ANALYSIS: Terror – who brought it upon us, and who is disseminating it today?


An’ itsa haaard Rains gonna fall

The Slog outlines an authentic step by step guide to how and why insane Jihadism has become widespread terror

Brussels has been on ‘maxumum alert’ to my certain knowledge for three days….all shops are closed and every sporting event cancelled. An attack, we’re told, is ‘imminent’. Imminent is becoming one of those internet words like ‘free’: it’s a tricky one to interpret, given the reality.

Meanwhile, of the ten people besieged in the St Denis raid, er, seven have been released without charge. Spookily, the only persons killed were this week’s Mastermind winner, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, and his girlfriend or perhaps cousin but whom we now ‘know’ haha wasn’t a woman at all. As their coming back to life, regardless of sexual orientation, is not imminent, another trail of information and evidence has been lost: another Osama Bin Laden has been buried at sea.

We know Abaaoud was a mastermind, by the way, because he masterminded the Stade de France attack – you know, the one where they made themselves conspicuous by entering the ground half an hour late, were immediately spotted by security cops, and then blew themselves up…scoring a casualty total of precisely three. Yup, it takes a master of the Universe mind to devise that one.

We’re beginning to see emerging elements in the National State of Emergency declared by Hollande last week. The French National Assembly has awarded the Executive sweeping powers: the bill includes the right to tell ISPs to block websites – without any judicial review or court order. Police will no longer need a warrant to seize electronic devices without a warrant. So gung-ho is the Assembly, several even more draconian moves have been suggested – for example, criminalising the Act of even attempting to load one of the summarily banned websites.

French MPs have already voted in favour of an amendment allowing the Minister of the Interior to block any website “promoting terrorism or inciting terrorist acts” (no legal process for adjudication of promoting or inciting) and confine to house arrest individuals that present “serious reasons to think that their behaviour represents a threat for security and public order”….such to also be decided by security forces, not the Courts. So if I blog “what a pity the Schäuble assassin missed” I could be banged up before you could say lettres de cachet. If Nigel Farage stands up in the Brussels Parliament and suggests “one day that crook Verhofstadt is going to wind up hanging from a lamppost” we might even wind up sharing the house. This could be even worse than I thought.

Across the Channel in Target Britannia,  Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond is saying that yes, Britain really is a target and yes, we’re alert. David Cameron his chosen this moment in particular to tell us that seven “major planned Jihadist atrocities” have been foiled in the UK this year, a statement as unqualified as it is unsubstantiated: will CallMeDave now be arrested by Theresa May as a suspected NVE? We don’t know, but we do know that without drawing breath, the Prime Minister confirmed that his government’s new Strategic Defence and Security Review will involve ‘thousands of armed troops flooding the streets if terrorists launch a Paris-style attack on Britain,  and a huge increase in the number of combat troops placed on high alert for a rapid response to a terrorist attack’.

But I’m afraid this leaves me asking one simple question: who exactly are the ones creating terror here? I mean, that is what terrorists do, right? They create a widespread sense of terror.

Before anyone leaps to a convenient misunderstanding of my motives, I should reiterate my very clear view that has not wavered in nearly fifteen years: pc in Britain, the US and Europe has from Day One turned a blind eye to the fundamentally intolerant, misogynist and aggressive nature of Islam. But if they hadn’t done this, we wouldn’t be in the self-perpetuating state of terror that besets us today….with an immigration policy that allowed in hundreds of extremist preachers and an estimated 15,000 Jihadist activists.

Unbelievably, we’re still at it: a pre-Christmas commercial planned for showing in  UK cinemas has been banned by the chains because it features the Lord’s Prayer. Apparently, ‘the cinemas rejected the commercial, saying that it could offend people of differing or no faith’. Hands up all those readers who think the Jews might have objected.

