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21 thoughts on “Comments page for why Britain is doing everything wrong

  1. This doesn’t just affect Britain, its true of Sweden, too. There is still some attempt to preserve some detachment, at least in radio news, but the deterioration is noticeable across the board. A dumbing down and increasing banality is very noticeable. I guess the media is increasingly centralised and cross-cultural. The ordoliberals will be turning in their graves. What they wanted to avoid is just this, and we see the results in the boom-bust cycle which becomes more intense and at shorter intervals.


  2. I believe there is a syndrome were you become immune to propaganda & in all walks of life ,people are not awakening but finding that they are inoculated to it,realism i think it’s called! unfortunately they’re are some that are so close that the Stockholm syndrome is stronger & that’s called journalism nowadays but not has we know it!


  3. Agree with every word of the essay. Can’t help but think that WWIII is on the way, surely if Israel is bombing Syria and the Russians are supporting Syria, aren’t we almost there? Can’t help also thinking that there might be some who think that a ‘good ‘ol war’ might sort out the issue of what to do with the unemployed, don’t know if anyone else saw it but, there was article of ZH reporting that the advance of the robot in the workplace is about to have a major impact in the US where one company has developed a robot that mince, shapes, grills and then places said patty in a bun which it has sliced and put relish/pickles in etc and then serves it, how long before it mixes the flour and bakes the bun too? More and more on welfare and less and less folk to pay for it, the rich aren’t going to pay that’s for sure. A bit of de-population might be a good thing in some folks minds..


  4. It’s not quite fair to blame the electorate. Mostly our once-in-five-years pencil cross is little more effective than writing a letter to Santa and senting it in smoke up the chimney – particularly in safe seats, of which there are so many. Besides, the System has learned how to game the system, hence spin doctors and these tears. You yourself write regularly about distraction and distortion in the media.

    As I wote on my blog yesterday, “The key, for the rich and powerful, is to systematise what they do, while encouraging their victims to personalise their response.” Collectivism, community, what you will, has been atomised. Rette sich wer kann.

    And it’s not as though Big Capital more efficiently satisfies the consumer. Look at 3 Birmingham companies – HP Sauce, Ansells Brewery and Cadbury’s – to see how their products have been SNAFU’d or discontinued by conglomerate owners.

    As Cleese says in “Clockwise”, “It’s not the despair; it’s the hope” that causes us so much anguish.


  5. All the dire warnings of financial doom, e.g., from you & Zero Hedge, seem a little premature. (My company exports electronic components manufactured in the UK, mainly to SE Asia. We have yet to see any reduction in demand, and in some cases and increased demand.)
    But politically, I concur absolutely with your analyses. Cameron is an empty vessel. Whatever vague notions cross his semi-concious mind are all about staying in the EU whilst pretending to the easily-led that he’s offering a balanced view. He’s no match for the wily Troikanauts, which might be one of the reasons he was allowed to win the election – they prefer a stooge to an Orban any day.
    (Fill in the deity of your choice) help us all!


  6. The “government” (antiquated definition not applicable) of the UK and US appear to have laws prohibiting the actions of their leaders. But no law enforcement agency dares stop them. These “Agents of government” believe these constables will always be there to protect them against the population, and the constables believe the the government will be there to support them against the crimes against humanity meted out to that population.
    The police probably don’t yet realize the “Agents of Government” know the only thing important now is the skimming of every penny to continue paying the interest on the interest of the national debt and skimming part of that for garden parties.
    Caligula meets “Keeping up Appearances” Can’t wait to see what happens next. The advert says its the next episode is “Tear up the social contract Jack, things are out of whack”


  7. Cameron and Osborne are doing everything right to ensure they have lucrative Directorships secured in the cesspool that is the City of London Banks.
    Force the resignation of the head of the FCA,because he was enacting the regulations against financial chicanery in the City.
    Sell off the publics share in Royal Mail, Lloyds/TSB and RBS at huge discounts to enable windfall profits for their bankster buddies in the City.
    Push for renewal of the Trident Nuclear programme at a cost of £160 billions, which is now an obsolete weapon and just makes us a target for first strike retaliation.
    .Continue with austerity policies which any half baked economist can tell is destructive,
    Contract to build 4 British warship in S.Korea, while we close down our steel industry and shipyards.
    Target the low paid workers by removing Tax Credits,so causing further damage to our ailing economy, by reducing the money in circulation.
    Continue the creeping privatisation of the NHS,supported by tales from the MSM of inefficiencies, same old method of all previous privatisations,ie,, lack of investment and degrading of services
    We are indeed Governed by numbnuts and the sleeple who voted for this Tory Govt. are in for a rude awakening, as theTory barbaric assault on the workers and economically inactive continues


  8. Nice! …….and to add the the mayhem there are now 120 Sunni atomic bombs located in Pakistan with more on the way. I’m not sure what will come first the implosion of the Euro or the obliteration of the middle east.


  9. Timmermanns of the EU has declared today that the only alternative to Europe is war.

    Like me, I would imagine that you are now quaking in your boots.


