Turkey in Iraq and UK’s Syria bombing targets: is this a clue or a fake?

Take a look at this:


It was sent to me this morning – after I sent an email to a source wondering why the UK’s first mission over Syria was to bomb something already flattened by both Russian and American fighter-bombers. Unsurprisingly, the sender’s email address bounced back.

I’m assuming WIILEAK is just a literal error and the sender meant Wikileak.

This is the best I can come up with: the imputation is that part of the grubby Berlin/Ankara blackmail deal was that Turkey should now walk the walk in attacking ISIL. What looked like a problem for Recep the Rabid has now been turned into an opportunity to casually walk into Iraq and claim he is “helping our troops attack ISIL” (see this Reuters piece  I read a couple of hours ago).

You may also have noticed that, during the day, it’s become clear that Merkel has no intention of sharing security information with Erdo the Weirdo.

My assumption had been that Cameron’s Sopwith Camels attacked an undefended target to reduce the chances of plane/pilot loss. But this little gem also suggests that London is on the same side as Ankara (cf Cameron’s silly 2010 speech there) – aka NATO, aka Washington: which is, lets face it, par for the course.

Maybe ‘Nato in crisis’ represents wishful thinking; but there seems little doubt that Berlin’s well-founded distrust of Erdogan is testing the German commitment to NATO…and rumours that elements in Berlin might prefer to look East rather than West continue to circulate.

I have absolutely no provenance with which to judge this input, and my instinct is 70:30 that it’s either some idiot having a laugh, or a piece of deliberate throwing of the red herring up the garden path. Such things are, let’s face it, not unknown.

But I wonder what others think.

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25 thoughts on “Turkey in Iraq and UK’s Syria bombing targets: is this a clue or a fake?

  1. I can’t see Berlin falling out with Washington somehow. Berlin might not like the ‘Washington line’ but, they are not about to do anything foolish.


  2. My monies still on Germany getting into bed with Russia first, although France just might get there first and Germany will have to settle for sloppy seconds.

    So the Ponziopoly scheme is on an elevator to hell. Just when and how will Camoron engineer a state of emergency?

    I wonder what Putin is having for his xmas meal. If Turkeys on the menu will it be well-done or crispy?


  3. If you’re in politics, you need to know what your friends will do.

    There’s a choice for Merkel: an unpleasant one who will do as you expect (that’s Putin). Either that, or you put up with the US president, who operates strictly on the basis of the highest bidder. Not knowing in advance whose envelope has the biggest cheque in it, it’s hard to tell which way Obama will jump.

    Oh, and Putin’s got gas. Germans like keeping warm, despite it being the warmest December on record…



  4. “If Turkeys on the menu will it be well-done or crispy?”

    Or if the Turkey is rotten , will Vlad invite iran to have a generous helping first. Hungry Iranians may just clean it all up.


  5. Oh , and how is the repatriation of the German gold progressing.
    Germany needs to take a lesson from the Dutch shill playbook.
    Say what we want , no matter that it is a lie , and ” you can have your gold”.


  6. Wait until Turkey is fully engaged on the ground and then stop the supporting air campaign. Let the Shia and Sunni devour themselves.


  7. Your information that Erdogan has been given an out by letting him achieve his ( and the Saudi government’s)political objectives of opposing Assad whilst sitting on Isis is logical. Now that Putin has put on his hissy fit about having his fighter shot down and seen no reaction from the West whatsoever, ( which means his bluff has been called). the next Chess move Turkey going in to ” oppose ISIL” and incidentally, protect it’s interests, is logical. Also, If Turkish troops are there (1) Putin cannot bomb Iracqi territory and (2) Baghdad cannot call in Russia air strikes against an enemy that has now been “neutralized” and is full of a NATO nations armed forces.
    This combined with the Ukraine’s moves is a sign to Russia that (A) the west is not going to roll over and play dead in the face of the Russian power play and 2 if you want to have the West buy your goodies it is best not to try to destroy their economic power.
    What You all In Europe need to understand is that after Thursday It is a whole new ball game over here. What those two fanatics did down in San Berardino was a game changer.or maybe you could say it was the lead weight that broke he camel’s back. Pearl Harbor 2 has struck and In the US gun Control is as politically dead as Barak Hussein Obama. .The left has lost all trust in him and the right hates his guts
    It also seems that the pre game show in the Quadrennial presidential circus is now over and Cruz has now made his move. To say that that move struck a chord in GOP voters is an understatement. Cruz has marked his territory, and it is in direct opposition to the official policy of the current government of the United States. We will see where the drama goes from here but what the Neocons tried to jumpstart with the phony 9/11 terror strike, has now come to pass. Working class American are no longer “Tolerant” of Islam. And that fact is going to have dire consequences shortly


  8. Oh and I heard something about Obama being for sale to the highest bidder. Nope Obama was bought long ago by Brzezinski which is to say the Democratic wing of the Banksters. He has no power base outside of this, so like a good smart house N***** he is obviously going to stay bought. Americans are counting the days tll January 20 2017.


