At the End of the Day


Oh Dijesslbloem, our Dijesslbloem

what goes on in the anteroom

of your small brain where only doom

can blackmail every Greek whose gloom

you try with every threat to groom

while sat upon your witch’s broom?

Oh Jeroen our grandchildren

will ask us what you did back when

Greek citizens all heartbroken

watched carpetbagger acumen

steal assets off the citizen

with disapproval verboten

by Verhofstadt and all his men.

Now Dizzy Jeroen decrees

with Greeks already on their knees

they do not do enough to please

supporters of the refugees….

this fucking stupid Edam cheese

who lives a life of Brussels ease

is suffering from a grave disease

called  Troikanaut officialese.

13 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. @clivehale
    …and for everything else, there is Barclaycard (oh my, “only fined” £72 million for ignoring the anti-money laundering regulations…but no criminal charges…so, yes, for EVERYTHING ELSE, THERE IS BARCLAYCARD.


  2. a well-worn Chinese proverb that you must kill a chicken to scare the monkeys…

    Greece is the chicken the rest are monkeys.


  3. How these people don’t think they’re going swing somewhere down the line – they must be as insane as they appear. Do they really think that those they employ to keep themselves safe aren’t going to walk away when their families are out among the enraged ?? Do they really think that their ill gotten gains can be taken to the afterlife ?? All it takes is a small spark as per Tunisia !


  4. In Pimlico did MI5
    a paedo perverts’ dome decree
    Where Greer, the sacred wordsmith, ran
    Some Tory Party’s power base clan
    All for a Wanless fee.

    So vice Clive wiles in Carroll’s ground
    Met stalls and powers were hurdled round:
    And there were harems bright with bilious Bills,
    Where blossomed many intense scaring pleas;
    And here were care homes debased as the swills,
    Enfolding murky spots of Savilery.


  5. Here I present four online tomes which explain why the UK/US are in such deep shit. I call it the Encyclopedia Shitannica:

    John – you hold out hope for Corbyn. I don’t as he is a Fabian. Read who the Fabians really are and you will change your mind.


  6. The Axioms came
    to tell their tales
    upon a board for chalk,

    but all the sleepy
    children there
    to have a talk,

    not of whether one is one
    nor whether two is two,
    but whether they looked good today,
    and what made Jane so blue?


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