SEVEN BOMBS IN PARIS: A quandary of uncertainties, a contention of conspiracies, and a climate of fear


For the moment, here in France we have only a tragedy on our hands. I live over 350 miles from Paris, so obviously I’m not in a position to comment on the mood there. I have spoken to Parisian friends, and while they have been stunned by the action, I would say that categorically that they do not share the sense of horrified shock being played out by the media here, in the UK, or the US. None of them seemed surprised.

That is unquestionably true of the French in my corner of the world, where the reaction has been a quiet combination of the gallic shrug, but no sign at all of anger. I asked Pepito in the convenience store what he felt, and he just said, “Sad for the victims, but not surprised. Why would anyone be surprised?”

Equally, not a single local I’ve spoken to even contemplates the idea if this being anything other than a bona fide Jihadist attack. A Syrian passport has been found, so, well – obviously, that’s it. I will use my favourite term for this, because it applies perfectly: passive acceptance. No anger, no conspiracy theories.

Yet similarities from past events of this nature are being paralleled with every hour that passes:

  1. News-service coverage is predictably braindead, focusing entirely on the garbled reactions of traumatised witnesses, endless recaps, our-man-on-the-spot “behind me here on the Rue…” drivel, updates timed to keep up the suspense….the usual right-cortex sensationalisation of news at the expense of any considered, left-brain analysis.

2. The remarkable speed with which evidence is found and arrests are made is in stark contrast to the apparent inability of police and security forces to intervene before the attack takes place. Thus fairly quickly we had this on Twitter:

parispass141115Within four hours, this:


As I watch France2 tonight, arrests have been made in Belgium. Just after the hour, says BBCWorld, French prosecutors will address the Nation live on the subject of who “they think” was responsible for the atrocity. Yet ISIL have already claimed responsibility for it.

3. François Hollande declared a State of Emergency 90 minutes after the Stade de France incidents – including strict curfews and “such controls as may be deemed necessary to protect French citizens”. Soon afterwards, he went onto live French télé and described the attestats as “an act of war against France”. All news channels are broadcasting frantic appeals for blood donors, although beyond the 129 dead so far, only 98 others are in emergency care. While I do not wish to appear heartless, the population of Paris is 2.24 million: if the stocks of blood available are insufficient to deal with under a hundred transfusions, then the Mayor of Paris has a lot of awkward questions to answer. In summary, the overall élite reaction has been to heighten a sense of terror, not calm it down.

5. So far, I hear nothing of any terrorist being taken alive. Suicide bombers, of course, do exactly what it says on the tin, but the Belgian arrests suggest strongly that they had accomplices. Will we hear any more of them? Not if the Hebdo attacks are anything to go by: a female police officer’s unidentified boyfriend was among those arrested, but these arrests were based purely on a connection to Jihzdist killer Amedy Coulibaly,who killed four people in a Jewish market two days after the Hebdo attack. Coulibaly was shot dead by police (but wasn’t wearing a suicide belt) and his common-law wife Hayat Boumeddiene mysteriously escaped the authorities, travelling to Syria where she joined…..ISIL. Two others connected to the couple – Fritz-Joly Joachin and Cheikhou Diakhaby — were detained in Bulgaria and Turkey, respectively, after the attacks –  apparently attempting to cross into Syria….and join ISIL. The last I heard of these two was in March 2015, when they were reportedly about to be extradited to France. Google them under either Web or News, and March 9th is the last reference to them. Where are they?

So tonight, I am left with an area called “reasonable doubt” in relation to what happened. I am after all an NVE: please lock me away before I kill any more certainties.

When I learned of the tragedy at 9am CET today (Saturday) I was in the middle of a Saturday Essay about the anxiety-inducing culture of uncertainty in which we live. I hope to post it tomorrow – where relevant, in relation to last night’s events. But like so many ‘news’ items these days, this one needs several overnight tests before any balanced conclusion can be reached.

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36 thoughts on “SEVEN BOMBS IN PARIS: A quandary of uncertainties, a contention of conspiracies, and a climate of fear

  1. Those of us who’ve been there before know the terror (Khobar Towers 1996 a foretaste for me) but the same blase shite from whoever is in charge “Shoulder to shoulder with our allies blah blah”.

