BEHIND YOUR BACK: Everything from the Paris attacks via fake Syrian passports to Twitter and drone assassination is cyber-connected

While you were busy lighting candles, the cyber apples have been a-ripenin’

Reuters reported early this morning CET that Mossad is helping France investigate the Paris gun and bomb attacks, with Israeli media suggesting that Big M’s intelligence drew on cyber surveillance of militant groups in Syria and Iraq.

The German Minister of the Interior says the Syrian refugee passport next to the dead Paris suicide bomber may have been planted to implicate refugees and make people feel unsafe. It has been declared a forgery for days, allegedly. Certainly, The Slog suggested that last week: one wonders what form of inbred cyber intelligence uncovered this information beyond my humble logic.
But all is well, because the Paris police have killed the 20 something mastermind of the Friday the 13th attacks before he could say anything different. Previously here on Jihadenders, the authorities were sure that Mr Big was in Syria, but he was still in Paris after all. What’s more, it seems they captured some accomplices….and it was all down to cyber information.
In similar vein, the black Dude in the White House is eagerly gobbling up every bit of cyber help he can get, no matter which side of the tracks between the legal and illegal might be involved. Reuters again reports that bad-guy cyber assailants are now feeding information to the U.S. government: they boast of having suppressed tens of thousands of Twitter accounts since January – by posing as would-be recruits to Islamic State.“We’re playing more of an intelligence role,” said the executive director of Ghost Security Group, who declined to be named, citing security concerns. Such as, for example, being cyber-attacked.
Odrama’s image in relation to cyber-drone assassination is now so bad, the word has gone out to all organs of US government that such developments must be hereinafter outsourced in order to protect the Office of the President. So it is that the Pentagon has quietly put out a call for vendors to bid on a contract to develop, execute and manage its new cyber weaponry and defense program.
The scope of this nearly half-billion-dollar “help wanted” work order includes counterhacking, as well as developing and deploying lethal cyberattacks.
Apparently this will ’cause real-life destruction and loss of human life’.
Let us be quite clear about this: under CYBERCOM (United States Cyber Command) real, non-cyber people are going to die without explanation or appeal. It would, after all, be misleading if real human being observers wrote of such deaths as ‘cyber’ – and therefore of no consequence.
The importance of this distinction becomes clear when we read that completely real human cops are stealing from the average US citizen with an efficiency that makes me wonder if this tendency isn’t a dry run for the Big Bailin, coming to a continent near you soon. According to Armstrong Economics, although between 1989 and 2010, U.S. attorneys seized an estimated $12.6bn in asset forfeiture cases, things have been accelerating exponentially in recent years: in 2010 alone, the value of assets seized grew by 52.8% from 2009, and was six times greater than the total for 1989. During 2014,  35% of the entire number of assets collected from 1989 to 2010 was extracted in a single year. According to the FBI,  police are today stealing more assets than criminals.

In an unlikely interventionEric Holder came out in January suggesting reform because of the widespread abuse of the civil asset forfeiture laws by police. Even Bloomberg News reports that Stop-and-Seize authority is turning the Police into ‘Self-Funding Gangs’. They are simply confiscating money in a flagrant abuse of this civil asset forfeiture where they do not have to prove you did anything…..and District Attorneys are routinely instructing police on how to confiscate money wherever the Law seems grey enough to get away with it.

One can almost hear those senior Met Cops salivating at the thought of what comes next for them.

Earlier at The Slog: Why every upside down concept goes downside up

13 thoughts on “BEHIND YOUR BACK: Everything from the Paris attacks via fake Syrian passports to Twitter and drone assassination is cyber-connected

  1. As with the Charlie Hebdo affair ,no purported assailants survived the police executions to tell the tale. The cops could have killed any swarthy looking individual and produced a result for the MSM.
    We are beeing fed b–s without benefit of seasoning.
    How can the security services trace back along the chain of command to the facilitators of this Paris atrocity if all assailants are executed,unless the chain goes back to themselves of course.
    Deadmen tell no tales and the general public will swallow any rubbish after the recent panic and hysteria generated by the MSM.


  2. John. You may be a little behind the eight ball on civil asset forfeiture in the UK. It was announced last week that the process would be severely expedited here and they would seize the assets of known criminals living abroad even if their only crime was to use the UK banking system. Obviously coppying the Septics again. Likewise a week or so ago Bedforshire police said they would enforce cameras 24/7 on the M1 as a reveunue raising endevour to prevent them losing as many cops to austerity. Our pathetic vassals always copy their Imperial masters in all their bad practices after a lag. Welcome to the Gulag!


  3. Crimes involved in those that contribute to law enforcement are often dropped,no better than protection money & not justice or law enforcement has it should be!
    ps it’s not my security group!


  4. Wow! Mossad are helping the French investigate.

    In other news, Detective Fox is helping to investigate recent hen-house break-ins.


  5. Have you noticed reports that the guy the French Police wasted (with) 5,000 rounds of ammunition on yesterday was wandering around the day after the attacks in broad daylight? And that woman who (apparently) blew herself up was being described as quite a normal well-adjusted individual by her former friends? Are these the actions and behaviour of people with something to hide?