  10. My apologies, John … I’ve tried to put a thoughtful response here but it’s a bit like a Tourette’s Syndrome convention chez nous at the moment. There are times when the language of a three badge stoker is all but compulsory to describe the activities of the shameless, grasping … thingys … who are hauling upon the levers of state.


  11. No, it is clear if you read this:

    …that the price Thatcher had to pay for tapping untold wealth from the Saudis through the Al Yamamah deal* was to cede full control over Whitehall to MI6, Britain’s CIA. She destroyed Britain’s domestic industry to make UK plc a full military economy. What was the method used to control all those mandarins? Paedophilia. Now David Icke doesn’t seem so far fetched.


  12. These very same people were falling over themselves remembering those who died in the ‘Great War’ last week – rather like Reagan and ‘Born In the USA’ they just don’t get it do they – those who died DID NOT DIE for this.


  13. Is anyone old enough to remember when this country wasn’t in an economic crisis,wasn’t tightening it’s belt,was feeling we’ve never had it so good?


  14. Fair analysis John…
    though I would like to add that the prime minister and jeremy hunt have got it terribly wrong on junior doctors’ pay, and that Osborne is desperately trying to make a name and a career for himself over tax income to the treasury – but has badly miscalculated, leading to the attack on tax credits and the poorest in society recently. Let me explain,.. he allowed the coalition to raise tax free thresholds, as per the trendy swedish model, but then he realised tere would be a revenue shortfall, so he announced wage rises to £9/hour, so that he could get his tax take again. Problem is, £9 /hr will raise unemployment and benefit costs, put companies out of profit, or business, and … robots and internet will be even more competitive. The stock market is on fire if you like greggs or dominos, but rolls royce etc are in meltdown. There will be a showdown in this parliament, and a fireworks display to remember.


  15. ‘The Establishment’ as we used to know it (all the big institutions, the Established Church, Royal Family, police, legal system, etc) have all been hollowed out, traduced or rendered more or less impotent by successive governments over the last 25 years. The Establishment is in retreat and under severe threat from the new political class who despise both the Establishment and what it stands for, and ordinary people. Equality before the law, and other common law precepts, are amongst our traditions that are most threatened.

    I thoroughly recommend Peter Oborne’s book ‘The Triumph of the Political Class. It is both the most enlightening and also the most depressing book I have ever read.


  16. The argument is usually summarised thus:

    1. In a democracy, the first aim of the controllers is to ensure that those entitled to vote do not understand the choices they have to make, cannot judge the choice of people they must choose between and do not realise that those who present the choices are fixing them for their own ends.
    2. As a result of that, anyone wishing to truly represent the electors faces an extremely uphill battle:
    i. The full artillery of the controllers will be turned their way using all the channels that the electors do trust, but should not trust.
    ii. The smallest justifications for ostracism will be pursued mercilessly.
    iii. The chance of a fair rebuttal, as is the case in a properly functioning court of law, is almost never granted in those untrustworthy trusted channels.
    3. If anyone gets close enough to even reaching the metaphorical 1st base in the final inning of the metaphorical baseball game (and note, baseball game not football game), then distractions, preferably either of the terrorist or war-like kind, must be instituted. The timing of 7/7 24 hours after the UK won the Olympics beauty parade in Singapore was noteworthy, much as in a much smaller way, Mr Corbyn will undoubtedly feel frustrated that his planned low-level exposition of his political philosophy to a local Labour rally has been binned due to events of Paris taking over. Just as the swatting of paedophile investigations into Labour Govt Ministers in the earlier Blair years were crushed in the run up to the Iraq war (although I”m sure the Conservatives would have gone hung ho into war with Dubya if a sudden GE caused Blair et al to move out of Downing Street, which does rather weaken the so called argument that outing Labour paedophiles would have stopped the adventurism……)

    Given those facts, it is fairly clear that the only solution for anyone truly wishing to represent the people is not to try and run for Parliament initially, rather to build a huge non-electoral ‘pressure group’/’community action group’/whatever you want to call it, not to slag off David Cameron et al, but merely to help local communities to do something desirable. Unfortunately, all these things tend to be single-issue campaigns, rather than a facilitative forum/exchange to build knowledge, expertise, experience, successful case studies etc etc.

    The reason for this is that the only way to overcome the smearing of the MSM if you ever do run for election is to have built up a sufficiently long track record not having stood for election that your base of supporters trust their own experiences of you rather than what the MSM tell them. Because the first thing that will happen if you seriously run is that the powers that be will demand huge kick backs to support you and if you wish to represent the people you will rebuff them. Which will lead to the inevitable Hounds of Hell campaign from the MSM rottweilers…….

    Because of this, the intelligence services are constantly scanning horizons for any activity of this kind and their highest priority will be to infiltrate it, cause reputational damage and hopefully from their point of view, cause the whole group to fall to bits before it gets anywhere near critical mass.

    Quite their biggest worry are organisations which actually carry out 18 months of engagement with the people discussing matters of significant substance. For that, they need to get out their Big Bazookas and one wonders whether the collapse of the price of oil happened just around the time of the Scottish Independence referendum and who it was in the British Establishment who called in a favour from the Saudis to make it happen when it did??

    All in all, it’s not that easy to enact ‘athiest desirable existence on eart’, is it?!


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