manhuntManhunt for dead men?

In a sensational second part of today’s double-header on the Paris attacks, The Slog dismisses the idea of a Group of Seven attackers, shows the Prosecutor’s timings to be nonsense, and suggests it was ‘convenient’ rather than helpful to find the passport of an alleged ‘fake refugee’ at one of the crime scenes.

Put simply, what I’ve done below is treat Friday night’s incidents as the police would a criminal investigation….not one involving politicians of course – a real one. What follows is not conspiracy theory codswallop, but rather a review of information anomalies, the real nature of the attackers, and the motives of those with with something to gain from the simplistic conclusion, “Fake refugees are responsible, and this supports a policy of mass deportation”.


Paris prosecutors confirmed last night that ‘seven attackers, in three groups, staged the six assaults across Paris on Friday evening’.

We know from several Rock concert witnesses that four out of the seven were there. Logic would therefore suggest (but not prove) that the split was 2, 2 and four, and they each took on 2 targets.

The first ‘big’ attack is on the Stade de France, between 9.30 and 9.53pm. Four terrorists were involved; three blew themselves up, and one was shot dead by police.

They all had entry tickets for the France v Germany game, but 99% of people are already inside because the kick off was at 9pm. Oddly, instead of choosing to melt in with the crowd, they try to gain entrance half an hour into the game. One is frisked by suspicious police at around 9.28: he backs off and blows himself up. Within twenty minutes, all four are dead.

That leaves three in the groups to tackle five more targets. However, while the SdF attack is taking place, the second big hit starts, with by far the most casualties.

At 9.40 pm, three gunmen enter the Bataclan rock concert and go on an immediate killing spree. They are surrounded by cops, and stay there: none of them get out alive: two blow themselves up, and one is shot dead. The number ‘three’ is however disputed by witnesses, like this one:

“I saw the four assailants clearly.Their faces weren’t hidden. All very young, in their twenties. Not especially handsome, but not at all devilish looking. They wore big tunics, one beige, and two all in black. The one in the beige tunic had a short beard. They were all Middle Eastern types but spoke French without any accent.”

But in the heat of such trauma, memories go haywire. Let’s assume the witnesses are wrong.

Whether they are or not, by 9.53pm, all seven of the terrorists are either dead or under siege.

However, at the intersection of Rue Faidherbe and Rue de Charonne at 9.36pm, one guy gets out of a car with a high-calibre weapon, and starts firing at people inside La Belle Equipe restaurant. So either a dead guy manages to be in two places at once, or the prosecutors figure of seven gunmen is wrong.

However, another witness tells the cops, “It lasted at least three minutes. Then they got back in their car and headed towards Charonne station. There was blood everywhere”. So now there are two dead blokes in two places at once.

Four minutes later, one lone terrorist detonates his suicide belt inside the Voltaire restaurant at 9.40pm, and the prosecutors claim that this attacker had been involved in the attack at the nearby Bataclan. So the witnesses were right, not the authorities: there were four men at the rock concert, and one left for his next target.

This must now mean that at least nine Jihadists are involved.

This is the point at which the authorities’ version really starts to unravel. Because the first attack of the evening  takes place around 9.25pm at two restaurants in Rue Alibert – first at Le Carillon bar in and then across the road at Le Petit Cambodge. Witnesses here see two vehicles, and two men outside the vehicles. They then drive off. So it could be two drivers and two shooters, or just two lone guys in two cars. But just eleven minutes later, the two cars have become one….and there are two guys outside the car shooting. So we have a net increase of one further terrorist.

BUT during that eleven minutes at 9.32pm, a gunman opens fire on to the terrace of the popular La Bonne Biere bar, and when the police arrive, he has gone

That makes at least ten assailants in all, not seven.

So we are being asked to believe that, during Saturday night traffic in Paris with cops by now swarming everywhere, between two and four blokes have done four restaurants in three locations in just over ten minutes…at least two of them having taken three minutes at one hit.

