ANALYSIS: history forgotten as UK foreign policy turns into Carry on Cameron


Ooooooh ‘ere hwah hah Eeiaow yersh

Some really very intelligent Western journalists – and one helluva lot of very lazy, conformist Labour MPs – are going to find themselves, in time, on the wrong side of both the heightened campaign of bombing in Syria in general, and the Turkish shooting-down of a Russian jet this week.

There is a tendency – when one is right in the middle of the storm of international escalation – to forget that there was any history of climatological factors building up to the tempest in question. Equally, there is an even more logic-annihilating need among Homo sapiens to miss the blatantly obvious motive behind the main event. These are the two things about which I’d like to try and remind everyone with an open mind tonight.

Tonight David Cameron is well on the way to getting His War. The sound sense of MPs (and the sensible sound of their constituents) stopped him last time around, but Paris and its subsequent aftermath of cynical outrage seem set this time to deliver unto him his envie if I may use the French word: his dream desire. With a man quite so depraved as the current Prime Minister, one shudders to think what sort of dream it might be; perhaps the dream itself involves shudders – I couldn’t possibly speculate.

I wonder, however, how many in the commentariat have noticed that this time, Mr Cameron’s Syrian war will be against ‘the rebels’…..and not, as last time, against the forces fighting the rebels: that is, Bashar Assad and his allies. This time – officially – he will be bombing ISIL – whom last time around he would’ve been happy to arm and, according to some sources, did. He most certainly sold arms to the Saudis….a family that donates arms to ISIL the way American GIs used to hand out bubble gum to kids in the Second World War.

Cameron wants a war in roughly the same way he wants HS2, and an equal amount of thought (and money) has gone into both. But far too little attention has been given to NATO’s risible track record in the region, wherein one stable (but disliked) régime after another has been toppled in the never-ending quest of Washington Street to ensure access to oil. Indeed, as time goes on, the very word oil morphs into oyyyuuurrl in the same way that money has become de munneeee.

Perhaps Sugar Puffs should use CallmeDave as the successor to their last great brand character created by the legendary UK agency BMP: for he is, most assuredly, Dave the Munneeee Monster. I point this out advisedly, because the rationales used by this man gagging to be indicted inducted in the Ethics Free Hall of Fame are so infantile as to insult the experiential intelligence of a foetus.

Britain “faces armed attack from ISIL” – Cameron today – because (a) the reptile Blair he so admires told lies to the House of Commons about Saddam Hussein’s weapons capability (b) ISIL was armed by Cameron, the French and McCain (c) idiotic British pc immigration and minority bollocks gave pure oxygen to raving clerics and (d) we’ve had our heads stuck too far up the Washington anus to see the light of Reason for far too long.

As I pointed out earlier, beyond the specific storm there is always the climate. The US State Department under Hillary Clinton created a climate of instability in the Middle East. Whether this was the result of pernicious planning or infinite incompetence remains open to conjecture, but either way it is what it is. Can we please, as a still relatively intelligent Western culture, stop denying this?

The War on ISIL will be no more real or successful than the War on Terror:!  – for two reasons. First, the hidden agenda will always outweigh the public motive…especially among those peoples being targeted; and second, this sort of response is the ultimate recruiting campaign for those who can (and will) spin the oil motive into something Satanic.

The net result will be the triumph of Evil as a result of Bad Men doing something.

And it is in the nature of bad men in black hats that they recruit and do business with those of black heart.

For Recep Erdogan – a man who has been on The Slog’s radar longer than most as a dangerously psychotic Islamist and political Nazi in the NATO camp – the manipulation of the Paris Attestats into full-blown nihilist jingoism was a major blow. With even Mutti Merkel kissing his ring (if you’ll pardon the expression) in the wake of an EU migrant inundation, he had good reason to think that happy days were here again.

But they were short-lived. For one rapid effect of ISIL’s bid to use atrocity as a suitable self-aggrandising mechanism has been a sudden awareness in the West that maybe Vladimir Putin had a point after all. There was talk of the kind of Washington/Moscow cooperation that hasn’t been seen since Apollo was docking with Soyuz and SALT treaties were being sprinkled on every diplomatic dish.

