BEHIND YOUR BACK: US/German joint spy-ops business as usual, currency wars, & US jobs data nobody believes

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Rich losers, Apple mind-readers, Cuban missiles, and the alleged Islam/sex abuse correlation

A great many of the things done behind the backs of the citizenry are not entirely the fault of the politicians and their crooked allies in the Cathedral of Mammon: quite often, the lack of awareness is down to lazy hacks, or their owners who spike anything off-message. I rely on the eyes and ears of skilled Sloggers, and a dwindling corps of contacts who sympathise with this site’s aims. Special hat-tips in the stuff that follows must go to Archie X in Athens, Kf in the ether, and Christo from Ireland.

Not many of us will be surprised by this first nugget, but if nothing else it does confirm the seven-faced hypocrisy of the Berlin élite: Germany’s BND intelligence agency has resumed joint internet surveillance with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). You may remember that Wolfie Wheelchair was shocked I tell you shocked the the very core by the discovery that he was using US data to harass all those he dislikes (it is one helluva list) and not telling Mutti about it. He must’ve mistaken names like Obama and Clinton for Schmidt and Schweinsteiger – it could happen to anyone – although in the days of Nixon his claim would’ve been a lot more credible with White House staffers like Haldeman and Ehrlichman around.

The problem unsere geliebte Geli has with Schäuble is that he knows where a lot of East German bodies are buried. Frau Doktor Merkel also has a ready supply of incriminating evidence about jiggery-pokery during 2010 involving Wolfie and Papa down there in Greece….so both of them need a keen eye and a wary attitude to leaks. Good Queen Angela meanwhile is sticking to her decision not to share any intelligence at all with Erdogan the Democratic Reformer, but Recep can get everything he needs from NATO anyway. The web of refugee/migrant deceit in which all these arachnoids are entangled is perhaps among the most amoral in modern history. One wonders how they all keep track. One suspects they can’t.

For example, Germany’s main bourse index the Dax lost 8.3% of its value last week. Germany exports more baubles to the Chinese élite than any other nation, and so that seems logical. But the BundesRepublik retains an unshakeable triple-A Fitch rating, and has better-ordered public finances than any other exporter on the planet. After being given a steer, I communicated with people in Frankfurt last week who felt the Dax had been attacked for reasons beyond normal market considerations….whatever they might be these days. But as it happens, although China is spending foreign reserves at an unhealthy rate, it is at the same time rapidly reducing the percentage of $US in those reserves.

Although Jim O’Neill believes there is no such thing as ‘currency wars’, I would argue that all this sort of stuff would suggest that is exactly what’s going on. Vlad Rasputin is probably involved in this somewhere – for both Moscow and Beijing want to investigate every possible way they and the Brics can amputate the long arm of Washington in order to stop them leveraging Dollar influence.

Angela Merkel’s career is based on keeping ALL options open until the very last moment….and then leaping onto what she sees as the winning horse. Perhaps an attack on the Dax was the Wall St/State Department way of saying ‘just remember who has the power here’. If so, then it was very ill-judged: the US is, after all, the Nation that had to introduce ‘Friendly Fire’ into the language as a euphemism to excuse its mistakes.

Well, the US Jobs data came out last Friday, and the number was – drum-roll – 300,000. You don’t have to be mad to believe this bollocks, but it helps. A round robin of European, British, Asian and American market-savvy people I emailed produced a reasonable degree of expectation consensus at between 100-150,000 – although several mainstream business sites quoted US Fed sources as suggesting 200,000.

As longtime experienced sceptic Paul Craig Roberts wrote over the weekend:

the equity market did not believe the report, with the averages moving down today.

As I have pointed out almost monthly for what I think could be approaching two decades, the alleged job growth always takes place in nontradable domestic services, that is, in areas that do not produce exports and have no competition from imports.’

Slog veterans will know that it would be hard to force a rice paper between PCR and me on this issue. Further, I do not know a single economist or statistician I trust who thinks these data are anything other than ingredients bent and pulped before being cooked up in a mendacity stew.

Since at the very latest Spring 2010, the Black Dude has been trying to convince his largely passive constituents that the American recovery has begun. Setting aside for a second the obvious nonsense of including QE in the definition of ‘economic activity’, there are simple empirical realities that condemn this attempt to place fancy above fact out of hand. The simple truth – for anyone who dares to go there – is that during December 2015, there were a million less Americans engaged in the US economy than the same period a year earlier….and as I must’ve written a hundred times, December is a totally artificial Christmas economy: once Christmas is over, most of the casual jobs disappear again.