Of these faster-than-sound travellers, three are neither shot nor suicided. The cars had Belgian plates, and later we hear that the chase has moved to Belgium itself. My estimate of the numbers involved is right, and the prosecutors are wrong: Belgian police arrest three people the next day in raids in a poor, immigrant quarter of Brussels – an Islamist bastion in France’s northern neighbour.

7+3 = 10.    QED.
However, of the known killers, three live in Brussels and four speak unaccented French. Out of these, one passport is found….and it turns out to belong to a Syrian migrant who arrived via Lesvos in Greece. Just fancy that.
Breaking update….police now announce there is still one person involved in the raid on the loose. So that makes 11, not 7.
The passport thing has in the past been ‘explained’ as the way paid assassins’ relatives get paid off for going to the ethereal palace of 77 virgins – to get the money, the Kamikaze has to be ID’d by his passport. But only one passport is found. So at least six out of ten were not paid assassins….and given their speech patterns/residence, almost certainly not Syrians.
The ‘found’ passport suits any EC/EU agenda about migrants being ‘to blame’ perfectly. But answer me this:

If you were European raised and planning a carefully timed multiple attack on Paris, would you take on board a foreign national with dodgy French at the last minute?


It was established early on that Islamic State (or ISIS or ISIL or whatever your brand name of choice) had claimed responsibility for the atrocities. The syntax of the announcement rings true, and nobody at ISIL is denying it. So let’s briefly analyse the controversial history of ISIL.

For much of its history, what is now ISIL was founded in 1999 as Daesh – a name associated with Recep Erdogan, who is widely acknowledged as a benefactor. Both the CIA and MI5 postively identified Daesh as closely linked to Al Q’aida – the organisation believed by the majority in the West to be the perpetrators of 9/11 – but the two Jihadist groups squabbled, and Daesh was reborn as ISIL led by al-Baghdadi. After the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War, ISIS sent delegates into Syria in August 2011, and was heavily (albeit covertly) supported by Recep Erdogan – a NATO member. During the Greek and Cypriot financial crises, the US has consistently supported the territorial claims of Turkey against those two EU members.

The USA was, of course, a NATO founder. Former US airman, Presidential candidate and Pentagon lobbyist John McCain was photographed in friendly discussions with the Syrian anti-Assad rebels in May 2013:


The gentleman arrowed there is al Baghdadi, the then leader of ISIL. McCain wanted the White House to support ISIL; but then, being a weapons lobbyist, he would say that.

A full and evidenced description of McCain’s black ops involvement in Iraq and Syria was posted by The Slog 15 months ago.  Soon afterwards, ISIL suddenly and miraculously emerged as a fabulously wealthy Islamist player – allegedly based on selling oil from the fields it had equally rapidly captured. This was a line put out by US business media, but it didn’t bear much examination: the group lacks either the skills or contacts to pull off such a stunt in such a short time.

A key determinant of ISIL’s importance to NATO is that it has wound up occupying that territory vital for control of the US-backed Syria/Iraq oil pipeline route. Informed observers do not believe this was an accident: covert NATO/CIA support, they say, has been given to ISIL as an insurance against a Russian-controlled Syria cutting the West off from access to it via the Qatar port. This is accepted by Putin’s security services as a fact, and confirmed by at least one western intelligence agency. The support was given to ISIS with the intimate cooperation (and money) of the Saudis – to knock Russia out of the market, and then raise prices. It explains the venom with which, given even the smallest opening, Putin’s jets went first and foremost out for ISIL – producing massive US whingeing – and annihilated much of its infrastructure in thirteen days of bombing.

I draw two conclusions: first, ISIL is desperate to show that its balls have not been chopped off; and second, two NATO members – the US and Turkey – are implicated in the growth of ISIL.