There is then, of course, the vexed (but entirely glossed over) question of where some of this ISIL worldwide well-drilled and ten-million strong at least headcases bought their weapons in the first place. Just over a month ago, it was revealed that the British government has identified Saudi Arabia as a “priority market” and is encouraging UK businesses to bid for contracts in, among others, security and defence. The Saudis have roughly the same in common with our values as ISIL: they are also known suppliers of weapons to the Jihadists.

ISIL’s other major supplier is Erodgan’s Turkey, whose leader Cameron licked all over in his ill-judged Ankara speech of 2010. Turkey is a member of NATO – a military organisation dedicated to the annihilation of Jihadist terrorism.

And of course, we mustn’t leave out France. Je suis Paris, when all’s said and done. Unfortunately, Syrian Jihadists frequently use the FAMAS assault rifle….supplied to them by France.

As the Independent pointed out two years ago, ‘France was instrumental, alongside the UK, in lifting the European Union arms embargo on Syria which would allow supplies to be sent to the rebels’. This was way back when the ‘bastards’ of ISIL were brave freedom-fighters against Bashar Assad.

Earlier this year, in fact, France24 gushed that ‘France’s booming arms trade has proved one of the few bright spots for the country’s struggling economy’;  Hollande conveniently ignored the advice of experts that ‘the influx of arms to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries is worsening tensions in a region already ravaged by conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen’.

And just to round off the survey, the US remains the biggest arms exporter to the Middle East, with €7.5 billion worth of weapon sales in 2014, while the UK and Germany are also major players.

This is how it works. Our governments follow amoral foreign and export policies, we the People pay. Western governments remain in awe of an energy form we should have moved past decades ago, we the People pay. Politically correct idiots ignore the dark sides of immigration, we the People pay. Establishments become completely beholden to the greed of bankers, we the People pay. Those of neoliberal dogma hire the government pipers to play their ideological hymn, we the People pay. Media moguls smear every real opposition to their cosy privilege, we the People pay. Childish fundamentalists with small dicks get cheap arms and gain ground among the disgruntled, we the People pay.

The path along which we are allowing ourselves to be herded is so well trodden – and so easily recognised by even the most inattentive student of history – it is beyond parody. I feel like a man face up under the guillotine, waiting for it to hurtle down.



31 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Terror – who brought it upon us, and who is disseminating it today?

  1. War is a racket. Once that is understood, we know why things happen the way they do. It’s a business model thats been honed since vietnam if not before. Blowback and un-intended consquences are a measurement of the efficacy of the business model by Amerika and its vassal states.

    Given that the West is financially bankrupt, you gotta wonder when will they introduce a ‘state of emergency’? Before or after the financial collapse? If before, what do they need to happen to get us to that state?

    As signposts on the way to the ‘state of emergency’, I’m waiting for the war on crytography, bitcoin and cash to appear.


  2. We have all heard the saying ” The lunatics are running the asylum” with the state of the NHS I am convinced they should be.
    I would rather be mad than PC stupid claims some!
    I wasn’t sure wether to laugh or frown at the suggestion of reply to the question ” We should not hesitate and go after the terrorists and rid our world of them” to which the reply was “Oh so should the governement start in Bradford or Birmingham”?
    That is not what I meant, I meant the forgein terrorists came the sharp,sober reply.

    A wee case of not seeing the wood from the trees me thinks!

    Your are spot on with your blog John- they have terrorised some governments and continue to do so using tax payers money.

    Hail the gun runners and drug barons- he who rocks the cradle and all that!


  3. As a non-believer, I constantly ‘take offence’ at the intolerant offence taken by ‘believers’ of all creeds at any doubt or perceived insult of their beliefs and especially of my non-belief. Let’s see, how about banning Beliefs (only half-joking), or better still, just get back to freedom of speech. Of course a sane society would not consciously allow itself to be continually infiltrated by groups or individuals whose aim is to destroy the fabric of its entire culture. One is forced to conclude our successive leaders of all stripes have either been colluding with this demolition or are blithering idiots.


