Don’t look for any wisdom in a crowd of Homo sapiens


Six weeks ago, the German people were carrying placards, handbags and a smug sense of superiority around with them about how they welcomed migrants – the more the merrier – to Germany, and what utter racist bastards the Hungarians were for shutting them out. Which was fine, except the default sanctimony position they adopted didn’t take into account the fact that Germany has eight times the indigenous population of Hungary.

In those six weeks, the Herrenvolk have gone from “Alles Klar!” to “Achtung!” …..with the result that today, they’re rushing to arm themselves. All across this country with very strict gun-control laws, demand is booming as they seek out self-defense weapons – pepper sprays, gas pistols, flare guns, electroshock weapons and animal repellents – and frantically apply for weapons permits at hitherto unknown levels.

Here in France following the Paris attestats, the ‘Je suis Charlie’ spirit has been rejuvenated: intermingled with the Christmas decorations this year are a surfeit of tricoleur flags (sales of which have trebled) and in my agrarian part of the world, the farmers have put up posters vowing ‘Solidarity with Parisians’. Sorry, but you have to laugh: the locals here detest Parisians.

Meanwhile, laws are being passed with greater and greater acceleration, not surprising given the 5-Star fuel being fed to the media about France being at war: next year there will be more cameras and fewer freedoms. So far there is little or no sign of the MSM asking awkward questions: rather, it is all ‘France walks tall’, ‘France will endure’, let’s keep on bombing and yes, by all means let’s have a Euroarmy – why not? We are all in this together after all.

What nobody of any influence anywhere in the EU does is to simply observe a blindingly obvious trend: that the more the perniciously incompetent EC/EU/ECB Troika gets involved in a Member State’s affairs, the more extreme the politics become. Be it Portugal, Spain, Italy or Greece, the right, left and centre consensus has largely evaporated in favour of more hard-edged ideologies – with which the EC (naturally) takes issue, because they don’t toe the line.

In France, Germany and the UK, the commentator looks in vain for anyone suggesting that the arrival of a Standing Army with no need for permission to enter an EU State into this mix is anything other than a coincidence – happy or otherwise. The huge exception to the rule, unsurprisingly, is Greece: there, the People have learned the hard way.

It seems to me that what we have generally in the West now (but more markedly in Europe) is the media turning into crowds, and the electorate’s crowds turning into mobs. The phrase ‘wisdom of crowds’ was of course always meant to be ironic, but that irony has never been more apparent. When influential crowds start telling mobs what to think, you will get paedomania, BBC witch-hunts, the international Syrian Bombing Contest, contradictory nonsense about Parisian terrorists, love affairs turning into hate in Germany, everyone talking rubbish about Greek ‘debt responsibility’, an unhealthy obsession with fame, Congress voting to shut out genuine Syrian refugees and, as the heat is turned up, hysteria.

It’s a highly unstable and acidic formula at the best of times. But we are not heading into the best of times, and we are not evolving as a species. In the medium term, bland apathy will turn into blind panic…and a massive bout of blamestorming will begin.

39 thoughts on “Don’t look for any wisdom in a crowd of Homo sapiens

  1. John, I sort of agree. But I think you may be confusing people and government city and hinterland.

    Despite all the headlines about the “crisis” out on the sticks, the refugee problem is under control. We have a contingent on the other side of town and so far we haven’t had serious difficulty. The government may have sloganized “Refugees Welcome” and all that guff without giving any thought to the realities, but the people certainly didn’t. My greengrocer lady I help with told me “Jeder kocht” and I initially thought that everyone was cooking but nope it means everyone is boiling with anger.

    The German attitude is totally different to the French. Here they follow “Ze Roolz” without question and a newcomer here has hell initially as he is a wanted man in the beginning with all the law infringements he makes. The French on the other hand don’t give a toss about laws. They have a healthy disrespect for the Gendarmerie “Catastrophe” was the worked I heard when we had limited dealings with them near Grenoble a few years ago. The French situation is extreme however when you consider there are two Frances – Paris and the”rest out there somewhere” for that is the truth about France since Napoleon – everyone had to move to the Smoke to earn money and abandon poor lands which is why those charming cheap properties appeared for us Brits to snap up in the 90s for the Dordogne Dream.


  2. “It seems to me that what we have generally in the West now (but more markedly in Europe) is the media turning into crowds, and the electorate’s crowds turning into mobs.”

