturing and marketing it had moved lock stock and barrel to ……..Belgium…..and that was back in ’89.


  13. @IP
    “Is it cynical to postulate that having millions of destitute and desperate people corralled in vast camps maintained on subsistence regimes has now become a bargaining chip for those who host the camps?”

    I’m not sure anyone who reads this blog could plumb the depths of cynical depravity of the puppet-masters who have engineered this situation. The refugees have certainly become a weapon, forged and wielded by the worst of the worst of humanity against those they have exploited and betrayed – the ordinary people of Europe.


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