THE LESSONS OF GREECE & SYRIA: As the Lord of the Flies giveth, so shall he take away.

I posted the other day comparing Camerlot in general and CallmeDave in particular to the brand of ‘leadership’ displayed by the Lord of the Flies – a book written in the 1950s about children cast away after a plane crash. The children rapidly become feral and, without any rule of Law to guide them, establish a dictatorship of cruelty.
As the backwash from the Paris  attacks continues to reveal all kinds of unpleasant detritus (and those of us who are awake told-you-so) both the EC Troikanauts and Camerlot can be seen, increasingly, as sporting short rather than long trousers. But they too have no Rule of Law to guide them…for they are of course busy hacking it to death.
We’ve seen significant events over the last few months, and they are connected – whether as a result of conspiratorial intent or amoral opportunism remains to be seen. Suffice to say they consist of an exodus of Syrians to various Arab countries and Greece – plus a substantial number residing at first in Turkey….but then storming across the EU by every transport mode available on their way to the perceived Nirvana of Germany.
The nonsense of Schengen has turned rapidly into paranoia from Brussels to Warsaw about the ease of crossing EU borders, and the dangers of Islamist infection. But it has also offered a golden opportunity for the EC fderalists to start punting the concept of Euroarmies, tougher Eurocops, and direct control – ‘overseerism’ – about border controls.
Like Manna from Heaven came the maniacs from Hell to wreak havoc in Paris, terrifying all of us with their supernatural power to be in three places at once and rise from the dead with just seven killers involved, at least thirteen of whom have now been shot…or not, depending on which ‘Mastermind’ bollocks you subscribe to.
Having had enough of thin edges of the wedge from the Troikanauts, Syriza is now resisting ‘help’ from Brussels-am-Berlin….knowing only too well what ‘help’ tends to turn into…and having long themselves fretted over their border with Macedonia.

Even the EC loons must have noticed that, during the time Greece badly needed help with refugees (long before most Europeans had noticed them) their response was to cut the rope to Greek banks and say no to humanitarian aid. So one can see the grounds for Tsipras’s doubts about motive here.
Perversely (and thus when it comes to the EU, predictably) Form Monitor Jeroan Dijesslbleom is now saying “If you can’t look after your own borders and stem all these swine we welcomed with open arms three weeks ago, well then we’ll have to do it for you”. So far, Tsipras is still saying thanks but no thanks, so now the Dutch Leerdammer has said OK, we’ll take away your cross-border rights. These are the ones that were non-negotiable when David Cameron wanted to opt out of them six weeks ago.
One phrase perhaps even more done to death than Keep Calm & Carry On of late has been “You couldn’t make it up”. But you really couldn’t with this lot: everyone must have QE, except Greece, everyone must have help with refugees, except Greece, everyone must have the freedom guaranteed since 1985 to cross borders freely, except Greece, and now everyone must have help controlling their borders, especially Greece.
The weekly EU rule-changing extends to NATO: every member must fight Jihadists, except Turkey, no member should destabilise or question the EU’s borders, except Turkey, and the EC must not make deals with authoritarian States who blackmail the EC Commission, except Turkey…who shall be rewarded for it.
Camerlot, meanwhile, has done especially well out of recent events. The PM has an all-enveloping distraction from his disastrous pleas demands saga with the EC’s Polish reject Donald Tusk, and the Parisian unpleasantness means his short-trousered foot-stamping over Syrian bombing is having the desired effect. No wonder he wants to stay in the EU: he is one of the best assets they have – if Brussels did but know it – because he is just like them and will tell any lie or twist any news to have his will prevail.

But it’s still not a cert….so now he has openly called Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn “a friend of terrorists”. An NVE, even: for Cameron and May have also shown us, have they not, that they give unto us our freedom to be eccentric…and taketh it away if it suiteth them.
The best protection the UK could deliver for its non-Jahidist citizens would be cutting off the Special Relationship, withdrawing from NATO, dropping the idea of bombing folks, and exiting any possibility of Brussels ‘border control management’. Dave wants to do the diametric opposite in all four cases. Why? ‘To make us safer’. It is pure, undiluted George Orwell yes is no and up is down and red is green.
You see, the EC can give us all freedom to cross borders….or take it away. And David Cameron can offer us safety from attack…..or take it away. Dave would like to offer us the freedom to control our own borders….but the EC took that away from him, so now he never wanted it anyway….because he doesn’t give a bluebottle’s fart about our safety.
How they are at one moment all-powerful, and yet – when the chips are really down – surprisingly powerless, these people who long to long rule over us. Dear oh dear oh dear.