    The best reaction to this is to turn off the live news coverage, next chance go sit quietly in a church and spare a moment for the innocent here. Light ’em a candle. Then get on with life.


  2. I am absolutely cheesed off with the formulaic approach to the reporting of catastrophes around the world.

    It apparently cannot be considered a serious event unless there are innumerable television crews spouting verbiage. It is blatantly obvious that under conditions such as those in Paris last night that there will be massive confusion and that the only people that will have any clue about what is going on will be those to whom the front line emergency services report and they will not be saying much until they are relatively sure and have obtained permission from the top of the tree to release such information.

    I have been caught up in one war and two military coups and other than being aware of what was happening within my field of vision, I had absolutely no idea what was really going on except for what I could glean from the short-wave BBC World Service.

    I am afraid that interviewing some nearby cafe owner who heard a bang does not really cut it as journalism although it is probably more worthy than trying to analyse the cause before you even know for certain who did it.


  3. My perspective is that we are giving energy to this “terrorist act”, and further strengthening for a new one. In the end, does it matter who did it? What is the difference between terrorism by extremists or terrorism done by our governments? There is no difference, both create terror be it by spilling blood or instilling terror. I think all this has to happen until people finally wake and say enough is enough. I live in Croatia so I totally understand what constant terror does to people. Of course, so long as we give this energy, we are creating more of it. I am sorry for those that got hurt, but our governments and doctors kill that many people every hour. 37 children die of hunger every hour, but I guess that’s not so important.


  4. As with most ‘terrorist’ mass killings including the Gladio outrages of the 70’s and the 80’s the truth will take a couple of decades to emerge. By then it will be ‘ancient history’ and only a few die-hards will even be aware of it. Whether or not this is more than it appears (Islamic nutters infiltrated into France via migrant hordes killing innocents as revenge for French actions in Syria), the recent departure of France’s one aircraft carrier to Syria in the face of public opposition to intervention does make me rather skeptical of the developing narrative. If so many governments did not have a long and ignominious history of staging or using such events as a pretext to advance the police state or to push unpopular foreign policies I might be more inclined to accept an ‘ISIS/ISIL/daesh’ atrocity at face value. The one certainty one may state about Friday’s tragedy in Paris is that the full and unabridged story is not going to appear in the MSM in the near future. (Given the propaganda we’re subjected to, I wouldn’t be surprised to be told that Putin had supplied the weaponry.)

    The preceding does not of course make the suffering of the injured and the bereaved any more bearable. My condolences and thoughts are with the victims of this tragedy.


  5. I was just wondering if this horrible attack might have anything to do with the broader economic and geopolitical conflict with Russia.


  6. I have always had the same mantra to ” war” by all means possible it should be avoided,but if all efforts are exhausted then wage war with all my might,i do not believe finding a solution to the Middle East has really been wanted or pursued fully,(i’ll leave others to apportion blame) but the longer peace is a dream the more atrocities will occurs to push the dream ever further back & make trust harder & harder to obtain
    Whether it’s trade or anything else trust is vital,without trust nothing good can happen & in the west we have lost trust even in our own establishment let alone foreigners & nothing is being built only destruction everywhere
    Yet whether a war last 3 days or a hundred years at sometime move have to be made to re-establish trust,this is not a easy process for those involved & not matter what is said at some stage Israel is going to have to try & re-establish trust ( i fear for the children yet born who will have to deal with this) & the Arabs too,for it is truly the brave that take such steps & really sorry that in my life time no one has had the courage to do so (although hope has shone once or twice) & if this war is the last a thousand years that bravery will grow for it will have to deal with a thousand years of history
    Jihad John won his aims was to destroy our values & in killing him that way he won,the hospital in Afghanistan shows that for every target there is collateral.we are better than this,we need to be better than this,for to take that first step of establishing trust takes restraint & fortitude & at least one side must show that trait & i don’t see why it shouldn’t be us!
    Sorry it’s long but the process of re-establishing integrity & trust is going to be long trek


  7. Predictably Islam itself has been implicated. In another forum I read that one Dr. Peter Hammond who I’ve never heard of but wrote a book said.