The UK’s Telegraph is a known haunt of seeded Western security service messages. MI5’s route into the paper is regularly used via at least one cypher. This is what the Telegraph noted yesterday:

‘Battle-hardened fighters now flowing in from Syria and Iraq are creating a perfect storm of terror that is in danger of defeating the French security services.’

If ever there was a resounding attempt at a wake-up call, then that’s the one. MI5 is also very pro the UK staying in the EU….as indeed is the US. But the EU is in deep doodoo at the moment on one momentous and game-changing issue: the Syrian migrant/refugee fiasco. If the borderless EU as we know it collapses over this issue – and there is every sign that it will – then the US will lose its battering ram so clumsily applied to the Ukraine situation (and ClubMed) over the last three years. Furthermore, if Britain leaves the EU – and the pollsters at the minute are saying the Leave camp has a 6-point lead – then Washington will be left with no ally and no battering ram when it comes to concerted anti-Putin actions.

The State department’s mainland ally – a Germany run by Merkel – has the biggest migrant problem of all, and the Chancellor in Berlin knows she could fall on the issue. She and other European leaders are engaged in desperate negotiations with the migratory sources to stop it – in fact, reverse it. They’re not going well: both Erdogan and Black Africa have cold-shouldered the idea of reversing refugee intake….and one east-European member after another has defied the free movement directive with barbed wire and walls.

Not only do the EC and Germany need a draconian excuse to deport migrants, if that were to be facilitated then a dimension of support for UKIP/Vote Leave would wane significantly. Britain would stay in, the EU would survive, and Merkel would remain in power.

Until this weekend, Hollande had been an exponent sans pareil of open borders – with a massive Muslim minority. Now he isn’t.


Were this a civilan police enquiry, the Number One suspect would be, with doubt, ISIL via cells it already has established in two Francophone countries of Europe.

Extreme doubt – given the nature and nationality of the assailants – would be expressed about the suggestion that Syrian migrants arriving as disguised refugees had carried out – indeed, even been involved in – the operation.

It would be noted that the only suspects with something to gain from that suggestion were the EU, Germany, and by implication the US and the British Conservative Government.

Finally, surveillance would be maintained upon the alleged channelling of money and arms to ISIL via Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the US arms industry and Senator McCain.

As a postscript to the investigation report, one suspects that the CIO would allow herself to suggest that the most likely ‘truth’ behind the Paris attacks, in terms of participation, was a joint op funded by NATO and carried out by indigenous European Jihadist supporters of ISIL. But that, in the absence of other than circumstantial evidence, it would be listed for the time being as straightforward terrorism.


  1. I was under the impression that there were only two gunmen that entered into the rock concert, one told the people to lie down and the other was firing. But then, I am a long, long way away….


  2. Spot on analysis from the master of unravelling the spin – again. This article puts the early editions of tomorrows newspapers in the shade by a long way. I’d pay good money for a regular email latest news analysis download from John Ward.
    Keep up the good work sir…!!


  3. John:

    “They all had entry tickets for the France v Germany game” – how can this have been substantiated so quickly? Did they have them in their pockets like incriminating passports; you know, the ones which survive suicide vests and burning airplanes crashed into buildings?


  4. Good write up here again. What was most interesting for me was the section on ‘Known Associations’

    Syria will continue to burn and Western capitals continue to be bombed until the US, UK and France stop supporting the known supporters of international terrorism – Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. These three countries are responsible for all the instability and mayhem in the Middle East currently. The threat and idealogy from these states is similar to the rise of Nazism in the 1930s and will become global if it is not checked.

    Secular more moderate and less backward states all being targeted.
    Libya, Syria, Iraq – who is next – Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon?

    This time around we are on the wrong side, and sadly lacking a man of vision and principles like Winston Churchill.


  5. Given the Op Gladio history I’m wondering if perhaps most of the atrocities we’ve seen the last decades, gojng back from Paris last night to as far back as the RAF faction in Germany – have not been part of the exact same operation? Given “their” side have never shown their faces, and given what we know about MK Ultra and drug use – is it possible that the perpetrators have been our side all along?

