PARIS ATTACKS: interrogating the data is not conspiracy theorism; and a State of Emergency is not all it may seem

I’ve spent much of today digesting a fine lunch served up in a private residence near Castillones, and – during the before/after of the event – trying to digest a ton of conflicting information about the latest Paris attacks.

I’m still waiting on replies to enquiries, but in the meantime I’d like to log one thing before the NVE police start warbling on again.

When informed Parisian prosecutors ‘get wrong’ the number of assailants involved in a Jihadist atrocity by 40%, one has to wonder whether it is incompetence, or something more pernicious.

To date, not a single old media title or mainstream news site has either used the arguments advanced in last night’s Slogpost, or credited the analysis. I’m not surprised, but I do think that a certain amount of Establishment tar-brush has been at work here: there has always been an undeclared turf war between the blogosphere and the MSM, and continuing to be blind to the laziness among their ranks is not endearing the write-it-down-and-print-it pro hacks to we in the allegedly amateur ranks.

To question the ‘official version’ of any event is not always to be a conspiracy theorist down the rabbit hole: when properly evidenced, it is a positive invitation to citizens to think for themselves. We have a UK government in power keen to discourage that – indeed, even make it illegal under certain circumstances. I’m acutely aware of the large number of space cadets in the blogosphere; but Old Fleet Street protectionism is playing into the hands of those in the kingdom of Camerlot who just love to divide and rule.

Since last night’s post about Paris Attack timelines, I have not received any deconstructions from any quarter concerning the discrepancies on timings, deaths, locations or participants highlighted therein. I don’t find this odd in a conspiratorial sense, just rather disappointing. But then – be it physicians versus surgeons or Freudians versus cognitive therapists – pretty much every turf war is based on insecurities about future income, and protection of ‘Guild’ privilege.

Anyway: throat now suitably cleared, I’ll try to give you a brief taster of what seems to be in the air tonight concerning the latest developments. Not as part of the newshound puppy socialisation class going on, but as a guide to future conclusions about the who and why of all this. Who and why is, after all, always preferable to hue and cry.

As luck would have it, two chums today mentioned their re-entry into France from Spain. A supplier of mine went back via ferry to the UK, and another mate flew into De Gaulle this morning: so after lunch I contacted both of them.

All those I spoke to said the security entering and leaving France was minimal – ie, normal. Small sample, fair enough: but not exactly suggestive of a Government genuinely worried about further insurgency and imminent threats.

Now here’s another snippet for which I’m indebted to regular Slogger Emma. Ever since this news story broke, I’ve been reading endless lazy references to ‘Hollande’s 9/11 moment’. My growing gut feeling since midday Sunday, however, is that this is more a Reichstag Fire moment.

Emma’s been taking a close look at the Constitution of the Fifth Republic, and the rules applying to declarations of a State of Emergency. President Hollande confirms he has declared “a state of Emergency lasting in the first instance for three months”. He’s entitled to do that, but Article 16 of the Constitution states unequivocally that ‘after 30 days, the Constitutional Council can be requested to determine in a public ruling whether or not the conditions that justified the use of Article 16 are still current. At any time beyond 60 days, the Council rules on this issue without the need for a referral.’

In addition, any citizen with an interest in the case can obtain the cancellation of emergency decrees by the Council of State, on the grounds that an Executive has exceeded its authority. It is located in the Palais-Royal in Paris, and largely consists of top-level lawyers. The Vice President of this Council of State is the highest-ranking bureaucrat in France.

So while François le Zero may seem to have a mandate for absolute power, he doesn’t. The best he can hope for is 60 days without automatic referral. And if at any time during the period involved evidence comes to light suggesting an SoE based on ‘false flag’, then every lawyer out to stake his claim to posterity is going to be on Hollande’s back….and there has rarely been a President quite so widely despised as the current incumbent.

Other probabilities and possibilities are beginning to emerge – some from the most unlikely sources. But in 2015, the provenance of any claim has to be by far the most important factor in judging its worth as potential evidence. As and when I have more on that, Sloggers shall be the first to know.

