Just as David Cameron thought things couldn’t get any worse in relation to the EU Referendum, they got dreadful.

For in Eurolalaland, the Kraut-to-Sprout liberty-crushing combine has a cunning plan to solve the migration crisis my Lord….a plan so cunningly hypocritical and ruthless, it was probably dreamed up by a dedicated team at JP Goldman Chase, all of whom have been to in order to hone their craft.

It’s called stick and carrot.

Stage I: take down all silly banners on Town Halls saying ‘migrants welcome here, we love you kissy-kissy’.

Stage II: inform various African – note that term, not Arabian – governments that they are going to get in the region of 800,000 migrants back, using this sell: “The good news is, we’re going to give you oodles of Wonga to do it; the bad news is, we get to keep all the useful ones.”

According to what feels like about 247 leaks across Europe yesterday and Friday, the wording is ‘only those professionals with sufficient training to contribute to society will be granted visas’ for the EU.

Stage III: thrust all the doctors, engineers, nurses, dentists, and architects into EU infrastructure jobs, at half the rate currently being paid….while starving a North Africa ravaged by US foreign policy of the very kind of rebuilding expertise it needs.

Warning: failure to agree to this may result in shock and awe….up to but not including Turkey, where the dingbats of Brussels licked the murderous Recep Erdogan all over to get a secret deal on Syrian Turkish prison-camp ‘refugees’, praising him to the skies and thus helping him get his parliamentary majority back.

erdoschulzKurd Killer meets King of Turds

The new stronger Erdogan could now walk away from the grubby deal he struck with Merkel about migrants he sent in the first place. As Athens sources insisted to me a fortnight ago, he doesn’t really want anything to do with the EU: the world’s all time champion Kurd killer only sought prestige from Brussels-am-Berlin when weak at home. Now he is free to pursue his favourite leisure activities: imprisoning dissenters, plotting the end of the Assad regime, backing hardline Islamist and Jihadist groups, and letting them use Turkey as a transit point through which to smuggle munitions and cash support into Syria.

O what derisory cock-ups they weave/when EC and Merkel set out to deceive.

Derisory maybe, but not cheap. Last Thursday, the EC committee met to try and quantify, in ballpark terms, the economic effects of the continent’s biggest humanitarian crisis since the EU began. Every last attempt by all means fair and foul to extract a number from the session failed. That should tell you all you need to know.


There appears to be no honour among thieves. Clubmed investment firms and BigSD players are using Draghi’s QE – entirely predictably – to flog worthless Bank of Italy bonds to the already bond-wallpapered ECB…. and then buying German Bunds with the proceeds. The Italians are the worst offenders – capital flight from the country is now alarming again, and precedes QE – but there can only be one end to this: Germany getting stronger and the ezone periphery getting weaker. Not helped, of course, by the huge (EC + ECB inflicted) capital flight from Greece this year….and increasingly nervy investors starting to pull out of rebellious Catalonia.

Draghi and his fellow smoothies love announcing blithely that capital “is now returning to the eurozone”. In fact, almost all of it is heading for Berlin. Meanwhile, those still selling the line of US recovery fail to mention capital flight from the various Brics, developing nations and former tigers as Fed ‘tapering’ heads towards alleged rate rises: year on year, it’s running at $1.2trillion. Quite a crowded flight, then.


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