Abraham Lincoln famously said that, “You can fool all the People some of the time and some of the People all of the time, but you can’t fool all the People all the time”.
He was right, but then Abe didn’t have quantified demographics to hand in order to guide him from the path of principles and onto the road at the end of which lies undiluted power.

If you happen to be a sociopathic politician, the best way to divide up the adult population of any nation State in 2015 is by looking at the incidence in the electorate of the following:
* The retired on State pensions
* The chronically ill
* The long-term unemployed
*  Sufferers from mental illness
* Parents with disabled children
* Those with special educational needs
* The rich
* Trade Union members
* The comfortably off
* Those who don’t vote
* The politically active
* The idealistic Young
* Entrepreneurs
* Public sector workers
* Media owners
* Senior executives in large multinational companies
* Heavy viewers of braindead television

Having established these data, the next step is to commission some cross-analyses –  for example, politically active by State pensioner, those who don’t vote by who they used to vote for, media owners by readers/viewers of their titles, long term unemployed by politically active, loyal supporters of your Party by how much they could be persuaded to donate….and so forth.
At the end of this process – and it is no more than a process, requiring zero new ideas and very few principles – you the ‘professional politician’ will have a very clear idea of:
1. How many groups you can piss off without it making a jot of difference to your grasp upon power
2. Who to lick all over at every opportunity
3. The total number of politico-constitutional illiterates to whom you can sell serfdom without them noticing….or even bothering if they do
4. Which laws to pass in order to increase your support and devastate the Opposition’s
5. Those whose lives you can end prematurely, destroy and pauperise without losing a single supporter of your Party
6. Those lazy thinkers to whom you must lie credibly in order to have them remain as passive acceptors of your sick aims.

And before any reader concludes that the sole target of this analysis is the Camerlot Conservative Party, let me lay your assumptions to rest: the entire Blairite Project was based on this thinking…..as was the early 1960s revisionism of Labour’s middle class intellectual dimension….as was the materialist appeal of Macmillan in the 1950s….as is the reaction of Fat Labour to the arrival on the scene of Jeremy Corbyn today.

This is the conundrum of the 21st century: we can either ignore the electoral support numbers, aiming to produce the sort of good governance that will lead to the greatest fulfilment of the greatest number of all citizens….or we can make the cynical calculations outlined above, and choose to hold unaccountable power over those citizens.

I am not arguing here for ideology over data….that has created more than enough problems as it is across the World. Rather, I am arguing in favour of putting a reasoned yet emotionally engaging set of aims before the voters, where the truth and the greatest good are placed higher than spin and sectional interests.