Facts are sacred? Don’t make me laugh: we are ruled & divided by sacred cows

Today probably felt for most of you like a grey-ish inter-Christmas-New-Year sort of nothingness. For me, however, after a few hours of reflection, it felt unique. Perhaps – one never knows until afterwards – even cathartic.
I’ve maintained from Day 1 of The Slog that the site is unaligned. But today I decided that The Slog is anti-aligned. It is opposed to the very idea of anything followed by the word ‘Party’ or ‘School’. It is against anything with a line that must be followed.
The Slog’s greatest enemy is ideology, for that is the enemy of discovery and creativity. Ideology is the false law of the controlling Priest, and the security blanket of the secret policeman. Ideology is the triumph of bigoted hatred over open-minded compassion.
The belief systems, religions, and idealistic creeds of the Past soon enough morph into agents of repression, violence and hypocrisy.
There is on the one hand the Christian ethic, and on the other the Spanish Inquisition. The former is seen by many as a generally good thing, the latter by most as a perversion of that ethic…….at least partly caused by an unhealthy relationship between an Imperial State and a long-depraved Catholic Church.
There is on the one hand the French Revolution, and on the other The Terror. There was the 1917 Russian naval mutiny, and then Stalinism. There was the Rainbow Revolution in South Africa, and now there is Zuma.
Across the spectrum of opinion – be it financial, scientific, political, religious, demographic or geographic – once the Absolute Truth of yesterday has been found wanting today, the diehard fundamentalists  increasingly insist that only more of the same holds the key to the future.
This never varies, whether the ‘one more heave’ loonies are derivatives defenders, climate anoraks, quantum physicists, Friedmanites, socialists, creationists, jihadists, feminists, political correctionists, globalists, multiculturalists or superblocists.
In fact, the more the empirical evidence renders the beliefs untenable, the more censorious, repressive, violent and abusive the hard core birdbrain becomes. Those who question the motives of minorities are dubbed racist, sexist, paedo, sicko, homophobic, Islamophobic, fascist, NVE, anarchist, and/or élitist.
At base level, the Belief dictatorship catechism is anti-democratic (because democracy is about the rule of the majority) and illiberal (because it steadfastly refuses to give any ground – or voice – to alternative interpretations).
It is also the antithesis of social utility built on fieldwork, data, refinement and citizen fulfilment. It is systemic at the expense of humanity.  It puts the genocidal apparatchik above the cooperative pragmatist. Above all, it detests and rejects originality as the threat it so obviously is to self-assigned privilege.
Ideology gave us Wounded Knee, Auschwitz, the Gulags, the Rack, the SS, the Cold War, the European Union, Tienaman Square, the Killing Fields, the persecution of innocent entertainers, insane levels of immigration into Britain,  a Tory victory in 2015, the Labour List, the Conservative Party, the KGB, ClubMed austerity, our dysfunctional UK education system, huge propelling white elephants in the North Sea, and Diane Abbott as Shadow Foreign Seceretary.
Enough. Please – everybody – seek out a radical species consensus, not a risible specious cacophony. Only harmonious decency will rid us of these troublesome Priests, their archaic Parties, and their kneebone-headed disciples.

10 thoughts on “Facts are sacred? Don’t make me laugh: we are ruled & divided by sacred cows

  1. The problem with any ideology is that it is uncompromising,inflexible & therefore intolerant,like flat earth teachings it is right,no matter how wrong it is,re-writing facts with partial facts,like if you could see someone walking down the aisle of a plane from the ground & how far did they travel,the maths doesn’t chance only the variables has each observer observes them,picking & choosing which variables suit is the art of the neoliberal fraudster.


  2. Ideology itself is fundamentally flawed. Some may be worse than others but they are all bad. The very first reason is something that comes from Christianity or at least the deep bowels of Catholic thought and perhaps other religions and systems but I don’t know, and that is human are flawed and imperfectible. So it follows that any human idea is flawed. There is no possible perfect plan for society because any plan would come from imperfect humans. Only a perfect person could craft a perfect ideology but a perfect person does not exist.

    In a slightly narrower context even the best possible system if it could be found would fail and eventually become evil because people are corrupt, an ancillary of them being imperfectible. The most corrupt and the most evil will seek power in the name of ideology.


  3. As Bertrand Russell put it…

    “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

    I’m sure he’s correct :)


  4. I seem to recall that ideology was defined by someone perceptive as “an imaginary relationship to real situations”. In all its forms, it’s been a blight throughout history, the foundation to what old Yeats characterized as “the worst/ are full of passionate intensity” in his great, and very topical, “The Second Coming”. This time, though, as the boughs fill with chickens coming home to roost, there’s a whole troop of “rough beasts, their hour come round at last, slouching towards Bethlehem to be born”.

    When an ideology happens to coincide with Big Money, and also with the application of massive armed force, justifying itself with cheating, chicanery, and constant double-talk, we’re heading for Hell on Earth. It’s happened twice in the last century, and here we go again….


  5. It is interesting and instructive to watch the monkeys at the zoo on a warm day. The antics illustrate their psychological makeup. Human psychology appears fundamentally the same – we have the same brain construction, with a larger frontal cortex to aid in impulse control and reasoning. When we make use of our frontal cortexae, we act somewhat more intelligent than the monkeys. Otherwise, our screaming and silly antics display our close relation to them.


  6. All ideologies FAIL in the modern world by the use of the MSM / BBC who are vocal supporters of the sacred cows.

    A sacred cow on a box with a megaphone can only influence a few people whereas as we have seen with Corbyn this year and no I am not keen on the guy they run a smear campaign. If you have an idea that has some worth the sacred cows will radicalise it for or against to garner support for themselves using the MSM. Then they would also use external tools now, again run in the MSM that you have a bogeyman NVE / terrorist on every corner who would do you harm if you do not conform to their beliefs.

    This power over everybody elses life is their belief / ideology along the lines if a sacred cow is involved I want f^&* all to do with it. Notice also if a good idea comes up they jump straight in to capture support for themselves again using the MSM.

    To neuter the sacred cows we must therefore neuter the the MSM nothing else will do.

    Now if Corbyn was to put this neutering on his manifesto, I might not like the guy but I would sure vote for him.


  7. Actually we are ruled by people who keep doing the same thing all the time ( the one more heave type) because they have no motivation to change what they are doing. They are stuck in concrete because they are stuck in concrete because they are stuck in concrete Recently I tried to suggest to my daughter in law that she ( a refugee from a hard line some what loveless LDS family) that she give non denominational Bible based Christianity a try, ( In case you don’t Know the type of Church that Does not give any guilt trips beyond the basic we all have sinned and we all need Christ). Or perhaps you don’t know??/ Well I will give you a hint. The world is going to hell because the devil has us all so worried about our own problems that we all feel that we have no time to help a brother or sister with theirs, We refuse to trust Christ because we get overwhelmed and just want to sometimes crawl in a hole and pull the cover over us. Its why the lower classes don’t vote and just watch TV and cling to their fantasies, In the US we have 600 channels of fantasies to select from I recently uploaded a political cartoon to my Facebook page. In it one character tells another ” My desire to be well informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane” That’s the world in a nutshell. How about You John? I do not see you spreading any Webster Tarpley or 911 truth on your site and you must know by now what the bastards have really been up too??


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