    You can accuse me of being cynical, but what if these people were innocent and were just being used as convenient scapegoats to focus the blame and the Two Minutes Hate on?

    Even the BBC were reporting their ‘Guilt’ without question as if it had already been established beyond doubt.

    Was that degree of force really necessary or were they just playing to the World Audience?

    They could have just taken him into custody where they could establish whether he was Guilty or not. With 5,000 bullets in his back, he’s now unlikely to be able to put up a credible defence, or if indeed he did turn out to be proven guilty by due process of Law, be in a position to be encouraged to reveal any networks of associates. Even in the UK it only takes 8 rounds to take out Brazilian Plumbers. Kill first and ask questions later.

    Forgive me, but it looks too much like a case of ‘Fitting the Crime to Make the Punishment’.

    Has the French Government now brought back the “Law of Suspects” and is fighting terror with The Terror? If so, the Revolution will eat its children all over again.


  6. Regards the Paris matter I have a question: nearly as soon as the bullets and bombs stopped in Paris, the police started kicking in doors. Why? If they had evidence that certain people were plotting or connected to the attack then why where those doors not kicked in before? If there was no pre-existing connection then what information came to light so quickly to give them cause to act?

    On the economy, there is an increasing drive to get rid of cash or make cash difficult to use. Of course the bail in is coming but it can’t happen until cash is eliminated or at least controlled to the point where capital flight can be managed.


  7. I think many of us are wising up to what the Hegelian dialectic is. Much of the trouble is now related to Deep State activity.

    Found this on another forum discussing IRA and Al Qaeda:

    “If you are extremely cynical you might think that elements of MI5/6 have been run by intelligence elements of a foreign power for years. (*) Who would be quite happy to see the City of London destroyed in order to help the dominance of another world financial trading centre. And we don’t mean Moscow. (*) Which would explain many of the apparently self-defeating oddities of British history. The Wilson resignation. The Airey Neave explosion, when an ex-SAS WW2 Colditz would-be-escaper and Margaret Thatcher right wing nutcase was mysteriously blown up in the House of Commons car park. The 7/7 London bombings — More Operation Gladio — the US strategy of tension of bombing the crap out of Europeans to blame the European left and advance the barking-mad right wing. The same old same old. –


  8. The unspoken truth of the terror attacks taking place all over the world is that it really is about disenfranchisement,Nigerian people & economy should be far bigger & more robust than it is & neighbouring countries should be seeing some of that economic activity boosting their economies & trading in their own national manhood with the world,but we see worldwide the destruction of economies
    We see the youth of our nation being treated as if they don’t exist,we see Unions destroyed from being a bulwark to corrupted capitalism,all religions being attacked (do you really believe that the changes placed on the church of England was for enlightenment or to tear apart those within the church)all states being forced to become small & unable act on their people’s behalf on everything from the economy to defence any form that could become a collective against is subjugated to propagandist assault
    But it was always inevitable to anyone with a basic economic & historical education that rather than destroy all these institutions they would in the end breed them,people will turn to the state for defence not McDonalds,they will turn to their religions for solace not Barclay’s & they will turn to people who even if they themselves have evil intent but offer them hope & are capable of twisting words will turn to them rather than Murdoch’s press
    Because Neoliberal flat earth economics offers humanity nothing but squalor servitude & second rate citizenship
    What is happening & going to happen is inevitable,i tried saving them from themselves but they thought i was mad!


  9. There is an interesting essay on the website below querying whether the apparent stupidity of the neocon-led activities of the US are in fact deliberately intended to destabilise the world. The essay and its accompanying comments are worth a read. In fact the whole website is worth following if you are interested in obtaining an alternative view on the activities of the US government and military given by a bunch of bright and knowledgable people.


  10. @Jeremy Stocks

    Yes, I’m sure CIA influence and meddling in the activities of MI5/6 is widespread. I suspect however that for the most part, the Deep State in the U.S. and U.K. have made common cause over the mainenance of the status quo and the continued hegemony of the major financial interests in both countries. The U.K. establishment detested Wilson, and although MI6/5 did not have responsibility for acting against the IRA until after the collapse of the Soviet Union, elements within Military Intelligence and Special Branch certainly had every incentive to keep the budget monies flowing by fostering a certain level of IRA violence. There has never been a bureaucracy created that solved the problem that it was created to solve, and if an agency’s raison d’etre looks like it might be waning, the wonderful thing about Official Secrets and National Security is that the judicious use of agents provocateurs can quickly revive a flagging insurgency. I would not deny that the CIA is the creature of Wall Street, (the Dulles Bros background as Wall St lawyers is well known), but to suggest that the interests of the City elites and those of Wall St. are very different seems unlikely. Granted, the U.K.’s arcane secrecy laws have been invaluable to the Septics on many occasions. especially when the CIA began to be at least partially opened up to the scrutiny of Congress during the Church Committee, but I think the U.K. intelligence outfits were probably willing parties rather than ‘controlled’. To suggest that the CIA want to destroy the square mile as a financial centre seems quite a stretch. The City is insulated from all democratic oversight as a result its bizarre history as an independent entity and it is far too convenient a venue for the laundering of CIA black operations drug money.


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