CRASH2: The euphemistic language of a mad narrative

One business newscaster this morning observed (with a straight face) “The Shanghai’s morning session showed it going into Bear market  territory, but after the lunch break it powered away dramatically. There is some speculation as to the likelihood of PBOCintervention”.

Some? Speculation?

Anyway, the apologists were out in force last night US time…still “peddling the fiction” (if I can quote Obama’s upbeat SoU fiction) that (a) China is irrelevant to the West and (b) the markets don’t reflect the economy.

So here’s a fab fact to chew on: the Fed just raised the cost of borrowing, and the Brics have an overhelming amount of their debts Dollar denominated. Over the last five years, they accounted for two thirds all global growth.
Always nice to start the day with a bit of bollocks deconstruction.

The futures on most markets were looking awful last night, then cheered up a little during the Asian session (don’t ask me why) but even so, they were still soft this morning. Once again, Bloomberg was using the v for volatility word to explain all this; Goldman Sachs showed more clarity by saying it would probably cut staff by 5% this quarter.

The desperation to explain away the obvious is getting funnier every day; global markets analyst Michael Metcalfe at 08:30 CET this morning:

“You know, everyone keeps saying that commodities are falling and world trade is falling and China’s slowing down,” he began, having described all the elements of a classic global slump, “but tell you what – the US consumer is holding up very well….they were to the upside in 2015”.
More accurate would be the statement that they were very much into the downside of their credit cards, but Mr Metcalfe is clearly going to stay in the bull camp until he gets eaten by a bear.

One cute phrase coming up more and more now is “the language of the narrative” which is just a long way of saying ‘mood’. At times the narrative bears a close resemblance to Gulliver’s Travels, and at others it feels to me like people using alternative language in order to say “don’t panic”.

Anyway, enough of Bloomberg TV….over now to its alter ego Boombust TV….

Turmoil in the Cuisine Aromatic flavourings space

Sage commentators are worried about what’s happening in the additives subsector of haute cuisine commodities. Looked at in real thyme, observers think falling prices are parsley due to the poor outlook for restaurant dining, but this doesn’t fully explain some very sharp rises on the Tikkatape in recent days.
Rosemary Tarragon has a black belt in oregano, and is the futures team leader at Herb Spice & Ptnrs. She told Boombust television:
“Right now, a ginger group is I think trying to salt the market and give a false buy signal for celery leaves, but it’s important we get the due dilligence right on this stuff. They’re just trying to curry favour with the analysts, but at the same time global-chain restaurants will be out to korma the market for kaffir leaves in the cumin months.”
The Boombust view remains that it’s a chilli environment out there with some up and down sweet and sour volatility ahead. The Flavix was heading south as the markets closed yesterday.

Amalgamated Coriander was 2.1% off on the news.

54 thoughts on “CRASH2: The euphemistic language of a mad narrative

  1. According to some reports shipping movements across the atlantic are very very low. Flashing screens in a dealers room can be manipulated and react to rumours. The trafficking of goods ,or lack thereof, is an absolute measure and it don’t look good.


  2. Eric, a partner at Herb Spice, is mustard when it comes to seeing into the futures, and cultivates arty jokes as a hobby; although his company only pays a peppercorn rent on their exclusive Mayfair premises, due to poor trading conditions this has remained unpaid and in the short term Eric is expecting a visit from the bay leaves.


  3. I find none of this hard to Bay leaf… We had it cumin… That nutmeg tea was when the sloe slide got steep. We are just flowing back to ground.


  4. Brilliant! However that ZH news about shipping was a premature busted flush as while the shipping is def down it isn’t out. Other bloggers corrected it.


  5. Another little reported gem of news today. Regarding the price of a barrel of oil, now circulating the plughole at circa $30.
    The received opinion is that the Saudi and Gulf cartel (OPEC) regulate the oil price by means of production. This is not completely true. The price is regulated by the oil commodity exchanges, and they are controlled by the big 5 Wall St banks, who also control the Fed.
    The MSM story that Saudi wishes to degrade the US shale oil industry is not quite true , but is a consequence of the action. The other story, that this price drop is an economic attack on Russia ,holds more water as these Banks are at the heart of the Washington power elite and can manipulate commodity prices and currencies,by means of hedging and derivatives.
    The petrodollar is the root of US power,should they lose this power ,it is ‘goodnight Vienna to the Empire’.
    The Russian economy is heavily dependent on oil exports and they wish to exit the choke-hold of the petrodollar, where they are in effect financing their enemies military and domestic costs.
    Russia also wishes to escape from the manipulations of the US controlled Commodity Exchanges. They have just opened a Russian backed Commodity Exchange in St Petersburg, to be denominated in rubles.
    The Economic war is in full play and the noose is tightening on Wall St/Washington.


