ANALYSIS: Life under Erdogan, the man groomed for EU entry because of his ‘improved democracy and liberty record’


Tell that to Eren Erdem MP

I doubt very much if many of you have been following the ordeal of reforming (ie honourable) Turkish MP Eren Erdem. He is a member of the Opposition RPP in the Turkey’s Parliament who eight days ago stood up in that body and asked for a prosecutor’s enquiry into cast-iron evidence that the Erdogan government had been for some time passing Sarin gas to ISIL in Syria for use in false flag operations (approved by the US and possibly also the UK) accusing Basshar Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people.

The Slog has long alleged this to be the case. I was delighted when, immediately afterwards, those fingered by Erdem were arrested and charged by the public prosecutor.

Three days later, the accused were all released – and the prosecutor fired. The man in the dock is now hero Eren Erdem who told the media that “I did this to restore the pride and prestige of the Turkey I love”. So Erdem went to RT (which, OK, fine – has an agenda in that it’s a Putin mouthpiece) and they ran his story plus interview. But the only reason Erdem went to RT was because the ‘progressive’ Erdogan instructed the media to maintain a blanket silence about the case evidence.

Erdogan went on the Turkish media earlier this week to accuse Eren Erdem of being a traitor. Two days later, Ankara’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office opened the case against Eren Erdem of the Republican People’s Party.

Erdogan is the man Euro security forces Ducéette Federica Mogherini says is safe as a NATO ally and EU member in the ‘Fight against Terrorism’ because he has made “great strides in the protection of civil liberties and expansion of democracy in Turkey”.

This is the man unser geliebte Mutti Merkel licked all over last month in a vain bid to stop him flooding Europe with young Isamists many of whom were not refugees (also featured here first at The Slog)

This is the man showered with praise by our depraved Prime Minister in perhaps the most disgusting speech ever made by a British leader abroad five years ago – see The Slog’s withering attack at the time.

Washington, NATO, Downing Street, Brussels, Berlin and Paris all know the truth about Erdoganesque Turkey. I see no sign of any honourable man with power – and the balls of Eren Erdem – coming forward to rescue him from the deranged clutches of less-and-less closet Islamist Recep the Rabid.

Yes, sadly, cometh the Hour of Darkness, cometh only the Dorian Gray clones to butcher Truth.

Time for even the strongest and most cynical stomach to leave the room and vomit copiously….for the stench of western proto-fascist defaecation on valued principles is too repulsively foetid to bear.

Also in a long series of thoroughly deserved Erdogan-thrashing at The Slog:

Press ‘freedom’ under Recep Erdogan

35 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Life under Erdogan, the man groomed for EU entry because of his ‘improved democracy and liberty record’

  1. Try having him as a neighbour, he’s always pushing at the fence. In the EU Generation game. maybe Alexi decided to go for the frying pan?


  2. He seems to be yet another in a line of leaders of whom the west said “Yes, he’s a bastard, but he’s OUR bastard”. Business as usual.


  3. Isn’t this time for a reality check? After all, we all know – or at least should know – that the European Union has nothing to do with democracy in any shape or form. The sole purpose of the EU is to force the adoption of US-style coporatism on countries that are, as yet, relatively democratic. That is to say, countries who still need to be told that corporatism and globalism is good for them.

    The only reason the EU would have any truck with Erdogan’s “improved democracy and liberty record” is for the headlines it will make in the European newspapers, which as we know – or at least should know – are believed by the majority of people to be telling the truth.


  4. … and Turkish accidental invasion of Greek airspace continues at hundreds of times a month. Nobody will listen to the complaints from Greece.


  5. Thanks for keeping me updated, John …. but that begs the question ‘why are we not being informed in the UK of evidence that Turkey arranged the gassing of Syrians?’ OK, I know the answer, but it is still worth asking the question.


