Tell that to Eren Erdem MP

I doubt very much if many of you have been following the ordeal of reforming (ie honourable) Turkish MP Eren Erdem. He is a member of the Opposition RPP in the Turkey’s Parliament who eight days ago stood up in that body and asked for a prosecutor’s enquiry into cast-iron evidence that the Erdogan government had been for some time passing Sarin gas to ISIL in Syria for use in false flag operations (approved by the US and possibly also the UK) accusing Basshar Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people.

The Slog has long alleged this to be the case. I was delighted when, immediately afterwards, those fingered by Erdem were arrested and charged by the public prosecutor.

Three days later, the accused were all released – and the prosecutor fired. The man in the dock is now hero Eren Erdem who told the media that “I did this to restore the pride and prestige of the Turkey I love”. So Erdem went to RT (which, OK, fine – has an agenda in that it’s a Putin mouthpiece) and they ran his story plus interview. But the only reason Erdem went to RT was because the ‘progressive’ Erdogan instructed the media to maintain a blanket silence about the case evidence.

Erdogan went on the Turkish media earlier this week to accuse Eren Erdem of being a traitor. Two days later, Ankara’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office opened the case against Eren Erdem of the Republican People’s Party.

Erdogan is the man Euro security forces Ducéette Federica Mogherini says is safe as a NATO ally and EU member in the ‘Fight against Terrorism’ because he has made “great strides in the protection of civil liberties and expansion of democracy in Turkey”.

This is the man unser geliebte Mutti Merkel licked all over last month in a vain bid to stop him flooding Europe with young Isamists many of whom were not refugees (also featured here first at The Slog)

This is the man showered with praise by our depraved Prime Minister in perhaps the most disgusting speech ever made by a British leader abroad five years ago – see The Slog’s withering attack at the time.

Washington, NATO, Downing Street, Brussels, Berlin and Paris all know the truth about Erdoganesque Turkey. I see no sign of any honourable man with power – and the balls of Eren Erdem – coming forward to rescue him from the deranged clutches of less-and-less closet Islamist Recep the Rabid.

Yes, sadly, cometh the Hour of Darkness, cometh only the Dorian Gray clones to butcher Truth.

Time for even the strongest and most cynical stomach to leave the room and vomit copiously….for the stench of western proto-fascist defaecation on valued principles is too repulsively foetid to bear.

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