    I’m not sure that it is ‘more markedly in Europe’ though. Canadian media has effectively been controlled for years and remains in lockstep with the agenda of the PTB. I cannot bear to read even the Guardian, or listen to BBC news anymore. A few years ago I came to the realisation that I have been lied to continually since my birth by these organs of disinformation. The recent revelations of Udo Ulfkotte in Germany, when placed alongside the statement of CIA head William Casey about Operation Mockingbird, and the general acceptance in knowledgable circles that MI6 have agents of influence in every prominent UK news organisation should cause everyone to reflect on the veracity of all MSM. If a story is given prominence it is because it is either serving the ends of the powerful, or at the very least does not threaten the Potemkin village they have so carefully constructed.

    Every thinking person should ask themselves why it is not generally known that ISIS was trained by NATO in Turkey and Jordan, that an regime-change in Syria was being discussed by UK civil servants in 2009, that Israel has many military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan (- a story spiked by Seymour Hersch – source Sibel Edmonds) and that a third building collapsed in New York at free-fall acceleration. These are all stories that receive no attention in the MSM.

    The world of disinformation and control of the mob has come a long way since the days of Edward Bernays.


  3. ‘ bland apathy will turn into blind panic…and a massive bout of blamestorming will begin.’
    I don’t think so, I think more ‘atrocities’ until they get the level of surveillance and control that they require to keep the population in check. It is, after all, only going one way eh?
    Of course there might be trouble when the ‘useful idiots’ are no longer useful.


  4. I would suggest that the Germans, like the British, do read – and most importantly believe what they read in the (largely US controlled) media. After all, the British lap it up and want more; but of course, migrants have a real problem getting to the UK, namely the Channel. Oh, and of course, Britain can’t house its own population leave alone half a million more – which would be the equivalent to the German influx when populations are taken into consideration. It’s hardly fair to blame the Germans for doing precisely what the British would do in the same situation, given that the British government is so socially non-active.

    The truth is that the problems in Syria wouldn’t be problems without the US becoming involved with their dropping of aid to poor people – aid in the form of weapons and ammunition. The stuff one can eat… and the very stuff that has led to the outflux from Syria in the first place!

    Is it not time we asked the US to pay a little towards the housing of the refugees they caused to flee their country?


  5. I was trying to explain the reason for this mess to a German lady in the petrol station. The problem is we in the West have Too. Much. Stuff. And what are we doing this Christmas as usual? Buying even more stuff. Where does it end up in February? In the bin! If you love recycling, february is real Christmas time, after the Christmas rows and couples splitting up, half of Ikea ends up in the bin.

    Where is this stuff made? In China instead of the West. With what is it made? Plastic? from what?


    It is actually quite simple to work out.


  6. Actually, I think we are heading to an era where your agrarian country folks will be in the best situation. They will keep their heads down, mind their own businesses, grow tomatoes, corn, wheat etc etc, raise a few pigs, cows, goats, sheep, chickens etc, sell a few bits and bobs to each other and let the media-obsessed city folks deal with the hysteria.

    Of course, those detestable Parisians may decide that national security is served by ‘nationalising farm land’ or ‘requiring farmers to purchase permits’ or whatever. At which point the latent detestation may turn into more traditional French ‘Sacre tonnerre, sals Parisiens, tous les cons politiques sont branleurs’ or the like…but as all warmongers need to eat, they usually do a deal with farmers: you feed us and we won’t burn your farms down.

    So country farmers usually do better in war time than cities which can be bombed……


  7. Ahhh rtj1211 if only it were so. If you want to grow crops these days you have to fill in a lot of paperwork and ask for permission then be prepared for a spot check. Animals? More permissions; a feed book to show what you fed them and where it came from; movement certificates and so on. Farming these days is aimed at the big farms & corporations and the small farmer lives on the edges.


  8. @rtj1211: Actually come the day and there will be a headlong rush to the countryside from the city folk, the city will not be nice place to be. Where I am, we have river, sea and adequate countryside with plenty on deer, rabbit, all sorts, in fact probably enough to go round if properly managed but, I can’t see the city folk not wanting a piece, can you? I believe that the cities will rot from within to without.


  9. “So country farmers usually do better in war time than cities which can be bombed……”

    I read somewhere that during the war at Oktoberfest the city folk were angry with the country people who came in and were very healthy.

