At the End of the Day

It’s been one of those days when one’s optimism is in danger of being overwhelmed by repetitive reality.

Take the French newspapers this morning. One tabloid summed it up: ‘Le Choc’ – referring to the “shock” of Marine LePen’s massive gains
in the local elections here. In the wake of the Paris attestats, why was this a surprise?

Other regional and local papers referred to ‘resilient France’, and the Nationals here are still running stuff like ‘France will bounce back’.
Bounce back from what to what – the indiscriminate bombing of Syrians in response to the indiscriminate slaughter of Parisians?


Over in the US, TV viewers last night were ‘surprised’ that the Black Dude wasn’t more specific about the exact nature of ‘security measures’
following the San Bernadino killings. Oh dear. Why is ANYONE surprised that Yes We Can Man is a sandwich short of the beef? Given his Uncle
Tombama Day 1 sellout to Republican bankonomics, NSA 24/7 spying and Pentagon BayofPigsism, why would any thinking elector expect
anything different?


North of me in the UK, continuing lack of infrastructural investment led to yet another outbreak of misery at the hands of floods, while UK
manufacturing slowed down further still. Both inevitabilities were described by the media as being ‘surprising’ in their nature. For the second year in succession, David Cameron waded around in green wellies and George Osborne hid himself from public view. Accusations and
outcry were there none. If 50,000 homes are uninhabitable, then that leaves 19.75 million that aren’t. This is the basis upon which
government works now in Cruel Britannia.


Across the Channel in the land of the Eunatics where I reside, a piece of classic symbolism came to light yesterday: some €150,000 banknotes were found floating along the Danube….the result perhaps of Mario the dyke-plugger making one last desperate attempt to stem the dilution of his beloved currency. A young bloke dived in to try and grab some money for himself. Other boaters thought he was committing suicide and called the police. The cops turned up and tried to arrest him on a charge of theft.

That’s about as silly as it gets in one lifetime.

Earlier at The Slog: Is a leak about UK-Turkish perfidy imminent?

17 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. And back in the uk, they are going to get rid of the Christian religion, and the next king or queen will be dress in a burka. Let’s face everything’s going tits up. O for the nineteen fifties.


  2. The issue about flood defences is always a matter of ‘what level of outlier scenario will we protect against?’

    Obviously, the more certain you are that the protection is bullet-proof, the more it will cost in the near term. You can’t spend 50 years building flood defences after all…..

    Obviously the BBC is saying that this is ‘climate change’. I’m pretty sure it’s not. There’s been a big high over the Alps for the past 10 days and at times it has run from Spain to the Ukraine. It’s rather further south than most of these events in winter and hence Britain gets the full brunt of the Westerly storms that usually pass over the Shetlands and Norway. Anyone who has seen buildings on Shetland know that they only ever build bungalows because they know that winds of 90mph are common place and horizontal rain is a regular occurrence. It just doesn’t happen quite as often in England. When I spent a winter working in the Alps in 1989/90, we had two week-long storm systems in mid- and late February. The first was worse in the Rhone valley, France and Italy, where 4 metres of snow fell in one week and rain at the end of the event prevented powder avalanches wiping out whole villages. The second one was windier in the Northern Swiss Alps were I was resident and 245kph winds were recorded at Jungfraujoch, trees were down and trains down to Interlaken couldn’t run.

    Another very famous storm happened in the second half of February 1999 when all time snow depth levels were recorded in most of Switzerland (with particularly astonishing depths recorded around Elm and Braunwald in NE Switzerland).

    In terms of climate-style rainfall, the Met Office records that the 1870s were much wetter than all decades in modern history for England and Wales, although of course we await what figures we may get this decade. Humans being what they are, they will probably believe David Shukman on the BBC. He is about as believable to those who research these things as Tony Blair was on Iraq…….he has an agenda, as Blair did, and it is called ‘the EU, carbon taxes and global warming religion’.

    But the BBC won’t report that, because the BBC doesn’t do balanced climate change coverage. It doesn’t, it won’t and it punishes those of its employees who try to make it do so.

    All I would say is this: if you are the CIA/NSA/State Department and you have learned how to mimic the effects of solar coronal mass ejections using the HAARP technology, then I would say it is highly likely that you can create these ‘extreme events’ very easily using the installed technology base in Alaska, Norway, Russia and elsewhere.

    No-one knows what these HAARP research centres get up to, which is a disgrace as anything they do to modify the ionosphere can have global implications for weather and/or climate. This will be the 21st century CND-style pressure group, me thinks.


  3. rtj1211
    No one of course remembers the North Sea floods of 1953 when over 300 died, or the 1952 Lynmouth floods killing 34 etc. You would think climate catastrophes weren’t even invented before the 21st C.!!! And the BBC certainly won’t remind you in case you get the wrong ideas ….. they’re firmly rooted in 1984.