    “Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components. Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called ‘religious rights.’

    To which I responded
    “““Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. ”

    This is putting the cart before the horse. There is a shared culture in the Arabic speaking areas of the Middle East and North Africa that have integrated Islam into the culture. There was an Arabic speaking world that shared certain legal, political, economic, military, family and social arrangements long before there was Islam.

    Dominant religions always become part of the culture, especially the political culture. Leaders be they kings or Presidents associate their power with the dominant religion in order to claim legitimacy and/or to consolidate and increase their power.

    The ridiculous Saudi monarchy may well never have survived not sitting on the worlds greatest oil field but it would never have survived either without instituting a fundamentalist Islamic sect as the state religion. It is from that sect that jihad was nurtured until it now is exploding. The Saudis, officially via the monarchy or indirectly via citizens who are proponents of Salafi Islam, have financed every one of the menagerie of jihadi groups, including ISIS and let’s not forget al Queda and the 19 9/11 hijackers.

    Well such ideas, theories, or is it semantics, makes no real difference on the ground. The well worn dynamics of call and response are certain to intensify with ordinary people who just want to live quiet lives with their families caught in the middle as victims.”

    It’s best probably to view it all as part of the demise of the current order of complex centralized industrial/financial society. Things fall apart and the center cannot hold.


  8. Just a thought. But the country itself was not attacked, just innocent soft targets within its borders. I smell a rat! This could be the staged event to get a full military backing of EU nations into Syria. Its what they always wanted, and we won’t get a say in matters as usual. Or, letting in the immigrants was the plan to allow this actrocity to happen. Either way for me it looks like a false flag!


  9. Well it was carried out by islamic “extremists”.

    When the BBC says “extremists” it means a tiny, statistically insignificant part of the Muslim population. What it actually means is extremely motivated to wage jihad, to the extent of giving up their lives to do it.


  10. It seems that Martin Armstrong’s cycles of war are gaining ever more strength, as long predicted.

    The only analyst speaking any sense is Robert Fox, Sky’s former defence editor, and Patrick Cockburn in the independent. More Middle East wars are clearly not the answer but they are where we are headed.


  11. I can’t help feeling that someone somewhere wants to create a climate of fear and hatred.

    The only thing that will stop them achieving this is people like you and me refusing to fear or hate.

    Of course there is anger but I find it almost impossible to know where to direct the anger .. maybe that is the point.


  12. Coincidentallllly, the French authoritarians just happened to be running a training excersize for this exact scenario at the precise moment that this happened.

    Funny how that ALWAYS happens.

    Luckily the whole world was prepared and were able to light up their monuments with the French colours.

    Luckily a well scripted media grief blitz was waiting in the wings, complete with presidetial statements and legions of experts, was just waiting in the wings.

    Luckily, our Saudia Arabian, wahhabi, ‘bought and paid for’ trojan army is waiting the order to slaughter the dopey peasantry whenever they need a nudge in the right direction.

    El Puerco has just announced on the British Ministry Of Truth, that we can expect attacks in Britain unless people vote to attack Assad and help the Saudi’s buil their pipeline to Turkey.

    Perhaps we should be bombing the root cause of ALL terrorism instead of its victims. {HINT: Saudi Arabia.}


  13. John, you’re a lone sane voice in a mad, revenge-follows-revenge-follows-revenge driven world where such atrocities play into the hands of those who would seek to permanently deprive us of our Liberty for the illusion of some temporary security.

    If that’s tantamount to espousing NVE, then please count me in.


  14. False flag, anyone? How in less than a few hours after the attacks could they determine that all bombers were dead?
    Geeze. And the passport b.s., how freaking convenient.
    Truly it is sad that so many innocent people died. And there should be outrage. But we’re already being led to direct our outrage at ISIS, Assad and Russia, rather than letting this shake out and sensibly see who really is behind the associated charade.
    Look at the CIA’s role in this, why nobody saw this coming, and how the U.S. created the ISIS monster to instill fear so that we could waltz right into Damascus and remove Assad.


