THE HEADLINE YOU’LL NEVER SEE: ‘Frustrating customer issues cured by unemployed people’

 After six years of Zirp & QE, the shareholders are doing just fine. Now it’s everyone else’s turn

On the Lenovo  100-15.6 page at their ‘problems community’ site, there are 40 pages of 35 user entries per page. No attempt is made by Lenovo to sort these into categories or give the ‘service’ an alphabetical index. Under each entry, there are an average of 2.7 other users with the same problem. 19 out of 35 problems per page have zero responses, and a further 1.5 have replies but no solution.

Here’s some basic maths from all that. At any given moment, 4,780 Lenovo 100 ideapad users are experiencing problems with the product, and of these, 2,606 are getting nowhere at all. A few others are getting nowhere, but are at least meeting new people which is nice. If you have a problem, you’ll need the assistance of our old friend Percy Verance in ploughing through nearly 5,000 entries.

Taking a sample at random of 700 folks who had paid €300 and received nothing of any value, some 62% of Lenovo customers had a problem involving Microsoft product malfunction.

If real, trained human beings were employed by Microsoft to deal with these problems – and thus comply with tougher laws on after-sales service – it is alleged that institutional shareholders would be badly hit by lost dividends and a falling share price.

On 24th December 2010, the Microsoft share price was $28. Five years on, the price was $56. I would suggest therefore, that in a world of shrinking incomes, the shareholders have done pretty well. So maybe it’s time for society to get some payback. You know – stable, healthy and liberal democratic society, as opposed to the corporate society.

Action: politicians, lawyers, senior MSFT executives no hang on they’re all greedy deadbeats.

Revised Action: customers, voters, consumer action groups, trade unions

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9 thoughts on “THE HEADLINE YOU’LL NEVER SEE: ‘Frustrating customer issues cured by unemployed people’

  1. Service and support are now so bad with almost all electronic devices that when some help is offered (usually grudgingly) it’s held up as a shining beacon of customer care. We’re all sinking in a morass of rip-off expensive cover which covers nothing worthwhile. I suppose this is just another con like the “3 year insurance deals” for white goods which cost almost as much as the grotty products. Bast***s

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  2. With the likes of Microsoft a Neocon Corporation getting something for free themselves is good, having to give something for free however like customer services is bad.


    All purchasers should be able to apply all costs they incur against the supplier with a change in legislation so the consumer does not have to wait for it to be fixed they can return with full refund. Imagine this on VW and you can see they would have been writing cheques for billions within days … So they would go bust, lesson learned real quick by anybody else doing the same, a real persuader.

    That solves the problem, anything and everything else is lip service, be you Ofcom or any other regulatory body that cannot resolve anything except in the favour of the corporations you regulate.


  3. Have you tried turning it off (fully off, not into standby) wait for 20s and then turning it back on again ?

    This company offers a lifetime warranty on their products but that doesn’t surprise me considering they are selling $20 worth of pressed stainless steel for $250

    I think your expectations are a little high, how much profit do you think Lenovo make on this bit of kit ?

    There is nothing stopping you from doing a bit of research about a product before you shell out the cash (ie googling the level of support)

    ‘If real, trained human beings were employed by Microsoft to deal with these problems – and thus comply with tougher laws on after-sales service – it is alleged that institutional shareholders would be badly hit by lost dividends and a falling share price.’

    The price of the software would be higher to pay for this support and the shareprice would be lower impacting pension performance because more expensive software results in fewer sales.

    The people who have no interest in the ‘nanny state’ and understand the concept of caveat emptor end up paying for those who are perfectly capable of making adult decisions themselves but are too lazy/obstinate to do so. (the state should protect those not capable)

    Because I’m a cheap bastard and never pay for support I have to learn to fix these problems (relying on the generosity of other cheap bastards).

    Why not post what the problem with your Lenovo is and I (or others) will fix it.


  4. BobRock

    Why should I have to? I paid for the thing, I expect it to work.

    You may think you’re smart mate, but actually this system feeds off your I’m Alright Jack bollocks.


  5. The profit margin on most Lenovos or similar types, is about £30. This is why they put the minimum RAM memory in; the difference in price actually matters.

    @BobRocket; John does not ask for computer advice on the Slog, as too many people come out with Irish Routemap Advice (…if I was you sorrr, I wouldn’t start from here…) about using some brand of Linux, and this is to miss the point. John is not wanting advice from us, he is complaining that the damned thing should either work in the first place, or should have a proper Customer Service number, and in this, I agree, even though I am a part-time Computer Technician.

    The basic problem is that NO computer works properly, in the way that a Fifties-era person would expect of Fifties-era white goods. They never have, and unless I am given special dispensation to remove Microsoft’s marketing department from the face of the Earth, they never will. The stinkers who infest that department, together with their unholy allies in the accountancy dept, are too obsessed with “the Next Best/New Thing”. They have no concept that there is a huge market out there for people who just want the basic machinery to work, and HATE the new interfaces. Windows 2000, if updated with wireless technology and a companion DVD holding most of the newer hardware drivers, would sell thousands of copies and be absolutely bullet-proof. This has been requested many times, but the numpties think they know what is best for us, and keep on with their stupid agenda of “hiding everything under the bonnet” like bloody Apple.

    This is, with respect, not nanny-statism, (although I understand where you are coming from); it is a reasonable request that a piece of machinery actually works without constantly hurling itself figuratively from the rooftop. Microsoft actually thinks that we would trust a mobile phone to run on Windows software; anyone who believes this, needs a serious reality-check. I literally burst out laughing in the store when I saw the first Windows mobile phones.

    Don’t get me started on f…… “Apps”; even the name has been generated by a teenage mentality. There is no other class of machinery that relies on such bug-ridden control software.

    Until a computer works with the reliability of a fridge-freezer, then the industry cannot possibly be called “mature”, and it is unlikely ever to get there, on present showing.


  6. Yes John, you paid for the thing and when it first arrived it worked just fine, if there is a hardware problem (keys fall off, screen doesn’t work, thing went bang when plugged in etc.) then Lenovo will replace/repair/refund within the statutary/specified period.

    They gave you some third party software effectively free and stated in the Ts & Cs that they don’t provide any support for that.

    If you want support you either pay upfront in a higher purchase price or pay for an ongoing support contract

    ooh look, Lenovo Premium Support – $200 p/a,
    ‘Having trouble with your PC or other devices? Need your own helpdesk that you can call any day of the week for support? Let Lenovo provide you with unlimited support for up to four devices.’.


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