The idea of a united global action against his mates in ISIL – really nothing more initially than a McCain rebranding of Daesh – overnight turned the Turkish leader from a Messiah walking on water into a bloke with with only his black hat visible on the quicksand.

And that’s why his goons shot down the Russian jet fighter.

A Russian jet fighter his goons made a point of warning seventeen times – and whose inhabitants ignored the warning because they weren’t in Turkish airspace at the time. The same goons who play airspace roulette with the Greeks on a daily basis. The same goons who lied about Syrian jets bombing Turkey. And in the end, the same goons who watched as the Russian pilots took a standard, harmless shortcut into Syria through Turkish airspace for 17 seconds (1.7 miles) and then shot them down outside that space.

Erdogan shot down the fighter jet because he badly needed a rift in the newly established détente. He had the means, the motive, the ideology, and the track record to do such a thing.

As to the detailed facts of the Turkish action in this case, Sloggers are directed to an excellent forensic analysis by Acting Man

In the meantime, can somebody please outline for me what Putin’s motive might have been?

It is in the nature of things these days that this analysis will be rubbished by those in Camerlot and Natoland as the gibbering naivety of a dupe. So let me yet again make it clear: I am not an apologist for Vladimir Putin. He is a ruthless autocrat who isolates, banishes and kills opponents. In this regard, therefore, he belongs in the company of Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch, Wolfgang Schäuble, Nicolas Sarkozy, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Bashar Assad, Jihadi John, and Recep Erdogan.

I hope that concluding paragraph makes its point.

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32 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: history forgotten as UK foreign policy turns into Carry on Cameron

  1. Syria is not going to invite – anfus in (as it has invited Russia) so we are going to invade. Why are we going to so so? We are going to imperil our own country because our political leadership has been sold to Saudi and Qatar and Turkey. They want to push a gas pipeline through Syria to Europe, and because, as Sunnis (and as monarchies) they hate Alawites like Assad (and secular republics) and because Islam just is sheer aggression aimed at every culture that holds out against it.
    So oil (and gas) are not as cheap as all that. They have cost us our national leadership, our national sovereignty and perhaps now cultural and demographic survival.
    Of course we could do something about. We could start by losing our temper and getting out on the streets in demonstrations of our rejection of Islam and Islamic infiltration of our politics and foreign policy.
    It is a crazy world in which we have to say that Jeremy Corbyn is right, but at this moment on this issue he is not only right but he is very bravely the only UK politician who is in the right. We must not bomb Syria


  2. I’m going to make myself frightfully unpopular here, but could I venture to suggest – without the slightest suggestion of approbation one way or the other – that Putin, at the very least, operates for the good of Russia rather than some rarified notion of the greater imagined good as allegedly pursued by the harlots in Westminster, Washington and Berlin? At least the denizens of Soho and the Reeperbahn have the common courtesy to hang a red light above their door as they draw the punters to their premises. Honesty evaporates like the dew before the morning sun when viewed in the prism of European
    réalité …


  3. You are so very crazy! The very most Carry On here is from the very own St00pid Slog and his followers!

    Do you buy your aluminum hats in bulk and also supply them to most of your posters maybe?

    Try and get a grip on a little of life, Jean.

    All of your post now goes so OTT that once you were a very important alternative view of world news but now you are simply a rag-tag-and-bobtail of stupid conspiracy storys and where your true sycophant followers jump in and lick you and demand ‘more’ + ‘more’ + + ‘more’ please Jean! Please give us all MORE whre you show just how stupid the Slog and his followers are now.

    You are a bunch of


  4. @Caratacus agree +1
    At the very least, the Russian administration is holding up a mirror against the current terror narrative, as our leaders would have us believe in it.
    I get the impression that the scenario will be exposed for all to see, as the scale of “oil routes”, weapons drops and pigs at troughs are revealed. (We should hope).
    Instead of actions, expect more revelations and machinations as the distributed G20 dossier still fails to surface in the MSM.
    Bit rough there as regards Putin in those final paragraphs I feel.
    I find the language he uses, in contrast to our own “stars”, to be good enough to elevate him to the position of “esteemed senior statesman”. I’ll go further and be a willing apologist.
    No point in sitting on the fence.
    Syria falls, humanity goes with it. (comment off-guardian)


  5. Wow! The Slog appears to have attracted its very own troll. Aluminum Anonymous? How very Transatlantic of you. I’m not sure many of us are sycophants. I suspect most of the readers of this blog are actually far better educated and informed on world events than you are and realise that the very raison d’etre of ‘Intelligence’ agencies is conspiracy. Are you really so ignorant that the details of Gladio escape you? We are now at war with Eastasia apparently. Last year we were at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia right?


