backstab1Welcome to a regular feature about all things secretive, unaccountable and constitutionally illegal. No wild conspiracy theories here….only justified questions and source-informed speculation…

Germany to change Greek legal system to that of the Bundesrepublik. 2 sources in Athens

EU & US to ignore TTIP opposition and go ahead anyway….Naked Capitalism

Germany in secret Putin talks to get TFout of Syria – you read it here first – American will not prevailing again, Berlin-Moscow rapprochement….Voltairenet

Catalan separatists have chosen confrontation with the Madrid Government…they want a clean break with Spain.They want a Catalan republic, and they want it now…..The Spain Report

Massive insider-trading scandal in the air as FOI request shows meetings between Draghi and senior euromoguls in days before policy decisions/changes….Financial Times

….and similar skullduggery in China where prominent private equity investor Xu Xiang was arrested last Sunday morning on suspicion of insider trading. A clue might lie in the fact that Xu ran Shanghai Zexi Investment…and after Chinese stocks crashed 27% over a month and a half, one of his funds gained 357%...Fortune

Last week, Saudi Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Walid bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud was arrested in Lebanon. According to reports, the prince and four other Saudis were attempting to fly out of the Beirut airport in a private jet — chalk full of drugs. “Of course, he won’t be arrested” said an official….Robert Fisk at readersupportednews

And last but not least, Indonesia is in flames, but the world’s media don’t seem interested in reporting it. I don’t accept any of George Monbiot’s ecological conclusions – they are as usual liberal tosh – but he has a point: how can a story this big go unreported?…

The truth is out there, and it’s off-message

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