Why are their needs more important than ours?

No doubt you’ll have seen the ‘deal’ done with EU-hater, closet terrorist, ISIL supporter and deliberate Jihadist exporter Recep Erdogetyourgun hatched by the Brussels-am-Berlin alliance of the Unaccountable with the Unacceptable.

You the Citizens were not involved. To save a mad project designed as the forerunner to politico-fiscal union in a deeply divided Europe, the Drivelbungs, Merkeschäubles, Dragulas, Mogherloonies and Moscovictims have ‘agreed with’ Recep the Rabid to collapse in the face of his blackmail. It’s an ‘accord’ whose infamy far outweighs that of the 1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact in its potentially adverse consequences.

No doubt you have also been following the Oldham by-election. In a cynical move to segregate the sexes in order to attract the Islamic vote (something in complete denial of every feminist principle Labour holds so dear) the local Labour Party has engorged its crime by blocking any and all bloggers who asked what their answer to the charge of hypocrisy might be.

The decision to put up feminism and multiculturalism as The Only Way for British society to ‘develop’ was taken not only without your consent, but also quietly by a tiny minority over many decades.

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