    My Mil spent her war years living in a castle in north Bavaria. The family ate like kings as they swapped food for everything, drank fresh milk from cows, eggs, grew tomatoes and everything else. They didn’t starve.


  10. I’m surprised they didn’t all have bloody heart attacks.

    But my former father in law did exactly the same, he was shipped from much-bombed Ruhr to the Bavarian Alps, apparently had the time of his life.


  11. 30% of the reason I’m here in rural France is because there’s a well, everyone has gluts, and so we all swap. This year, from May to October I was self-sufficient in fruit, fresh herbs, lettuces, and courgettes. But at 67 with lots of other stuff to do, it is bloody hard work….and I’m not a survivalist.

    The real point about France is, if you look at the data, it has more land laid to food and feeding animals per head of population than any other EU member State. Whatever happens in terms of life’s luxuries, as a resident here it is almost impossible to starve….and the French have invested massively in transport and farming infrastructure over the last thirty years.


  12. All very good points re. ability to survive a collapse in the country vs. the city. My principal concern at present is that any collapse will be pre-empted by a nuclear exchange. It this is the case, I will be glad of the vials of insulin in the fridge.


  13. And please all remember that the agricultural areas of Germany are now half of New Poland. If one thinks of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as an example of this – with its “French” agricultural economy that is based on producing stuff off of the land, which causes Merkel to have heart problems because the state doesn’t pay its way.

    A bit like France, which is dependent on agriculture rather than the huge (and very profitable) industries that Western Germany has.

    If one takes 2/5 of Germany to be the former Bundesrepublik with its “outstanding” economic model, 1/5 to be the former DDR and the other 2/5 the former provinces of Preußen, Posen, Schlesien and the other bit of Pommern, that are now part of New Poland, you can begin to see that Germany was a very different country to the one we see today. What’s more, in economic terms, those states just mentioned are more Mecklenburg than Westfalen.


  14. I feel it important at this point to highlight that Esther Rantzen’s heart goes out to all of those spending christmas day on their own. She did not however invite anybody round to her house for dinner


  15. Went into one of the Britain s bigger cities for late night shopping yesterday & shops were empty,stock of poor choice & quantity,staff with poor product knowledge and whole areas unattended,it really was shocking,were i was expecting tens of thousands, i doubt there was even a thousand out shopping!


  16. We are fed a continuous diet of mind numbing TV and cheap lager. The masses are distracted while the screw on our freedom tightens,. Time for the useless eaters to look out- they will be first to be culled. Welcome to the future.


  17. The picture of headless chickens would be better if they were frankenstein chickens with zombie central banker heads attached.

    Reason being is if a headless chicken does not know what to do it will at all costs preserve itself forsaking the population in the process. The MO of a central banker.


  18. Jeremy Stocks, you will have noticed the use of permaculture in the video you presented.

    Now: an organic farm (Biologisch to we Europeans) will, on average produce around 8% less food than a conventional, poison-driven farm. Given the kind of intelligence demonstrated in your video, that can be achieved with far less consumption of oil too.

    But it does take intelligence – and intelligence breeds the courage to implement it. They are symbiotic, so to speak.

    Now living in Germany, you will have met the Demeter certification for organic produce. This system uses homeopathic remedies on the land, the soil. Whilst there are too many who decry homeopathy for no particular reason save that modern science can’t get its collective head around the truth of the matter. Perhaps scientists believe poisoned food is healthy? In our media-driven world it wouldn’t surprise me one bit!

    But the point is this: a Demeter farm, whilst more labour intensive, can produce as much as a farm that is driven on poisons and chemicals. Add to this that a healthy Demeter certified farm needs no inputs whatsoever; all the farm’s requirements for fertilizer and suchlike come from the farm itself. Nothing goes in the farm gate (as it were) tons of food leave it. Year in, year out. I’m sure a scientist could explain this in complex terms, but there are simpler concepts which fit the bill too.

    However, simple concepts are always hard to get one’s head around. Which is, after all, why we have complex economic theories as well as complex industrialized farms. Because people do not want to deal with the brain-strain of dealing with what they term “simplistic ideas” (that cannot work because they don’t understand them). For the brain-dead, it is a perfect excuse not to have to think. What’s more, the brain-dead running the media are more than happy to support them in their cerebral indolence.


