eurofoodHold me back. One for those days when you’ve counted the flowers in the wallpaper pattern, cleaned behind the fridge, and finished The Collected Speeches of David Beckham.

A US school team has been accused of racism after giving a gift to another school….a basket of fruit:

twitfemgagExpecting  a wave of neoliberal carpet-bagging profiteers at any moment, this entrepreneurial GreekUniversity has seized the day:

greekonlineSome of the reviews for this are interesting:

“Fantastic…enabled me to buy an electricity company and three hookers in a single afternoon” – G. Verhofstadt

Amazing how when the Met just nicked someone for stealing an apricot, we get the full details. But when they investigate their own, we get this:


The link isn’t much more helpful either:

Detective Constable Sundar Banerjee, 33, a police officer attached to Specialist Crime & Operations has been dismissed without notice from the Metropolitan Police Service following a special case hearing. The officer faced allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of the standards of professional behaviour in respect of: duties and responsibilities; orders and instructions and discreditable conduct. It was alleged that between 2008 and 2014, DC Banerjee accessed MPS computer systems over 230 times and obtained personal information about himself and his family.’

About himself and his family??? Why? Was he suffering from some kind of onanist investigation compulsion?

And finally,

JebcutsOh dear. Lack of charity begins at home, that’s what I say.

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