LATE RESULT: Waspi 158 Camerlot 0

It’s often said that there is pride before a fall, but if ever a bunch of people deserved to be proud of what they achieved today, then it’s the Women’s pension action group WASPI and the 158 MPs who pitched up in the Commons to vote 158-0 against the clauses condemning some 50,000 UK female citizens to live in destitution for the next six years, having been told for almost the entirety of their lives they would get a State Pension at 60.

There were several interrelated victories in the Commons and throughout this campaign:

  • The victory over sociopaths in the DWP, thanks the tenacity of WASPI
  • The victory for Parliamentary ethics over Party lines, in that this was very much a cross-bench vote. All credit to Tory Tim Loughton for a brave and determined demolition of the Government’s position.
  • a victory for rapidly rising star Mhairi Black of the SNP, who walked the talk bigtime from start to finish
  • a victory for pressure in getting nearly 25% of MPs to turn up on what is a minority issue. Believe me, that is a truly staggering achievement
  • a victory over those who, on every issue, say “it won’t make any difference”
  • a victory over the likes of Frances Coppola who threatened to get the WASPI site taken down, and demanded “corrections” to the Slogpost of last weekend. Compassion has triumphed over numbers.

But for those of you unfamiliar with the ‘level playing field’ that pertains between the Executive and the Legislature under the rules of the Eton Wall Game, the Government is allowed to call 158-0 a draw. As these gargoyles have no shame, Osborne and Dunkin-Donut will still try to wriggle out or schnurdle something under the radar…so all today’s heroes will need to carry on being vigilant.

THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT….this could be a turning point

An earlier Slogpost: A deal is a deal, and no promise is ‘worth’ breaking

18 thoughts on “LATE RESULT: Waspi 158 Camerlot 0

  1. Once you have pulled the wool over people’s eyes a few times and got away with you begin to think you’re invincible . So pleased Waspi have at least proved that the Etonian Mess is —- well — a mess.

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  2. I do object to being called a continental twerp as I live in beautiful Holland and commute to my workplace in Germany every few days. My Victoria’s Secret franchise is doing very well but I’m just not meeting the right type of man recently…
    Can you errrmmmm help gulp….??


  3. Jeremy, it’s John Ward being silly. It’s his blog, and if he wants to do this, it’s up to him.

    My words to him were “but stating your thoughts as you would as a man” – something must have gotten lost in translation, because I didn’t intend him to start apeing women.


  4. The British government has never been compassionate towards its population. What is happening today is no different to how conscientious objectors were treated during and after the first world ( great) war – the war to end all wars – the so called democratic politicians and the ruling elites have never considered it their job to be just and honest and true – they continually look after themselves by whatever means they think fit. People dying then were expendable. People dying today are expendable. The rich aspire to wealth and power and the population are the ones who pay for it. Can’t read the hate in the daily scum and the daily propaganda. Can’t watch it on tv. Nowhere to go to get away from the bile. People get ready there’s a train a-coming………………………..

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  5. “The British government has never been compassionate towards its population. ”

    True. One of the things you feel living in Germany is how little anger there is here to the Government (of course I speak before Merky dropped the ball a few years ago – until then she was the dogs “bees”.). The reason there was never a punk revolution here in Germany imho is because there was never the visceral hatred of the ruling class here. It’s a hard thing to get used to when you come to Germany but the Government is actually there to help you and DOESN’T hate you.

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  6. I agree, Mr Stocks. What I found amazing was the number of British who were offended by such remarks, and went on to defend their own kind of democracy.

    The impression many British have of the German bureaucracy is well known: a quagmire with a barbed-wire fence around it. (Mind you, that could just be the British seeing the Germans behaving like the British would?) Well, it would be if it were staffed by British bureaucrats! Staffed with German bureaucrats, the systems work – and the bureaucrats are more than ready to answer questions. Most British bureaucrats are overworked to the point where they don’t have time to answer questions.

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  7. Gemma; a relative of my brother by marriage worked for German company in the UK. They moved him and his family to Germany and they all love it and may never come back. It seems they are more community driven and less consumerist driven than we are. I have no first hand experience so this is just hearsay but family members who have visited concur.

    Could it be that the wrong type of gentlemen you are encountering is due to Gelli’s love of the diversity?


  8. Waldgänger,

    his story – and yours – is so common as to be a popular myth. I once was told that there were 10,000 British engineers living in and around Stuttgart, where I lived at the time. I didn’t disbelieve it as I was enjoying the same comforts as they would have.

    It did kick up a real backlash from British people who didn’t believe me, but then, I doubt if any of them knew the tender secret of living in a country where the Government really does look after the population (even if it is being undermined by the corporations through the EU).

    As to their being less consumerist, that is most certainly not true. Freiburg im Breisgau has one of the highest rates of car ownership in Germany (but the lowest use, they have a fantastic public transport system); Stuttgart has a double ring of motorways, albeit that they are not described as such – the Arnulf Klett Platz in Stuttgart has been widened again to six lanes! It lies between the Railway station and the all-pedestrian highstreet!!!

    Nor are the divorce statistics very different from Britain’s – what is different are the fierce regulations on paying alimony and letting fathers have contact with their children. In this respect, marriage and divorce are respected by government. That would have been a dream come true for many women in Britain!

    Now, as to men, you fell for the Troll. It hasn’t popped its head above the parapet since, but look to the things it says. It was a boy playing at being a girl, but without having to tell his parents that he was wearing his sister’s skirts. The fear of exposure is what drives many men’s introverted desires – and a certain proportion of trolls need this kind of stimulation.

    I do agree that most men do not want to speak to me, and the truth is, I am grateful that they feel this way. Life with such a man would be unbearable, and I do my utmost to gently dissuade them. Men who converse easily* are few and far between, they are well worth meeting and I treasure them in my heart. The troll did know that I travel first class though… which gives me a clue as to who’s telling tales out of school. (*This also means they don’t need to be superior to me, and I appreciate the equality they offer).


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