That time of year or not, as the case may be

On New Year’s Eve, the BBCNews Channel finally reached the depths prescribed for it by the corporate political class in recent years: it ran the standard Super ‘Breaking News’ as we watched the passage of midnight in Thailand. Breaking News – Time works.

Except, of course, Time is an illusion. As indeed is Space, because separation is an illusion. That’s why you can have two identical electrons spinning billions of light ‘years’ ‘apart’ – they’re one and the same electron. Apparently.

I am he and you are me and we are all together, goo-gook-a-joob. Nothing is real, it’s all a con….everything is connected to everything else.

So all sport, debt, growth, belief, aspiration, fear, greed, jealousy and promises are pointless. The second most pointless thing of all is news – because news needs Time, and Time is an illusion – but the most pointless thing in the Universe is news about the passage of Time from 11.59.59 to 00.01.01 – because it is news about nothing.


Actually, that’s not strictly true: it is news about Now, but while Now doesn’t exist in the material, 3D Universe, it is an achievable state of mind (allegedly). The key to escaping from the material, Time-muddled world is mind over matter. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, so Now must, ergo, be an escape from matter rather than the destruction of it. Or perhaps not.

It all depends on whether you accept Big Bang theory’s claim to have created Time or not. I don’t, because to get an explosion you need Time – at least – as a catalyst, so you can’t have a bang creating it, because where does it get the Time from? The majority of physicists are now coming round to my view on this – which is vaguely reassuring, because it is bleedin’ obvious. These days they say “something” started off Time, and then everything went Bang. If you gave that to Cameron as a line to push, a majority of people would believe him. Personally, I’m of the view – call me pedantic – that we need more detail on the some, thing, and bang assertions: for example, how many things, what sort of things, and why the Bang so soon already?

Bigger still, if matter cannot be created, what did Big Bang produce that wasn’t there already? To which the pointy-heads say “Nothing”. By which, of course, they mean Now, because there is no Time in Now. Let’s face it, it’s profoundly unsatisfactory as a theory.


Let’s look at this pictorially. Not Big Bang, but the concept of a Nothing called Now. Let’s imagine 10 seconds, and the point at which 5 stops being 5 and becomes 6:


1   2   3   4   5/6   7 8   9   10


What seems to happen is that 5.9999999 moves on to 6.0000001, and so the distance really IS Time because it’s measurable at 0.0000002 of a second. But we went to 7 decimal points out of convenience, not rigour: at some point, the sequence goes 9-0-2. But 0 is zero – Nothing. In Nothing, there is no sequence because there is no Time. So you see, counting is a trick. An illusion.


We haven’t even started on selected Quantum futures, worm holes or black holes yet; suffice to say at this point that Quantum Physics is a theory full of holes.

Anyway, Happy New Year. Even though there’s nothing to be happy about, the Year isn’t new, and years don’t exist because they’re full of Time. The only thing to be happy about is Nothing, because that’s Now, so there’s nothing to be happy about. Or something.

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23 thoughts on “That time of year or not, as the case may be

  1. Apparently, monetary scientists the world over have simultaneously stumbled across various causal relationships in the field of financial mismanagement. The Big Bung Theory can’t be published, however, there simply isn’t time..


  2. In the short time I have been taking this blog I’ve learned so much, not least about myself. I wish The Blogmeister and all Sloggers, at whatever remove, a Happy, Prosperous and Bolox-free 2016.
    Regards, G


  3. Happy New Year John and thank you for keeping us aware of bollocksisms.

    Many make resolutions and lose them on Jan 2. I’ve kept a resolution I made 5 months ago to be healthier and learn web coding. One new one is to hit the Great Books – Iliad, novels, poetry etc. Anyone else up for that?


  4. You argue science like my maths teacher at school who used to tell us that when a fly hits the windscreen of a train travelling at 200 miles per hour, for a moment in time the fly is stationary before going into reverse at high speed.
    Happy New Year Mr Ward and your followers.


  5. i love it JW.. 0 is the most important number.. try multiplying etc with roman numerals.. Now is the most important time. so now is my forever and nothing is my goal.


  6. Happiness is a state of mind and there is no mind without matter, – synergy and all that, or something. Anyhow, a very Happy New Year to all and thanks JW for your thought-provoking Blog.


  7. LOL Happy New Year JW.

    As you already know the only hole in the universe is the one they keep trying to fill in, “the banksters ledger”. You see it is their money “never yours” in the account with your name on it seeing as it is never removed in this electronic world. Then all the numerous black holes of debt attributed to all those account holders is theirs too.

    As for this year, blinder really, so very different in so many ways to 40 years ago finally came to realise this…

    We all get paid monthly and never up front, always in arrears! So while you have worked and not yet been paid even for a few weeks your LABOR HAS ALREADY BEEN DEVALUED AWAY in the money you are owed. This is not just about accrued wealth. Then add up all the working days in your life and the amassed value the system is skimming off the top while you sweat your rocks off.


  8. When the author says “because news needs Time, and Time is an illusion” – one has to look at the realities of time.

    Because if time were an illusion, we’d not be able to run railway trains, would we? After all, they run to timetables, and that implies that the time is the same for everybody – or the train drivers wouldn’t be able to keep to their schedules, would they?