  6. @Caratacus

    I sincerely hope that you are right. I am a total cynic when it comes to those that seek power in any guise, and I may be naive beyond belief in thinking Putin could be acting with the Russian nation’s best interests at heart. If he is, his actions will necessarily blunt the assault of the Neocon/neolib criminals that have caused misery to so much of the world in the last couple of decades. Some hope is necessary for mental health, even if it is forlorn.


  7. From a purely tactical point of view, upping the temperature in Syria, without pursuing genocide, can only drive them towards us. Will the Great British Public wake up to this? The difficulty is that it may seem more attractive to carry on pretending to be asleep if you suspect that you might wake up to a nightmare. The gap between rhetoric and reality is widening, in this and other issues, with every passing month, and yet we slumber as they lumber on: we risk being identified by history, unless we abandon self examination altogether, as the Great Brutish Public.


  8. The Paris atrocities have been used to give NATO forces an excuse to interfere in Syria.
    Their main objective will be the Northern crescent running from Iran/Iraq through to Turkey /Lebanon border. This serves 3 objectives,
    1. It severes the connection of Iran and Hezbollah, Assads on the ground supporters to please Israel.
    2. This is the route marked for the Qatar /Saudi gas pipeline.
    3.This corridor will be designated the New Kurdistan which Nato hope to control via a puppet.
    Turkeys Erdogan has been moving oil from Iraq and Syria oilfields in truck tankers along this route at a rate of $50 million/week., This is how ISIL finances its Caliphate.
    The company moving this oil is BMZ run by Bilil Erdogan , the son. He has his own Tanker shipping company which moves it along to consumers everywhere at a huge discount.
    One of the reasons the Russian fighter was shot down , was because Russia bombed these tankers last week. The money flow was interrupted and some greedy people were upset.
    There can be no doubt that Erdogan got the nod from Washington to do the dirty deed, but now has been hung out to dry by them. He failed to see the big picture.
    Russia will arm the KUrdish PKK on his border to give him constant headache. His economy will tank and his airforce cannot twitch near the border area, with the Russian S400 missiles and itchy trigger fingers to exact revenge. He has been neutered.
    His dreams of an Ottoman Empire extending into Iraq are over. Be not surprised if he is ousted in a Military coup soon.
    Putin,like the master chessplayer he is, did not react immediately, but studied the board and will prepare his moves ans traps accordingly.
    The main objective never changes, that is the conquest of Russia and its plunder by the US Empire.
    The Middle East chaos also folllows the Yinon plan of breaking up Sovereign states into squabbling regions too busy to interfere with Israel.
    It is all going swimmingly. not.


  9. @SL

    Superb summary. The Oded Yinon aspect seems to be the elephant in the room. The architects of U.S./Nato foreign policy are the very same Neocons that dismembered Iraq and several are dual Israeli-U.S. citizens. I may be derided as an ‘anti-semite’ whatever that means nowadays, but a sober look at the personalities and their documents including PNAC does suggest an Israeli interest in breaking its surrounding secular states. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran …

    Even if I am wrong about the overall motive for chaos in Syria, the recent discovery of a huge oil deposit in the Golan Heights, (Syrian sovereign territory illegally annexed by Israel in 1981) at least gives a motive to weaken the sovereign government of Syria so that it is powerless to intervene when Israel starts to exploit the oil. (A company from New Jersey, Genie Oil has been awarded the contract – major shareholders Haliburton, Rupert Murdoch and a Rothchild.) The Golan is also a major source of water for Israel.

    The undeniable lobbying power of AIPAC in the U.S. and the large contingent of Westminster MPs active in Labour/Conservative/Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel makes it unlikely that NATO is pursuing a policy disapproved of by Tel Aviv.


