#28: Until last week we had an unelected President. Now we seem to have been given a deregulated Monarch. As we already have the regulated version in the UK, why do we need Queen Mirakle as well?


#29: The greatest advantage yet discovered of Vote Leave: no more bent statistics. Sad to see Lord Rose returning to the utterly discredited statistic about ‘3m jobs going’ if we leave. Utter codswallop based on crazy assumption our EU trade would sink to 0%.

#30: The CBI will stop being paid €250,000 euros a year to invent pro-Stay drivel. ‘Every household benefits to the tune of £3000 per annum thanks to the EU’ the CBI lied in 2013. Open Europe deconstructed the figures at the time and found them wanting. Firstly, the estimate is based on a small and selective literature review (5 papers), the most recent of which was published in 2008. The CBI also increased the overall figure from 2% – 3% of GDP to 4% – 5% of GDP without really, um, explaining why…as such.

#31: We won’t have to listen to any more self-interested pro-EU cobblers from Lord Fondlebum of Boy who is desperate to protect his pension.

Stay tuned for the remaining 69 reasons.

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