  4. @kfc
    Indeed the continuing oil sales are certainly very curious. The U.S. and its vassals seem to be able to completely cut off the nation state of Iran from access to world oil markets, but are powerless to intervene with the ISIS funding bonanza.

    The news this morning is that Osbourne has announced that Camerloon will be pushing for a vote on overt intervention in Syria in the near future. As an observer with a few functioning neurons and a long-term memory longer than that of a goldfish, it seems clear to me that the entire promotion of the ISIS meme has been the response of the remaining State Department Neocons and their European allies to instigate another Libya-style intervention in Syria. When the false-flag chemical attack at Ghouta failed to persuade Obama to order the overt intervention they desired, (and for once the UK parliament showed some intelligence and voted against military action), ISIS appeared from nowhere with a series of atrocity videos. These videos were suspiciously professionally produced and were all ‘discovered’ on the ‘dark web’ by one organisation, Rita Katz and her Site Intelligence group and were given prominent coverage by the Neocon enablers in the MSM.

    The official response of the US/NATO to Russia’s intervention betrays the true purpose of ISIS. If ISIS represents the pure evil that the MSM says, why on Earth would NATO be opposed to Russia bombing them? Under months of NATO bombing ISIS expanded the territory it controlled, yet a few weeks of Russian attention caused ISIS enormous set-backs. From the very beginning, the entire insurgency in Syria has been the creature of Western intelligence agencies and their Gulf proxies. There is copious evidence on the web for those interested enough to find it that shows that the ‘rebels’ of all stripes were/are armed, supplied and funded by a plethora of Gulf States, the U.S. and NATO. Use your favourite search engine to search for the statement of former French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas, view the Defence Intelligence Agency’s released memo that discusses the formation of an Islamic State or listen to spokesmen on NPR freely admitting that the insurgents love the Toyota Highliners that the US is supplying.

    If you have any remaining doubts about NATO complicity in the rubble-isation of the stable secular state of Syria watch the Al-Jazeera interview with General Michael Flynn.

    Finally, a point that does not seem to have been pushed much in the MSM. Any military intervention in the affairs of a sovereign state is a war crime under international law. Russia was invited by the Syrian government. France, the U.S. and the U.K. will all be guilty of Nuremberg’s supreme crime if they bomb or send troops without the authorisation of the U.N. or Syria.


  5. Too lazy to rise from my pit on a Sunday to walk the three feet to my purse to read the current inscriptions if any on the British coinage of today . But when an uncorrupted lad a schoolteacher taught me that engraved on most was the abbreviated phrase ” Elizabetha Regina, Fidei Defensorem ” . So despite some score plus Protestant Ministers of Religion still sitting in the Lords , HRH has presumably let that particular limb of her Sovereign Duty lapse and is content for an advert which endeavours to evangelise to the State Religion —- to be banned…


  6. Re the removal of an advert that features the Lord’s Prayer. The U.S. has a miniscule muslim population, and such muslims as there are have been effectively marginalised since 9/11, yet ‘Happy Holidays’ has completely ousted ‘Happy Christmas’ in U.S. MSM. I’m not sure Islam is completely to blame for the suppression of all Christian symbology in the West.


  7. Commissioner :” Rick I want all this gambling nonsense stopped immediately . I would never have believed
    such things went on !”
    Flunky: ” Excuse me Commissioner — your winnings from last night”

    Comissioner ; ” Oh .. thank you very much . You heard me Rick — immrdiately !” ( dashes out winnings in hand)


  8. The game plan is to keep the masses terrified in order to grab even more draconian powers for the state. There is also the steadily increasing trend to portray the use or possession of cash as bordering on criminal. Meanwhile the military industrial complex is busy supplying weapons to the terrorists. A conspiracy theorist(or realist) could draw any number of conclusions from this- none of them pretty.


  9. An american biologist pointed out that humans have prehistoric emotions, medieval institutions and god like technology. That combo creates the nightmare where our cognitive shortcomings are exploited, deliberately or otherwise by governments, the media and other interested parties. Looking at annual road fatalities in France (3250 deaths in 2013), over the next two weeks around 126 people will be killed in that country. And in the two weeks after that, etc. I don’t observe any mass panic about that hence no internet clampdown on those promoting and glorifying the car (where is Jeremy Clarkson these days).