14 thoughts on “PARIS ATTACKS: interrogating the data is not conspiracy theorism; and a State of Emergency is not all it may seem

  1. The Reichstag fire and the events of 9/11 fall into the same category in my opinion. Both were staged events that allowed an unprecedented power grab by the Executive. According to Peter Dale Scott, Continuity of Government, (developed by Cheney amongst others), was immediately invoked on 9/11 and may well still be in force. The indecent haste with which the Patriot Act was introduced in 2001 shows that the Bush government had the legislation prepared in advance for just such an event. I await developments in Paris. I would not be surprised if Friday 13th is another to add to the list.


  2. Digressing a bit , but are there really 1900 unemployed experienced intelligence officers ready and waiting for the phone call.


  3. On BBC news yesterday two female ( from UK i think) survivors recounted hiding under the Bataclan stage whilst the attackers conversed on walkie-talkies. She was a youngish woman, so saying walkie-talkies implied a two-way and audible conversation. I found that very ‘odd’ indeed.


  4. If you didn’t do so suggest you listen carefully to the 50 min televised address he made to both Houses of Parliament at today’s Versailles Congress, Significant constitutional changes in the pipeline.


  5. It is hardly contentious, much less conspiracist, to recognise the gradual amalgamation of State and Mainstream Media over recent years, rather it is empiricist; bring back the days when journalism and investigative rigour went hand in hand for at least some of the mainstream scribes. Being led up the garden path is one thing; being herded into the wilderness beyond is worse than tedious, and yet the prevailing lockstep between the two entities is unambiguous. However you view the dreadful events in Paris and the explanations being publicly proffered, you cannot for long resist the need for a clothes peg. Keep digging @ t’Slog.


  6. One might wonder how the current State of Emergency may influence the outcome of the elections in a month or so’s time..??
    Certainly, on the face of it, Monsieur Le Zero is going to have to make way for Mme Le Pen. In fact, one may ask, why is it that the perpetrators of a relatively simple plot hail from the capital of euroland ( Belgium), and yet Syria gets the full impact of revenge, a revenge that has not been achieved by the USA after over a year of bombing…??? One might be entitled to assume that the recent security blitz is just the result of a wake up call by complacently mis managed government in France and Belgium. Open borders and the movement of people and weapons is another incompetence that we have all been worried about, but been ignored , again, by the complacent self serving elites.
    Meanwhile, the staggering extravagence of this year’s Christmas ( Christian Holiday) celebrations at the Brussels high table is being planned for with no regard whatsoever to the cost – as per normal.
    This is a fast moving crisis – the elites won’t waste a moment of it – bring on the elections…!!


  7. I don’t know what to think but, I am sure that something is very wrong. Nothing is as it seems. There are many unseen hands at work here and, the Law of Unintended Consequences might overrule the game plan.


  8. The French Constitution was written by De Gaulle for De Gaulle in the context of a horrible colonial war in Algeria. It is an embarrassment to a modern democracy.


  9. Very glad you are clarifying your conspiratorial position John. Personally I think, particularly in France – just as in GB – the multitude of different data that spring up in the first 72 hours after an event like this is entirely down to cock-up. The hysterical and, as you say, lazy media desperate for anything to broadcast and print take the first info they can get their grubby paws on and feed on it. Given that in this case there were multiple venues and of course multiple agencies involved it’s not surprising there’s an oversupply of conflicting info. But conspiracy is not the first answer to unresolved issues.
    Are we surprised that nearly 4 days after the event they still have neither definitively located and identified all the injured nor identified all the bodies. There are still relatives checking round hospitals and morgues. And we shouldn’t be surprised if the final figures never tally. Remember the “Paddington” or rather Ladbroke Grove rail crash of 5 October 1999? It was just a couple of streets from here. There were several days of confusion after the crash and conflagration. Several crafty swine took the opportunity to “disappear” themselves in the following mayhem. It took years before the body count actually tallied.
    But I certainly agree that it is not only the right but also duty of the 4th estate (even bloggers) to question every single statement issued by the state and every single one of its employees and supporters. Especially the élite and those who have something to protect or gain. Do keep on digging. Just be cautious about adding 2 to 2 and making 5.


  10. Why is it that whenever something big happens and people start asking questions about the things that ‘just dont add up’, the questioners are automatically branded as ‘conspiracy theorists’?

    What is wrong with asking questions?


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