From CBS News:

‘A U.S. intelligence official told CBS News that a name and picture were recovered from the Syrian passport and the individual was not known to intelligence officials.

However, a U.S. intelligence official told CBS News the Syrian passport might be fake. The official said the passport did not contain the correct numbers for a legitimate Syrian passport and the picture did not match the name.

The intelligence agency involved turned out to be the FBI….either genuinely being helpful, or applying damage limitation to a story that wouldn’t remain upright without help.

That opened up two core probabilities: one, the bloke in the morgue isn’t the name in the passport; and two, the passport is a fake. But what’s unknown at the time of writing is whether the passport was faked by the attacker to fool the cops; or the passport was faked by Black Ops to fool the media and the public.

If there was deception, this curious press release yesterday evening certainly feels like a distraction from the issue: EUfakepportquote










Hmm. Keeping all the options open, but trying very hard to render False Passport Man an Unperson. The man who was the Big Story on Saturday is no longer even worthy of a mention, but just in case things get worse here, maybe he was an EU Jihadist returning from training in Syria….and bearing a false Syrian passport. Seems unlikely when he could’ve used his real one with impunity, but let’s try and keep those minds open.

More generally, hypo-bollocks continues on its merry way towards a cross between Hello! and Hail to the Chief. John Kerry arrived in Paris to underline America’s undying support for surrender monkeys, while back at home 24 States have now rushed through legislation to block any attempts to settle Syrians on their patch. And Wayne Rooney says he is glad the England v France game is going ahead so footie can show it is rock solid in its support for the War on Terror. It’s official: Wayne Rooney can think….after a fashion.

Finally, to abhort any attempts to list The Slog as mainstream NVE conspiracy bonkers, a short note to debunk one of the main funny-farm false flag ‘stories’ doing the rounds on YouTube over the weekend. This is the pregnant girl hanging out of a Baraclan window ‘with no visible means of support’ and thus merely a stage-set dummy. Voilà the means of support:


Both the dummy and her rescuer are busy as I write giving interviews to the media at ground level beyond the rabbit hole. And the alleged ‘lighting equipment’ at the end of the alley turned out to be, um, street lamps.

Drivel like this ‘false flag’ story makes it eminently easy for the Dark Side to ridicule every serious observer.

I’m waiting on a confirmation. Stay tuned for one very interesting development later this morning (hopefully)