Such is not the stuff of which real recoveries are made. Along with tens of thousands of others, The Slog has been repeating this bad odour like a man in the aftermath of a pulses banquet…to which the representative selection of posts below will attest:

28.2.2012 – The fantasy recovery

6.7.2012 – Slog recovery ‘fakery’ charges vindicated

10.2.2014 – President Obama is lying about recovery

And finally, some other miscellaneous but important things missing from the urgency of your news sites and newspapers last week…but nevertheless sourced from the also-rans of MSM news. Analysis of ramifications was, needless to say, absent:

* A good measure of the deeply disastrous start to 2016 market trading is that the 400 richest people in the world lost eight times what they did in the same period last year. Expect corrective measures very soon.

* Apple has purchased Emotient, a fairly young startup that uses artificial-intelligence technology to read people’s emotions by analysing facial expressions. Another element to add to the armoury of all those who can’t imagine anything better than 24/7 monitoring of everything we say, do, visit, write, hear and think.

* A U.S. Hellfire nuclear missile sent to Europe somehow wound up being redirected from there to Cuba two years ago. Not that I have anything in particular against the Cubans, but perhaps I might be forgiven for wondering just how skilled their bomb disposal people are.

* The Top 5 highest scores for abusive/sexual attacks on women are Belgium, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands. These are also, Bloomberg notes, the Top 5 highest Islamic populations in the EU. I’m not saying these data are causal, just explosive.

Yesterday at the Slog: Caught in the crossfire of Neowars

27 thoughts on “BEHIND YOUR BACK: US/German joint spy-ops business as usual, currency wars, & US jobs data nobody believes

  1. How can you be so insensitive, talking about trivial matters such as this when the JeanGenie has passed away as a really old bloke? Even David Cameron has said he was a genius and master of re-inventing himself – he said the same about Bowie..


  2. Expect to see rather a lot of people in various locations reaching the end of their tethers quite soon. Will the perfect storm of mendacity be checked by an expedient expression of remorse by any of the crocodiles? It seems unlikely but then they can’t go on lying for ever.. can they? Ok, it’s a silly question but the stakes are getting higher by the minute and an awful lot of things look certain to go wrong in the next few months.


  3. Again.
    Hold on a minute…… Googles Hellfire+Nuclear+Missle
    Breathes sigh of relief. ( of the -6.5 billion years kind)


  4. thank you JW. Something of real news that is never discussed in MSM. I think we are nearly at the end of this record. As Hiero says ‘they can’t lie forever’. Obviously they will try but its what comes next……?? we hope for the best and try to prepare for the worst whatever that may be.


  5. As to Merkel jumping on the right horse at the last moment, isn’t that a little kinder than the Americans hobbling the other horses in the race, and so knowing which horse is going to win? No surprises for guessing where the money came from to belt the DAX by 8% then…

    … after all, it makes the US markets look stronger for 24-48 hours. Money well spent, don’t you think?

    Or the Americans seeing European spying agencies as unpaid slaves, Germany included. Why should the Americans mess around when they have the control – the kind of control that has the power to inform the world that printing money to fluff up their economic figures like a feather duvet means they actually have an economy.

    Hieronymusb, why can’t they keep lying for ever? Doesn’t it strike you as paradoxical that they actually believe what they’re saying???? I had a bloke tell me that he’d could generate a lot of income for his company, and he believed it. What he was actually doing was getting investors to believe in what he was doing, rather than selling anything. In Europe it’s called fraud; in America it’s just another con job.


  6. this is more about destroying states,it blames the saviours of the cause of the problem.but it does show the ASI isn’t fit for purpose,it doesn’t know where money creation comes from,or like the last hundred years ignoring it,but i actually think its a last ditch attempt to keep the very power that there economic ideology was suppose to give them! but i like i keep saying the more they try to FIX the system to benefit from it,the quicker the ground falls from beneath them!


  7. In America it’s just another job, period. Yes, I agree, the question was somewhat rhetorical if not fatuous; I suppose I was looking at it from our POV rather than theirs – that’s the greater ‘our’ not just those of us who’ve been paying attention so far. There has to come a point in this ineluctably downward spiral of impoverishment and repression where a sufficient number of citizens cease to believe the blatant dishonesty, thereby averting their own silent demise, surely. A sufficient number to do something about it that is, or perhaps I’m just an incurable romantic..