  10. “And in the end, the same goons who watched as the Russian pilots took a standard, harmless shortcut into Syria through Turkish airspace for 17 seconds (1.7 miles) and then shot them down outside that space.”

    I’m not into aerodynamics at all, and a tad rusty at mental arithmetic, but:

    The Turks say the SU-24 took 17 seconds to fly around 1.7 miles (on Kopp Verlag they say it was 1.85 km, which is just over 1 mile!). Whatever, let’s work with John’s figure. That means it was covering 1 mile every 10 seconds, so, 6 miles every minute or around 360 miles per hour. Using the Kopp distance, then it was tooling along at about 200 mph!

    Can the SU-24 stay airborne at that speed? Sounds mighty slow to me for an elderly (it dates back to the 60s) but still supersonic (Mach 2.18) Russkie jet fighter; in fact, that’s roughly the top speed of a WWII Spitfire. Let us not get into the potential “being shot-down” problems of flying at such slow speeds over bandit country.


  11. Try not to forget that Cameron has been using the WMD ploy a la ‘Heir to Blair’… Fool me once – Become an MP !
    Got to be said that Corbyn was one of the few who talked sense. The case was not made ! But Dave and his mates want to play soldiers… The man is an egotistical twat and a clear and present danger to the welfare of the UK and its citizens.
    Good post John and the comment section most enlightening… Had a larf at the ignorant troll too… And not a lot to laugh about in current times !


  12. Here in UK we have ” Sandhurst, RUSI….” etc – the best in the world of course..LOL…!!
    Cameron is advised by these clowns who have no idea how to win a battle or a war.
    IMHO, if the allies got together, surrounded Raqqa, the terrorists could be starved out and come hands high and naked by foot over the red line ( 2 miles radius) to avoid being shot dead on the spot.


  13. The tactics outlined above would have worked in Afghanistan as well.( ex paras) You will get hit and run attacks on the line of surround , but hot pursuit with western technology against ragheads on foot is as easy as standing on your head. No IED’s either – the biggest killer of all while forces patrol the countryside looking for what???


  14. War, Financial Crash, War, Financial Crash…..tick tock ‘state of emergency’ anyone?

    All credit to them. Its a business model that works….


  15. The self proclaimed world policeman requires a pipeline through Syria and will continue destroying people and infrastructure until Assad has gone and they get their way. Luckily Putin has a different perspective and has a legal mandate to help Assad.
    Where this will take us is anybodies guess. Now we have the Camoron after mission creep to replace drones with aircraft in Syria. This could lead to a very unhappy Xmas.


  16. it seems the Beeb went ages ago. From yesterday it seems also that the Graun has fallen. There are only small yet highly influential blogs such as John’s left. I now only check out his blog, Zero Hedge and Craig Murray. Thank you all three of you.


  17. Dear Anonandonandonandon

    Clearly, words failed you at the close – or your medication arrived, one of the two.

    I do realise you’re trying to get banned so more smears can be bandied round about my innate fascism, communism, madness (insert insult of choice here). But for the moment, I’m relishing your nihilist illiteracy – as I suspect is everyone else. So I think for the entertainment factor alone, you can stay for a bit.

    Bon courage, and au revoir.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. @JS

    Those are three of my main sources too. May I suggest adding Paul Craig Roberts and The Saker? Sibel Edmond’s Boiling Frog post and James Corbett are worth the occasional visit too.


  19. Ricoh

    Why do assume for one second that the aim is to ‘sort the terrorists out’? The aim is geostrategic reorganisation of Middle Eastern Nation State boundaries for the benefit of oil and gas organisations, arms suppliers, contract mercenaries, current and former politicians, the CIA+MI6, media madmen and Wall Street/The City.

    David Cameron made it clear that ‘we will be in Syria for many years to come’ which means that the plan is to create a ‘stalemate’ which requires arms to be sold to all sides for years, with all the commissions and money laundering that goes with it.