  6. @SL: ‘The Economic war is in full play and the noose is tightening on Wall St/Washington.’
    We are in the brown and sticky whichever way this goes IMHO, as if Wall St/Washington lose the game, what have they got to lose after that? Not much as I see it, who knows what they might do in that event. If they win, they will just crush financially whoever stands in their way. The only losers is this game is us, the folk.


  7. the keeping to a narrative is keeping to one tiny part of the whole equation,so that the whole equation can be manipulated,it keeping the ideology going whilst the rest of the equation actually falls apart!

    KFC Wall St/Washington actually has a great deal to gain from say having Euro,Bric,Asian,Chinese,US markets competing fairly,they just can’t & wouldn’t see it because they’re drunk on power.


  8. 2> the ghost Completely concur.

    The US think it’s their game, their “Market” & played to their rules. They created it, but have no insight as to how it became that way.

    They got there by ruthlessly ignoring & exploiting the rules of the previous “Market” construct. That being the old European imperialist construct.

    There first rule has always been “there are no rules”.


  9. Washington ignores the rule of International Law. Who needs diplomacy and Law when raw Military power will suffice , aided by Propaganda and Financial chicanery. All the requisites of Empire.
    ‘Power corrupts ,and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Lord Acton.


  10. What the commentariat seem reluctant to discuss is that we are all being shanghaied..

    SL: Acton was absolutely right – we desperately need to find a way to act on that knowledge!


  11. “They got there by ruthlessly ignoring & exploiting the rules of the previous “Market” construct. That being the old European imperialist construct.”

    Of the five old empires – Britain, Holland, Spain, France and Portugal, ours survived I believe because we were a naval power. I believe it’s because we had a revolution (civil war) earlier than most also.

    If you travel the world you might be forgiven for thinking the Empire is still there – Bahrain is British, Kenya still has British army bases, not to mention the huge BAe presence in Saudi.


  12. Britain has a great legacy and respect worldwide……not without reason.
    Unfortunately too many ex pats get delight in giving the old country a good kicking when they’ve seen a bit of sunshine and had a few drinks. So long as we understand that message, we can take the pro german jibes with a pinch of salt.


  13. Ricoh, you wouldn’t say that about Germany if you’d lived there long enough to speak the language.

    Believe me, there is real comfort in knowing that the government works for the people who voted for it. (Which will change when the Anglo-American TTIP is rammed, full force, beneath Europe’s democratic waterline).


  14. Achtung!! Schnell!! Blitzen!! Mein Gotten!!
    Governments imports a million immigrants in one year. Is that democracy? No – it is LAW german style. You’re welcome to have it. Are you still dating the kommandant?


  15. Ricoh, when you realize what’s going on, you will understand that those immigrants – technically, refugees – were forced on Europe by the USA and its machinations in the Middle East.

    All part of the game plan…

    … some people care not to look…


  16. forced on europe…
    but accepted if not encouraged by germania.
    No, you’re very wrong again. Have you been on the brandy luv?


  17. Can’t take credit for this one:
    Five surgeons are discussing who makes the Best patients to operate on.
    The first surgeon, says, “I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.”
    The second, responds, “Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is colour coded.”
    The third surgeon, says, “No, I really think librarians are the best! Everything inside them is in alphabetical order.”
    The fourth surgeon, chimes in: “You know, I like construction workers…Those guys always understand when you have a
    few parts left over.’
    But the fifth surgeon, shut them all up when he said: ‘You’re all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on.
    There’s no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine… Plus, the head and the arse are interchangeable!


  18. I know when I’m beaten… when someone says “you’re very wrong” but without any substantiation save to say “have you been on the brandy” along with the necessary en suite deprecation: “luv”. This, to make it absolutely clear that there is a little masculine superiority to seal the argument in his favour.

    This is of necessity casual sexism on my part, but it is heard from men all too frequently. Of course, they’d never say it to a man.


  19. Of course nobody has Angela by the short and curlys . All German gold has been returned. There are no US bases , nor troops in Europe.
    Wake up Ricoh . . . . smell the napalm!


  20. In other words, Ricoh, I have to grow some muscles so as to be able to threaten people? Threaten them by bullying them and so they learn who is the intelligent one…

    … or else?

    That is how the Americans work. Their wisdom runs thus: do as you’re told or we’ll bomb your country back into the stone age.

