Exclusive at The Slog: your very own Advent cut-out-and-keep 20-day Christmas season questions for wise men, not wide-boys

1. With oil at $36, where is the business rationale for fracking in the UK?
2. What would have been the difficulty in building huge oil storage facilities in the UK over the last four months, and then buying vast amounts of cheap oil as an alternative to fracking that would be both less risky and a thousand times cheaper than the fracking investment?
3. Why and how is bombing Syria and producing further refugee misery a rational response to the Paris attacks?
4. IF ISIL is the Islamist enemy of us all, why are we not all single-mindedly dedicated to bombing them, and nobody/nothing else?
5. When it is obviously arming, bankrolling and otherwise encouraging ISIL/Daeth, why is Erdogan’s Turkey (a) in the new anti-Islamist Muslim alliance and (b) in NATO?
6. With all the empirical data pointing to falling wages in the West, zero growth in Europe and overwhelming US dollar ownership of Bric debt, why has the Fed now raising rates?
7. How has the UK Government been allowed to renege on all its Parliamentary procedural pledges and push through a vicious carte blanche on fracking with nobody anywhere able to stop them?
8. Why – after all the promises that surrounded the 2010 general election in the UK – have we not seen so much as a whiff of the written Constitution we were going to get?
9. On what basis do 73% of Britons still think highly of the UK/US Special Relationship?
10. Why has the UK media hacking enquiry been closed, and how on earth can the CPS have the gall to suggest it ‘lacks evidence’ for further prosecutions?
11. How did Rebekah Brookes née Wade wind up only facing hacking  charges in relation to incidents where all the emails involved had been erased?
12. Why did Greek PM Alexis Tsipras cave when he held all the cards?
13. What exactly is the BBC afraid of?
14. What was it about Sadam and Gaddafi  – and what is it about Basshar Assad – that makes them any worse than the anti-democratic, illiberal Kurd genocidalist Recep Erdogan?
15. Why does Erdogan deserve taxpayer monies from the citizens of an EU he loathes and which he has tried at every turn to destabilise?
16. Which particular bit of the EU’s unaccountable financial corporate fascism does the UK Corbynist Labour Party not grasp?
17. Why do we in the West need eternal growth when we are already 5,500 times richer in real terms, 37 times more healthy and three times as llikely to reach the age of 90 than we were in the 11th century?
18. Why has ALL the wealth creation on the planet north, south, east and west gone to 4.5% of the global population since 2005?
19. Why am I not the Supreme Ruler of the Universe?
20. How come previously successful football managers arrive at Manchester United and immediately start to screw up?