    More generally it has long been known when people get safer and more comfortable the more they worry about their continued safety and comfort. So it gets ever easier to promote panic about tail risks like terrorism or even theoretical risks whether that be the millenium bug, global warming or asteroid impacts. Wasn’t it less than a year ago that, based on media coverage, we would all shortly die from ebola (and a few years ago it was bird flu, before that SARS and so on). Even a strong, brisk wind or a heavy downpour or a millimetre of snow are now all announced via apocalyptic news headlines and lead t,o amongst other things, schools being closed for health and safety reasons. The use of ever more widespread measures to prevent any kind of negative event anywhere builds an ever more “brittle” society. Then when the occasional high consequence event does occur it is more likely to lead to a comprehensive collapse which would not have happened had there been more tolerance of lower level risks. So a whole country accepts suspended civil liberties for an event coresponding to two weeks road deaths – what will they have to do when a real emergency breaks out. Most countries have deployed exceptional measures like ZIRP & QE in an attempt to allow credit to continue rising and cover up insolvency of financial firms, governments and households (interest rates have now been lower and for longer than during the 1930’s depression) – what happens now when credibility in the system eventually does fold. I’m not as negative as some though. Human psychology and society are still evolving by trial and error. It was only a few thousand years ago that societies of any significant size started to form so they’re still very much “work in progress”.


  10. Personally I think an economic tsunami is nearly ready to be unleashed by the elites / central bankers and you need a little bit of good old terrorism to be able to declare the emergency before you begin.


  11. No sir, it was TE Lawrence in the Hijaz, with the Sheriff of Mecca, who then allowed Abdul Aziz to marry the Rashid tribe with the aid of the Ikhwan. The Ikhwan would take villages and offer those convert to Islam or lose yer head. Guess what they chose? The Al Saud needed the ikhwan to legitmise their power. It is that simple.

    The Ikhwan used to roam the Kingdom with sticks to beat errant Westerners for breaches of the nonsense code, known as the Mattawa.


  12. The financial tyranny imposed on Greece to Britain is breeding the discontent that festered in Africa & Asia(sub continent) these passed 20 years,it may not be a jihad revolt but unless economic conditions improve vastly only more & more groups are going to become active & clamping down on them & not what is causing the discontent is going make matters much worse!


  13. Right now ISIS is bringing knives to a gunfight. AK47s rocket propelled grenades with a little C4 thrown in are manageable capable of inflicting only minor losses. Should the Islamic state take over Pakistan and their 120 nukes and this story will change. The gears of western civilization will grind to a halt,


  14. “we the People pay. Politically correct idiots ignore the dark sides of immigration, we the People pay. Establishments become completely beholden to the greed of bankers, we the People pay. Those of neoliberal dogma hire the government pipers to play their ideological hymn, we the People pay. Media moguls smear every real opposition to their cosy privilege, we the People pay. Childish fundamentalists with small dicks get cheap arms and gain ground among the disgruntled, we the People pay.”

    At what point do you decide that you had enough and that you WILL NOT pay any more.
    I passed over 15 years ago and not a dime penny or cent in income tax NI corporation tax or any other wholly avoidable tax has been paid by me, by fair means of foul.
    I will NOT pay.

    The question is how long will you pay to keep them there


  15. A message to Cameron,parliament and all the other neocons globally.

    With all the bombs being dropped now by Russia,USA and now France I do not think the Syrian people need more bombs…do you?


  16. One does have to ask where, in the Lord’s Prayer, is any mention of any particular religious creed at all?

    ‘Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name’.

    Surely the Muslims can’t object to that. I mean, it doesn’t say that there are a load of 5 star brothels, each containing 72 virgins, for all those pious Muslims who pass God’s judgement at the gates to the promised land, but other than that, it seems the most basic statement of any faith – ‘we worship an Almighty who we call ‘The Father”.

    ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven’.

    Well, where in Islam is there a statement that all Muslims should not try to live pious lives according to God’s will? So I can’t see how that can offend Muslims.

    ‘Give us this day our daily Bread’ – now which religion preaches the starvation of the poor and needy, eh? So Islam should be fine about this one.

    ‘And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us’. Now here we come to the Christian cult of forgiveness, that mechanism of moving on from slights, arguments, misdemeanours etc etc. Would the Muslims prefer: ‘as we assassinate those who trespass against us’?? I’m sure this will be hugely popular, allowing all Muslims to be forgiven and all Infidels to be bumped off. Why would any British adult appease that sort of an attitude??

    ‘And lead us not into temptation,
    But deliver us from evil.’

    Now which religion out there is actively promoting sex trafficking, drug taking, alcoholism, gangland warfare, treating women as sex slaves etc etc? I’m sure Islam wouldn’t want to be seen as doing that…….

    ‘For thine is the kingdom,
    The power, and the glory,
    For ever and ever.

    Now which religion does not believe in an omnipotent God? Because that is all that this final homily is saying, isn’t it??

    So it all comes down to Islam being offended by the concept of Christian Forgiveness.

    Now how hard was that to discombobulate all the false outrage of Muslims who wish to overthrow a culture of 2000 years in the UK?

    This is what you have to do to confront Islam. You have to examine what they are wittering on about and then say: ‘Tough. Like it or leave. We don’t need you here and many don’t want you here. Christian traditions have been here for 2000 years and you have no right to question them here. No discussion, no ranting and raving, no threats of terrorism. OK?’


  17. It’s only a matter of time before the army,navy and air force as well as the spooks come out from the woodwork with their red lights and supporting prostitute media. I bet they are busily creating a spreadsheet and dividing the spoils of war against the greatest bogeyman yet……ISIS with the everlasting war on terror.

    Apparently in South Yorkshire, last year. over 600 people died from pollution related deaths. I expect the war on pollution to start very soon……


  18. Have you read Raedwald’s letter to Cameron?

    ….in seeking the support of the British public you are being less than honest. You have been pretending that this will not increase the risks here at home, whilst knowing that it will. You know as well as I do the extent of Muslim support for a Caliphate in the UK, and it is not negligible….

    So, don’t bomb Syria
    Saudi Arabia however is a different matter, one of entirely justifiable self-defence


  19. The real question that should always be asked is “Why?”.

    Why was Saddam suddenly insufferable even after years of loyal servitude to his NATO masters? Saddam may have been a tyrant, but under his tyranny Iraq was not riven by sectarian strife, had almost no Sunni/Shia fundamentalism and was a well functioning prosperous state. Most Iraqis were well provided for with excellent health care and education. Women were not subjugated Saudi style. The Saudis execute and torture, yet apparently the U.S./NATO are quite happy to have the Saud tyrants continue in place as reliable customers for the MIC. What is Iraq now?

    Why was Gaddafi suddenly insufferable. Again he may have been a tyrant, but Libya was a functioning (essentially secular) state with a form of democracy that seemed far more representative of the people than the charade we call democracy here. Gaddafi presided over a tribal nation, but again it was not riven by sectarian or tribal strife. Gaddafi used a large part of the Libyan oil revenues to provide free health care and education to his people. Gaddafi’s government’s opposition to islamic extremism was such that MI6 was prepared to extradite individuals to Libya for torture. What changed? When the western-backed Wahabists and mercenaries got busy, the place was turned into a disfunctional hell hole.

    Why is Assad suddenly insufferable? A man feted by the press, meeting Brangelina and staying at Buck Hice. Again, a soft-spoken opthamologist has become the devil incarnate. A secular state comprised of many different religious groupings where the state subsidised basic food stuffs has been rubble-ised by Western intervention.