    It’s called democracy in some parts of the world, and what is most amazing is that some people still believe it.

    Herr Braun, ich bedanke mich.


  21. don’t forget freedom Gemma. Can’t mention the word democracy without a mention of the word freedom. After all our ‘heroes’ continue to sacrifice their lives for both words not just one of them. FREE trade means TTIP to usa and democracy is to be seen in the new Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine and in due course Syria if you believe.


  22. Auntie Angie is fighting for her political life & a semblance of position for in the Gobble block structure of power, security. Despite what the twerps in the EU hyper-structure have done to my Greek mates, they have been under relentless pressure from a US that will do anything to maintain it’s monotithical world view. Some of the brightest people I know are Brits, open thinkers I’ve met from across the globe. The truth is most have left the Isles. The majority condensed view is:- Poodle, 51st. JW did a good wrtie-up if you missed it. So careful where you stand for your World perspective. Despite what the Celt’s keep pointing-out, “Little England” is just that.

    When it comes to choosing my Devil, I’m sticking with Alexis.


  23. Desmond, I thought American wisdom and American freedom and American democracy were synomymous. The Americans have the muscle, and so can tell other people…

    … I think I’ve been here before…

    Suffice it to say, the Americans have the power to tell just about anybody what they should be thinking at that moment.


  24. Returning to the real madness of the topic at hand, namely “The euphemistic language of a mad narrative”

    I know Snyder, the Governor of Michigan has been a ‘pioneer’ in appointing Emergency Financial Managers to Michigan cities that can override local elected councils. But help is at hand! He’s been in office twice, and is now time-limited and cannot sit for a third time in succession. (That doesn’t stop him becoming an Emergency Financial Director though… subventing democracy is an American forté).

    My friend, who lives in Michigan, also says that there was an excellent expose of procedural malfeasance in Michigan several years ago and it just went nowhere at all.

    There was a skit produced describing Governor Snyder’s works in the light of a certain German gentleman’s eyes…

    … and he’s not best pleased at what he’s seeing. There are subtitles for the non-German.


  25. Sav
    I have done a bit of Grey-Sky thinking:
    What triggered this …The Ca-moron proposed raid on Dormant@?! accounts.(To house our replacements?).Germany has come up with bankrupting figures for their folk to dish out!
    Well I have had a experience on this one.(dormant)
    Out of the blue! a couple of years ago. I was advised that some money had come to light regarding a non contributory pension that been paid into many many years ago. I was asked to prove my identity and this dosh would be released! Not a lot of money, but welcome all the same.
    Their must be tens of thousands of folk who have relatives in a similar situation. and not know it! These pensions are only payable on retirement .. not your dosh until then! When I looked into this.. I realized it should have been paid out ten years ago.(It had been sitting in a bank in Swizland).The reason this came to light … the org concerned had gone into receivership and had to make public announcements as to all the dosh held.
    My point is
    It is my opinion the elites are going for broke .They (the elites) must know that the dimmest realize they are to come out of this very badly, especially when they start bringing the rear guard in! They come, filled to the brim with contempt!
    All kinds of legal@?%$ wheezes wll be brought into play to de-house the local population.
    They have form on this: In ww2 the British and German Governments adopted various methods!
    In Britain all private housing was declared state property and used to house in many instances those who had been bombed-out.. This was much to the alarm of the owners, who in most instances had pissed off to safer places! America and Canada and bolt holes in the UK .
    Great difficulty at th end ww2 getting them out (the bombed out , ask the likes of Liz Tailer and many msm fkrs).
    In Germany at the end ofww2 .A far more serious situation existed compounded by genuine refugees!
    You were only allowed so much space per person and had take folk in!


  26. is it not true that the present tory government have declared that they will deal with those who avoid paying tax? why then has Bill Wiggin MP , prominent tory who determines who sits on committees and was the chief whip, taking a one day a week job as a director of a company that allows hedge fund people to seek ways of not paying tax by using the Cayman Islands at £40,000 per year on top of his MP pay and expeneses – and we all know about his expenses …………..


  27. @ jeremy… this is of course par for the course. doublespeak and doublethink are very much the fashion since the time of bliar.

    the root of the problems as i am seeing it is people were created to love. Things were created to use.
    But people instead seek to love things and use people…


  28. The fundamental problem with this, is that it only works if the other party is doing the same. Wasted 10 year of my life with a partner whose middle class upbringing required this approach. The levels of detachment in deception it creates in the current political sphere, Add the differing languages & their accrued loading too, create a situation where nobody is sure about anything…. Language becomes what it has always been, illusory. Our verbale & typed communications, are just that.

