BEHIND YOUR BACK: Disgraceful deals in Ankara & Oldham


Why are their needs more important than ours?

No doubt you’ll have seen the ‘deal’ done with EU-hater, closet terrorist, ISIL supporter and deliberate Jihadist exporter Recep Erdogetyourgun hatched by the Brussels-am-Berlin alliance of the Unaccountable with the Unacceptable.

You the Citizens were not involved. To save a mad project designed as the forerunner to politico-fiscal union in a deeply divided Europe, the Drivelbungs, Merkeschäubles, Dragulas, Mogherloonies and Moscovictims have ‘agreed with’ Recep the Rabid to collapse in the face of his blackmail. It’s an ‘accord’ whose infamy far outweighs that of the 1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact in its potentially adverse consequences.

No doubt you have also been following the Oldham by-election. In a cynical move to segregate the sexes in order to attract the Islamic vote (something in complete denial of every feminist principle Labour holds so dear) the local Labour Party has engorged its crime by blocking any and all bloggers who asked what their answer to the charge of hypocrisy might be.

The decision to put up feminism and multiculturalism as The Only Way for British society to ‘develop’ was taken not only without your consent, but also quietly by a tiny minority over many decades.

Yesterday at The Slog: Zirp, Syrian bombing & the Tsipras surrender: why?

13 thoughts on “BEHIND YOUR BACK: Disgraceful deals in Ankara & Oldham

  1. Re Oldham Conervatives Defeat by Default. Yes. But what about Ulster? By the same token Tories
    have ” understanding ” with DUP — and Labour with Sin Fein and SDLP, why cannot Tories
    just say they have similar with ukip in Oldham and similar
    unwinnable bastions — and Labour ditto with SNP and Plyd ??


  2. The only thing, ‘We the Citizens’ are involved, in is paying for all the mistakes, be it financial or social. IMHO one of the biggest mistakes (and there are many more) they are making, time will come when they will ignore us once too often.


  3. Jw. A James Daly is Tory Candidate for Oldham. Re segregated stuff you’re echoing Guido (I’m sure unconsciously). Borisconi et al have addressed similarly constituted meetings fwiw.
    Re Erdogan can only agree, with any luck Turks may emulate what they saw fit to do to one of Bojos antecedents & dangle on a lamp post.
    IMHo Labour’s internecine conflict is a real blot when the current Tory shambles has presented such an immediate opportunity to be an opposition. All the geopolitical neoliberal stuff going on leaves me with the impression that “decency/truth” is a forlorn hope a we’re all re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Cheers – a bemused disgusted unreliable historian.


  4. Published: November 5, 2015 by
    “CCHQ has just announced that Cllr James Daly, a criminal defence solicitor, has been selected to fight the Oldham West and Royton by-election.”

    This is the second time I’ve noticed that you have stated that the conservatives are not fielding a candidate.
    Am I missing something?


  5. “The decision to put up feminism and multiculturalism as The Only Way for British society to ‘develop’ was taken not only without your consent, but also quietly by a tiny minority over many decades.”

    Yes the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism. Shout this louder! Also the gay vote. The three prong attack on Britain and elsewhere.


  6. Disgraceful deals in Turkey. The elites have no consideration for ‘their own’, and continue to throw more fuel onto the fire. A lot of the strange undemocratic decisions being made today are a direct result of the euro complete disaster managed by self serving imbeciles.
    These things mount up. The straw that breaks the camel’s back may just be a reaction to a particular shocking event in the future. Then the full force of consequences stored up will be unleashed. There need to be consequences, and there will be unstoppable consequences. Too much hope has been destroyed, and too many lives have been ruined.


  7. When you get drawn into a proxy war to decided who the rightful successor of Muhammad should be things can only get worse.

    Mr Erdogan who believes that democracy can be likend to a streetcar, something to ride until you get to your stop now he wants to be part of the EU which in itself is like another streetcar heading for a different destination. The two street cars are bound to have a collision before either reach their respective stops..


  8. Dear All

    My apologies to you all and Mr Daly in particular. I took an article over the weekend at its word when it said the Conservatives were ‘not contesting Oldham’….by which the writer meant, ‘not devoting any resources to it’. Still, my fault – silly mistake.


  9. Stop press. Today: Labour wins Oldham on just the postal votes. Previously: Lorry loaded with assorted biros overturns blocking the M62.


  10. I like your blog very much and check it out everyday; however, I find some of the made-up words very difficult to follow.


  11. “The decision to put up feminism and multiculturalism as The Only Way for British society to ‘develop’ was taken not only without your consent, but also quietly by a tiny minority over many decades.”

    Develop into what I wonder. I was of the impression we are a very developed country, maybe that is why we need to go back to year dot.. where is pol pot when ya need him?

    * I tried not to laugh at Camdamnthatman when he gave his argument to ‘kill’ ISIS. He does know , I mean, he is aware these creeps ARE BRITISH…hello jehadi john no yoko. Looks like Mr Powell was not far off the mark with his ‘River of Blood speech’.


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