28 thoughts on “THE LESSONS OF GREECE & SYRIA: As the Lord of the Flies giveth, so shall he take away.

  1. Cameron has to keep remembering the script that Washington expects him to deliver and, as that changes, so does Dave…poor bloke can’t keep up it would seem.


  2. ISIS is apparently about 40k strong owns no land or infrastructure,yet 15 of the G20 countries are trying to bomb it,but apparently their ability to do so is harmed by Britain not being involved,i think it shows that these countries are desperately needing to print money & a excuse to do so! without calling it QE


  3. Copy pasted comment from Zero Hedge:

    “ISIS = Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Iraq is to the east of Jordan (shaped like the hatchet) and Syria is to the north.

    ISIL = Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Iraq is still to the east of Jordan, and “the Levant” is a term that comes from “the rising (of the sun, i.e., to the east)” – and is basically the land along the Mediterranean – that includes Lebanon, Israel, and those countries along that region.

    By saying ISIL, you “negate” Israel as its own country and lump it in with the rest of the countries along the Mediterranean – and Israel sort of disappears (loses its sovereignty) and becomes part of “the Levant ” – which is therefore part of ISIL.

    If you’ve wondered, as I have, why all government agencies and especially Obama calls it ISIL and they even spell it out every time it’s used, instead of ISIS as the rest of the world, here’s the answer.

    Decoding Obama’s speech reveals some startling revelations.
    In one press conference after another, when referring to the Muslim terror super-group ISIS, United States President Barack Obama will use the term ISIL, instead of their former name ISIS, or current name Islamic State.

    Have you ever wondered about that? Here is the difference: What makes up the near exact center of the Muslim Levant? Israel.
    ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Now, to us Westerners we don’t really make much of a distinction, do we? No, honestly from our perspective it’s all about the same. But how would a Muslim living in the Middle East view it? Just what is the Levant anyway? Let’s take a look.

    The geographical term LEVANT refers to a multi-nation region in the Middle East. It’s a land bridge between Turkey to the north and Egypt to the south.
    If you look on a map, however, in the near exact middle of the nations that comprise the Levant, guess what you see? It’s Israel.

    When Barack Obama refers over and over to the Islamic State as ISIL, he is sending a message to Muslims all over the Middle East that he personally does not recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, but as territory belonging to the Islamic State.

    Now you know why Obama says that he has no plan, no goal, and no stated aim for dealing with ISIS. But he does have a plan, and it’s a really nasty, diabolical one. Obama’s plan is to drag his feet for as long as he can, doing only the bare minimum that Congress forces him to do. His plan is to buy ISIL as much time as possible to make as many gains as they can.

    Listen as Obama, his press secretary, the spokesperson for the State Department, and his Joint Chiefs of Staff painstakingly spell out the letters I-S-I-L so there is no doubt in your mind. And it’s working.

    The Islamic State has garnered millions of dollars, a vast cache of weapons, and in their latest foray have captured Syrian fighter jets and now 12 commercial passenger planes. With each passing day that Obama fulfills his stated aim of doing nothing, the Islamic State grows by leaps and bounds.

    The ultimate goal, of course, has not changed and will never change. The ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel.

    Now you know a little bit more about why Obama chooses his words so carefully.”

    So perhaps the game plan is to attack Israel indirectly?


  4. We have a debate coming in Parliament whether to go to war in Syria.
    To interfere in another Sovereign Govt affairs without an invitation is illegal. They have managed a flimsy veil of legality with a resolution from the UN to justify interference.
    It is likely we will unleash the ‘dogs of war’ in the form of 6x Tornado aircraft against Syria.The targets are deliberately opaque to enable a wide form of options. I fear the main reason will be to stymie Russian progress against the rebels.
    The US has been pretending to bomb Daesh for several years without any real effect.This may have something to do with the fact that Daesh has been created ,financed with $billions and supplied by the US and its Gulf & NATO allies.
    It was all going to plan until Russia put a spoke in the wheel.
    The plan ,cooked up by the US Neo-cons and their Zionist masters is the Odid Yinon plan. To create chaos and state fragmentation in the secular Arab countries surrounding Israel.
    The US gains by degrading a Russian ally and is another step on their way up into the Caucasus to subjugate Russia.. The Israeli expand from their little strip of ground on the Meditteranean coast by annexing adjacent land in the chaos,starting with the Golan Heights.
    Our NATO ally ,Turkey has been arming and supplying the rebels for a number of years. All paid for by the looting of oil from the Mosul and Syrian oilfields,orchestrated by the son Bilal Erdogan and his shipping company BMZ.
    Putin recently bombed his tanker convoy and Russia paid with the downing of a fighter jet.
    I have made a fatal mistake by assuming that our MP’s are intelligent and informed, being our representatives in Westminster. But obviously I was wrong.
    I will assume again and possibly our MP’S have other more ulterior motives ,such as narrow political gain and in Labours case the undermining of their Leader Jeremy Corbyn.
    Possibly because they are members of the Friends of Israel society and are compromised in so many ways.
    Possibly because they support our Arms Industry and have a personal interest in the increased production of weapons of destruction,which requires a nice little war on little brown people in faraway lands.
    Possibly because they are Lobby fodder and ‘go along to get along’ on their slippery pole of political and personal gain.
    Who knows what our MP’S motives are for supporting war, but truth and righteousness are certainly not countenanced.
    Our politicians will disgrace themselves should they again vote for war against all the facts available.


