PARIS ATTACKS AFTERMATH: Migrant danger narrative dumped in favour of Euroarmy plan


A Star is born?

Exclusive: how Paris attacks have handed top EC security spook Federica Mogherini a carte blanche to invoke Article 42…even though it isn’t applicable.

Huge potential spanner in Vote Leave/UKIP works

No don’t stop the Carnival. The Paris suicide bomber whose body was found next to a Syrian passport may have been a Frenchman who had usurped a refugee’s identity, Le Monde reports’. You read it here first.

This has obviously been given to the media as an explanation of  Federica Mogherini’s assertion (follow link above to read it at The Slog earlier today) that “all the assailants were EU citizens”  -a complete volte-face from Saturday’s “migrants full of Islamists” line from Parisian officials eagerly taken up by UKIP’s Nigel One-Note.

Ms Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy [aka Top Spook] has been pushing very hard for a joint EU army. She writes:


There’s a small point to note in this extract, however: Mogherini wrote it, in a release to the European Parliament….in September 2014.

At precisely 8am this morning, she told media representatives that EU treaty Article 42 might be required to be activated in the coming days”.

Article 42 commits all EU Member States to come to the aid of any fellow-member that is ‘attacked by external forces’.

So then: all the assailants were EU citizens….but we might have to invoke Article 42. Mixed messages there….but there’ll be another one along in a minute, and by Thursday you’ll have forgotten what we said last night.

This is how the snow-job works in the digital age: everything is in transition, and all things pust pass. But as Tuesday proceeds, it is clear that if the EUNATO alliance has gone all Buddhist on us, then it’s doing it on amphetamines. And Russia is joining in.

Having remained in neutral about the Egyptian plane crash, Putin has now come clean and said it was a terorist attack. This feels like part of the thawing of Russo-NATO relations over the last 72 hours: for over that brief time period, Vlad the Lad has gone from zero to hero. Yes, the ‘deranged’ (Hillary Clinton) ‘evil’ (John McCain) and ‘aggressor’ (John Kerry) who heads up Russia but could fall from power at any minute is now become the Strong Man we need who bombed ISIS with more precision in a fortnight than the US managed in six months….in order to help his ally Basshar Assad, who as you know has been himself imminently falling from power for the last two years.

It is, of course, pure Orwellian 1984 diplomacy:


The arrival of 24/7 multi-sourced news, allegations, blogs and universal disinformation alongside distraction has turned this seemingly surreal description by George Orwell into plausible, terrifying reality.

Be that as it may, we must (being fair) mark this one down as a beneficial spin-off from the Paris attacks: if nothing else, World War III has moved a little further away.

But for UKIP, this is both an opportunity and a potential disaster. The weak dimension of the EU has always been its complete inability to generate any respect from its citizens – let alone solidarity or, God forbid, suprapatriotism.

The Union is in crisis, with the Eastern States in open revolt, ClubMed simmering beneath the heel of austerity, and Britain on the verge of secession. The immediate urgency of the spook bureaucracy, described above, shows that preparations formerly waiting quietly in the wings are now on stage and receiving wild applause.

Unless Vote Leave and UKIP can dramatise the extreme danger to liberty inherent in this development, support for ‘safer IN than OUT’ could quickly reverse their fortunes.

Yesterday at The Slog: Why questioning the Establishment does not require excavation of the rabbit hole

24 thoughts on “PARIS ATTACKS AFTERMATH: Migrant danger narrative dumped in favour of Euroarmy plan

  1. But Cameron is suffering from serious dissent within his own party, in fact some 50 odd of his own MP’s are now openly campaigning for secession, and they will all probably understand the ramifications of Ms Mogherini’s actions more than most, it could go the other way and persuade more MP’s that secession is the only option.
    I do believe the events that we have witnessed, although might not be False Flag, TPTB are using it to the full extent to maintain the EU. What will happen if France doesn’t re-instate the Schengen Agreement and stick to the Stability and Growth pact? Oh, what a web we weave…


  2. 24-hour rolling news coverage is brilliant for this kind of snow job, because it all gradually turns into mush in the viewer’s mind. Adding in the non-MSM online stuff, (especially the chatter on Twitter, Facebook et al) and total fatigue sets in, with the audience’s power to analyse overwhelmed by the babel of first-person anecdote. That’s even before any conscious manipulation is factored in.

    Then consider the media consumer. It’s always been clear, for example, that Britain’s National Curriculum, especially its coverage of History, was consciously designed to keep the hoi polloi dumb (NB: the significant exemption of private sector education from the National Curriculum’s requirements proves the point). So most viewers, even the intelligent minority, have their critical faculties blunted. Without some sense of how things work in the world of politics and power (very few people now have this, even in a basic sense, because of constant “reform” moving the goalposts) the result is just bewilderment, and the consequent substitution of emotion (the realm of the mob) for analysis and considered judgement (the realm of thoughtful decision-making).

    Then consider the political elites, whose varied rival objectives, and total freedom to say whatever suits them at the time, make them believe their own policy at any given moment, however tortuous, convoluted, and contradictory it may be. Inevitably they come to believe their own opportunistic propaganda, without the check provided by a critical media, which has become a largely bought-and-paid-for industry. The result is not totally dissimilar in nature to the crazed posturings of the Fuehrerbunker crew in the final months, whatever the rhetorical content.of “policy”.

