Take a look at this:


It was sent to me this morning – after I sent an email to a source wondering why the UK’s first mission over Syria was to bomb something already flattened by both Russian and American fighter-bombers. Unsurprisingly, the sender’s email address bounced back.

I’m assuming WIILEAK is just a literal error and the sender meant Wikileak.

This is the best I can come up with: the imputation is that part of the grubby Berlin/Ankara blackmail deal was that Turkey should now walk the walk in attacking ISIL. What looked like a problem for Recep the Rabid has now been turned into an opportunity to casually walk into Iraq and claim he is “helping our troops attack ISIL” (see this Reuters piece  I read a couple of hours ago).

You may also have noticed that, during the day, it’s become clear that Merkel has no intention of sharing security information with Erdo the Weirdo.

My assumption had been that Cameron’s Sopwith Camels attacked an undefended target to reduce the chances of plane/pilot loss. But this little gem also suggests that London is on the same side as Ankara (cf Cameron’s silly 2010 speech there) – aka NATO, aka Washington: which is, lets face it, par for the course.

Maybe ‘Nato in crisis’ represents wishful thinking; but there seems little doubt that Berlin’s well-founded distrust of Erdogan is testing the German commitment to NATO…and rumours that elements in Berlin might prefer to look East rather than West continue to circulate.

I have absolutely no provenance with which to judge this input, and my instinct is 70:30 that it’s either some idiot having a laugh, or a piece of deliberate throwing of the red herring up the garden path. Such things are, let’s face it, not unknown.

But I wonder what others think.

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