  15. Thanks John, you are not the only one to smell a rat, coming as it does with such convenient timing (ahead of the Vienna talks and the G20 in, of all places, Turkey and just one day after David Cameron’s propaganda triumph of the killing of Jihadi John (just yards from IS HQ in Raqqa, which they chose to leave intact, natch).
    The passports nonsense is just TPTB deciding on whom they will pin the blame. So far we have one Syrian (who helpfully made sure he got registered in Greece) and one Egyptian presumably with more to follow – a Chechen maybe…?

    “Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

    Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.


  16. Don’t forget the 1 minute silence across the entire eu at midday monday the 16/11/15….
    First Merkel opens the door, then Hollande ‘declares war on isis’. You couldn’t make this up.
    What we have is a middle eastern population dominated by under 25 males who are disenfranchised, unemployed, not getting any love life, living with parents, and they are VERY ANGRY, with not much to lose. They are not called isis, they are in Paris, London, Bradford, Madrid, Rome, Agadir, Tunis, Tripoli, Alexandria, Beirut, Baghdad, to name few, and in their MILLIONS.
    Now watch the holy war unfold.


  17. Of course you’re all absolutely correct. You all know that are right.
    This was obviously a conspiracy by an élite group whose cause or objectives we cannot quite yet understand (but that won’t stop us guessing).
    How come the police know they’re all dead? How come one had a passport? How come there was a training exercise (as usual!)? How come two were jihadists who had come through Greece? How come there are so many correspondents so quickly talking to cameras and garbled innocents caught up in the incident? How come “the authorities” have/haven’t got all the answers within a few hours but still keep issuing bulletins? How come all these worldwide monuments had blue, white and red floodlights ready at a few hours notice? Doesn’t it all fit into what our political oppressors extremists want miltarily and snooping into our lives – surely they did it? How come someone wants to create a climate of fear and hatred? How come a well scripted media grief blitz was waiting in the wings, complete with presidetial statements and legions of experts?
    Oh come on! Listen to yourselves.
    The reason is because as even conspiracy John says “News-service coverage is predictably braindead, focusing entirely on the garbled reactions of traumatised witnesses, endless recaps, our-man-on-the-spot “behind me here on the Rue…” drivel, updates timed to keep up the suspense….the usual right-cortex sensationalisation of news at the expense of any considered, left-brain analysis.”
    Panic and anxiety and the the public’s inane lust for news and answers at a time when there can’t possibly be a set of complete and cogent answers is what fuels such insane conspiracy ideas. What does the public expect of its media? What do YOU expect of the media? Ignore the whole blood ridden mess? Be capable of putting the whole jigsaw together in an hour or two? To make a seamless logic out of the whole terrifying incident.
    I’ll give you my conspiricy theory: A bunch of extremely motivated and very angry young men driven to wage jihad to the extent of giving up their lives, got together possibly locally, possibly via the migrant routes. They got themselves a whole load of very powerful guns and explosives and went on the rampage in the middle Paris on Friday the 13th.
    The why of why they happened to be so well motivated is extremely obvious.
    You can only expect the how to come out over time.
    And you can bet the last bit of your political boots that every political group will want to use every angle to push its own political agenda. What in the world is new dear reader.


  18. With regards to the whole passport thingy:

    It works like this. The Wahhabi cults terrorists are actually paid a monthly wage. When one of them is used as a sacrificial/disposable kamikaze, the family of that paid ‘jihadi’ gets a big cash payout as compensation.

    They carry their passports to make sure they can be identified and be certain that their family gets paid the ‘blood money’.

    The money comes from the coffers of the Wahhabi states. Mainly terrorist central, Good old Saudi Arabia.

    The country that has spent more than 100 Billion dollars spreading their Wahhabi, trojan army worldwide.


  19. It is all very well being concerned about what games the US and Russia are playing in far off lands. That doesn’t absolve ourselves of the need to consider what is happening right in France.

    The fact is that an ICM poll showed considerable support for ISIS. 16% of French citizens support ISIS – which is odd since officially the Muslim population of France is supposedly only 7.5%. Amongst young people support for ISIS is at 27%. This relates to the higher birthrate amongst Muslims as Muslims continue to outbreed their non-Muslim compatriots in France.

