BREXIT: Neville Camberlain brings home the bacon rind


I’ll try to keep it simple: let us simply return to Cameron last October 12th.

At the time, I posted this piece pointing out that Cameron appeared to have dropped the core demand of control of UK borders. At that time, his ‘4 key demands’ were:

  • Brussels to make “an explicit statement” that Britain will be kept out of any move towards ‘ever-closer union’
  • An “explicit statement” that the euro is not the official currency of the EU, making clear that Europe is a “multi-currency” union and the Pound is forever.
  • A new “red card” system to bring power back from Brussels to Britain
  • The block of 28 nations to be reorganised to prevent the nine countries that are not in the eurozone being dominated by the 19 member states that are.


But by November 8th – just three weeks later – only the exclusion from ever-closer union remained.

These were the brutally obvious differences:

  • All references to a multi-currency union and guaranteed existence of the Pound had been dropped
  • The ‘red card’ retrieval of powers demand has been hugely diluted, and become vapours about Member Parliament sovereignty
  • The two-speed eurozone v EU veto has been removed completely
  • The Border Controls demand remains absent, but this time an entirely different demand – reducing migrant rights to benefits – has replaced the core concern of all UKippers.

So here we are today, the 2nd February, and this is what’s on offer.

  • Limit on migrants’ access to benefits for four years immediately after the referendum. That is, not forever – just until 2020.
  • Migrants will still be able to send benefits to their children abroad, just in lower amounts than they currently do.

This is an insipid and largely pointless response to Cameron’s oiginal insistence back in August on CONTROL OF UK BORDERS. The fact that King Dave the Spineless gave up on it in record time is irrelevant: those in the Leave camp have 0% reassurance about defence against infiltration, and roughly 5% of what they wanted as a bulwark against benefits for people who, by definition, on their day of arrival have contributed nothing….while pensoners here aged sixty will have to live on nothing in order to pay for them. I wonder how many member States would proffer that benificence to us?

  • The UK will not be committed to further political integration into the European Union. That is not the same as exemption from any and all moves to that effect.
  • A “red card” system will allow the House of Commons to band together with like-minded EU parliaments and block unwanted Brussels legislation. This requires the UK to find enough EU member legislatures – ie, 15/28 – to agree with them on any disliked piece of legislation.  A hundred and sixty years after Union, US States’ have more rights than this

These clauses are a massive dilution of what most Brits say they’re looking for – and what Cameron said he would need. The red card is no longer red, but a rather pale primrose yellow. Having reduced the concept of a veto some 15 times, we can say that the Government has come back with 7% of what it wanted.

  • Sterling is to be protected by recognising in law that the EU has more than one currency. That could be reversed at any time.
  • British taxpayers’ money can never be liable to support the eurozone. It isn’t liable to do that anyway….but if the clause above was abolished, it would be.
  • Any issues which affect all member states must be discussed by all member states – not just countries in the eurozone. But the majority voting clause remains, so that is an empty commitment.

It is patently obvious that, given its so-called goals, the Government score 0% on this little lot.

  • The EU will increase efforts to cut bureaucracy, especially on small and medium enterprises, which the Government has said damages UK businesses. Sheer puffery: Germany promised the IMF it would increase efforts to make Greek debt sustainable…and then ignored the pledge.

And another big fat zero on this one.


We would also do well to remember what vanished along the way to Camerlot’s humiliating surrender:

  1. Repatriation of powers from the past
  2. Domination of the 9 by the 19
  3. Ultimate UK Parliamentary Sovereignty over certain areas in perpetuity


Even after my simplifications above, the problem for the Vote Leave camp is that perhaps as much as 80% of the UK population lack the time, inclination, intelligence, education and technological means to interrogate the ‘deal’, go to meetings, and so forth.

This merely confirms my original advice to those who campaign to leave: you must focus on these areas where the Government has failed, and which will, in the future, hinder our ability to prosper by fair means.

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41 thoughts on “BREXIT: Neville Camberlain brings home the bacon rind

  1. The best of British men and women gave their lives WILLINGLY – for this!
    It’s a national disgrace, but most could not care.


  2. JW I’m not happy in admitting that your penultimate paragraph is quite accurate. The British nation as I once knew it to be is no more. I find it desperately difficult to feel optimistic about the future. Hey, ho.