  8. It was General DeGaulle who described the US as having the enormous privilege of having their dollar as reserve currency,
    Unfortunately enormous privilege also equates with enormous responsibility and this responsibility was sadly drowned in a sea of greed.
    The reserve dollar has been used for near 50 years to finance the budget deficit of the US, In the meantime their industrial manufacturing base has been hollowed out by the export of jobs to low cost countries such as China. In effect the Emperor has no clothes and is propped up,precariously at present, by the diminishing returns from the petrodollar.
    Reserve currency status is also a weapon of intimidation and extortion. This weapon has been used many times to loot and plunder whole economies by means of naked short selling of Bourses and Sovereign currencies
    The Asian currency crisis of ’99, The Mexican TequIa Surprise ”95, Argentina ,Russia 2015, Venezueala 2015, China ,underway.
    There are 3 main methods of Warfare and not all covered by Clausewitz or SunTzu.
    Information(Propaganda), Financial and Military. All 3 methods are in play today in the various theatres from South America, to the Ukraine and Middle East.
    The Information aspect has been countered by the availability of knowledge to be disseminated by modern comunications of the Internet,Twitter, and instant recording by smart phones
    The Financial weapon is still powerful,but diminishing,by the opt out of the Petrodollar by Russia and China and the formation of the alternative Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank by China, in competition to the US controlled IMF.
    The US military is no longer relevant. The US population will no longer accept a stream of body -bags returning from Empire wars. So proxy armies must be raised such as ISIS and Ukrainian Neo -Nazis.
    The US Navy which controls the world ocean sea routes will be by-passed by the Silk Road hi-speed rail system from China to Europe. Their AEGIS communication weapon systems have already been neutered by Russian electronic jamming systems
    US Air force fly boys are similarly neutered and countered by the Russian S-400 Anti-missile system as proven in Syria. Syria has been both a political and military humiliation for the US.
    The only question remains is, will the Empire retire gracefully from the battlefield or will it go down in its bunker and take us all in a conflagration.
    Enormous power creates delusion ,hubris and arrogance.The end game is playing out.


  9. Gemma

    ”I had a bloke tell me that he’d could generate a lot of income for his company, and he believed it. What he was actually doing was getting investors to believe in what he was doing, rather than selling anything. In Europe it’s called fraud; in America it’s just another con job”
    No, that is incorrect. Every salesperson has to be able to sell themselves before the product.

    Who’d believe a kraut anyway? Do you drive a Volkswagen?? Now that is fraud.
    Look in the mirror Madam – and think again please.



  10. Hieronymous B

    There has to come a point in this ineluctably downward spiral of impoverishment and repression where a sufficient number of citizens cease to believe the blatant dishonesty, thereby averting their own silent demise, surely. A sufficient number to do something about it that is, or perhaps I’m just an incurable romantic..

    Ah, I was looking at this from the other side; and I agree with you that when a person is under financial pressure, they are going to wake up faster.

    Now, looking at this from the POV of the person who has the money, they will then have enough money to deal with these ‘upstarts’ or ‘threats’ – by spying on them, for example; or by increasing levels of police (who, owing to their comfortable existence, believe all they are told… ) Thus the incurably romantic demonstrators will find all roads blocked, and their houses turned over by dutiful sergeants looking for suspicious objects. A friend of mine at uni suffered that, and they called her a Marxist because she had a couple of his books on her bookshelf. That she had Churchill, Friedman and others was of no consequence…

    In short, they have ring-fenced themselves against any threat they can conceive of. Only, as with AIG’s little office in a back street in London in 2007, there are tiny little details that slip through the net to cause amok. And there’s nothing the powerful people can do about it.


  11. Landscaping

    Every salesperson has to be able to sell themselves before the product.

    He was a business owner, not a salesman. He was selling his business, only he wasn’t running it…

    … as for Volkswagen, do you honestly believe what is written in the Mainstream Media? Isn’t that why you’re reading this blog? Because if you look a little more closely, you will come to know that the equipment used by Volkswagen for their engine management is common to all vehicles of that size, worldwide. The Japanese stitched up this market two decades ago. Furthermore, in a report in the Guardian, it was reported that all motor manufacturers have used this trick.

    Your dislike of ‘krauts’ will tell you why the Americans want to hammer them too, and singled out VW to further this end.


  12. Breaking: Lyn Homer, who has successfully pursued a carer of gross failure, is to leave her post at HMRC – wonder what she’s going to fail at next – anyone???


  13. They’re just moving the scenery around, it’ still the same show; these people can only fail given the insufficient resources at their disposal and their testicular agenda. Meg Hillier and the PAC can puff out their chests for the audience but it won’t sell any more tickets. Apparently, she intends to audition for South Pacific – after all, there is nothing like a dame..


