BoJo the Poppycock goes ping-pong potty about piffle


Once again this morning, Boris Jobdone is holding forth unto the multitudes from his pulpit in the Latter Day Moron Church of the Teletubbies. Getting sweaty in December has convinced him that, Great Scott, something is going on you know.

‘Scientists look at the data,’ opines Borisconi, ‘But everyone else just looks at the weather – and it is the weather, therefore, that makes the psychological difference to the debate’.

Er, wrong. Scientists extrapolate from the data and suggest interpretations….about which they disagree until the day of their deaths. Everyone else looks at all kinds of things from temperature through to rainfall, and decides something has changed – but they’re sick and tired of fifty-five views on why it’s happened. As always, Doris is a tad loose on the cannonade front here, so I thought a little gentle criticism might be in order:

1. Weather and climate are not mutually exclusive, as the former is merely, over long periods of time, a symptom of the latter. To use the multi-tasking Mayor and MP’s favourite 17th century noun, separating the two is pure poppycock.
2. The long-range forecast for this Winter was based on a known potential climate change agent, El Nino, which also has an effect on the weather. Early mild winters are not unusual when Nino is active, but now the “scientists” are saying it will be “somewhat colder” in February and March. Go back to last June, and they had the entire European continent from Sweden to Brindisi under a dark blue belt of -5°C from October to April. So if they can get this part-climatic short term event so badly wrong, why on earth should we have any faith in their CO2 and greenhouse gases claptrap?
3. In that context, the idea that our planetary climate and effects upon it are ‘settled science’ is a bit like saying “even though we don’t know whether there was, is, or might be life on Mars, the Big Bang Theory is settled science”. Which of course is what scientists say, because it’s what scientists do: shoot off their mouths in learned journals, and then change their minds five years later.
4. I thought COP an supremely ironic name for the Paris Conference, because it is not going to be policed any any meaningful way at all. BoJo might indeed want to ponder on the ethics of his colleague the Prime Minister, who “hailed” the Paris jamboree, and then promptly snook a law in favour of fracking through Parliament 48 hours later.

We have to assume that the Turkish Viking does not himself think there’s much to worry about in the emissions data, because as Mayor of London he helped his corrupt and eventually unseated chum Tim Yesno to foist taxis upon London cabbies despite knowing their emissions were higher than the existing vehicles.

But to give His Mayorness due credit, he was very quick to spot a change of climate on the subject of Elm House in Tory-held Richmond; his success in silencing the squally weather over there must surely stand as a landmark in reversing political warming.

I do wish the Tubbytwins would give more space to people who can think. I myself, for example, am free at any time to write about Ten Pin Bowling, a subject about which I know almost nothing. That said, letting blinkered scientists who know everything loose on pols who know nothing is and always has been a much faster Road to Hell.

Weather in Cumbria versus Global climate bollocks

15 thoughts on “BoJo the Poppycock goes ping-pong potty about piffle

  1. CO2 drives climate change/warming?
    Hardly, CO2 concentrations lag temperature increases by 800 years. Ice core data:


  2. I’ve already done my, virtually closed system argument monologue for ACC. Note the newest TWA is devoid of temperature related words At the risk of sounding informed, the discussion has moved on to include far more than just Carbon Dioxide now. I do hope you are correct in your assertions, & not because it’s of much relevance to most of us. We won’t be here by then. Besides I’m led to believe that Neonicitinoides have decimated the butterfly population, so little chance of errant flapping wings messing about with the weather. Finally forgive me a slight digression, it has now been decided to, if not retire, then amend the word Chaos in respect of the theory. Apparently anything that is able to create recurring pretty patterns, isn’t chaotic. please welcome “Complexity Theory”. Will those at the front please keep-up.


  3. Perhaps you’re aiming at scientists and missing the journalists that should be the real targets of junk science reporting? I would just point out that in philosophy of science, a fact cannot be a fact until it can be demonstrated repeatedly and reliably by other labs and other scientists than the original proposer of the data. Therefore it follows that there can never be facts about future climate & weather. The best are models that rely on the current “facts” which are actually the best models within accepted paradigms, which as we have seen predicted a harsh winter, and we’re now sweating it out, we’ll be firing up the barbie for boxing day. Worse, we’re seeing more of sweaty Doris than anyone should have to.


  4. ‘Weather and climate are not mutually exclusive, as the former is merely, over long periods of time, a symptom of the latter. To use the multi-tasking Mayor and MP’s favourite 17th century noun, separating the two is pure poppycock.’

    Err……think you mean the other way around. Climate is merely weather over long periods of time and all that……

    Perish the thought that anyone could suggest that the great JW was speaking poppycock…….


  5. ‘Things have changed’ – err, yes. They change all the time. Like from the 1970s to the 1980s in SE England. In the first decade, it barely snowed from Christmas 1970 to December 1979, one brief dump one May night in mid-decade notwithstanding. Then in the 1980s, we had the infamous December 1981 with Siberian temperatures and snow in the Thames Valley, i had two freezing winters in Cambridge at Uni when the river froze for weeks on end, then 1986/7 was a pretty hard winter in Scotland too.