  19. Gemma, some very cogent points made precisely. But to come back towards John’s topic, this sensible joined-up thinking is exactly what the over Psychotic Popes of wonga & their acolyte priesthood of politicians, by descending dictat, don’t want. I’m afraid they conspire to avoid us finding a foundation in the primary reality of an appreciation, understanding & particularly use, of anything natural. They would rather we occupy their terchary level bubble, were they think they have almost complete control. This Chicken has placed it’s head under it’s wing & is looking out from there, just dusting of simple awareness. At some point stomachs will rumble & those with nothing, will have nothing to loose…


  20. My comment whilst a response to Jeremy’s post was directly linked to the topic at hand, namely why the powers that be are so stupid.

    There are very simple and straightforward reasons why they are engaged in their current activities, and it all focusses on the fact that they have barely any idea of how to run a business. That most of them have been running businesses for thirty and more years is neither here nor there: the issue is HOW they ran their business, and was their business model one that was secure.

    Most business models are merely cobbled together from a variety of excuses that allow the business owner to imagine that because they’ve been failing in business for thirty years, they have a well run business. There is one statement that such business owners will make which will tell you that they cannot run a business, and it is this: “I am waiting for the economic upturn”.

    That should tell any cerebrally competent person that this businessman (and they are invariably men) hasn’t a clue about business.

    I do understand what leads to this state of affairs, but am only prepared to discuss the matter with those who are willing to exercise a few brain-cells in accepting a few concepts that are very rarely spoken of. However, they are as simple and as effective as a properly fused shell filled with black powder.


  21. I agreed before & I’ll agree again, at the basest level, they don’t need to see. They sit atop their perceived world, they have climbed into, “Inherited” & helped to create, they must be right, how could they be wrong? Those that don’t believe are all fools & nothing, NOTHING we say or do will change that. The allusion to & comparison with Church hierarchy was 100% intended. There is more chance of reasoning with a ISIS Jihadist!!! As much chance as Syriza ever had of renegotiating a revised bail-out. This is a Fusion of monstrous raw power & unshakeable belief. Water to Wine… piffle… We will turn less than nothing into everything… You thought imaginary Bond Villains were crackers… Totally & utterly out there F’ing trees.

    Good fortune, & please let me know what they say, when you get to explain your thoughts to them.


  22. @Gemma

    This could be one of the reasons that homeopathy is not taken seriously. Enjoy :)

    Don’t misunderstand me, I have become convinced over recent years that there is a lot more to this world than can be explained with our current reductionist paradigm. This realisation has come about mainly through conversations with remarkable friends who have provided evidence for phenomena that cannot be explained using any current ‘scientific’ model. Rupert Sheldrake’s researches have reinforced my openness to other ‘knowledge systems’, and a passing acquaintance with the history of science makes me open to the fallibility of ‘settled science’. Unfortunately, individuals like this ‘Dr’ Werner do tend to undermine those with genuine alternative ideas.


  23. If water has a memory, I don’t so much mind The fornicating fish. It’s all the human sanitation that concerns me more! Think about all the public health implications? Can I get a refund on my RO filter?


  24. “Water has memory, which scares the hell out of me, cause I’ve done some weird things in the shower. Luckily water has memory, but it can’t speak, it’s like an elephant.” Matt Kirshen


  25. Billy Gruff,
    that you are aware that speaking with such individuals would be like trying to have a sensible conversation with an ISIS Jihadist states that you have some awareness of what is going on.

    The point is that people who “sit atop their perceived world” are as fearful as those they cow with their perceived strength. The key issue is fear: the super-powerful, the oppressed masses and ISIS alike are all fearful. Why else would a ‘strong’ country like the USA flatten a weak one like Syria?? Don’t the USA know about equal matches? But with the Anglo-Saxon mind, it was ever thus: we have a bigger stick/battleship/bomb than you do, so don’t mess with us.

    That by any other reasoning is “you won’t get any more sensible answer out of us than you would out of a jihadist” – and they can keep their distance through the wielding of their powers.

    If ever you meet someone who can have a genuine conversation – even if they have views poles apart from your own – keep them as a friend, because most people harbour fears and will thus do anything to avoid being an equal in a conversation.

