At the End of the Day

A great deal of the angst in the World is caused by obsessions about sleights in the past and threats in the future.

Unvarnished hate feeds upon both.

What about those Crusaders, eh? Eight hundred years ago they were at it, and they’re still trying to bomb us into non-existence today.

You know what those Muslims want? I’ll tell you what future they want: Sharia Law everywhere, or else.

Almost as bad as the Jews, right? Their black marketeers stabbed Germany in the back in 1918, and only the Jew Roosevelt saved them from our Beloved Führer’s Final Solution after 1941. And there they are today….still running the World from their Elders of Zion pod.

All this certainty about what was and what will be. And yet relativity physics is there for anyone with a functioning brain to demonstrate that it is complete hokum.

For Time is an illusion. The past cannot be regained, and the future cannot be ordained: neither can do us any harm….they exist only in our muddled, accidentally intelligent minds.

Only one half of the brain can tell the difference between the real and the imagined. At night during sleep, it switches off: and this gives the older survivalist brain the chance to invent non-existent predatory threats that died out years ago.

Yes, of course – Jihadism is a real threat. But Jihadists also sleep at nights. And their unquenchable desire to dominate is still the same paranoid fear that supplies François Hollande with the odd notion of winning by the escalation of violence.

Only a tiny percentage of the global population gets this. I suspect they’re the kind of people we ought to be choosing as leaders. But in fact, what we do is accept the risibly copycat mob-directing merchandise on offer.

Time, Space and God are all illusions. Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, Lebensraum and Marxist dialectics (all in their own way reflections of those illusions) have been pointlessly killing people to prove their reality since the fall of Rome.

Next time around, they might wipe us out. That would be, without question, an indisputable – and irreversible – reality.

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20 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Please leave the “Comments” on your blog. With respect, your blog is dimished without them insofar as there is no discussion of the subject you so competently raise. You are at your best when you stimulate discussion/argument. Thank you.


  2. Petitb and John. I have to say as an avid reader of your blog, I agree with Petitb. I enjoy and garner knowledge from an open ‘Comments’ section. May not always agree with you or other commentators, yet I always feel enriched from hearing many points of view.


  3. You raise an interesting point….”unquenchable desire to dominate”…
    yes the dogmatism over religious ideas that no-one alive can prove is a feature of idle hands….
    Just go to these countries, and check out the poverty, the over breeding, the poor infrastructure, and in a word – the laziness gene. So today, we have third and fourth generation from these countries who are living in our midst thanks to the short sighted government policies in the fifties and sixties. These people have an equal vote and equal opportunity, but the minority have to voice their resentment with threats of violence leading to the dirty washing that we are smothered with today from Paris, Brussels and Berlin. Dirty washing originating from indesicion and feminist inspired sympathy for a class who are only intent on breeding and exploiting the eu socialist policies, as well as being given an easy ride by security services who largely are more obsessed with digging up celebrity sex files than doing a job on threats to national security.


  4. WTF…”Dirty washing originating from indesicion and feminist inspired sympathy for a class who are only intent on breeding and exploiting the eu socialist policies, as well as being given an easy ride by security services who largely are more obsessed with digging up celebrity sex files than doing a job on threats to national security.”

    Are you serious, you are blaming women “sympathisers” who would these be who were given a platform and paid heed to by any government? name them. I think you will find this is very much a mans world, driven,owned ,ruled by men!
    Men have the money, the guns, the bravado, the say so, they deal in slavery of all kinds, they procure violence and hatred in their male dominated religions…but if you are saying its all womens fault then… go you.


  5. Yo Bro! Rode a Dick?

    You don’t have to comment. The SlogMeister has obviously been listening to comment constituents… you know, doing what politicians singularly fail to do. Setting an example… *throws up hands*

    Really, you don’t have to comment. It’s not compulsory, you know.


  6. @ miss b
    celebrity sex files and a waste of police time and money – after Miss X pleads for compensation having alleged that Lord so and so patted her precious bottom in the corridor during the summer of 1957 ….or how Sir you know who looked into the blatant overflowing cleavage of miss y during a job interview in 2003 and she didn’t get the job so compensation for discrimination…oh please…..this is harriet harman and clare short all over – and that’s just to start the response.
    We are where we are today because we pay too much attention to irrelevant complaints from the losers in this world.


  7. @Ricoh

    Much as I sense projection in your attack on the ‘irrelevant complaints from the losers in this world”, it would I think be informative to contemplate who designed the particular game and the rules that benefit the tiny few that win the birth lottery – those that are born with the genetic make-up and/or family circumstances that allow them to dominate other ‘lesser’ mortals. None of us have any say over the particular physical and academic aptitude that we enter the world. To take credit for something that we have no control over seems the act of a typical economist or politician. Apparently you would condemn those that rail against the injustice inherent in a world where the ‘winner takes it all’, even when these ‘losers’ have no say over the rules or even whether they wish to play the game at all. I take it you consider yourself a winner.