    As for creating a little trouble: ‘Would the PM confirm that his proposed interventions in Syria have nothing to do with the financial interests of Mr Rupert Murdoch, Mr Dick Cheney and the former Director of the CIA, that no MPs of this House support ing bombing have any financial interests, consultancies, campaign funding contributions nor any other in-kind interests which render their support based on narrow financial reasons as opposed to the human rights of the people caught up in this terrible scenario?’

    ‘Does the Prime Minister ring up Riyadh to receive orders before announcing UK Middle Eastern policy? Or does Riyadh only talk direct to Washington when issuing its orders?’

    ‘Given that the UK capability to wage warfare in Syria is minor to insignificant, is this more about convincing the USA that the UK is not taking on the french mantle of ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’ than actually doing anything which could influence the outcomes of fighting in what, at least for the current time, can still be referred to as the sovereign nation of Syria?’

    ‘Does the PM consider the boundaries of countries in the Middle East to be something decided oligarchically in the USA in collaboration with Tel Aviv, Riyadh and Doha? If so, why have the views of the Syrian people been so ruthlessly, immorally and despicably dismissed?’

    At least then, you might have some kind of semblance of proper forensic examination of the Prime Minister’s conduct, the semblance of a proper Opposition to HMG and the semblance of not needing a 4th Estate which has now gone completely servile.


  20. @rtj1211
    You are correct. The MSM has failed miserably in its duty to furnish the truth to the Nation.It is completely suborned and heavily complicit in promoting the policies of the profit making warmongers.
    This is an Iraq/Libya repeat just like Groundhog Day.
    Unbelievably many educated and not so educated go along with this mirage of so called news reporting, If the Comments section of Newspapers is to be believed
    Never over estimate the intelligence of the Man on the Clapham Omnibus.


  21. All Cameron’s rhetoric is, is a repeat of that which emanates from Washington. He is only doing as he is told.
    I feel we could be approaching a ‘dead Archduke’ moment before too long…
    But, on a more humorous note, did anybody see the article about Kim Jong Un asking nicely if they too could bomb Syria?


  22. @SL

    I wonder if the Comment sections are all UK newspapers are policed as rigorously as those at the Grauniad and that many comments questioning the official line are quickly removed. I confess it is astounding how many intelligent, educated people are apparently unable to discern the obvious parallels between Iraq, Libya and Syria. The matrix is incredibly robust apparently.


  23. Maybe bfore the next round of warmongers get their war, Camroon should be asked on why they did nothing about the oil transits via Turkey and elsewhere.

    He should be forced to reply to Putins assertion of G20 nations helping ISIS in oil and financial markets.


  24. Regarding the laundering of the $50 million of ISIL oil money, there are traces back to the City of London. Now aint that a surprise.!


  25. Reply to Viking Jack:
    Airspeed is not ground speed, it is possible to have a ground speed of 200(mph) and a much higher airspeed (think direction of wind). That said the SU24 is a ‘swing wing’ or ‘variable wing’ bomber and can adjust the position of its wings to suit its airspeed. So yes it could fly at a relatively slow speed and would be doing so in order to attain ground targets.
    Hope that helps your understanding


  26. So very glad you re-instated your comments section, John. I had sorely missed the gang and their additions to your thoughts.


  27. No no no he’s only going to bomb the bad Islamists ,not the nice ones. It’s easy to tell the difference at 10,000 ft in an aircraft


  28. John
    I have tried to find any effective coverage by the BBC regarding …. Putins claim that he has been stabbed in the back by the Turks!
    There is coverage, but not so it would penetrate the average mupets brain!


  29. Absolutely. But Cameron has never been in politics for the right reasons. I sensed from the start something didn’t ring true about him – a wily, eloquent but basically very foolish man.
    Cameron is a puppet, imposed on the country by the same foreign regimes and money-men that own most of our media. Their lies and war-mongering over Syria has nothing to do with British interests and indeed would put British lives gravely in danger – which is why they are now hysterically trying to bully and frighten the gullible masses into accepting it.
    It will all go horribly wrong of course. Every thinking person knows that. We even have the evidence of Iraq, Afghanistan and LIbya to see that it cannot work. But Cameron and his media backers no longer care – they know they are heading down and they are determined to bring the country with them.
    I just hope enough people rise up before it’s too late for the rest of us.


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