At the End of the Paris Attacks Day


In the warmth of a Munich August, a young man dreams

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

Right, that’s it: the Paris Attacks have had their day in The Sun. Maybe it was a straightforward Jihadist attack, and those with an agenda merely snatched the aperture….as opportunists are wont to do.

And boy do we have agendas: agendas are us, agendas we got – for immediate delivery already, ‘ow many d’yer want?

  • Look, a Syrian passport….let’s viralise that mother and look pious as we regret having to start the mass deportations – and f**k what Black African Swiss-rich tyrants think!
  • Look, there were only seven of the ‘bastards’ (to quote London Mayor Doris Jobsdone) – see how seven can terrify an entire city! Everyone must be watched every hour of every day! Liberté can only be saved by 24/7 privacy invasion!
  • OMG, every last one of them was home-grown. Don’t you get it? All EU surveillance must be coordinated under Wolfgang Vealcare! Democracy cannot breathe without the oxygen of secrecy!
  • Listen to Monsieur le vénérable Président Hollande – the hollow suit we all detested as an embodiment of Absolute Zero until last Friday: he says WE ARE AT WAR! And in a war, one must wage war – so we must bomb those who started the war – the Syrians! Against all those who want to get rid of Assad just like we did until ISIS got control of the Qatar pipeline route! Fraternité can only be kept warm if we bomb the hot shit out of innocent people….what are you, some kind of depraved NVE?!
  • ISSA WAR I TELLA YOU, WHICHA BIDO DISS YOU DON’ UNNERSTAND EH? Hail to the new heroine of the hour, Signorina Federalista Militaherini! Que bella crumpetigna alla cheesecake to put up in this, our hour of dire power-grabbing need. We can only save the Egalité of EU Member State legislatures by military solidarity! (And the illegality of Article 42 being used, even though no foreign forces are on French soil).

When The Slog started up, it’s header tagline was A diary of Deception, Distortion & Distraction. At times like this, I wish it was still there. On the other hand, Deconstruct lies, Reconstruct Decency has broader applications for a blog about removing the figleaf from bollocks – be they legal, economic, political, cultural, fiscal, financial, military, or ideological. And the last one there remains my favourite, because the word itself is the quintessence of spin: ‘ideological’: anything lacking in scientific ideas or logic.

So I finish as I began on THOSE PARIS ATTACKS: Saturday – 9,000 hits, Sunday 5,000 hits, Tuesday 900 hits. Another day, another mass digital persuasion exercise, another cause for emotional incontinence, another mistaken belief that lighting a candle is a replacement for determined compassion, another event that will leave historians confused ad infinitum.

Onwards and Downwards. Hurrah!


19 thoughts on “At the End of the Paris Attacks Day

  1. John, I love your blog but you are really going over the top with your Paris comments. Let’s be human and sense the suffering?


  2. well to prove the point, this morning at my local coffee bar a lady being served was on her phone trying to calm her nephew who was in Paris. She apologised to the barista serving her and explained that her nephew was young, frightened and alone and there were police with guns everywhere. The barista replied with ‘well i dont mind all the extra security and guns cause that means your safer’ First rule of humanity = you cant argue with stupidity. Second = There is no one more dangerous than someone who thinks they can think.


  3. The doctor tells me I’m suffering from antibuybollix resistant skepticaemia and my days are numbered (1 to 7, which is about average by all accounts).

    @Andrew Breeze
    The only lack of compassion you’ll find here is for the perps and the patsies – the bottom line is that we’re all going over the top whether we like it or not.


  4. John, thank you for the superb effort and contribution, especially over recent days.

    Let’s not pay too much heed to those that prefer the moral high-ground to constructive, robust, insightful analysis such as The Slog’s. For instance, you reasoned that the actual total number of Paris assailants probably exceeded the alleged total number of Paris assailants as regurgitated by officials and the media – perhaps as the result of deliberate CoIntel and/or sluggish/opaque detective work.

    Cold solace perhaps, but this has now been partially validated by AP (posted just over half an hour ago). Are they planning to continue ‘discovering’ and drip feeding extra assailants into the crucible to perpetuate the histrionics and pump the story for even greater longevity and ROI?


  5. I agree John. It’s sad that so many innocent people lost their lives but it is even sadder when those who respond to this crime do so to further their own agenda.