  6. After all the false flag bombings in Bosnia, the TV Station in Belgrade, Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, the injustice of Kosovo, the chaos and mass murder in Iraq, Afganistan and Libya, folk are now finally waking up to the truth.

    Politicians keep saying we should or should not be getting involved in Syria. Yet we’ve been involved for years. Seems to me Tony Blair is going to get let off lightly compared to what Cameron is going to have to explain. No conspiracy theories whatsover but this country is up to its neck in covert operations and supporting terrorism abroad. Let’s not wait another 15 years for the mainstream media to decide this was a mess and for the next enquiry. People need to act now and stop the destruction by Cameron and Obama of secular Middle East and Syria.


  7. Bravo JW.

    …”for the stench of western proto-fascist defaecation on valued principles is too repulsively foetid to bear.”


  8. A lot of bile erupting here… A lot of antithetical feeling too… Would be nice to get back to the task in hand…”Deconstruct lies, reconstruct Decency”.

    I feel firmly stuck in the absolute middle of this, & would relish a little more understanding.

    Anybody else feel this way?


  9. @BG
    Doing my very best to foster a little more understanding.
    I myself feel that there won’t be enough time to de-construct or reconstruct anything sensible when the world of the ME is suddenly turned on its head, as it surely will.
    Turkey establishing an airbase in Qatar and still loitering in Iraq.
    Putin had it right when he used the term “back-stabbing”.
    Even then, Erdogan is only a bit player in this game and hardly the most evil.
    As regards antithetical feeling, I’d suggest not standing on a ME border near you.


  10. I really enjoyed reading your other piece on Erdogan which gave reference to the Byzantine era and now along comes this gem.

    But as Erdogan has burnt so many bridges I believe he is isolated and feels threatened, both for himself and Turkish territorial integrity, so much so and with cap in hand he is now trying to normalise relations with Israel.

    The SAA is fast approaching Turkish borders, the tourist industry is all but dead and the Russian sanctions against Turkey are hitting the Germans hard. Unless by a miracle the tourists return and sanctions lifted the current curfews and riots in the east of Turkey will spread and lead to a civil war.

    Not good for us in the EU.

    Erdogan is a dead man walking and he knows it.


  11. Spare a thought for Turkish people . My knowledge is very limited but have had some meaningful conversations with Turks when sailing their beautiful coastline. One very eloquent lady was telling me that in Fethiye a new mosque had been built but what she and others wanted was a new hospital and school and that the services are read in Arabic language which very few Turks even understand . Another man was explaining to me why Erdogan has gained some popularity , because he had introduced some form of basic pension and healthcare provision for less well off. I asked him about the country being led into a more religious regime in spite of Attuturk declaring Turkey to be secular.He was absolutely adamant that population would never never allow that to happen .
    It just serves to remind me that what we read about what politicians are saying rarely represents the populace. Democracy light.


  12. Re the Michelmiss Jamboree:
    I note that “thing”, on his return, reffed to his experience as “like playing with jelly!”…I wonder in fact whether he was making a snide comparison to Jellybaby!
    I’m of the opinion we have witnessed the biggest load of bollocks and bluff the world has seen in many a year.(those buggers in Brux must all be shitting themselves…. as to when it kicks off!) We all love our Europe being destroyed ..don’t we?
    I remember Nutty slack .. do you? Great marketing ploy to sell grossly polluting coal to folk… it was doing great harm to thousands!
    The Yanks had to drag Mack the Knife back from his grouse more to
    sort it out ..They had had their own mass poisoning a ,so they knew what the score was.
    Are any figures available as to the safety of foreign imports. The Swedes may be interested as we, in the UK were defoliating their forests back in those days.


  13. The UN Security Council were unanimous in backing the Syria Peace Plan yesterday.
    This is very promising and rather important because it gives all nations an exit strategy. The only alternative to failure was World War eventually imho. What happens to Assad is secondary, though I’m sure he has enough sworn enemies to assasinate him . Good riddance.

