WATERGATE MEETS PROFUMO: David Cameron, HSBC, the BBC, and Rona Fairhead.


After a long day at the office, David Cameron finds somewhere comfortable to sit

A huge story of foul depravity is being ignored by the collaborationist media moneybags

Nicholas Wilson – the lone and longstanding whistleblower in the still largely unknown scandal involving HSBC Bank, David Cameron, Barack Obama, and the appointment of Rona Fairhead to the BBC’s Governorship – has been ignored for far too long.

Here are some headline facts:

  • Wilson had been working with Sunday Times journalist Tom Harper on the scandal. He was about to publish.
  • Harper’s boss Camilla Cavendish then had lunch at Chequers with the Prime Minister, and the Harper story was spiked.
  • Camilla Cavendish is now a member of the Inner Circle Number Ten policy unit….reporting direct to David Cameron.
  • When, much earlier, Dorian Graymoron felt the scandal was about to break, he parachuted HSBC senior bod Rona Fairhead onto the Board of BBC Governors. In fact, into the Chair of it, no less.

It is not my job in this post to describe the detail of depraved collaboration between HSBC and the occupant of Ten Downing Street in the scandal itself: that will appear in these columns in due course, and very short order.

My sole concern now is to alert the Decency Niche to this emerging Watergate. Because for once, this really is a perversion of liberal democracy fully deserving the ‘gate’ suffix. You all need to research what has been going on here….starting with a visit to nicholaswilson.com.

Nicholas has campaigning SNP MP George Kerevan behind him. But he doesn’t own a newspaper, a TV station, or have two-thirds of the Cabinet in his pocket.

Whether you share Wilson and Kerevan’s politics or not, surely you have to support their fears for the Constitution, the Rule of Law, a media set free to speak the truth, and the same treatment for a ripped-off bank customer as for Baron Green.

Earlier at The Slog: yet more on those Camerlot ethics

6 thoughts on “WATERGATE MEETS PROFUMO: David Cameron, HSBC, the BBC, and Rona Fairhead.

  1. What else can the poor Prime Minister do when he needs every Bank to do their bit and prop up the scenery to make it look as if Britain still has an economy.

    After all, such malfeasance as this still added a few parts of a percentage point to the overall figures – which is why the fines were so tiny! Britain couldn’t do without it… there’d be no economy at all!


  2. F/me John you must be the India rubber man ..the way you bounce back….learn how to put the nut in….on the first ponce oops! bounce typo.
    I’ll get it one day.


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