  5. Good analysis but I don’t think Cameron ‘wants’ anything except to do what he is told by Obama (or rather Obama’s handlers). Cameron is as much a puppet as Marshal Petain was.
    The arrangement is all very subtle of course, to fool the masses, with the propaganda arm (the mainstream media) talking endlessly of our freedom and democracy. But effectively we’re a vassal state of the USA.
    And I wouldn’t be surprised if the campaign against the EU wasn’t a deliberate smokescreen for the real threat to our independence (and also why you very rarely see articles critical of the USA in the British press).
    People need to wake up to this terrible betrayal and stop letting upper class traitors like Cameron and his press henchmen frighten them with their lies about ‘terrorist sympathisers’.


  6. Isn’t it odd, how the NATO, the Washington and the EU as subjects, have risen to dominate World affairs, just now.
    Add “except Montenegro” to “NATO special status”, alongside Turkey.
    Where TF is Montenegro anyhoos?
    Huh. Who’d have guessed?
    I’m feeling that the Syria action vote will not succeed, thinking that the reason it first failed was because the House as a whole was so FO’d with the assumption that they were dummies.
    Cameron is so obviously a brain-dead US poodle without an original thought in his head, ( giving Kerry / McCain a run for their blood muneeee) and has not a grain of consideration towards a duty of care for the UK.


  7. I use an Android(tm) dating app on my smart phone called “Vlandr”.
    It’s similar to Grndr and notifies you when Victoria Kagan Nudelmann is in your vicinity/region, screwing over nearby Sovereign States.
    Cameron’s trousers are writhing this very moment.


  8. JW, sorry to use your thread for an off-topic purpose but I, along with other shooters across the EU, are trying to muster resistance to proposed amendments to the EU Firearms Directive. The stated aims of the amendment are to stop or reduce the flow of illegal firearms to terrorists and criminals. In essence, the amendements seek to ban semi-automatic firearms on the basis that they ‘look like’ fully-automatic firearms and deacivated, ‘collector’ firearms on the gournd that these can be ‘reactivated’ and put back in to service.

    The proposal is, of course, bullcrap. Fully-automatic firearms are already banned for civilian possession and banning legal semi-automatics and collector pieces will have no effect whatsoever on the inflow of illegale arams from the Balkans, North Africa, and the Indian sub-continent. This is plainly a gun-grab using the tragic events in Paris as a driver.

    If these amendements are put in place it will destroy many clubs and businesses. Hundreds of thousand of shooters will have their firearms confiscated and receive paltry compensation. There will be NO effect on the illegale firearms trade!

    I would very much appreciate anyone who feels stongly about this to sign the petition at

    JW, if this is against your comment policy or you simply would rather not have this on your comments page then I humbly apologise. I would have contacted you be email first but time is of the essence as the EP is pushing this ahead at full steam.


  9. There’s a joke here concerning Piggy, pigs’ heads on sticks and giving pigs head, but I’ll leave it to Hiero to polish it up…


  10. I’ll be brief, because much has already been said.
    We are now on the edge of open ended war, with a complicated cast of participants, against a background of an eu about to erupt. Very dangerous days lie ahead – not like before – this time it’s deadly serious for everyone on the planet.
    We can all point to the imbecile politicians again.