  3. If Cameron was serious, which he clearly isn’t, he could easily get what ever he wanted just by threatening to pull the UK out of the EU, the same as Tsipras could have done, they both held all the cards but, the threw their hand in, spot a patten here? I noted an article recently where it is said that the Tory MP’s that want out, are thinking twice now, as they feel that it doesn’t make any difference whether we are in or out as, the EU will fall apart anyway, and they would rather vote to stay in than vote to leave and be blamed for the demise of the EU. Personally, I think that’s suspect, in my opinion, that smells, sounds like some nobbling has taken place.
    Nope, we’re in for the duration, let’s face it, if Cameron thought our vote would make any difference, he wouldn’t hold one, would he?


  4. i am going to start giving you pocket money son. £10 a month for you but to start with it will be five pound a month til my finances improve. Also we cannot start properly now so it won’t begin this month but likely next month or the month after…and finally… and now its time to begin the pocket money but i can’t manage £5 at this moment but i have £2 pound. thats £1 now and the other later on when i have some change…actually here is 50p and don’t say i don’t give you anything..
    How am i doing?? can i be the prime minister now??


  5. KFC The EU is not a democratic organization; we also know that it is also illegal under EU law. Not that this has any bearing on its authority, in fact, the very fact that the EU can get away Scot free (as the saying has it) means that it is the more powerful. After all, Hitler did not rise to power through democracy, did he? Those in power often flaunt it by breaking the very laws they impose on their vassals.

    So when you say “he could easily get what ever he wanted just by threatening to pull the UK out of the EU” – – – let us please remember that in or out of the EU, Britain will still be under the EU’s thumb and will still be expected to pay its dues. As you have seen today, it’s not as if Britain gets much for its contributions, is it?

    “the same as Tsipras could have done, they both held all the cards but, the threw their hand in” – – – we’re forgetting the Americans, aren’t we? When Greece was conned into the Euro by certain US banks (under the guise of a few polite European banks… all based in London, no doubt…) … they didn’t know the trap they were walking into, eyes wide open.

    “spot a patten here?” – – – I could go on.


  6. Bill, Britian was sucked dry by the corporations decades ago. All that’s left are politicians too feeble to say ‘boo’ to a mouse.


  7. CMD (born 1966) is too young to understand the sophistication of the electorate. After a clever economic revival, carried out by Roy Jenkins, off message, Labour was voted out in 1970. Nobody gave Thatcher a chance in 1979, but the Winter of Discontent was not forgotten (cf migrants drowning).And then,1992, an open goal for the socialists, beaten by a personnel manager from Hambro’s! Enter the era of ‘spin’ , New Labour, Tony Blair, ‘I’m a decent sort of guy’, but , finally, the voters wised up on the economic bullshit of Garry Brown. So, the ‘out’ vote will be very strong for those who voted in 1975. The 2015 Labour voters will also contain a large percentage voting ‘out’, as a way of bringing down CMD. This is a tactic that the SNP, the Stupid National Party, will also have noticed..For those mathematically minded, UKIP +0.3 Labour + 0.4 SNP+0.75 Tory = BREXIT.


  8. I sense the angst in the article and comments, and at its core, I’m too am desperate to understand why ordinary folk, appear to have fallen asleep? And just as important,..what [if anything], will be the trigger to wake them up?


  9. @Gemma: ‘we’re forgetting the Americans, aren’t we?’ No, Gemma that was the patten I was alluding to. We are but a vassal state these days, actually, we have been for a very long time. We will do, as all vassal states will do, as instructed by Washington.


  10. @BroncoB – Couldn’t agree with you more, it’s depressing that no one has been able to arouse them from their torpor. Sheep to the slaughter. It’s a classic case of rather the devil they think they know, than risk changing the status quo (and a certain level of physical comfort). There will have to be a significantly larger number of Brits directly impacted by the knock-on effects of immigration before they realise how much they’ve already lost and stand to further lose, as I don’t expect them to be swayed by such complex concepts as a loss of sovereignty, or being permanently herded into the monolithic pen of Brussels. After all, mostly they like to be led and are afraid of standing up as individuals – the lone eccentric Englishman seems to be nearing extinction.


  11. The agenda is clear and the European/Worlds elite do not give a damn about me and you, as they will soon be looking to run and hide in those nice underground bunkers paid for with citizens taxes, after engineering a full economic collapse as well as starting WW3, plus they will make sure that there are enough Jihadi’s in the West to start a race war.

    That should be enough to cover up the failed fiat ponzi scheme and take care of the ‘excessive’ population……


  12. The burden of tax has shifted from capital to labour. The EU is progressing and facilitating this, along with austerity to drive down the cost of labour. This is proven beyond doubt.

