Ooooooh ‘ere hwah hah Eeiaow yersh

Some really very intelligent Western journalists – and one helluva lot of very lazy, conformist Labour MPs – are going to find themselves, in time, on the wrong side of both the heightened campaign of bombing in Syria in general, and the Turkish shooting-down of a Russian jet this week.

There is a tendency – when one is right in the middle of the storm of international escalation – to forget that there was any history of climatological factors building up to the tempest in question. Equally, there is an even more logic-annihilating need among Homo sapiens to miss the blatantly obvious motive behind the main event. These are the two things about which I’d like to try and remind everyone with an open mind tonight.

Tonight David Cameron is well on the way to getting His War. The sound sense of MPs (and the sensible sound of their constituents) stopped him last time around, but Paris and its subsequent aftermath of cynical outrage seem set this time to deliver unto him his envie if I may use the French word: his dream desire. With a man quite so depraved as the current Prime Minister, one shudders to think what sort of dream it might be; perhaps the dream itself involves shudders – I couldn’t possibly speculate.

I wonder, however, how many in the commentariat have noticed that this time, Mr Cameron’s Syrian war will be against ‘the rebels’…..and not, as last time, against the forces fighting the rebels: that is, Bashar Assad and his allies. This time – officially – he will be bombing ISIL – whom last time around he would’ve been happy to arm and, according to some sources, did. He most certainly sold arms to the Saudis….a family that donates arms to ISIL the way American GIs used to hand out bubble gum to kids in the Second World War.

Cameron wants a war in roughly the same way he wants HS2, and an equal amount of thought (and money) has gone into both. But far too little attention has been given to NATO’s risible track record in the region, wherein one stable (but disliked) régime after another has been toppled in the never-ending quest of Washington Street to ensure access to oil. Indeed, as time goes on, the very word oil morphs into oyyyuuurrl in the same way that money has become de munneeee.

Perhaps Sugar Puffs should use CallmeDave as the successor to their last great brand character created by the legendary UK agency BMP: for he is, most assuredly, Dave the Munneeee Monster. I point this out advisedly, because the rationales used by this man gagging to be indicted inducted in the Ethics Free Hall of Fame are so infantile as to insult the experiential intelligence of a foetus.

Britain “faces armed attack from ISIL” – Cameron today – because (a) the reptile Blair he so admires told lies to the House of Commons about Saddam Hussein’s weapons capability (b) ISIL was armed by Cameron, the French and McCain (c) idiotic British pc immigration and minority bollocks gave pure oxygen to raving clerics and (d) we’ve had our heads stuck too far up the Washington anus to see the light of Reason for far too long.

As I pointed out earlier, beyond the specific storm there is always the climate. The US State Department under Hillary Clinton created a climate of instability in the Middle East. Whether this was the result of pernicious planning or infinite incompetence remains open to conjecture, but either way it is what it is. Can we please, as a still relatively intelligent Western culture, stop denying this?

The War on ISIL will be no more real or successful than the War on Terror:!  – for two reasons. First, the hidden agenda will always outweigh the public motive…especially among those peoples being targeted; and second, this sort of response is the ultimate recruiting campaign for those who can (and will) spin the oil motive into something Satanic.

The net result will be the triumph of Evil as a result of Bad Men doing something.

And it is in the nature of bad men in black hats that they recruit and do business with those of black heart.

For Recep Erdogan – a man who has been on The Slog’s radar longer than most as a dangerously psychotic Islamist and political Nazi in the NATO camp – the manipulation of the Paris Attestats into full-blown nihilist jingoism was a major blow. With even Mutti Merkel kissing his ring (if you’ll pardon the expression) in the wake of an EU migrant inundation, he had good reason to think that happy days were here again.

But they were short-lived. For one rapid effect of ISIL’s bid to use atrocity as a suitable self-aggrandising mechanism has been a sudden awareness in the West that maybe Vladimir Putin had a point after all. There was talk of the kind of Washington/Moscow cooperation that hasn’t been seen since Apollo was docking with Soyuz and SALT treaties were being sprinkled on every diplomatic dish.

The idea of a united global action against his mates in ISIL – really nothing more initially than a McCain rebranding of Daesh – overnight turned the Turkish leader from a Messiah walking on water into a bloke with with only his black hat visible on the quicksand.

And that’s why his goons shot down the Russian jet fighter.

A Russian jet fighter his goons made a point of warning seventeen times – and whose inhabitants ignored the warning because they weren’t in Turkish airspace at the time. The same goons who play airspace roulette with the Greeks on a daily basis. The same goons who lied about Syrian jets bombing Turkey. And in the end, the same goons who watched as the Russian pilots took a standard, harmless shortcut into Syria through Turkish airspace for 17 seconds (1.7 miles) and then shot them down outside that space.

Erdogan shot down the fighter jet because he badly needed a rift in the newly established détente. He had the means, the motive, the ideology, and the track record to do such a thing.

As to the detailed facts of the Turkish action in this case, Sloggers are directed to an excellent forensic analysis by Acting Man

In the meantime, can somebody please outline for me what Putin’s motive might have been?

It is in the nature of things these days that this analysis will be rubbished by those in Camerlot and Natoland as the gibbering naivety of a dupe. So let me yet again make it clear: I am not an apologist for Vladimir Putin. He is a ruthless autocrat who isolates, banishes and kills opponents. In this regard, therefore, he belongs in the company of Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch, Wolfgang Schäuble, Nicolas Sarkozy, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Bashar Assad, Jihadi John, and Recep Erdogan.

I hope that concluding paragraph makes its point.

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