  11. Sally Lad
    While I accept much of what you allege is highly likely to be the truth, the one point at which the anti-Israeli imperialism analysis always collapses in my eyes is that I try to find Israel’s, um, Empire as such. But I can’t. The country is minute compared to all its venomous neighbours, with the exception of Palestine. It’s an argument I have over and over with Greek and East European friends: if Israel and their Elders of Zion etc etc are so malign, how come it’s still 640 times smaller than the Arab enemies who surround it, and has just 2% of their population?
    Think of this using the Nazi justification of ‘Lebensraum’. The current Israeli position is akin to Dolfi’s 1930s demands having stopped in the Rhineland, with perhaps a dispute later about taking 6O% of Austria and giving the rest back to the Hungarians.
    But Israeli mainstream (as opposed to tiny minority settler nutter) Jews have never made such a demand. Yet somehow they want to rule the world?
    Well, as an agnostic with strong Jewish sympathies, I can only assert this:
    ‘Memo to Heimy –
    ‘We here in the Romans go Home already Israeli Liberation Front move that these mincing Elders of Zion should fade away and be replaced by some real Zionists, or at least some true radicals willing to start bombing, beheading, pudenda-chopping, demanding and then reneging in the manner of our Goyim and Jihadist enemies.
    ‘Sincerely, it should happen to Hitler



  12. How on earth is bombing Islamic State going to keep us all safe ? All it will achieve is motivating the enemy within…
    Nothing is coming out of parliament regarding targeting those who are funding I.S. I wonder why ?


  13. Not since the archduke Ferdinand has so many powerful nations been called to save humanity! i am against bombing because even if it has any success ISIS will just disperse & reform elsewhere,only by a coalition of armies to encircle with air support cutting of food,water,arms & oil from entering the territory. & vetting those leaving keeping them for months encamped in the area! & if successful to use this again in Nigeria,Libya & anywhere else they try to get a foothold.
    & the motion but forward only guarantees one thing the illegal removal Assad,the total contempt of some for the sovereignty of Syria is alarming because i believe that once Assad is removed we will just leave once again!
    This doesn’t mean i support Assad but the international law that protects him & i also believe those international laws should be used to bring him to justice,yet again we see the lawless party showing nothing but contempt for law & order at home & abroad


  14. ps i think this Ferdinand call to arms is actually trying to send a message to China & any other ally Russia may have a agreement with!


  15. Aristotle
    From The Politics
    Translated by Benjamin Jowett

    There are firstly the prescriptions mentioned some distance back, for the preservation of a tyranny, in so far as this is possible; viz., that the tyrant…must prohibit literary assemblies or other meetings for discussion…Another art of the tyrant is to sow quarrels among the citizens; friends should be embroiled with friends, the people with the notables, and the rich with one another. Also he should impoverish his subjects; he thus provides against the maintenance of a guard by the citizen and the people, having to keep hard at work, are prevented from conspiring. The Pyramids of Egypt afford an example of this policy; also the offerings of the family of Cypselus, and the building of the temple of Olympian Zeus by the Peisistratidae, and the great Polycratean monuments at Samos; all these works were alike intended to occupy the people and keep them poor. Another practice of tyrants is to multiply taxes, after the manner of Dionysius at Syracuse, who contrived that within five years his subjects should bring into the treasury their whole property. The tyrant is also fond of making war in order that his subjects may have something to do and be always in want of a leader.


    [A] tyrant, when he is absent from home, has more reason to fear the guardians of his treasure than the citizens, for the one accompany him, but the others remain behind. In the second place, he should be seen to collect taxes and to require public services only for state purposes, and that he may form a fund in case of war, and generally he ought to make himself the guardian and treasurer of them, as if they belonged, not to him, but to the public. He should appear, not harsh, but dignified, and when men meet him they should look upon him with reverence, and not with fear. Yet it is hard for him to be respected if he inspires no respect, and therefore whatever virtues he may neglect, at least he should maintain the character of a great soldier, and produce the impression that he is one.


    Now in all states there are three elements: one class is very rich, another very poor, and a third in a mean. It is admitted that moderation and the mean are best, and therefore it will clearly be best to possess the gifts of fortune in moderation; for in that condition of life men are most ready to follow rational principle. But he who greatly excels in beauty, strength, birth, or wealth, or on the other hand who is very poor, or very weak, or very much disgraced, finds it difficult to follow rational principle. Of these two the one sort grow into violent and great criminals, the others into rogues and petty rascals. And two sorts of offenses correspond to them, the one committed from violence, the other from roguery….Again, those who have too much of the goods of fortune, strength, wealth, friends, and the like, are neither willing nor able to submit to authority. The evil begins at home; for when they are boys, by reason of the luxury in which they are brought up, they never learn, even at school, the habit of obedience. On the other hand, the very poor, who are in the opposite extreme, are too degraded. So that the one class cannot obey, and can only rule despotically; the other knows not how to command and must be ruled like slaves. Thus arises a city, not of freemen, but of masters and slaves, the one despising, the other envying; and nothing can be more fatal to friendship and good fellowship in states than this: for good fellowship springs from friendship; when men are at enmity with one another, they would rather not even share the same path. But a city ought to be composed, as far as possible, of equals and similars…