  6. Must say that although it is typical modus operandi… I am concerned that everyone out in MSM land appears to be happy seeing more armed police in ever more stormtrooper like outfits being found on our streets. Whilst the authority’s grab ever more power and become ever more authoritarian in the name of protection… When really they are only interested in increasing their own power and image. Camerlot as ever desperately wants to play soldiers and establish his credentials as a man of action…
    I’m dismayed that the people are so easily manipulated seeing as they have recent experience of what happens when you launch war on a situation which you do not understand !

    By now we should know that the ME can only be kept in check and fairly civilised by someone who is pretty ruthless in charge.


  7. We will probably never know whether the Paris atrocities were a ‘false flag’ provocation or just a bunch of jihadists with an agenda.
    What we do know is that the French ,British and German media vultures have jumped on this and created hysteria, panic and fear among the European peoples.
    It is all too organised for my sensitive probuscence. European Governments are now attempting to force thru’draconian surveillance and restrictive Laws on their citizens .as expected.
    They are also on the path to bomb Syria, without legal authority or invitation from the Sovereign Govt of Syria and without a mandate from the UN.
    Cameron has committed to increasing the military and security service budget by £ 2 billion and is seeking Parliamentary approval to bomb.
    The only person who comes out of this circus with any credit is Jeremy Corbyn, who has correctly stated that it will be illegal to go to war in Syria without invitation from Assad or UN approval. But Jeremy has been subject to wholesale demonization and ridicule from the MSM for weeks ,since his election as Leader of Labour.
    The overthrow of Assad has been incubating since 2011 with the Western Powers and is another arrow in their toolbox to degrade Russia. Assad prevents the Saudi and Qataris from their ambition of a gas pipeline to Europe in competition with Russia.There are other agenda from the US ,Turkey and Israel to satisfy their ambitions of control.
    Have the population forgotten the chaos that is Iraq and Libya already, can they not connect the dots and realise that reducing a nation state to rubble creates refugees,who head for Europe.
    ISIS is the mercenary army of the West and its Gulf State allies, financed and armed by them. ISIS have failed in their job to overthrow Assad,but have had some success in breaking up the State of Iraq into Shia,Sunni.and Kurdish enclaves.They are expendable and have become an embarrassment to their controllers,especially since Russia became involved.
    The Paris atrocity gives the West the excuse to invade Syria, initially with air warfare and later possibly with ground troops.
    The plan is to remove the initiative from Russia and continue with the removal of Assad


  8. Too add to evil comment. I think Oscar Wilde said “never argue with an idiot, they will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”


  9. You have summed up the public’s attention span/deficit (take your pick) succinctly – now on to the next distraction/horror!
    I like your tag line – Onwards and downwards! – who can claim we’ve been going in the opposite direction for the past twenty or more years?!


  10. @SL – Superb comment.

    Completely agree that the overthrow of Assad has been in the works for (at least) four years. Both Webster Tarpley’s on the ground reports from Syria in November 2011, and the recent revelations of former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas show that this was no organic revolt. In fact, the more these ‘colour’ revolutions are examined, the more the hidden hand of Neocon meddling is revealed. The joke that there has never been regime change in the U.S. because Washington does not have a U.S. embassy seems less funny and more accurate by the day. It is articles like this one from J.W. and P.C.R. that keep me from insanity. (Although if sanity is statistical I am almost certainly insane.)


  11. Any of you ever seen this?

    “A major U.K. media outlet that makes no secret of its overt ties to the Rockefeller Foundation is the Guardian Media Group, publishers of the popular news site. Its website states that, “with over 120 million unique browsers a month [The Guardian] is one of the largest English-speaking quality newspaper websites in the world. Since launching its U.S. and Australia digital editions in 2011 and 2013 respectively, traffic from outside of the U.K. now represents over two-thirds of the Guardian’s total digital audience.”
    The company has no qualms whatsoever about revealing who its media partners are:
    The Guardian has a unique ownership structure and set of values, underlining its independence, tradition of liberal journalism and editorial integrity. Its ultimate owner, The Scott Trust, exists solely to safeguard Guardian journalism in perpetuity. The Guardian has a strong track record in working with philanthropy organizations, including the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, to create impactful, independent journalism exploring important global issues.”

    Now that creeps me out.


  12. Well, at least the Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom and Jan Marijnissen, Chairman of the Dutch Socialist Party have got the Paris attack all figured out. It is Israel’s fault ( as reported in the Jerusalem Post on the 17/11). Now that we’ve got that sorted, perhaps Margot Wallstrom can explain why Stockholm is the rape capital of Europe and why the identity of rapists cannot be revealed by law. Could it be that the bulk of rapists happen to be of muslim background and in confusion think that they are raping Jews?


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