  9. The cost of bombing missions is being picked up by someone. The US announced it is running low on munitions to pound sand. Perhaps a sunni state is now the finance wing for each new Europlane attack? Perhaps negotiations are ongoing with the countries that haven’t begun landscaping yet. Does the bombing nation have an intimate relation with a sunni state providing their texas tea? The press says big discounts are being offered to Euro on Saudi soda. Harken, the quacking sound approaches on foot.


  10. I imagine Germany is worrying about the possiblity of a future President Le Penn. Does siding with Nato or Russia best hold that threat in check given France is a nuclear armed state and Germany is not? 1914/1939 anyone?


  11. No idea what is going on of course given the opacity of U,S./Nato foreign policy, but as Victoria Nuland/Kagan is in Kiev at the moment and has met with the U.S. Ambassador and the Kiev secret police something nasty is afoot in Ukraine. Joe Biden is also there at present. Perhaps there is a double punch being prepared against the Russians. In addition, the Kiev junta is apparently violating the Minsk accords and massing troops and equipment near to Eastern Ukraine. Just as Syria seemed to disappear from the MSM following the neocons failed attempt to intervene following the false-flag at Ghouta, the Ukraine has beenabsent from MSM coverage recently. Perhaps the Turkish move is a distraction from Ukraine. I cannot remember where I read it, (possibly a comment on Zerohedge), but there are also rumours of a Wikileaks revelation about Biden that should come out in the near future.


  12. Turkeys downing of the Russian fighter jet has unforeseen consequences. It was a test of Russian resolve by Washington and Putin failed to rise to the bait.
    It will now embolden every tinpot Nato country to try its hand at provoking Russia. Vlad has always played for time and does not make reactive moves. Ukraine was another provocation to draw Russia into a war against NATO.
    The Hegemon is flailing about in desperation as the US dollars days as reserve currency are coming to a close.This is their Achilles heel and the source of funding for their military machine.
    Erdogan did his Masters bidding when he downed the Russian fighter , but has been hung out to dry by Washington. His usefulness is over and he is expendable.
    You mess with the Bear at your peril, it has a long memory.


  13. The ATTACK ISIL/ISIS/CIA meme is just a cover for the DESTROY SYRIA/ASSAD-A-GOGO scheme, which, in turn, is just a cover for the US/Saudi/Turk/Qatar pipeline deal. With the US/Wahhabi’s loyal little bitch {uk] trotting along behind.

    It really is that simple.

    But then, they only have to fool simpletons.


  14. @Spike

    I disagree. I don’t think it is that simple. Natural gas pipelines may be part of the picture, but with Israel illegally granting oil exploitation rights in Syrian sovereign territory (the Golan) to Genie Oil with shareholders Rothchild, Cheney and Turdoch this mess is far more complicated.


    Many actors including the behemoth M.I.C. benefits from the chaos wrought by the Nato/Israel/GCC mercenaries. Following the nightmare of post-invasion Iraq and the mess made of the stable Gadaffi Libya, few can pretend this is just another mistake. Syria seems to fall directly into Wesley Clark’s seven countries in five years revelation and PNAC. Those that schemed for illegal regime change in those ME nations on the basis of lies are still ensconced in the current U.S. administration. Oded Yonin and the water and oil of the Golan may well be part of the motivation for the powerful cabal of State Department Neocons.

    I wonder whether the pipeline meme is just a cover story for these other interests as it neatly passes most of the responsibility to Qatar and forestalls inquiry into other motives.


  15. Since posting the above, I realised I had omitted yet another motive for destroying Assad. This destabilisation of Syria also had the advantage of potentially depriving Russia of its Mediterranean naval base at Tartus. Given the Neocons’ attempt to remove access to Crimea from the Russians by formenting a coup in Ukraine, this could be yet another motive for the nut-jobs at Foggy Bottom. Syria remains one of Russia’s oldest allies in the region and the Grand Chessboard/Wolfowitz Doctrine may well require its separation from the Russian Federation.