    Thing is, then it changed again. Things got milder from 1988 through to about 2008, when it got colder again. Now it’s unseasonably mild here and unfeasibly wet in Cumbria.

    Well this year the reason is very simple: there’s been a huge high pressure which has never quite disappeared stretching from North Africa to Ukraine and that means that all the Transatlantic fronts are coming straight at UK without ever going further north. Weeks and weeks of them.

    It’s not new, you know. Just around a generation since the last time this happened and it happened slightly differently so the way the fronts passed through Britain were different. 1988/9 and 1989/90 both saw unfeasibly large high pressures from Siberia to Northern Spain with attendant devastation on the alpine ski-ing seasons. In terms of snow dumping on the Alps the early 2015/16 season has been like 1988/9 rather than 1989/90. The pressures a generation ago were a bit further north and the result was rather colder, but the utter lack of precipitation on Europe’s mountains was the same.

    1988/9 was my last year in Scotland first time round and at the time I did a lot of mountaineering. That winter, there was really virtually no snow on even the tops until mid-March and then there was still plenty on the hills in mid-May and then an unseasonable dump on the Cairngorms down to 1500ft in mid June, when I completed a weekend-round of the ‘4 tops’ of Cairngorm, Ben Macdui, Cairn Toul and Braeriach and walked on crisp neve snow in the early morning of the Sunday after sleeping overnight in the bothy by the side of the River Dee.

    For those that think that the Cumbria rainfall was ‘unheard of’, there was a ‘great blizzard’ in Scotland in January 1984 or January 1985 when subsequent friends of mine went away to just NE of Fort William for the weekend and got snowed in, needing to dig themselves out and drive back via the coast road to Oban, where they abandoned the minibus and took a train back, passing through 20ft drifts in Tyndrum, which is hardly at the altitude of Ben Nevis. Of course, when it comes as snow, it doesn’t all enter the water courses immediately, so you don’t get the flooding, but the levels of precipitation were pretty enormously unfeasible, it just happened in rural Scotland which of course no-one at the BBC has ever heard of…….even though the Bridge of Orchy Hotel had pictures of the train snowed in at the station and the armed forces no doubt recall dropping supplies to the Hotel to feed everyone stranded in the middle of Argyll.

    If you want to talk about abrupt changes in climate, perhaps the greatest came in 1977 – it was called ‘The Great Pacific Shift’ and saw Pacific Ocean temperatures off the northern American continent rise by 10C in one season. It was the shift in what is known as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, which is a 50 – 70-odd year biphasic oscillation which has significant effects on climate for two or three decades, before shifting back to a different pattern.

    We have one here in the Atlantic too – it’s called the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and I think you’ll find that in one mode, it is more likely that snow comes earlier and melts earlier whereas in the other mode it tends to be less plentiful early on but more abundant later on. Of course extremes occur in the odd season, but you can either go through the snow records or recall from your own ski-ing experiences what actually happened…….

    The great no-no of course is whether the US military is using HAARP technology to put pulses of energy into small parts of the upper stratosphere or wherever. The technology aims to mimic the effect of solar emissions reaching earth and could of course be used to create warmer winters, colder winters, snowy winters, droughts, floods etc etc, assuming they know what they are doing (or perhaps because they don’t know what they are doing). It’s the usual case of the military thinking that their ignorance is best kept from the public instead of the whole world keeping all such research on a very tight, very public leash.

    Why are things ‘different’?

    Because we didn’t keep detailed enough records the past 2000 years for us to know that actually things aren’t different, they are just different to what we had the past 40 years or so.

    We are so ignorant about real climate patterns that we don’t yet know what ‘natural variability’ actually is.

    And admitting that would never do, so everyone froths and fizzes, still deluded that we humans can control the power of nature.

    Well, a few military types at HAARP can alter it, whether they can actually control it for the benefit of mankind is a much more moot point……..


  6. I’m not really surprised, they seem to like the whole combustion thing. Ever consider what happens at the edge of a subducting tectonic plate & all the berried organic goodies it contains? I dropped a hint about geological processes in an earlier thread. This is relevant to climate whatever as nature has been doing on a larger scale (& still does) what we have started to do. If we think it’s worth giving our descendants a chance maybe we might like to fish the useful stuff out, just before the edge & give primary reality a day off?


  7. Watching the You Tube recommended by WFD led me further down the Rabbit Hole and 2 hours later my AGWosticism is deeper than ever courtesy of Dr Tim Ball:


  8. Thanks for this video – at times sound is not great – but the message is clear – and it’s good to know somebody else agrees with me – manmade global warming should be read as continued manmade global exploitation by the few against the many – nothing unusual there.


  9. “reconstruct Decency (by John Ward)” Tell me exactly what this means when you were busy defending and involved with them who was involved with the abducted women


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