    My own bank – Heroin Speed Bongs ‘n’ Coke is a vast money laundering op. Have they all been responsible for the entire drug culture of the 1960s which we were all taught was “cool man yeah” but wasted so many of us?


  6. The supposed Syrian entered the EU via Greece on 7 October. How likely is the legitimate owner to have made it to Paris, joined up with an established group and taken a full role in 5 weeks from arriving in Greece? Agendae, agendae.


  7. John, I was heavily influenced by the hippie movement. My brother’s “Ten Years After, Wishbone Ash, Focus” et al became my very first tape recordings when all my peers liked New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen. I took my first and only magic mushroom trip in a Welsh village seaside former guest house (Jesus that blew my mind) and I wrote a 10,000 word dissertation pretty much the next days after it in Stoke on Trent poly. Basically I owe my humble BA in Geography to a hallucinogen.

    However when you were “in the clique” who secretly smoked dope (I was never a huge part of it not liking tobacco) you all thought the same way, calling it “freedom” when it was anything but. Questioning the worldview of the 60s was definitely not on then. Another form of mind control.

    How ironic then when I find myself in the German town which hosts Sandoz, the Swiss company which synthesized ergot on the 25th attempt to create LSD.

    Check this out:

    Smoke n Mirrors eh?


  8. “Soon afterwards, ISIL suddenly and miraculously emerged as a fabulously wealthy Islamist player – allegedly based on selling oil from the fields it had equally rapidly captured. This was a line put out by US business media, but it didn’t bear much examination”

    Simple question to the knowledgable folks… who allegedly is buying all this oil and how is it transported and what currency is the buyer paying in. How come Russia is sanctioned relentlessly and shut out of banking transactions etc, Iranian ports blocked etc, but ISIS just carry on.


  9. For OAH: “How likely is the legitimate owner to have made it to Paris, joined up with an established group and taken a full role in 5 weeks from arriving in Greece?”

    If there had been a modicum of planning behind it, quite likely – but it may not have been the legitimate owner that was using the passport in Paris. He may well now be crab food at the bottom of the Med or somewhere in Europe claiming “I lost it” or ‘It was stolen from me”.

    Firstly, the distance and travelling time involved. Back in the early 80’s I nearly became involved with Eurolines and the international coach service route they were running between London and Thessalonika. Back then the motorway/tunnel/bridge infrastructure in Europe was still fairly basic, nowhere near as comprehensive as it is today. The basic idea was that we (2 drivers) would do the stretch London-Zagreb, the pax would transfer to a waiting coach for the second stretch and we took a break. Some 12 or so hours later we met the coach coming up from Thessalonika, took over their pax and returned to London. From memory, the whole journey for the pax was around 40 hours or so. These days it’s probably around 30 – and considerably less to Paris.

    The impression given by the MSM that these invaders are all trudging along on foot and poorer than the proverbial church mouse is quite wrong. Trains and busses are often laid on for them for considerable stretches and some can even afford taxis at certain points (at rip-off prices I might add, but it’s probably not their money they are spending!). Certain ones are also not short of moolah anyway; as commented by a shop assistant on a German blog who served a ‘refugee’, “He opened his wallet and I’ve never seen so many €100 notes all at once!”. So, if they stay more or less with the mass they are unlikely to be singled out for any special measures. The Balkan states are not interested in them, hence the main thing is, get to Germany asap.

    As is now admitted, not even Mama Merkel and her familiars know how many are here, who they are and precisely where they are. A regular occurrence over here that may be unknown in UK. The invaders usually arrive in Munich railway station and are then transited on to other locations in Germany. It has happened several times that during this transit journey the emergency cord gets pulled, the train stops and several invaders disembark, never to be seen again. Question: Presuming they are in Germany for the first time in their lives, how do they know when and where to pull the cord that stops the train? Is someone waiting to meet them? Let’s just not get into the numbers that simply go AWOL from their ‘refugee accommodation’.

