In the warmth of a Munich August, a young man dreams

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

Right, that’s it: the Paris Attacks have had their day in The Sun. Maybe it was a straightforward Jihadist attack, and those with an agenda merely snatched the aperture….as opportunists are wont to do.

And boy do we have agendas: agendas are us, agendas we got – for immediate delivery already, ‘ow many d’yer want?

  • Look, a Syrian passport….let’s viralise that mother and look pious as we regret having to start the mass deportations – and f**k what Black African Swiss-rich tyrants think!
  • Look, there were only seven of the ‘bastards’ (to quote London Mayor Doris Jobsdone) – see how seven can terrify an entire city! Everyone must be watched every hour of every day! Liberté can only be saved by 24/7 privacy invasion!
  • OMG, every last one of them was home-grown. Don’t you get it? All EU surveillance must be coordinated under Wolfgang Vealcare! Democracy cannot breathe without the oxygen of secrecy!
  • Listen to Monsieur le vénérable Président Hollande – the hollow suit we all detested as an embodiment of Absolute Zero until last Friday: he says WE ARE AT WAR! And in a war, one must wage war – so we must bomb those who started the war – the Syrians! Against all those who want to get rid of Assad just like we did until ISIS got control of the Qatar pipeline route! Fraternité can only be kept warm if we bomb the hot shit out of innocent people….what are you, some kind of depraved NVE?!
  • ISSA WAR I TELLA YOU, WHICHA BIDO DISS YOU DON’ UNNERSTAND EH? Hail to the new heroine of the hour, Signorina Federalista Militaherini! Que bella crumpetigna alla cheesecake to put up in this, our hour of dire power-grabbing need. We can only save the Egalité of EU Member State legislatures by military solidarity! (And the illegality of Article 42 being used, even though no foreign forces are on French soil).

When The Slog started up, it’s header tagline was A diary of Deception, Distortion & Distraction. At times like this, I wish it was still there. On the other hand, Deconstruct lies, Reconstruct Decency has broader applications for a blog about removing the figleaf from bollocks – be they legal, economic, political, cultural, fiscal, financial, military, or ideological. And the last one there remains my favourite, because the word itself is the quintessence of spin: ‘ideological’: anything lacking in scientific ideas or logic.

So I finish as I began on THOSE PARIS ATTACKS: Saturday – 9,000 hits, Sunday 5,000 hits, Tuesday 900 hits. Another day, another mass digital persuasion exercise, another cause for emotional incontinence, another mistaken belief that lighting a candle is a replacement for determined compassion, another event that will leave historians confused ad infinitum.

Onwards and Downwards. Hurrah!