ANALYSIS: We are led by suspect power brokers with no respect for us


You may wonder what the presence of Tony Blair before a foreign affairs committee, EDF renewing the cable close to my house, and the official closure of the UK phone-hacking enquiry all have in common….but bear with me, for all will be revealed.

I was both amused and appalled at the ‘evidence’ given by former Prime Minister Tony Blair this morning to a Commons Committee. Not only did he fail to make any reference to oil or geopolitics, he referred throughout to the Arab Spring as if it might be a reality, as opposed to an invention of arrogant Western liberals, woefully ignorant of the ways and mores of Arabia. Over and over, however, he spoke quite happily about ‘replacing’, ‘getting rid of’, and ‘deposing’ leaders he described as dictators, one of whom – Gaddafi – he had gone to see, and overtly enlisted in the dual process of dumping Sadam Hussein of Iraq and controlling the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the event, what happened was that former relatively stable middle eastern States became anarchic, and both the Brotherhood and Islamism generally went from strength to strength. But even had the early Blair-Bush lerrv-in been a success, Moral Tone was here rationalising policies that followed long after he was forced to resign as a result of Gordon Brown’s blackmail, sorry, encouragement. He was effectively treating both his inquisitors and TV audience as complete numpties.

Nothing reflected this assumption of observer stupidity more than the Janet & John childlike sermons he gave out on the subject of “how to deal with the Gyppos”, which he did not of course say, but his every utterance betrayed that superiority complex all those who Beeleeeve possess. Here’s a typical extract:

“Look….when dealing with the Middle East….you see, look, the thing is…’ve got a quite different landscape compared to, say, the normal way in which dictatorship is overthrown elsewhere. On the one hand, one has the ordinary People clearly desperate to embrace Western democracy, but on the other you have Islamism which, you know, wants to replace one tyrant with their tyranny. So one has to balance the differences – and they really are major, I might add – when making the transition. It’s not as easy as it looks”.

My reactions to that scales-from-the-eyes analysis range from at best “no shit Sherlock?” to “how dare you – a failed barrister and peddler of soundbite bollocks – talk to me as if it was my first day in Kindergarten?”  Overlaying my response is the sense of tooth-rattling superficiality designed to evoke the noddy-dog response from the Sleeple…which of course it always did.
But remember: this is the man that came within a gnats of introducing and passing a Bill to lift radical Islam in Britain beyond the reach of egalitarian law.
The Bottom line? No principles and no respect.


Yesterday, EDF cut off my electricity for six hours. No advance warning was given. The blokes doing the work blocked my single-track road, and at first refused to budge when I tried to leave. Only fierce looks and threats of high-level phone calls from your correspondent eventually got them to do so.
When I came back, they had run a bulldozer through my back garden (undoing hours of levelling work I’d undertaken during the Autumn) and nailed a guy-rope into the tree-stump right next to the restored barn. They claim it’s temporary.
Basically, they ran roughshod over my basic citizen rights. EDF is a private company these days, and is an aggressive takeover merchant that is, as the ironic saying has it, “growing by getting bigger”, owning as it does much of the UK’s electricity distribution. When State owned, this outfit was  a nightmare to deal with…but at least the old EDF always gave one a week’s warning about work, always told one of potential destruction involved in the works being undertaken, and always sent receipts confirming the power supplied and paid for. Today, the Eldefrancais do none of these things.

The Bottom line? No principles and no respect.


All the major UK websites and press titles today carry the depressing and disturbing news that the the press phone-hacking enquiry is now at an end, and there will be no further charges because (the CPS alleges) ‘there is unsufficient evidence to ensure successful prosecutions”. It’s hard to know how to contain one’s rage in the face of such dissembling drivel.

1. Having taken Newscorp apart and landed two big fish (the more wriggly of whom managed to get back in the river and live to lie again) the CPS left dozens of guilty Mirror Group and Teletubby hacks alone to breathe again – and start suing all those bloggers who named and shamed them.
2. There is insufficient evidence because the guilty destroyed its virtual existence. I do sincerely hope that the CPS tried a tad harder when it comes to religious terrorists.
3. The Lord Levitate Enquiry ignored much of the evidence against the hackers, and chose instead to demonise the very blogosphere and liberal press sources that had been instrumental in unearthing the industrial scale invasion of citizen privacy for purely commercial gain in the first place.

Well, whatever lines the utterly politicised and corrupt CPS wants to draw under press criminality (while pursuing its kangaroo Court vendettas against the Enemies of Murdoch Alliance) the dedicated page Hackgate will continue at The Slog….and update its records in the hope that one day, a 21st Century Elliot Ness might appear with a legal remit to stop, search and question the Corporacrats with the same powers of prosecution as seem to apply to NVEs and residents of Croydon.