    Does anyone sense a pattern here? I realise the Picot-Sykes agreement was designed to create inherently unstable states that required the heavy hand of their colonial masters to keep the minority leaders in place, but look at the recent chaos instigated by Western intervention and ask yourself one question. Cui bono?


  20. @JW

    “I feel like a man face up under the guillotine, waiting for it to hurtle down.”

    Sadly, you, me, most of the people who post on this blog and the relatively few who made the effort to open our eyes and see what is happening around us, see the same guillotine and feel the same nauseating fear. But I do not think it will be hurtling down, more a slow and gradual creep slicing into our souls and our sanity.

    My wife says that I am stupid for being worried about ‘it all’ because there is nothing I can do about it – she does not understand how sad and angry such an attitude makes me, nor does she understand that it is attitudes like that that have put us where we are now.

    I am not a sheepdog, I am one of the sheeple who has put his head above the grazing herd only to see the wolves devouring the flock from the periphery inwards. All I can do is keep moving towards the centre to buy more time, but I know that, unless there is some significant catalyst, I will be on the menu soon. And, yes, it scares the shit out of me!


  21. So right now the Belgan city which is the headquarters of NATO is in lockdown for the third day running, while all the so called, VIPs, politicians and army generals, cower behind whatever may be the competence of the Belgian army and Europen Intellegance services as a whole. NATOs guns, missiles and vast budgets are all aimed at Russia, Iran and North Korea…..none of which I see as any major threat to my continuing personal existence at this particular moment in time.

    My vote is either disband NATO at once or ensure that it concentrates all its future efforts on protecting the peoples of Europe and the US on our own streets, rather than by living in a pre 1991 Dr Strangelove age of a long gone Cold War.


  22. thank you JW. accurate and concise. courage lives in the heart of man. connect in feeling together with your own heart and fear disappears. only with courage will we human beings evolve beyond the ignorance that is happening now. Ignorance that comes from ignoring the preciousness of our own being. if we don’t value it we are going to lose it but if we value our life then maybe we won’t. all these goons we call elite know exactly what they are part of.. they’re not daft….


  23. No John , I make you right the first time . Comments only provide self glorifying prima donnas a platform to spout inelegant verbal diaorrhea ( proof above). Shut it down again. Thus denying the oxygen if patently craved publicity.


  24. Canexpat,
    I believe I have an explanation for the attack on Saddam Hussein (which was certainly nothing to do with 9/11) .
    When the USA went off the gold standard, they did a deal with the Saudis to prop up that regime and the Saudis in return would sell oil only in dollars – it became a worldwide convention.

    The EU aspired for the euro to become a currency to rival the dollar in international trade. Saddam had done a deal with the French & Germans for large areas of oil exploration with the oil to be sold in euros. The USA knew that if that sort of thing started, de-dollarisation could have catastrophic effect on the US. All those unbacked dollar bills would start to fly home with massive inflationary effects (and catastrophe for holders of dollar-denominated securities.

    So Saddam had to be eliminated and the world taught a little lesson. I can’t think of any other motivation as Saddam was militarily contained and a threat to nobody. Like Assad, his regime was a secular fascist one and so anathema to the ultra-Islamic Saudis. As in Iraq, the main victims of Western or Western-backed “humanitarian intervention” have been the Christians and other non Muslim groups.

    Well, de-dollarisation is beginning now anyway with Russia – China deals and the setting up of a banking network separate from US control. Other similar arrangements are emerging amongst the BRICS countries.


  25. @Edward Spalton

    Thank you for your reply. At the risk of sounding like a prima-donna, I have no doubt that the protection of the petro-dollar was part of the motivation for the assault on Iraq. In 2003 most who were opposed to the war believed that it was about Iraq’s oil. Subsequent events suggest this was not the case, so the defence of the petro-dollar is a plausible theory, although the trillions spent on destruction could surely have been used in more constructive ways to save the U.S. economy. Personally I believe other motivations were also in play that will be revealed, but not for at least twenty years.


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