Recep Erdogan and several kilos of flesh

I’m told by Hungarian sources that the EU and Turkey will probably announce a specific Erdogan/EC accord today to resettle 400,000 to 500,000 Syrian refugees directly from Turkey to the EU.
Alerted to the likelihood, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban two days ago told Hungarian Ministers and senior civil servants that he foresees pressure upon him to accept some of the refugees, but made it clear he would not do so.
It’s just more back-door stuff from the EU den of antidemocracy: the idea of this deal was put forward at the recent EU summit in Malta, but there was little support for it. So Now Queen Mutti and Erdomad have decided to do it anyway. Because they know better, naturally.
But if you’ve been finding it near impossible to fathom how or whyTF we got into this mess in the first place – incompetence, conspiracy or a mélange of both – think about this random shower of shooting stars visible briefly here and there in the dark night of our Age….
Black Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, gun sales were off the scale. Gold is being hammered again on the markets, and a lot of futures puts about shiby metal devealuation spike in February 2016. The Chinese, it is alleged, can now clone humans: it may be a case of clones replacing clowns, but somehow I doubt it. US debt rocketed by a record $0.7 TRILLION dollars last month, and over in China the PBOC has borrowed four and a half times the total of new gdp added by direct buying to prop up the Shanghai Composite Index.

Whatever your view on fiscal economics, every last one of those slated developments strike me as abnormal, and a wet dream for dot-joining conspiracy theorists. While you’re digesting, protesting, investing and looking for more celebs to accuse of molesting, I’m off to do something useful. More later, with luck.

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