    The bottom line being… from my alcohol raddled brain, we got it wrong, so lets have another stab when we are sober. Even the daft buggers who got drunk on power.


  29. [Off Topic] Billy Gruff. When you say, “Add the differing languages & their accrued loading too, […] Language becomes what it has always been, illusory”

    Firstly I will state that you are correct if it is but words a person speaks. Then you have academics prattling on using terminology to speak their minds, and each one of them interprets the terminology as he pleases.

    However, if one uses simple language to paint a picture with words, that picture will communicate itself to the commonest of souls. For example: the sputtering coffee machine and the scented tang that hangs in the air as you enter the kitchen; taking the jug from under the machine, pouring the dark liquid into a mug and tasting that bitterness… that kind of thing. Could you smell it, taste it?

    In short, language is illusory if one speaks only words, and hopes thereby to communicate. As mentioned, if one creates an image, then that image is conveyed to all who can envisage it. In this way, language is anything but illusory – and one can easily convey that image in other languages if only because of its simplicity and its lack of front-loading, prejudice by any other name.


  30. In that case, keep seeing pictures in a thousand words.

    Or better still, paint our ancestors grasp of the real on a flat rock wall.

    Control only comes by capturing dreams. That is our real power.

    The more layers, to deceive others, & yourself in a web.

    Tonight I saw the same stars as you.

    What got lost in translation emma.



  31. An irate local politician in Germany’s southern state of Bavaria has dispatched a bus filled with dozens of refugees on a 7-hour journey to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin as a protest against her open-door refugee policy.
    A spokesman for Peter Dreier from the southeastern town of Landshut confirmed to Reuters that 31 refugees were making the 550 kilometer trip to the capital and were likely arrive in the afternoon.
    A video on the online site of German newspaper Die Welt showed police officers shepherding dozens of men and women with bags onto a bus in a sunny country road lined with trees and chalets.
    Dreier appeared to be acting on a threat he made to Merkel last year. Critical of her mantra that Germany can cope with the influx of migrants, he reportedly issued a warning to the chancellor in a phone call in October.

    “If Germany is taking in 1 million refugees, mathematically that means 1,800 will come to my district. I will take them and if there are any more, I will send them to your office,” Die Welt quoted Dreier as saying.


  32. Ron
    You don’t know how lucky you are having the Royals in your UK . At least they are a benign family people with old fashioned grace and charm that shows example and receives respect from around the world, thereby attracting a huge tourist income for the nation. Here in Germany all we get is a sour faced puss merkel who attracts nothing but fury and arabs looking for a better life.


  33. Yup I think I’ve sussed what is going on in Germany. These planners think long and they realise oil is on the way out as a tradeable commodity. Not the quantity of it (peak oil is only a concept if you extract it in the American way – Russians use the abiotic method. What is at stake is its stability of supply. If you read The Hedge a while back you will have read of the Germans wanting to repatriate their gold from the US. The US gracefully went downstairs to the cellars and took a peak and found that the gold bars were not actually gold at all but tungsten – someone had nicked the gold! They were no more gold than one of those Ferrero Roche gold covered choccies. Since the world is headed for gold not oil and is on the brink of rejecting the petrodollar the stakes are high. Germany is totally over a barrel right now and if it threatens to go East to Vlad the Lad then oh dear – it has this mess on its doorstep.

    And that’s the game plan. Keep the Jerries under with this problem to stop them going east. Very simple strategy. No wonder Angie looks pissed off constantly – their own national bank is empty!


  34. EU+phemism: a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing. A linguistic coincidence?


  35. Just to bring a Troll to the attention of all. The previous comment purporting to come from me was a fake. It bears all the qualities of a gentleman who is upset at what he sees but has no answer for it. Please note that the above post was made at 4am CET, a time when sensible people are in bed.

    Personally, I pity such people, but that won’t help them or me if Mr Ward cannot keep order.

    Why do men want to ape women, like some hairy chimpanzee taking tea at the zoo in a summer frock?


  36. In the spirit of the mad narrative…

    Corporate news and there was a major Apols! by big business for breaking one of the Commandments: Do not steal:

    God wasn’t available for comment; however here in the studio we’re pleased to have Moses Supposes and Santa’s Panto, just back from a smash hit whirlwind global tour, to debate the ramifications of this decision…

    In other news, Eric Idol tweeted.

    This news is brought to you by TABLET® Because we know you’re prepared to swallow anything.

    And now the whether…

    *whistles nonchalantly*


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