    In summary, not simple at all.


  16. @Canexpat,
    You omitted Turkeys part in the war on Syria. Turkey is one of the financiers and arms suppliers to Daesh. This is paid for by the oil stolen from the Mosul and Syrian oilfields. Transported by Bilal Erdogans shipping company BMZ.
    Papa Erdogan is a rabid Islamist and wishes to solve his Kurdish problem by planting them in a corridor running from the Turkish border to Iraq.
    Erdogan is a loose cannon and his NATO partners are nervous, he is arrogant enough to kick off a confrontation between NATO and Russia, which could rapidly escalate into a nuclear conflagration.
    Washington sits back and uses its patsies/proxies to do the dirty deeds with plausible deniability. The Wolfowitz Doctrine is, and always has been their end game.


  17. First, you have to understand that the USA is completely controlled by a handfull of family dynasties.

    These people all belonge to the same ‘clique’ of extreme right wing, eugenicist, totalitarian, fascists.{see below.}

    They are the same people who created, funded and armed the Nazi’s, for the purpose of destroying the British Empire {done.}, destroying the European Empires [Fail.} and Destroying the East Asian Empires. {Fail.}

    From and American point of view {Totalitarian fascist.} the middle East/Ukraine nonsense is just a continuation of operation Barberossa aimed at destroying the Russian and Chinese emerging empires and taking absolute control of the oil and gas market.

    So the Wolfowitz Doctrine {See below.} is a decendant of something much older and darker.

    The Saudi/Wahhabi axis. – These have long since realized that their oil wealth was a finite, transient thing and that their Sovereign Wealth Fund and international investments would not be enough to maintain the totalitarian regime alone. They needed to spread a heavily indocrinated, pliant wahhabi trojan globally and to infiltrate all of the global institutions which control the ‘machine’ usingg the core wahhabi concept of Taqiyya [Religiously sanctioned lying, deception and corruption.}.

    Russia – Oddly, Putin really believes in the rule of international Law. Just as the Americans razed it to the ground. He, the South Americans, the Chinese and the rest of the G77, for a beautiful, precious, but sadly short while, almost succeeded in creating a world free of domination by the totalitarian, fascist/commie old guard.

    They were betrayed by the duplicity of America’s brit/euro puppet governments. Now the Ruskies have gone all stone faced, are gritting their teeth and will go ‘all in’ to defend their interests at any and all costs. Even all-out nuclear war. Now that the nazi wotan ……. er sorry Nato Otan clan has sneaked right up to Russia’s border, things are about to get very ‘king serious indeed.

    Britain – Irrelevant. Puppet government, bought and payed for, put in place by the CIA. Policy is ‘whatever America says it is’. To be sacrificed in the event of a limited nuclear exchange. Asset stripped by America with the help of successive traitor governments since Callaghan.

    Eurrope – Emerging, totalitarian empire. Infiltrated, corrupted and largely co-opted by the USA/Banking/Corporate axis.

    Fascism – Fascism was defined by the Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile in the Encyclopedia Italiana. In an effort to claim it for his own, Mussolini later removed his name and rep[laced it with his own.

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism
    because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

    – Giovanni Gentile.

    Wolfowitz Doctrine. – This maligned doctrine has been defined as follows –
    “The biggest threat the the USA comes from emerging and reemerging empires.” [ Emerging empires = Russia, China and a unified South American Bloc. Re-emerging empires = Britain and Europe.}

    Sort of puts the middle east/ukraine/oil price/south american regime change/eurobollockoid/economic/syria/libya/iraq/iran/russia/china/etc. thing into perspective.


  18. @Spike

    An awful lot of truth in what you write, but I think you are missing the enormous power currently wielded in the U.S. by the Likud/Greater Israel lobby. The influence of AIPAC and the domination of Washington think tanks and policy making forums by Israel-Firster Neocons since the demise of Reagan who referred to them as ‘the crazies in the basement’. The Saker refers to the de-facto alliance of the ‘old money’ ‘Anglo’ families like the Walker-Bushes and Neocon Israel-firsters exemplified by the Nuland/Kagans and the Chicago Crown/Krinsky group as the ‘Anglo-Zionists’, and both the Anglos and Neocons have entrenched their power following the 9/11 ‘Al Qaeda’ atrocities. In my view this was not happenstance. They have since made common cause in an attempt to cow Russia and in balkanising the Middle East. (By toppling Assad, both agendas are advanced.)


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