  14. Gemma i still don’t think you understand! read some military history! & apply economics to why all empires great & small fail.when everyone is impoverished how (what from) do you pay the police,fear & people wanting to escape the depravity will fill the post for only so long & so many,before they can’t respond,just before Christmas it was reported that my town was left un-policed,like the fireman they were called to cover other forces & then a major accident took the remaining police to the scene,now what if like the riots instead of tens of thousands gathering in Westminster,these where split into 100’s of places & all had to be policed! this actually can be seen in Nigeria where police,armed forces & private security can’t protect all the oil assets & to afford to do so would bankrupt companies,because the economy (economies) are to weak,only by improving peoples living standards(paying them there true value) can people feel secure & not want to destroy or march against oppression that such commerce & society can survive let alone flourish


  15. I think oil has a big part to play in all this, they will have to get the price back up sooner or later and the only way to do that at present is create a supply problem now that will eat into the reserves and future supply. Question is: How will they effect this?
    The Straights of Hormuz might be a good place to start but, whatever they do, you can be sure there will be unforeseen consequences.


  16. I do love watching bickering… How about a nice fire & bit of music while we watch everything destroyed.

    I’m not sure petty nationalistic spats are about to help anybody, or “Believing” your correct, that could be seen as the mind set on the road to psychopathy.

    What I’m seeing is a lot of Neo-libral traits… A lot of believing, blaming & shouts of “Not my fault”. Careful of the company you keep, it rubs off! Not really fair, I know, after all we are all stuck in it together. Maybe the fault lies with the accountants? Pushing the bits that don’t tally into the “Going Forwards” to make things look balanced. This being the root of all the good accountant definitions emanating from the 19th. Also for the rest of us for thinking Accountancy is connected to Math & actually has some “=” signs in it.

    With the above in (My) mind & in my view, the Market is terminally detached from real, it has to be, we designed it. Who saw that coming. What we “see” is an interpretation between what signals the eye sends to the brain, throw in awareness & another area of error creeps in. How mind massages the raw date into thought is questionable, using as it does all the pre-existing & acquired belief structures. having had a bright idea it has to wonder back down most of the same route picking up more conditioned & instinctive anomalies. Before branching of to our doing bits. I can hear the argument “But it grew organicly over time.” again. Nothing natural about it.

    The “Market” is what it says. It is a “Man made construct”, born when we skipped the early life of hunting & gathering. Not sure it’s developed into anything fit for purpose though?

    Max was interesting on fibs & US China stuff…


  17. Ghost,

    only by improving peoples living standards(paying them there true value) can people feel secure & not want to destroy or march against oppression that such commerce & society can survive let alone flourish

    And you are asking me to read some military history in order to understand this? What don’t you get, dear Ghost?

    The guys at the top have literally no idea about this side of the equation. The only thing they are interested in is making money – and for them, that means more machinery and less spent on wages. For them, nothing else exists – which means they aren’t the least interested in paying a decent, true value wage. Sure, they’re undermining themselves, but they’re rich enough to be able to avoid the consequences. (In short, be thankful for the relatively poor, because they realize what’s going on).

    That only happens in countries with strong regulation, like Germany, Austria, Scandinavia. Not crackpot dead-end countries like the US which, in economic terms, is dead in the water.


  18. Gemma But i do get it that is why i know it will fail,the reason i recommended reading military books is many of the problems of economics are the same problems that military forces face,the limitations & ability of what can & can’t be done,sorry if you thought i was implying that you should learn military strategy


  19. Reading about military history will only tell one how to deal with the competition in one’s market place – the very issue that brought about slashing costs/wages/investments in the first place!

    There are ways to run a business that means the competition are always a step behind and your profits are always growing healthily and the workforce relatively well paid – but don’t start asking any corporations to try this… they’re part of the problem, just as military thinking is.


  20. Gemma your so wrong! the limitations placed on the Roman empire military aren’t unconnected or in many cases the same has the military strength that was expected to control the empire & the strain that puts on economies & reading the limitation of the British empire & how much co-operation needed is amazing! & business isn’t that different in the expansionism of a business to a empire!


  21. I was talking about a business, not an empire. Most businessmen think like you, and think of how they’re being hammered by their competition. Which is putting the cart before the horse, but then, businessmen like doing that kind of thing. What’s more, because they all do it, they can all pat each other on the back and tell each other how intelligent they are.



  22. Only to men who clap each other on the back and tell each other that they are intelligent.

    The intelligent ones don’t need to do that, and I assumed you had the intelligence to realize that fact.


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