    “The BBC tried to prevent climate sceptics from taking part in a Radio 4 programme about the Met Office. Senior BBC editors discussed the programme before it was made and agreed that it “would not feature challenge to the majority scientific view on climate change”, according to a BBC Trust ruling. Quentin Letts, presenter of What’s the Point of…the Met Office, broadcast in August, was not informed of the editors’ decision. The trust ruled that the programme seriously breached the BBC’s editorial guidelines on accuracy and impartiality and ordered that it should be deleted from iPlayer, meaning the public can no longer hear it. Mr Letts said: “It’s a bit Orwellian. There’s an amateurishness to their sinister attempts to control thought.” –Ben Webster, The Times, 5 December 2015”

    Thought control – did we have that in the fifties?


  4. alexei
    No, they hadn’t really got the tools at that point. Now, we must be made to wail before our own guilt while they take us from behind; anyone able to be objective would have to object.


  5. rtj, have you visited Shetland recently? I was there in October and there were plenty of two storey houses. In spite of the wind. Your thoughts on climate change and rainfall are equally worth while.

    George Monbiot has constructive ideas about watershed management to restrict flooding. But these contradict the “common sense” Tory/ landowner view about keeping rivers dredged deep and uplands devoid of trees.


  6. When you learn about how Marxist the BBC has become it is no wonder how Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson was kicked out as he is a free thinking humble auto journalist. I think HAARP is going to be one of the most pressing global issues we face but we need to measure how it affects us. We need accurate citizen science to tell us what is going on.

    I think if the ionosphere is being distorted then it must be possible to detect using GPS signals as one of the biggest distortions to the signal comes from ionospheric scattering. If you place a GPS on a known point then measure the deviations from that point then you will logically measure the quality of the ionosphere.


  7. ‘ . . Professor Dame Julia Slingo, Met Office Chief Scientist, says “It’s too early to say definitively whether climate change has made a contribution to the exceptional rainfall. We anticipated a wet, stormy start to winter in our three-month outlooks, associated with the strong El Niño and other factors.

    “However, just as with the stormy winter of two years ago, all the evidence from fundamental physics, and our understanding of our weather systems, suggests there may be a link between climate change and record-breaking winter rainfall. Last month, we published a paper showing that for the same weather pattern, an extended period of extreme UK winter rainfall is now seven times more likely than in a world without human emissions of greenhouse gases.”’


  8. Jeremy, you don’t need to fiddle with a GPS signal to see the ionosphere is being distorted, changed. I’m afraid our surrender to reductive science & proof seems to have dulled our simple awareness, common sense if you like.

    On the subject of Climate change. If you check it out, it is fair to assume that this lump of rock we live on is to all intense & purposes a finite & a closed system. Yes I know the lighter gasses & also some man made space tat escape the atmosphere. Yes we also receive lumps of, hopefully small space detritus & of course more man made tat. But being from the time of slide rules, I know it’s next to 0%. Life has changed the planet over time. We have dug-up a lot of this stuff sequestrated over time & stuck it back in the atmosphere. A look at the geological record tells you that. Don’t expect to see giant Dragonflies like during the carboniferous period though, we will be long gone before they re-evolve.

    Not a theory, on my part, just a plea for more scribbling on the back of mental beer mats.


  9. @ Billy G – you may not have noticed but the proponents of AGW have now begun to steer the debate towards lessening the emphasis on C02 as the main culprit in GHG emissions (only 0.04% of total GHGs) and more on the role of methane – 17-20%, accompanied by tentative efforts to draw the public’s attention to the sources of this – animal husbandry and side products of oi/shale drilling. Moreover, given their inability to explain away the 18-year pause in rising temperatures, a few are suggesting this may be due to the West’s success in reducing their C02 emissions.
    As for the planet being ‘a closed system’, it is still influenced by external factors such as the sun and moon etc., which themselves are subject to continuing evolution. Do we know what caused other planets in our solar system to evolve into their current status?


  10. Did any of read Michael Crichton’s State of Fear? That book blew everything away for me re the AGW lie. I am now fully sceptical about peak oil, even the moon landings. Looking into this was an eye opener/jaw dropper for me!


  11. Cumbria doesn’t have an aquifer so to avoid droughts the lakes/reservoirs are kept full by the utilities that own them. As soon as it rains they overflow, perhaps if the local water supply was controlled by the locals a more balanced veiw of what constituted a reasonable reserve could be reached. It seems that if locally managed they would also be able to react to circumstances and open the floodgates to give themselves a little slack when events like this are forecast and better land management with flood control as a main priority would make a lot of sense too, don’t hold your breath.
    Three 100 year floods in 10 years doesn’t proove anything, but a consistent loss of sea ice volume in the arctic should give pause to thought.


  12. @ale i Nice statistics, I’m sure I’ve seen them before though. I was just explaining my own personal approach to avoiding being taken in by the mistake of thinking information is knowledge. Otherwise we continue to get caught-out by the Auto-Anthropic Deceit…

    Please don’t mistake this reply as an attempt to be competitive. It is merely the application of an ancient & now hidden technique, lost to our modern times. Personal honesty.


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