    Currently I have no opinion, in or out, because the main proponents of Brexit fill me with dread on how much more enthusiastically they will embrace the worst facets of EU membership but WITHOUT any constraints upon them.

    Is it the devil we know or the devil we don’t know?

    Whatever the outcome, we can all rest assured that the workers will pay dearly well beyond their capability to pay.


  13. I know people who would call this outcome a draw ………….

    I hate cameron, I hate all of them. I hate the bankers. I hate celebrities even when they are patently not celebrities merely 5th rate media failures. I hate inbred local councils and councillors. I hate the media. I hate the bbc. I hate skytv.I hate sport.
    I hate iain george duncan smith. I hate tony bliar. i hate the police. I hate judges. i hate adverts on telly. i hate liars. I hate cold, inhuman, self interested politicians. I hate experts. I hate the british people for being so fu&^^%$&(^^^&&*&*^^&** stupid. I hate unaccountable public officials. I hate the privatisation of my country – not in a nationalistic sense but in a Woody Guthrie sense. I hate the entitled bas749^%£”!&*()s who think poor people think they’re entitled to a free life. I want them all to drown in the vomit of their own making. Alternatively I want to die before they hurt me and mine anymore – the K(*&^&**(nts – I’ve had enough – where is the opposition???? Where is the challenge to all of this????? Surely not the internet ??????????????


  14. What is the sucking sound? Is it the harvesting of the old reality and replacement with that which only appears similar when you look, casually. You are meant not to notice. Your job is to not notice. or interfere, or wonder, or think about it.
    Yet your life depends on the old reality where a knockoff is obvious and is rejected due to the need for the real thing. France may have problems, but calling out reality is a national sport not shared by all.


  15. thanks kfc – i forgot to mention that i hate the royal family and the notion of a ‘head of state’. i hate that britain/uk whatever has no written constitution thus enabling any old f7^$$%^&%%^)g ba0^7$587*((888d to do what they like.i hate michael railway arrogant portillo too – always have, always wil. It would be nice to read the obituary of the ruling elites in the paper, in the morning


  16. Looks to me Ron, like you have a very healthy hate list. As to why no buggers doing anything. I suspect there is a cascade point at which the individual building incredulity of the odd “goings on”, flips into contagious outrage. It happened like that here in Greece but emotion is always close to the surface here. I suspect the Brit reserve & relative slightly better situation there, are holding it back at the moment. It really does need a large ground swell before change overcomes the affects natural inertia, & better if the crowd & therefore the dynamic is larger.

    You just have to out for crafty use of provocation & Expectation Horizon Suppression, like Marge used with the Pole Tax. Looked like a revolt, but what was finally implemented was the best they hoped for all along.

    I might be “Talking it up” a bit, but you are far from alone.


  17. @Ron

    You are certainly not alone, and your hate list is one I can fully endorse with perhaps the exception of a good test match watched in the right company.


  18. From across the pond I wonder what does the queen say? I suppose nothing but just suppose she did and it was exit? Well she won’t talk and there is no chance for the exit vote to win. None, zero, zilch, nada, forgetaboutit.


  19. @Halfkidding – you’re obviously not aware that the ‘queen’ is one of THEM, having put her moniker to every EU treaty (eight, I believe to date) placed before her, as requested (or ordered, who knows?) progressively sending Britain, to whom she allegedly owes prime allegiance, down the old swanee. In earlier, less civilised times, she may have ended in The Tower…….


  20. Regrettably, Her Majesty has to do what she is told by the resident little twerp in Downing Street, even though she is probably thinking..’if I had my real powers I’d send him to the Tower and have the good for nothing hung drawn quatered and eviscerated.


  21. William
    .For those mathematically minded, UKIP +0.3 Labour + 0.4 SNP+0.75 Tory = BREXIT.
    I wish you well with that, but
    I’d rather go with
    Vote to Remain in the EU @ 1/3 ( Beats 15 years in the FTSE)
    Vote to Leave the EU @ 9/4 (Impossible dream)


  22. and to cap it all they are asking him to make a binding legal agreement of his Complete Cave In to Tusk… would have been a better result if he had done nothing… least some potential would have remained……….that makes Cameron Worse than Useless…..Literally


  23. So, I get up this morning to hear about the highways chief (Sitting Bum) talking of removing the white lines from motorways in an effort to slow motorists down – is that because the government have used them all up? (think about it) – to say nothing of the medical chief’s call to arms – think cancer before opening that bottle of Chateau Palmer – FFS – does she think of the poor each time her friend cuts job seekers allowance???? Do you know that every director and executive of N.I.C.E. is white – but they do have an equal opps system!!