    So many thanks for asking some of the questions, JW. Might I suggest a bit of reading for Sloggers? – “Mapping Common Ground” puts useful frameworks together in various directions (no, it’s not mine! – I happened to come across it on the Net the other day). It also contains lots of links to other good stuff.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. We always knew that the thinking of the insecure elites goes like this:
    ”If we can frighten the sheeple enough, they will want to flock together in order to defend themselves from anything going, including their own shadows”.
    Thinking people will not buy this nonsense.
    Meanwhile, the urgence of the christmas banquet shopping list takes priority at eu headquarters in Brussels. This exercise will employ 128 translators, 47 chefs, as well as suppliers of alimentation to have the feasting tables groaning in tasty morsels from the four corners of the world. As there is no accounting procedure to verify, only the most expensive delicacies are acceptable. The wines will be from all eu producers, and the most aged and expensive.
    We need to let the elites know what we think at the ballot box as soon as possible, and it definitely won’t be pretty.


  4. The elites are now able to give the security forces a taste of power, so that they can be rewarded and therefore protected from the coming revolt of the disollusioned people.
    Courses in English and French will be taught at the german colleges. Things like:
    Oi you serf, where are your papers?
    What are you doing in this car you mongrel?
    Do not question my authority you idle porker.
    Give me your identity papers you dolt?
    Hurry up you fat imbecile.
    Salute me immediately you cheeky dog.


  5. Good summing up JW
    And the clock struck 13,
    Or as Macmillan said [I believe] “it’s events my dear boy, that changes what we have to do and who we do it with and to”.


  6. Someone phone Pakistan. Last time I looked they hosted the worlds most evil man and consumate escape artist Osama Bin Laden. Maybe the know where the ring leader hideth.

    It’s nice to see the presstitute media at it again and the whores comming out of the woodwork wanting more powers and more money.

    An EuroArmy no less, who knew? It’s like santa has arrived for some people. This is not a sad event for most people in power, its and Oppourtunity…..let the games begin.

    France wants to extend state of emergency to 3 months, over winter. Is this the time for the financial collapse or a war with Russia?


  7. The world shifts. Putin outmaneouvers the West.

    Putin reveals individuals from 40 countries, including some g20, financing ISIS.
    Oil convoys kilometers long which US could not find.


  8. “The Paris suicide bomber whose body was found next to a Syrian passport may have been a Frenchman who had usurped a refugee’s identity”
    The report of a couple of days ago said, that the fingerprints taken from one of the suicide bombers, matched fingerprints taken from a refugee who entered Greece around the first week of October. So surely, the relevance of the passport [real or forged], is immaterial given that the fingerprints can’t be forged?


  9. Exactly. That’s why the new boogie men have to be invented. It’s akin to a comic strip….if it wasn’t so bl**dy serious.


  10. To conclude :
    Unless a French citizen travelled to Syria or Turkey and purposely re-entered the EU via Greece (Leros), in a rubber boat, the facts seem factually clear, that at least one of the dead terrorists was a recent ‘refugee’ entrant.
    “French authorities working to identify the suicide bombers who blew themselves up outside the Stade de France have matched a fingerprint of one of the attackers to a man who entered the EU on the Greek island of Leros in October.”
    So we can say with certainty that the fingerprinted hand that arrived on Leros around the 5th of October, was found outside the Stade de France on the 14th of November.
    So that hand,.. and the person attached to it, was not a French citizen, but instead a recent ‘refugee’?


  11. What gives me some surprise is: The French and east European under-world have not cottoned onto the high probability that: The wagon masters/sheiks, will be carrying quite a wedge (rands and sovereigns), so as to “smooth things out”…to get free rail travel and gate openers etc.
    They (the replacements). Have obviously… in my opinion… been kitted out in non tribal travel gear so as to reduce the visual alarm such numbers of aliens would cause.
    The army and travel cos.must be well impressed/alarmed with the traitors who have organized such a huge mess of disparate and desperate folk to be on the move at the same time!
    Looks as if a few fall guy thickos’ recruited for Paris… Folk are quicker now at spotting a dayjar view!


  12. German wife and I argued/discussed this invasion this evening and she reassured me that ISIS will never attack Germany. Right in the middle of the dubbed Bridget Jones movie this evening came breaking news. Sort of reminds me of Ogilvy the astronomer: “The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one”

    Welcome to the NWO.


  13. I don’t feel overall that WW3 has moved further away.
    It’s not the sort of thing you bring to life and then discard.
    So then, how far? The US Presidential elections?
    The players have bought or found themselves some time, when events were overtaking them and steering the narrative away from the desired goals.
    Time out everyone. You all take a breather and get yourselves into line.
    I’ll be waiting for Kerry’s new line in outrageous BS. Then we’ll know we’re back on track.
    In the meantime, expect plenty of Russo counter intelligence truth releases to try get the sheeple thinking.


  14. Isn’t the invocation of Article 42.7 designed to allow France to exceed the deficit limit of 3pc of GDP enshrined in the Stability and Growth Pact without breaking the Pact? This will have serious consequences for the EU. Effectively Germany is being blackmailed into allowing the Stability and Growth Pact to be ripped up; if Germany doesn’t accept this, France will accuse Germany of not coming to France’s assistance when under attack. A very risky strategy for the French to adopt, especially as Merkel is coming under real pressure for the first time.

    As for whether France is under attack from an external body, that rather depends on whether it can be proved that the murderers had been armed and directed by a foreign body or whether they acted on their own initiative.

    Just where Federica Mogherini expects to get her army from, I don’t know. Why national governments should transfer arms and military personnel to an EU army just as the EU is collapsing, I don’t know. It just goes to show how in the average Eurocrat’s mind every tragedy and outrage can be turned to furthering the dream of a federal Europe. No matter how divorced from reality that dream is.


  15. To prokopios: (please add threaded discussions John): If the “Mapping Common Ground” is the “Eco-Historicism” paper pdf, it just looks like a load of Eng Lit Crit Waffle – I hope you’re referring to a different paper – please provide a link if you want people to see what you’re referring to.


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