  16. CIA created IS to effect regime change in Syria.

    If you bomb IS you might want to consider bombing the CIA headquarters T Langley.

    Cameron siding with those who created ISIS is more of a terrorist sympathiser because his buddies created them.

    Now to the real question are we going to commit a substantial land force to protect the Syrian people. If not two faced Cameron has no exit strategy like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now … Syria so which country is next?

    What must stop and not be supported is this form of foreign policy.


  17. Just read US dropped seven millions tons of bombs that’s seven million of bombs to stop a communist ideology in Vietnam . They failed it still exists .


  18. i should think everyone can agree that bombing always increases recruits and numbers of those being bombed. When your own family is murdered in this way you are bound to fight against those that killed them. So why are we about to help recruit more locals to the ISIS cause? aahh.. it becomes clearer when we see the object is to put petrol on the fire… they are attempting another regime change thru’ a proxy army by recruiting for it and attempting to direct them towards Assad.


  19. Purple CIA and MI6 have already done Iran over once until the mullahs said enough is enough in 79. You reap what you sow.


  20. James R

    Unfortunately I’ve pledged to avoid putting a shine on the unsavoury recipe for Pig’s Head a la Giving. However, I couldn’t help noticing that Tesco are now providing ‘pulled pork’ in their F-finest range – going down a treat I’m sure (sorry) – but I have, so far, managed to resist having a poke. Incidentally, I’ve just been invited to attend an arty lecture on the subject of France’s Bacon..


  21. @JW

    May be a bit late now as I see there is a new article, but your assertion that the Greater Israel project is one that is espoused by just the ‘tiny minority settler nutters’ is not entirely true. A Greater Israel has been the aim of the original Zionists from the very beginning, and was mentioned by one of the founders of Zionism Theodore Hertzl. This article describes the individuals behind the project these days.

    Reading the above article is time well spent. It puts the last twenty years of U.S. created turmoil into context. Most of those who dominated U.S. Foreign policy in recent years have been Zionist jews, many of them have dual citizenship U.S./Israel.

    I note that you describe yourself as having ‘strong jewish sympathies’. Me too, but in the context that jews are human beings. Those who describe themselves as jews do so for many different reasons, cultural, religious and genetic. Jewishness is not necessarily Zionist as Zionism is a political ideology that sprang from the Nationalist ideologies prevalent in Eastern Europe in the nineteenth century. British does not mean Monarchist and Russian does not mean Bolshevic even if the MSM would prefer to pursuade otherwise.

    One of the main reasons prominent British jews opposed Zionism in the 1800s was that they thought of themselves as British who happened to follow the Judaic religion, and they were worried by the charge of divided loyalty that Zionism would entail. Recent policy decisions in the U.K., France and the U.S. suggest that they were right to be concerned.


  22. Spiffing good show.

    El Puerco just got a mandate to bomb Syria. We will be bombing Islamic Terrorists, while simultaneously providing air-cover for Islamic Terrorists and selling weapons to the biggest state sponsors of Islamic terrorism on earth and ignoring the vast oil convoys heading towards other state sponsors of Islamic Terrorists who have just blackmailed us into giving them a fat bribe and a free ticket to the Euro Reich.

    Also, this has nothing to do with the Saudi/US/Quatari/Turkish pipeline and Assad MUST GO GO GO and not just because the United Saudi Americans said so.

    We will, of course, continue providing weapons to liver-eating, slave selling Islamic terrorist as our man ‘Dave’ feels that these are terrorists we can continue to work with. [SEE – State sponsors of terrorism.]

    {Disclaimer- Ruskies, Christians, Infidels, secular states, innocent civilians, International Law, = BAD. BOOOO HISS. Wahhabi terrorists, blackmailing dictators, slavers, rapists, fascists, yanks, pedo’s, state sponsors of terrorism = GOOD. HIP HIP HOORAH.

    It all makes perfect sense and anyone who says different is a ‘king Islamic terrorist commie sympathiser.


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