EU REFUGEES, US DEBT, CHINESE DEBT,Dots, lines & 2+2 = 1

Recep Erdogan and several kilos of flesh

I’m told by Hungarian sources that the EU and Turkey will probably announce a specific Erdogan/EC accord today to resettle 400,000 to 500,000 Syrian refugees directly from Turkey to the EU.
Alerted to the likelihood, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban two days ago told Hungarian Ministers and senior civil servants that he foresees pressure upon him to accept some of the refugees, but made it clear he would not do so.
It’s just more back-door stuff from the EU den of antidemocracy: the idea of this deal was put forward at the recent EU summit in Malta, but there was little support for it. So Now Queen Mutti and Erdomad have decided to do it anyway. Because they know better, naturally.
But if you’ve been finding it near impossible to fathom how or whyTF we got into this mess in the first place – incompetence, conspiracy or a mélange of both – think about this random shower of shooting stars visible briefly here and there in the dark night of our Age….
Black Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, gun sales were off the scale. Gold is being hammered again on the markets, and a lot of futures puts about shiby metal devealuation spike in February 2016. The Chinese, it is alleged, can now clone humans: it may be a case of clones replacing clowns, but somehow I doubt it. US debt rocketed by a record $0.7 TRILLION dollars last month, and over in China the PBOC has borrowed four and a half times the total of new gdp added by direct buying to prop up the Shanghai Composite Index.

Whatever your view on fiscal economics, every last one of those slated developments strike me as abnormal, and a wet dream for dot-joining conspiracy theorists. While you’re digesting, protesting, investing and looking for more celebs to accuse of molesting, I’m off to do something useful. More later, with luck.

Last night at The Slog: How to be in power forever and poo all over the citizenry at the same time

22 thoughts on “EU REFUGEES, US DEBT, CHINESE DEBT,Dots, lines & 2+2 = 1

  1. This latest info from your contacts in Hungary shows the absolute madness of what is taking place in the EUSSR. I’m at a loss to understand what Merkel’s plan is, maybe to destroy European civilization. I thank God that my wife is Japanese, and we are able to live in both the U.K. and Japan, even in my advancing years feel that Europe is totally fxxxxd, and I don’t want to live there. Shinzo Abe has the best idea, give refugees cash to improve their lot, but they ‘aint welcome here!


  2. US debt, China debt … or that magnificiently effcient Japanese debt.

    If you can produce more than you can consume it will never add up and all you can do (it is part of Keynes) is print more to consume, force inflation destroying the poorest in the process all on a slow motion train wreck. The concept of slow being the more you print, economies even with forced inflation are slowing. This is so obvious, the money collectors in the system, the capitalists are uber-efficient at sucking it out that no matter how much you put in it VANISHES!


  3. Off topic but feel an interesting concept is raised and a horrendous thought comes to mind.

    Daily Mail 3rd December 2015 – Front page headline – “After the bombing what comes next”

    By supporting the bombing you reinforced the current policies in the Middle East of the likes of Turkey and Saudi Arabia whose human rights issues are appalling. Does this matter? Are they your friends? If so nice people you chose there! NOT

    Corbyn is crap at speaking, propping up dreadful regimes that have no regard to life, the latter being far more horrendous if it goes out of control. Prior to the vote Turkey had imprisonesed a couple of reporters outspoken against the goivernment and chances are executed the high up legal guy because he is a voice for the kurds.

    This is what unquestionably Cameron supports.


  4. I guess you might ask if there are any professional ‘economic seismologists’ who have developed rigorous software tools to Red Flag times in modern life when cautious and sane Californians on the San Andreas fault would be ‘packing their bags and heading darn quick to the Nevada border before the ‘Big One Hits’?!


  5. Mr Ward. Thank you for your Blog. I’m off to my allotment to check my Broad Beans/Garlic haven’t washed away. Haven’t evicted the Queen Hornet from my Greenhouse btw, unlikely to find a Viper in Highgate (other than Lord [David] Freud)


  6. Can I just remind everyone please that this isn’t a notice board, it’s a blog. No more O/Ts if you please. Last warning: if you feel strongly about 9/11 or anything else then email me and I’ll consider publication based on SOUND information. Otherwise, post it on a 9/11 forum BUT NOT HERE.


  7. Jw. With ref to U.S Gun sales I’m guessing a run on lots of “long guns” specifically semi-auto assault style carbines/rifles? Recently read flawed PTheroux book “Deep South” interesting on Gun Show phenom+3rd Wld living conditions foq entire communities.


  8. Recent events are so weird, that now I’ve come to appreciate what it is, that it may be, to be a NVE.
    (That’s a nutty, vermillion, elephant, if the NSA or GCHQ are concerned btw).
    What concerns me most, though, is that this NVE concept has been dreamt up and developed well in advance, so that it can be applied when desired/required.
    The more bizarre it gets, the more worried I am.
    They don’t give a sh and they’re not stupid.


  9. Off topic perhaps but thanks Maxter, immensely powerful and intelligent. Perhaps Wells and Orwell were more intuitive than inventive.


  10. Peter C. Not sure it takes v long to brainstorm a useful euphemism/acronym. Ask someone who used to work in Advertising.
    Stop press – T Blair is plugging his essay on how to combat ve/violent extremism. Truly it is the end of Daesh, to paraphrase S.Connery.


  11. Thanks Mr Slog for not taking down the INCONTROVERTIBLE post. You are assisting in the awakening of mankind to state sponsored terrorism!


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