    As for ‘joining up with an established group’, what if they are (were) actually a ‘reception committee’ who have been forewarned that he is on his way? Think SOE, Maquis and Lysander aircraft. After all, it seems that every one of these invaders owns the latest in mobile phone technology equipped with European SIM cards – and they get most upset if they cannot keep the batteries charged (resp. stay in contact with their handlers).

    Did he arrive in Paris much like this? We don’t know for sure yet, but it is certainly more plausible than the passport allegedly found at the ruins of the World Trade Centre. And if he did, will we ever be told the unblemished truth? I somehow doubt it.


  10. Monday morning in Paris , came to work via 2 major railway stations and saw not one police-man and no soldiers .
    Been trying to found out what the siutaation is regarding schools/work:transport and the official web-sites have no information whatsoever . Appalling organisation .


  11. I do not understand all the rabbit about a passport. Unlike the UK in France they INSIST you carry ID at all times. If the guy had a legit Syrian passport he’d carry it. The stranger thing would be for thesde guys NOT to be carrying ID – else they might get stopped by chance in the street and arouse suspicion and temporary arrest.
    And what is the big issue about how many were involved? The “official” line will no doubt change when the hysteria – the media’s and yours – dies down – unless you are implying that everyone from police through pols to army and the vast range of media are ALL conspiring together. It’s difficult enough to get 6 people round a dinner table to agree about anything – how you get thousands to conspire to do very much is truly beyond belief.
    NOW, throw into the conspiracy issue the car in Garmany stuffed full with (7?) Kalashnikovs known to be “on its way to Paris” . Like they would tell you if stopped (WHY stopped) – “Yup – Paris is where we are going with all this firepower, and your point is??” and wooppee – so much more conspiracy fuel.
    I’m more with JB above – “appalling organisation” and Ian Blair on R4 this morning “cock-up” rather than conspiracy (nearly) every time.


  12. thanks JW. i must write that the ‘war on terror’ has truth as an inconvenience. Most info released will have an ulterior motive. They are not trying to keep us informed so that we can know whats going on. But look at the outcome. Iraq Libya and now Syria have been the subjects of regime change. Horrible dictators no doubt but no chaos. Now we have total chaos and its spreading fast. So Usa and Nato are behind all this regime change as happened to Serbia as well. Its seems that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Usa are the three witches in the ISIS brew. This expanding chaos is the result of a policy that says ‘if we cant control we will incapacitate rivals’ Hence we have failed states. They are made to fail by outsiders. ISIS will disappear when its cut off from Turkey who is the conduit for supplies. USA, Nato and Turkey will probably try to stop that happening.


  13. How long before we hear from EU power machine that what is needed is closer union with pan European Army and border agency to control terrorism and future refugee crisis?


  14. Corbyn is right on a political settlement

    Many have said that you can’t political engage ISIS/ISIL as an argument against a political settlement,that is infact true,so why do i think Corbyn is right to pursue this line
    i it opens up another way of dealing with ISIS/ISIL
    ii ISIS/ISIL isn’t a recognised state but it hold territories over multiple recognised states
    therefore the need to underpin these states are vital.
    By opening up a new strategy ISIS/ISIL can be defeated as a military force to win hold & control the territories that ISIS/ISIL hold takes some logistics food water & weapons if the political will is there to reinforcing the state’s sovereignty then food water & weaponry can be denied to ISIS/ISIL has they are surrounded each re-enforced state attacking ISIS/ISIL would soon overrun them & weaken them has a force,then the hard work begins of rebuilding the states & their ECONOMIES to stand on their own two feet & allow the return of the refugees to a safe prosperous homeland,that would restore some of the lost trust the west has lost in the past few decade & help the course of true Islamic preachings the chance to show that through trust not fear offers peace & prosperity & freedom to practise ones’ religion unmolested is the way forward.
    In reality any veto of such action is a veto ever getting the region back to normal & normal for this region isn’t what humanity should be striving for,but at this time those first tiny steps need to be taken to attempt to break this cycle for the sake of the whole world.
    ISIS?/ISIL are being supported a political consensus would make such clandestine operations far more difficult than it presently is!for whoever it is!