The bottom line? No principles and no respect

Amoral geopoliticians, mendacious multinational energy groups and media mogul Truth-mashers are running everything today….almost always to the detriment of the Citzenry who voted for their interests to come first.  This is what Blair, EDF and Newscorp have in common. This is what drives Camerlot’s Syria policy. It is what drags the French, kicking and screaming, into line on the War on Terror propaganda. Beyond the job of hunting and gathering munneee, all of these suspects have no principles, no ethics, and no respect for us.

11 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: We are led by suspect power brokers with no respect for us

  1. Agreed.
    AN interesting take on Dave’s Syrian strategy is the very likely probablilty he was told to get planes into Syria for the purpose of muddying the skies and therefore degrading the Russian cover. As many planes as possible from as many countires as possible, all confusing the hell out of the Russian air defences, “who is it, do we shoot or don’t we shoot”. Meanwhile several planes slip out the back and continue bombing the Syrian army.

    The other Brucie bonuses were giving a better perception of an international effort and some kind of seat at the table, whatever that may be, but the overwhelming priority was to confuse the skies making it impossible for Russian forces to engage.

    Putin seems to have something to say about that however…….interesting and dangerous times.


  2. ” On the one hand, one has the ordinary People clearly desperate to embrace Western democracy” Absolute cods. Anyone who knows the tribal mindset of the typical Arab knows his allegiance is to his tribal elder, not to any nation state. “I and my brother against my cousin…”

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  3. I understand that the US Treasury has just released a detailed report of where ISIS oil is going. The answer is ….To Turkey!.
    As to the amounts involved, the sums correspond to the amounts detailed in the Russian briefings. So there you have it, last week a State Department official couldn`t see any oil going to Turkey and the next week another arm of the Administration reports that heaps of oil is going to Turkey making ISIS a lot of money in the process. Confirms what you are saying above JW. They are expecting us to behave and respond with the enthusiasm of zombies. It is pleasing to note the shock when the “Talking Heads” and their Progressive fellow travellers realise that very few are listening.


  4. “The bottom line? No principles and no respect”

    The bottom line is, of course, is that these are mutually dependent, unified by the neo-con ideology, which happily (for them) is about making the rich richer, no matter how grotesque it gets. I’m just waiting for it to descend into a total open robbery – not far off now in the UK – where they just shout from the TV screens “Just give us your money. Hand it over. Put in bank accounts and we will take what we want when we want, oh and BTW in case you’re hoarding the stuff in piggy banks we’re abolishing physical currency. If you resist you will be treated as an enemy of the state, and your entire family with you”. Reverting to type, these robber barons are simply carving up the UK into estates to be dispensed to favourites on the strength of personal connections. Just look at the contortions going on around the bully denier “Lord” Feldman, ennobled, given rich sinecure roles and protected because he plays tennis with their Dear Leader.

    (The rich, of course will have their hoards in international accounts, ready to change into whatever currency they need.)


  5. Well John’ you may as well add to this list the fall of the Dixon of Dock Green policeman, especially in London. The Met it seems have now morphed into a guerilla outfit, with facemasks, helmuts and military wear. They shoot first and then don’t bother to ask questions using our streets as the scalextric track of stardom. They close roads and run amock based on intelligence-led beliefs systems. There’s no wonder ordinary crime is rapidly falling – they don’t look for it anymore. Gone is all that nonsense for the full army wearing, gun toting cowboy. All in the best possible taste but not in the name of justice unless you use ‘their’ definition. Without a hint of irony the cops even took to twitter to reassure it was not a terrorist plot. Words fail me. No principles. No respect. No accountability to the public who pay, sometimes by being shot dead – saves on court fees apparently.


  6. EDF cut off our power the other day, here in Haute-Vienne – after giving more than two weeks written notice. Maybe you missed a letter?


  7. The ordinary citizen is at the bottom of the totem pole and’ le merde’ flows downhill.
    There is a reason the Lord of the Manor built his castle on a hilltop. His serfs had the full effect of his sewage arrangements in their hovels at the base..
    It is why we are classed as subjects. Subjected to being covered in defectation from the oscillations of our so-called Govt.


  8. Surely we could re-instate some sort of Witch Trial for Ginger Minger Wade-kemp-brooks. Set up the Crone Prosecution Service for a start.


  9. Unfortunately if the legal system becomes corrupted the enraged masses, well a small minority of them, may say: ‘to hell with legal due process, let’s sort this out behind the bike sheds’….which may sort of well, um, mean that a few dodgy hacks get what football hooligans used to restrict to fellow football hooligans of a different tribe.

    It’s always the way: if you close off the decent, law-abiding ways of dispute resolution, you leave only the less pleasant ones….


  10. David Cameron has angered Eurosceptic MPs by declaring that he is ready to send British police, border guards or the army to help to guard Europe’s external border.
    The prime minister made the offer in private conversations this week in return for concessions on his demands for a new relationship between Britain and the EU.
    Has he sold his grandmother yet?


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