    As to homeopathy, I do understand the science behind it, albeit it is a science that stands squarely outside the dried-up intellectuality of the modern scientist’s notions. If you want to know more, read some Goethe; he disproved Newton’s theory of light, by the way. And if you have the time, you can disprove it for yourself too, because it only needs a prism. True science is simple, it is effective and mind-bendingly hard to get one’s head around. But that’s why we need the likes of CERN, because complexity is the result of weak thinking.


  26. “Jeremy Stocks, you will have noticed the use of permaculture in the video you presented.”

    Yes. It is an uphill struggle to implement it in Bavaria which is in its deep mindset one of the most stubborn conservative and downright backward mentalities I have ever experienced.

    When I was 25 I attempted a Himalayan peak Stok Kangri in Ladakh 20,000 feet but failed owing to altitude sickness and a car crash near the capital Leh (long story). Yet Ladakh and its simple life held me in a spell for decades, as did places like the Centre for Alternative Technology in mid Wales (yep I am a bit hippyish).

    If you wish to live “The Good Life” the problem is that you live next door to so many who don’t “see it”. The Margo and Jerry Leadbetters if you will, form the majority.


  27. Gemma we are equals, I assure you. We started in the same place & we are travelling to the same end… We just don’t seem to be agreeing on the bit in the middle too much ATM.


  28. Bill, I’m happy enough to be anybody’s equal. it’s just that there are very few who see the rich and powerful as being psychologically weak. As to not agreeing, given the time, I may be able to discern your viewpoint better. It’s what differeing viewpoints are all about.

    Mr Stocks, the problem with the good life is that it usually leaves you cold, muddy and hungry. My two kids all but grew up on the council allotments, and whilst cold and muddy, seemed happy enough for all that. It left me time to grow the food we couldn’t afford from the astonishingly poor wages paid in the UK. I remember when first living in Europe that a Euro would buy as much as a pound, which at the time was 30% more valuable – yet my income doubled in terms of sterling.

    Even so, the case-hardened German mentality or the Dutch Dijsselbloem are a constant source of puzzlement to me.


  29. Gemma Re:- Hardened Northern Europeans, I have some thoughts on that, but it’s OT. Hard conditions, long nights & suicide have something to do with it… Another time. Totally agree with the fear.


  30. Bill, you have to live with the Germans to know how insistent they can be. I once made the mistake of refusing a pfennig as my change.

    The old lady at the bakery said, genuinely shocked: “als die Pfennig hat kein wert, gel?” – what if the penny has no value?

    To them, incremental value is all. It’s a kind of build-it-yourself fortune, done the hard way.


  31. “Even so, the case-hardened German mentality or the Dutch Dijsselbloem are a constant source of puzzlement to me.”

    Yes they are a trip. Beneath the hard exterior without “Ordnung muss sein” they are underneath extreme wimps. If their invisible system failed tomorrow they lack any idea of what to do.


  32. When you say “if their invisible system failed tomorrow, they lack any idea of what to do” – what else is QE but powerful people having no idea what to do when their system collapsed? All they could do was invent money and let the banks rip with their derivatives and other nasties to keep up the appearance of an economy. If QE is an answer, the question was about penguins. ;-)

    As to Germans being extreme wimps, isn’t almost everybody in our day and age? When you see a person who has any power, you see someone who is at heart a wimp. By and large, the more powerful they are, the more timid they are when it comes to dealing with reality. It’s no different when you have a powerful corporation or a troll hiding behind his masculinity.


  33. Superdupermarionation Jeremy, I suspect. Mr V, who I thank for helping to expose the true heart & direction of the EU to me, had this to say.

    “Eurogroup President and Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem is an insignificant “puppet” hanging on the strings of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, he said.

    When asked who dominated the meetings, he said: “Wolfgang Schäuble. He’s the puppet master who pulls all the strings. All the other ministers are marionettes. Schäuble is the grandmaster of the Eurogroup. He decides who becomes the president, he determines the agenda, he controls everything.”

    The Greek ex-minister is especially hard for Dijsselbloem. “He has no real power. Dijsselbloem has no authority; he is a soldier, a puppet. He can’t make any decisions without calling Schäuble.”

    “Dijsselbloem is a cog in a machine that he doesn’t understand himself,” he said later in the interview. “There was absolutely no reason for me to speak with Jeroen because he was neither willing nor able to have a real discussion, let alone interested.”

    Not quite “Star Wars”, But I’m rather interested in “The Return of the Fakthis”, he really hasn’t forgotten the death threats to his daughter & ex-wife back in 2012…


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