  15. Not my comment, copied from ZH poster: “In Paris, you can wait hours for a waiter to serve you, and getting a drivers license can take months.But when it comes to bombing brown people, the French government moves in record time.”


  16. Since the mourning has hardly finished,will France citizens ever get their rights back!? 3 months 3 days into a 12 day period? a bit hasty to judge what will be happening in 9 days time? & some will possible never return


  17. Herr Ausland
    I think you’re wrong on this passport thing. Here’s why:
    1. Only 1 passport survived the suicides. It was a Syrian passport. Now established he was the only Syrian. How odd.
    2. Have you ever seen a person explode? I saw one result of it in the aftermath of the Paddington disaster. No passport on earth could survive that: what did he do – chuck the passport away & then blow himself up?
    3. Tonight FBI says it thinks the passport is a fake.
    And you are studiously avoiding the Slog scoop that not one MSM title got anywhere near: it was physically impossible for 7 guys to pull off the caper without help.

    But I forgive you because I love you dahlink. :-)))


  18. You still have not named all the players. Putin has jumped in the game to thwart the US and the west in its demand to isolate and defang Iran. Israel is obviously going along with this. Assads fault is that asllong as he personally is rich He will go along with any group that will keep him in power and right now that is the Shiites. You may be spot on with your analyses that this is all aimed at keeping the Muslims out of Europe But I personally am in 100 percent agreement with that goal.
    However you seem to be over- thinking this. Russia and France and the USA were. the nations that have taken on ISIL and ISIL are the ones who have the murderous terrorists with the death wish, who need to be flushed out. My guess is that ISIL refused to play along with the more “moderate” Al Quaeda. and are real true believers in all that Wahabi BS the Saudi clerics fed to them. My Guess is also, knowing a bit about the Saudis that the US did not even attempt to interfere with the Wahabi plans guessing rightly that they would overstep their bounds and as you Brits say, ” Blot their copy book”. So Now the Saudis are on the back foot and the French are going to really assert their presence in Syria, and oil is going to go even lower until Russia is made to play ball. How is that you ask? Simple. Russia wants to sell to the west and they will find that increasingly impossible as long as Putin maintains his stance.
    Yes, the name of the game is hard ball, When in all History has it been any other way?


  19. @Slam Dunc

    If you and Ian Blair are correct that the chaos and inconsistencies in the official narrative are down to incompetence and cock-up we should see the careers of those responsible languish. I suspect the reverse will be the case and discreet promotions all round will be the order of the day. There is precedent for this after another major event.

    On another note, I continue to view the Syrian insurgency through the lens of General Wesley Clark’s “Seven countries in five years”. The Neocons are just a few years behind schedule and did not account for Putin standing in their way over another “no fly zone” (a.k.a. bomb Assad to oblivion). The Russians were foolish enough to trust NATO over Libya, but as the song says he Won’t Get Fooled Again.


  20. ISIS offers young, angry, disaffected Muslim youth in the West something that our decadent bread-and-circuses, post-Christian, genderqueer, emasculated, shallow, politically-correct cultureless poo-arse of a civilization cannot: a spiritual purpose, coupled with the opportunity for violent adventure, conquest and glory in a massive cause harking back to Mohammed. It’s really that simple: no conspiracy needed. And ISIS have a near-bottomless pool of potential recruits in places like Paris, London, Bradford, Birmingham…being recruited for jihad for these kids probably feels like Frodo joining the Fellowship. What have we got to offer them except the “courage” of Caitylnbruce Jenner?


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