At the End of the Day

Have you had a good day? It’s been a mixed one.

For Wee Geordie Osbooorne tha little wasta, it’s been an unmitigated disaster:


But then, in the wake of Paris it was a good time to give abject failure an airing.

And it’s not been a lot better for his mate Dave the PM: having surreptitiously given up three weeks ago on the Stop Freedom of EU Movement thing – he having been told it was an immovable principle – he now finds himself a hostage to his own spineless equivocation, Jihadists having moved the principle for him.

In algebraic terms, this means that 13 assassins and 129 dead people = < the importance of Britain to the Junckers.

Nor has it been a great 24 hours for the neoliberal belief system. Lack of world trade has been confirmed by the Baltic Dry Index being the lowest since records began….a finding reflected exactly in the halved cost of shipping solar garden lights from Shanghai to San Francisco.

For those wanting Brits to vote ‘Stay’ in the EU referendum, it could hardly have been worse. An Italian woman is pushing for a Standing Army, sales of border barbed-wire are through the roof and across the Danube, Greece has just signed up to more debt and tougher austerity in order to give its economy room to grow, and Erdogan is holding a Dutch Auction to float the value of every migrant that must leave and/or not come. Who in their right mind would want to sign up with this shower? Well, bear in mind that considerations such as zero possession of a sane mind, foresight or judgement wouldn’t rule out anyone of importance in the British Estabishment.

And me? Oh, I’ve been nursing a cough n cold nasty which is of course Man flu and just a feeble excuse not to go to the supermarket, because I am a bloke and thus fall far short of the ability to multitask – aka, make a mess of three things at the same time.

Mind you, having tasked in a focused way during Autumn in order to preserve fruit, en croutes, cassoulets and pasta sauces, I can crawl under the duvet and retain a clear conscience. Why, only last Tuesday I cleaned behind the fridge.

I’m just putting up the moosehead now, Sybil.

Earlier at The Slog: Nine Jihadists, Four soldiers and 129 funerals

10 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Why are Comments open again mein Prinz? Has the privacy of our billet doux emails become tiresom over tge last bfew weeks such that you would force our love story under the puerike gaze of tarnished humanity ?


  2. It is now starting to look as though osborne has been found out. A man with no particular experience or qualifications should not be allowed to drive the UK economy, never mind manage the country.


  3. Cleaning behind the fridge is a very dangerous precedent young man. There’s an all women’s short list for things like that you know…….


  4. I’ve always been a tad sceptical of the claim that women multi task…
    I’m pretty sure that the human brain can’t… And what is more… THEY never indicate !


  5. John
    Balltick exchange.
    This was something one caught in the tropics!
    Last time I went to your link…I lost a weeks sleep…This is the the place where the real dosh resides.


  6. I had a wonderful EU debate with a family here in Bucharest last night over some generous hospitality. Nearly everyone here in the Capitol aged 15-35 speaks fluent, almost native, English, unlike in my recent trips to Paris and Berlin. We concluded that Romania should stay in but never join the Euro, and the U.K. should leave and trade with whoever we like. In a surprisingly deep Christian Orthodox society here, even among a great many of the young, EU Muslim refugee quotas will never happen here, as no government could possibly survive, that signed up for it. Plenty of ‘strong proof cold cure’ and stay out of the chilly wind, JW !


  7. I agree with all you say Zaubermaus except that wealth trickles down. I find usually it mostly remains
    where it is or possibly trickles up — usually to the great and good ( like me!!)


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