    Can you imagine having to work with Camerdung? Can you imagine turning in everyday to hear and watch this guy in action? He doesn’t routinely talk to anyone merely issues instruction on post-its. When challenged his argument is always based on ‘I don’t know you’ as we’ve only worked together for 6 years. He is authoratative without having experience. He occasionally makes a correct call but generally seems to be peeing in the wind. Each time he has a plan he wonders off to achieve it but returns without anything – you know, he goes to sort out weekend office cover and returns with a new photocopier.

    Camerdung is incompetent, he is vacuous, he is an empty shell, he is nasty, he is callous, he kills people with impunity, he is unfit for purpose but only the voters can get rid of him. Anyway he is destined for a superstar future next to his odious wife despite the single lack of any measure of humanity between them. Just what have I done to deserve this?????????????


  24. Cameron has sold us down the river but that’s no surprise. The fact is we will get a vote and then we’ll see if the Brits are as blind as many here seem to think. By the way John yours is the best demolition job of Cameron’s victorious negotiation I have seen.


  25. A waste of a skin and a waste of an airfare. A great shame the electorate has no sense at all. Cameldung is definitely not fit for purpose.


  26. Ron, it may or may not have been your intention but you have cheered me up!!! Stick around, this is the most interesting of web sites.


  27. Cameron returns from Europe waiving a piece of paper proclaiming prosperity in our time,just like Chamberlain’s paper proclaiming peace in our time!


  28. What’s even more amazing is that Cameron is a Euro-septic according to the odious Kelvin MacKenzie , who was at the dirty diggers xmas party where Cameron was giving forth on his view’s (seems he does have a few after all). Old KM let the rat out of the bag on TV few weeks ago.
    It’s wonderful to see Cameron trying to get off the hook he so brilliantly hung himself on. Now we will have a referendum which will totally ignore all his efforts and become a pure poll of those who do not like the EU and what it’s evolved into and those who like the status quo. I think this could get way uglier than even the Scottish referendum and damage almost all the main political parties in ways they have not even realised. Bring it on bring it on watching Cameron is going to be fun.


  29. @ Ron Such familiar feelings! I was cheered yesterday by the discovery of 200 lions hitherto unknown in 10 thousand square miles between Ethiopia and Sudan and today crushed by the number of ancient woodlands the Mecca railway will obliterate.


  30. @Ron You have put into words what SO many of us are thinking. I too am full of feelings approaching hate for so much of what is being allowed to happen in this country, and full of questions as to what the hell we can actually do about this.

    When we see the ridiculous spectacle of Cameron yesterday openly twisting words and lying to us on camera, and it would appear getting away with it, what the hell can we do?

    I think my answer is to talk to as many people as possible about this and at least try and get them to do the same, to at least spread the word that, rather than listen to the MSN telling us that we are happy about everything, let as many as possible know that, actually, we’re not at all happy but are actually totally pissed off, and that we’ve actually had enough.

    The cheating, lying politicians in this country seem to be using a phase lately that really hits a nerve with me, they will say ‘ I think…..and follow it with….and I think most of the people in this Country think that…’, well not me!!! I don’t agree with their constant stream of bollocks and neither do the vast majority of people I talk to, many of which actually voted for the Conservatives at the last election and are now regretting having done so.

    I think this EU charade may be the issue that exposes Cameron for the useless piece of sh*t he really is, he never expected to have to follow through on the lies he told at election time and he is now being exposed, lets hope it actually does for him! He has though already created his ‘bolt hole backdoor’ having already stated that he won’t stand for another term, clever that, but of course he had the advantage of knowing what was coming.

    JW thanks for the forum, sorry about the language, keep up the good work


  31. You Brits do have a choice. Consider Poland, for example. I have lived here for 10 years (born in London in the 1950s). It is populated by civilised, white Christian people. In the town I live in (50,000 population) I have never seen a non-European person. The economy is doing well. Property is cheap. Poles do not want Muslims invading their country and their elected government is standing firm on this point. The only negative aspect of living here is the Polish language, which is fiendishly difficult. But if you’re young and willing to make the effort, you’ll learn it. Bottom line, there is always an alternative, always a better place to live. I’m glad to say that’s where I am.


  32. I wonder if this is a turning point. The time in the decline of a civilisation where the people just stop listening to the politicians.
    A time when they just ignore the media ‘guidance’, the straw polls, the advertising and the propaganda.
    Maybe the morning after this referendum, we wake up to find that never mind the bollox, the people said Brexit.

    -and from that day onwards, everything changes.


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