    So look at this from another point of view: two travellers exit a train at Osnabrück, and have an hour to wait for their connection to Berlin. The one is frustrated and wants to arrive, and thus sits down on the platform to wait for the arrival of his connection. Time passes slowly. The other pootles off to the cafe, gets himself a coffee and settles down with his book. Given the fact that he is engrossed in his book, time passes swiftly.

    Ergo: time has the appurtenances of illusion, but that is due to individual circumstances and one’s reaction to them. For both people involved and the railway staff, the clock ticks at the same rate.


  9. Jam
    I’m afraid your maths teacher got it wrong.

    moving from +1 to -1 one does not change direction at zero…one just keepds moving on without stopping at all.

    one day i’ll post the solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem as like wot Fermat wrote in his marging in 1637 (that’s not just before twenty to five last night)

    I’ll also post why there will never ever be another referendum here in Scotia

    Good New Year to JW and all others


  10. When I was say 4 years old a year was 1/4 of my life . Now that same year is reduced to 1/68th of same. My theory on why time flies the older you get.!.


  11. Sounds similar to Zeno’s paradox. The problem of going from the continuous to the discrete. Is time quantised?

    @Gemma, it was one of Einstein’s propositions in Special Relativity that time as experienced by different observers moving relative to each other was not the same. We all carry an individual clock with us apparently.

    Why does the arrow of time seem to point from the past to the future? Increasing entropy seems a convenient fudge,


  12. So, 2016:

    1) Will the great financial ponzi scheme finally end?

    2) If the ponzi scheme ends this year, who will be blamed?
    a) The Russians
    b) The Chinese
    c) The Muslims
    d) The Couch Potaoes or
    e) Donald Trump


  13. @TFS

    I have no doubt that there is a Lee Harvey Oswald being set up right now. Whoever they blame, we may be sure they had nothing to do with it. Option c) worked wonderfully for the New York event 14 odd years ago, so why not reuse and recycle?


  14. Entanglement John, Quantum theory, analogues to separated Siamese twins living the same life in a different place, syncronisity. But don’t forget Heir Schrödinger. when observed the twins entanglement ceases.

    I’m getting the flow concept, but most suffer from reality/theory overload. They start identifying with, & thinking that it is the reality & not a secondary theory about that reality. An analogy might be:- We can run down stairs. then we can think about running down stairs. But if we think about running down stairs, wile running down stairs.

    We know less than we think we know. If you want an earlier example, how about. From the conectionist Scientific mind that maps the world like the structure of an expanding thought snowflake, light must be theorised as either a particle or a wave. They see the gap, reality is further along, & understand there is more to learn to unite the theories. To the intellectual but uninitiated they belive light is both a wave & particle, & pronounce it as dualistic, It’s not, it’s light & we haven’t got our heads around it!

    As to why we might think about what we believe this way. Maybe we plugged that uncertainty gap with Monotheist Religion & then Science.

    It’s no better with the Philosophers of Connective Buddhist thought, this casts a spiders web of cosmic connection & likeness. To their devotees they become all knowing, but fossilised at the dread of the implications of any karmic action. Trapped into navel gazing introspection. The Guru dies on the day he says he wills it. By years of introspection, he merely bought an autonomic nervous control under Somatic control. It was easy for him as holding your breath is to you. The acolytes proclaim he knew the future. He didn’t, he just got fed-up with his navel!

    You would have thought that as the opportunist tool designers & users we would have used thought for what it was, After an operation under general anaesthetic, or a nightly cycle of deep sleep, it’s still, almost instantly you. We fall into the trap of believing that we are what we think we are. If you say “I am & I think”, it works so much better. Bit to much Ancient Greek ego the other way around, Thinking is a wonderful tool but a shit master.

    Well what would I hope for the next 31622400 small increments of reductionist man made measure on the flow of nowness. Less simple antithetical thought. More proportionate everything, like a Not Proven in the UK judicial system. A Global statute that “Limited Liability” is not excused for “Personal Culpability”. A lot more middle ground. To my eyes, those that do not aspire to engineer their own happiness are seldom sad… Be content.


  15. @Jamboree: “when a fly hits the windscreen of a train travelling at 200 miles per hour” the last thing that goes through its mind is, apparently, its arse……

    Happy New Year one & all….


  16. Another false flag near miss…..
    ”TERROR IN MUNICH” – but not sure if they are in the country or not??
    Oh please. we don’t feel reassured at all by this scaremongering. We are adults and can look after ourselves without ignorant politicians strutting the stage with the big egos.


  17. A wonderful piece John,but time like god isn’t a illusion but a measurement,man made & therefore flawed but more importantly bent to ones’ own perception as we humans fill in the missing variables,one thought why do tall particularly tall people have a shorter life span,is it because we are spinning on a global & therefore tall people travel further in there own internal measurements & very very few people born at altitude are tall!


  18. Happy New Year John and all.

    Re time, existentialism and all that malarkey… I read this when I was a teenager and am still not sure why it left such an impression on me:

    “I am sitting at the side of a road watching a man change the wheel of my car. I don’t like where I’m going; I don’t like where I’ve been. Why am I watching the man with impatience?”


  19. Well done, once again, John! Thank You!

    Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for saying “there is no time, there is only movement. For if there was no movement, there would be no time.”

    In my ‘3d metric’ approach I’m therefore measuring ‘shapes of movement’ – but on screen. But it seems too ‘complex’ just as ‘money’ – or else sparks ‘intellectual jealousy’ of the Not Invented Here syndrome… Hence I expressed it in poetry – besides software:


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