    So, we have millions of Muslims in France that have provided verbal support for a group that most non-Muslims consider barbaric and medieval in the extreme. But it is only verbal support, not actual violence (at least generally speaking). However, the French police and security have lost control to Muslims in many parts of France. Should the French be sanguine about the millions of ISIS supporters in their midst, considering them only as armchair warriors that will never rise up against their “oppressors”? Or should they be concerned that a flashpoint could occur, a kind of “Pearl Harbour” moment where a large number of Muslim men suddenly rise up and kill and maim drawing yet more Muslims to their cause, the French people and their security forces totally unprepared to take control of the situation, perhaps unable to take control due to the huge numbers that could get involved. Imagine the entire white population of Paris wiped out in a matter of days.

    Maybe the white population of France will be lucky. Perhaps the Muslims will content themselves with outbreeding them and taking control of France by sheer demographics. It’s an interesting experiment in just how “moderate” Islam really is, isn’t it?
    Here in the UK I guess we can afford to sit back and watch the experiment unfold either in France or Sweden as our own Islamic population is smaller and will not take power by either force or demographics before Sweden and France have fallen. I wonder how the US and Russia will react to France, a nuclear power, falling into Islamic hands?

    We live in interesting times.


  20. Hearing of these atrocities via TV, I said to the boss “what’re the chances a Syrian passport is found?”.
    She just rolled her eyes, well used to my cynicism.

    Halfkidding is half right. We are seeing not the demise of our industrial society, but the murder of our industrial society, and the attempted strangling before maturity of the developing nations.
    This is what COP21 is about, a gabfest for 40,000 politicians, bureaucrats & ‘scientists’ aiming to secure legally binding agreements to limit emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which is effectively a route to de-industrialisation.
    They don’t have a snowball in Hell’s chance of succeeding. India & China aren’t playing, they’re building something like 2 new coal-fired power stations every 3 weeks. Putin has openly denounced the climate hoax.
    If still held, it was scheduled for Nov 30 th & early Dec, it will become demands from the 3rd world to fill its begging bowl as compensation for the non-existent warming the industrialised West has supposedly inflicted on the earth.

    Money forced from the pockets of poor folk in the 1st world to fill the pockets of rich folk in the 3rd world.


  21. “The Elites” plan now is for never-ending wars with limitless casualties, ostensibly for oil & pipelines, actually toward WWIII, a vast world depopulation, the destruction of ALL nations & the imposition of a totalitarian world govt.

    I pray for my grandchildrens sake that Putin prevails against the plot.


  22. SD
    ‘Conspiracy John’ doesn’t really reflect the balance of the article at all, I would humbly suggest. The very fact that they DO ‘make a seamless logic out of the whole terrifying incident’ was my point. I suggest a re-read when your bp’s back to normal.


  23. “The Elites” plan now is for never-ending wars with limitless casualties, ostensibly for oil & pipelines, actually toward WWIII, a vast world depopulation, the destruction of ALL nations & the imposition of a totalitarian world govt.” jdseanjd.

    jdseanjd – if you haven’t I do think you should read Orwell’s 1984.
    The élite in the guise of Big Brother has the world permanently at war so to perpetually terrorise and subjugate the people of Oceania. Oceania is sometimes allied with Eastasia against Eurasia and sometimes with Eurasia against Eastasia – doesn’t much matter which as long as war continues. There’s always an excuse. News of events and the whole of history is rewritten in “Newspeak” to match the current situation and dictats of the totalitarian government that is the Inner Brotherhood as manifested by Big Brother (the all seeing two-way TV, the opiate of the proletariat).

    Recognise the plot??
    We do seem to be drifting in an ever-speeding whirpool down into the cesspit of George Orwell’s lurid dystopia.
    Note the absolute irony of Orwell’s real name being Blair!!!.
    You just couldn’t make it up!!


  24. Doesn’t stop me from letting you: but let’s face it mate, 7 v 11 is a bit of a basic miscalculation. At the very least, the second post raises questions that have yet to be answered. ;-\


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