MODERN TOSS: more recipients of the DOM

In the fine British imperial tradition of the Distinguished Order Medal, The Slog introduces a much-needed new award, the The Devoid Of Meaning gong.


So there you are, driving along illegally because you’re a prat and simply must know wassup, and a message (left) from Microsoft pops up.

‘What can it mean?’ you think to yourself. For the guys at Microsoft have delved into the Runtime Library and found an error. Could be in the toilets, could be an empty plug-in container….but either way, the cross says don’t whatever you do go into the red blob: for the time being, stick to R6205 purely virtual function calls only.

The baffled tablet owner presses OK, because no other option – like for example “what?” – is on offer. The people who dream up these panels should be put under house arrest and then spend 25 years being completely reprogrammed.

I do so love getting into the festive spirit, don’t you?


Here’s something of similar ilk from the Met Police…whose corporate tagline now is ‘Total Policing’. Where was the person of sound mind when the PR meeting bought that line, eh?


Totally invasive tactful policing, where the total number of police is falling, and the total amount of information is close to zero.

Being seen to be doing something etc etc.

“Deck the cops and take their munnee falalalah lalalalahhh….”


Even Japanese Abenomics – just when you thought asset-buying couldn’t get any more pointlessly insane – can still serve up the DOM.

Bank of Japan boss Haruhiko Kuroda has announced measures to purchase  $2.5 billion worth of exchange-traded funds tracking companies which (quote) “proactively make investment in physical and human capital.”

Nikko Asset Management Big Swinging Dick and ETF specialist Koei Imai pointed out the snag.

“These kinds of ETFs don’t exist now,” he said, “I think the message from the BOJ is for us to go out and make them.”

Have faith in this Holy time: build it, and they will come.


What Mr Plod did Earlier

15 thoughts on “MODERN TOSS: more recipients of the DOM

  1. Not quite sure how or, why you might be decking your halls with the intestines of Ilex? I’m still dreaming of a Gobble velvet evaluation… Paff Humbug.


  2. It’s not easy channelling half of a 1970’s comedy act, wile feeling “Tired & Emotional” you know. Especially when some bloke called Bernard is giving it indigo lip in your other hemisphere. Suffice to say, they were all the right letters but not necessarily in the right quantity or order.

    That looks like my bus….


    Calling a pure virtual function is a programming error, so you need to find the call to the pure virtual function and rewrite the code so it is not called.

    One way to find a call to a pure virtual function is to replace the pure virtual function with an implementation that calls the Windows API function DebugBreak. When using the debugger, DebugBreak will cause a hard-coded breakpoint. When the code stops running at this breakpoint, you can view the callstack to see where the function was called.

    Another way to find a call to a pure virtual function is to set a breakpoint on the _purecall function that is found in PureVirt.c. Breaking on this function has the advantage of keeping the stack intact so that you can trace what is occurring.”

    Well clearly its a bugger hence the need for a debugger – No wonder Eve gave Adam an Apple……..


  4. Well for meaninglessness you can’t do better than the Fed setting the target for the Federal Funds rate. That is because with With $2.8TN of bank money deposited at the Fed as ‘excess reserves’ there is no need for overnight lending between banks and so there is no Federal Funds market. They have more funds than they know what to do with. If a bank actually has to be in the Fed Funds market it’s probably near failure. The approximate $50bn nominal total being shown as typical volume now is probably just banks doing the Fed a favor and using the Fed Funds ‘market’ just so everyone can pretend there is a Fed funds market. For some perspective in 2008 the Fed Funds market had activity in the $400bn range typically.

    Nothing says free market more than the Fed pretending it can raise rates by ‘setting’ the rate of a market, the Fed Funds market, that doesn’t actually exist. As a measure of the Feds power to ‘set’ market rates, 3 weeks ago 4 week T Bills are trading at 22 basis points and as of Tuesday were trading a 20 basis points.

    Behold the power!


  5. Sorry, Halfkidding – for utter, total,useless meaningless all we have to do is turn to the destroyer of our ‘traditional’ weather systems as more storms and 70mph winds hit the west of the UK for what seems like the last 4 months – I bring you QuasiChristoAbbaDabbaCamerung himself – his yuletide message to the nation has to win, even maybe win the EuroscepticSong Contest – we only get bad weather when the tories are in so called government


  6. Happy Christmas John, and a healthy, busy, New Year. I suspect that you’ll have plenty to keep you out of mischief during 2016, it could become interesting…


  7. DOM= Dirty Old Man. Surely there should be a DOM award each year on the Queens’ Honours List. Oh, but there were: Lords Janner et al. Who will it be this year?


  8. @OAH – but I thought Lord Ashcroft was a non-DOM. Shome mishtake surely?

    A Happy Christmas and New Year to JW and all Sloggers.


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