KEYSTONE COPS: Plod plays to gallery, laughs all round

The City of London police just swooped to arrest a ruthless, heartless, shameless, careless and luckless Troika of musical rights thieves. It is thought to be the biggest bust yet in the…um, Karaoke sector.

Actually, it was three old blokes adding tracks to Karaoke selections for fun with no commercial gain, but Diplodocus urbemium didn’t see it like that: ‘hundreds of albums have had their copyright uploaded by the men, leading to thousands and thousands of tracks being accessed illegally and depriving legitimate music companies of a significant amount of money’ trumpeted the boys in blue.

This is not quite a lie, just more of what we’ve come to expect from London-based cops: misrepresentation in order to curry favour with Munneeee. Three older wrinklies uploaded the tracks as a service to karaoke fans and – as Glyn Moody reports in Arstechnica – ‘music companies were actually deprived of little or nothing, since there were no legal copies that people could pay for’. The tracks were, so to speak, out of print.

Here’s what this case is really about.

I used to have clients in the Music Business; like the Press Gang, when the internet arrived their business model collapsed overnight. These days, they’re earning pennies from digital music where they used to pocket Pounds on vinyl and tape.

The business is making a point not dissimilar in attitude to that of the Diabolical Digger of Oz: “Everything we produce must be paid for in full so that my monopolies continue to work for me, not you”. It’s an attempt to put the genie back in the bottle in one of the few sectors where the web has turned out to be a boon for music fans.

But this action by the Mack Sennet Lads is only the start of the beginning: pop music worldwide is a gigantic business largely controlled from America. Ever since the start of the TPP/TTIP saga, ridiculously censorious clauses  have slipped into Law across the world. For example, you can be jailed for sharing files online even if no money was involved under the TPP proposals that were quite rightly mauled by national governments.

Under TTIP, the forces of reason continue to fight a rearguard action against restoring the suits’ monopoly; the EC has firmly rejected any criminal actions in the field…Congress, however, hasn’t. Just fancy that: last year, music companies lined the pockets of lobbied US legislators to the tune of just under $870 million.

And the buggers won’t go away: they’ll keep on pushing until the right EC commissioner decides to take a bung. And then the music will stop for all of us.

Next step: internet provision segmentation to favour large media outlets, government departments/agencies and central banks/multinational corporations. So fulfilling Harry Truman’s observation in spades: “A lie will get round the world before the Truth has its pants on”.

This issue is called ‘Net neutrality’. I’ve been banging on about it since 2007. Ask your MP about it….or read this piece from yesterday about US regulators gumming the Dark Forces to death.

Last night at The Slog: The tragic case of the Osborne Boy

12 thoughts on “KEYSTONE COPS: Plod plays to gallery, laughs all round

  1. The City of London Corporation is one of 3 Independent City States. They pay no taxes, & have their own police forces. The Queen requests permission to enter The City of London square mile on official events. They are the seats of immense wealth thus power. The others are The Vatican & Washington DC.
    TPP, TTIP & the Global Warming/Climate Change scam are all back door attempts to set up a fascist world govt, controlled by the banksters & their corporations.


  2. The Commercial scale, also called Disharmonic major or the Munnee dominant scale, is problematic for musicians and those who enjoy listening alike. Those who practise it tend to be creative accountants who are instrumental in causing more misery than melody – it’s all flats and very sharp.


  3. The days of the US dollar dominance as reserve currency is in its death knell, as is their puppet organisations the IMF and World bank.
    The BRIC nations and the Chinese Asian Infrastructure Bank are in the ascendant.
    The New Silk roads of high speed rail links beween Asia and Europe and associated strategic sea ports make the US Navy and the dollar reserve currency redundant.
    You might say that Washington is sh–ting Brics.
    TTIP.TPP and TSI are a last ditch attempt to secure in legal terms ,what they are failing in military terms, to cement the monopolies of trade power.
    The wars in Ukraine and Syria are a direct attempt to disrupt the Silk Road connections between Asia and Europe.
    George Orwell was prescient.The wars between Oceania and Asiana are in progress.
    We are witnessing the slow painful collapse of the US Empire.
    As always with Empires ,greed,corruption, arrogance and hubris are the cause of its decline.


  4. Ever since the start of the TPP/TTIP saga, ridiculously censorious clauses have slipped into Law across the world

    Well, of course, that is what these clauses are there to do: give politicians with the wit and thoughtfulness of a Jeroen Dijsselbloem something to stare at.

    And let the really sneaky clauses slip through the net…

    … the ones that would take a legal genius to spot. But then, when the corporations can afford the occasional legal genius even if the corporation itself wouldn’t know the difference between a Dijsselbloem and a dinosaur.

    Salford Lad: I am with you about the Chinese Infrastructure bank; I wonder if the minds that propel Western governments are up to speed on what the Chinese want to achieve. The Chinese, like the Japanese, play to the tune of the Western media, even if their dance is one that is very, very different. As to George Orwell, all he did was extrapolate the first and second world wars – which were little more than Oceania versus Asiana in one way or another. After all, the result of the first world war was the seeding of Soviet Asiana and the result of the second its true flowering; and the rampant growth of the corporations in the US that Hitler had overseen in Germany. Hitler must have been howling with glee knowing that the Russians and Americans had beaten him by becoming the very thing they were fighting against – in winning the war, America fell prey to its corporations.


  5. Oh! I forgot to mention… “they’ll keep on pushing until the right EC commissioner decides to take a bung” – why would they need a bung? The Brussels bureaucrat is a creature of utmost virtue, and is, like Dutch politicians ( the cultures of Vlaanderen and Hollandia sharing many things in common) all but impossible to bribe.

    So think of it this way: you don’t need a bung. That saves a penny or two, doesn’t it? When the Dijsselbloems of this world can be convinced that the figures written down are correct (think Greece, the high-speed Fyra debacle and goodness knows how many other instances) the bureaucrat will act in a particular way. When those who bung in Westminster are as canny as they are, all they need do is produce the correct report with the correct references to the peer reviewed publications of prestigious universities from the Sorbonne to the Jagellonian – and bingo! You have a bureaucrat who will jump the right way.

    No bung needed.

    It is why they chose Brussels as their seat of government.


  6. Net neutrality disappeared the day Google started to truly dominate internet search.

    Anyone who searches clinically knows that searches now direct you to rubbish which has paid to be high on the list, rather than what you found a decade ago put up by some humble human who actually disseminated information of value.

    The internet has been for several years now no different to old style corporate business. It just requires you to pay a £50 a month access charge to be allowed to use it.

    The theory of the internet was that the whole world was yours to access.

    Reality now is that you can access whoever bungs the search engines.


  7. ‘And let the really sneaky clauses slip through the net…

    … the ones that would take a legal genius to spot’
    Exactly what they have been doing over the decades with respect to drug smuggling, bust a ton of Coke, and whilst they are preoccupied with that, 10 tons slips right past their noses…They are all at it, didn’t Camerlot slip over 400 ‘bad news’ bits in the other day under cover?


  8. Thanks X-Pat DE , that story in Zerohedge just makes it even worse , Turkey , and then to ISIS I presume along with all the petrol tankers the air forces of the world are bombing to h*** .


  9. ‘The Brussels bureaucrat is a creature of utmost virtue, and is, like Dutch politicians ( the cultures of Vlaanderen and Hollandia sharing many things in common) all but impossible to bribe.’
    You are, I’m assuming, being ironic here. Guy Verhofstadt? EC accounts unaudited for 19 years?


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