    So then, Turkey will have to behave as a solid eu member, sanctions can be lifted all round, and everyone can get on with their lives.


  14. Well, Putin may be right that Erdogan is kissing the private parts of America, so why can’t Mr. Cameron kiss Erdogan private parts as well? He has that right hasn’t he?


  15. “He is a member of the Opposition RPP in the Turkey’s Parliament who eight days ago stood up in that body and asked for a prosecutor’s enquiry into cast-iron evidence that the Erdogan government had been for some time passing Sarin gas to ISIL in Syria for use in false flag operations (approved by the US and possibly also the UK) accusing Basshar Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people”.

    I would not be so confident about the UN plan and the risk of WW111.

    I do think they will continue to use ISIS and other groups to to get rid of Assad. Given that it appears that Turkey was directly involved in the chemical attack – and US and UK complicit, perhaps we should be wishing a good riddance to governments who are prepared to provoke wars by murdering people they claim to be protecting?. Pure evil and far worse than anything Assad may or may not have done. As bad as Hitler in my book and it seems some folk have become so conditioned to the wars caused by US that they judge such behaviour as normal.

    As far as I can tell Assad is not only the lesser evil as far as Al Qaeda and ISIS is concerned – but also so when measured up against Erdogan, Obama, McCain and Cameron.

    In fact, given all the false flags and misinformation, it does raise questions about whether any of the allegations against Assad are true.


  16. What about the UK’s special buddies across the pond, hardly a mention. Apparently they have very recently removed all their aircraft from USAF bases in Turkey, I didn’t even know they were there! It was always unlikely that any gobble pie, didn’t have a large podgy star spangled finger in it…

    “According to the great whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, a silent coup has taken place in Washington and rampant militarism now rules. The Pentagon currently runs “special operations” – secret wars – in 124 countries. At home, rising poverty and hemorrhaging liberty are the historic corollary of a perpetual war state. Add the risk of nuclear war, and the question begs: why do we tolerate this?”… No change there then.

    So why bugger off from Turkey? I could almost believe, that if a larger conflict is required, it would be better arranged as far away as possible & should involve all the other aspiring & major powers…

    Also an interesting book I haven’t read:-


  17. @Loverat

    I agree entirely. The unceasing MSM propaganda about ‘Assad’s barrel bombs, (apparently far worse than properly constituted MIC manufactured munitions), completely ignores that the chaos and death in Syria is totally a Nato/GCC/Israel creation. Most in Syria led peaceful, contented lives until an unprecedented drought caused mass migration to Syria’s cities six/seven years ago. This climate-induced instability was seized upon and cynically exploited by the psychopaths in the FUKUS Deep States. Jihadists and various ex and current special forces were infiltrated into Syria from Jordan and Turkey, and were unleashed to bring down Assad. Let’s not lose sight of the truly evil culprits responsible for the thousands dead in Syria.


  18. Fleshing out my comment above…

    Various South/Central American coups, Ukraine, Libya, Syria anyone see a pattern here?


  19. Western politicians have a death wish they want to destroy their own countries letting Turkey into the EU madness.


  20. My apologies to all Slog for embedding the above Scribd piece. I thought I was just posting a link, not the entire article. Mea culpa.


  21. @ Canex
    only you could F*ck anything up, but don’t worry.

    Re Turkey – look, there are over big big egos out there (latest Putin comment) , and frankly I don’t GAF who has the biggest swing dick. JUST DO IT !

    End of day, Putin goes down in history as the a**hole. Period.


  22. A large global pie, & no podgy, star-spangled fingers mentioned? In view that the USAF has just removed it’s F16’s from Turkey, following the “Patriot Missile” removal in October. A wise move in the current situation, wouldn’t be nice if one got shot down by accident! Maybe they consider “Jobs Done”. Just left me a bit suspicious, reminded me of the loud guy at the bar who always manages to leave before the punch-up really starts…

    Interesting review, not read the book:-


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