A great deal of the angst in the World is caused by obsessions about sleights in the past and threats in the future.

Unvarnished hate feeds upon both.

What about those Crusaders, eh? Eight hundred years ago they were at it, and they’re still trying to bomb us into non-existence today.

You know what those Muslims want? I’ll tell you what future they want: Sharia Law everywhere, or else.

Almost as bad as the Jews, right? Their black marketeers stabbed Germany in the back in 1918, and only the Jew Roosevelt saved them from our Beloved Führer’s Final Solution after 1941. And there they are today….still running the World from their Elders of Zion pod.

All this certainty about what was and what will be. And yet relativity physics is there for anyone with a functioning brain to demonstrate that it is complete hokum.

For Time is an illusion. The past cannot be regained, and the future cannot be ordained: neither can do us any harm….they exist only in our muddled, accidentally intelligent minds.

Only one half of the brain can tell the difference between the real and the imagined. At night during sleep, it switches off: and this gives the older survivalist brain the chance to invent non-existent predatory threats that died out years ago.

Yes, of course – Jihadism is a real threat. But Jihadists also sleep at nights. And their unquenchable desire to dominate is still the same paranoid fear that supplies François Hollande with the odd notion of winning by the escalation of violence.

Only a tiny percentage of the global population gets this. I suspect they’re the kind of people we ought to be choosing as leaders. But in fact, what we do is accept the risibly copycat mob-directing merchandise on offer.

Time, Space and God are all illusions. Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, Lebensraum and Marxist dialectics (all in their own way reflections of those illusions) have been pointlessly killing people to prove their reality since the fall of Rome.

Next time around, they might wipe us out. That would be, without question, an indisputable – and irreversible – reality.

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