    You really expose your true supremacist nature by this comment, “yes the dogmatism over religious ideas that no-one alive can prove is a feature of idle hands….
    Just go to these countries, and check out the poverty, the over breeding, the poor infrastructure, and in a word – the laziness gene.”

    This could be a perfect description from an elite Englishman of Ireland in the late eighteenth century. The Irish went on to be a huge factor in the blossoming of the U.S. in subsequent decades, and helped constuct half the infrastructure of the UK. Irish labour was prominent in the digging of UK canals, road and railway construction and even the digging of the London Underground.

    I’m not sure whether you were serious about a ‘laziness gene’, but given that the Middle East pioneered most of what we now think of as the foundations of civilisation, and high art and culture, mathematics and philosophy were flourishing while Europe was in the Dark Ages, I find your contention questionable to say the least.


  8. @ Can
    No, just unachieved average guy with detached analysis and no jealousies, bigotry or resentment.
    Truth seeker.
    Sorry if I offended you and others.


  9. The past and future cannot harm us? Time and space are illusions? What have you been smoking John? In the past my ancestors all died. In the future we will all be dead. There is plenty to learn from the past that will keep us from harm and although we cannot ordain the future it can be forecast and shaped in ways that will also avoid harm.

    If I am being too literal and missing the point please somebody explain.


  10. An interesting piece John.

    “Time Space & God are all illusions”

    “I refute it thus” I say, & kick a nearby pebble.

    We are all stuck in the same reality, but governed by our own perceptions, giving as many realities as people, almost.
    One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    Time is the cruel master of us all, just glance in the mirror. :) No illusion there.
    But time is relative, to the speed at which you are travelling, if we are to believe Mr. Einstein & his nice relativity theory.
    His theory also holds out the possibility of Universes numberless to infinity. An infinity of Spaces. The mind boggles.

    As to God, there’s got to be someone to blame for this lunatic asylum planet.
    I sometimes wonder if we earthlings are no more than a reality show for the gods, or a forgotten petri dish in the corner of the Almighties’ shelves, growing an accidental culture, of sentience? Certainly not of sanity.

    Keep it coming, thanks, JW.


  11. @Ricoh/Canexpat

    I believe there are good points to be raised on all side sides here but all sides should realise that for a team to succeed the best talent/skill should be utilised from whichever section it comes.

    Competent women are ‘stand out’ individuals, so are their male equals. I think many of our problems have been caused by the promotion of many individuals today way, way above their skills and capabilities. How the conservative party can stand by and back the liars, cheats and incompetents that lead the party today I simply cannot understand. In my simple mind it would appear that the only possible answer is that their appointments are simply on friend/social circle loyalties and the completion of a PC tick box sheets.

    With Cameron, Osborne and May controlling the field does anyone think we have a realistic chance of winning the battle!?

    John, as always I appreciate all your hard work in putting the slog together, I find it a valuable source of good information and truth to help see thru’ the general crap reported nowadays in the MSN, please keep the comments section open, you have some very knowledgeable supporters (but you knew that already!) and a good argument keeps us all a bit sharper! You can always get rid of the Jeremy hunts that try to ruin it for the rest of us!


  12. The present is ours,we can live it in fear of the passed with mis-trust of that ilk,or we can rise & trust,but two points trust is easy to destroy & trust isn’t necessarily ours to have but to earn for future generations!one is a ignoble way for humanity to proceed the other is a noble way,make your choice take responsibility or pass the buck,for one will lead to the demise of humanity the other might stop it!


  13. Slightly off subject but noticed this buried in the Scotsman newspaper
    “Government borrowing ballooned to £8.2 billion last month, the worst October for the public finances since 2009, throwing a cloud over Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement next week”.
    I have spoken to Ant & Dec they will take him in the jungle and not bring him back.


  14. Reply to Ricoh:

    I am not sure I understand what part of my post your are using to diss me, but thank you for pointing out that ‘some’ women are trashy and cheap and lying bitches not to mention money grabbing! Or are you quite happy to lump ALL women in your imaginary data collection, ie we are all at it?
    Low and behold, unlike men, who would NEVER, no not EVER do anything bad or wrong… well apart from rape ,pillage, throw acid on exe’s faces, kill and maim innocent men,women and children…Geez


  15. @Roobeedoo . trust the scarecrow comment not aimed at me cowpoke. If yes then you obviously have a capacity for reading but not understanding . Rocks for brains hombre?—-buttressed with faeces for filler ?


  16. @miss b having
    I noted a few years back ..when one of the millipeeds was sent packing, with the following flea in his ear …”You are full of hate for Russian folk! it was fed in ..with your mothers milk!”


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