And so the truth about Tony Blair lying in relation to the Iraq deal he did with Dubya Bush is finally out. The Daily Mail has the ‘scoop’, it seems. What they didn’t do was predict the emergence of the emails over five years ago. This from a Slogpost in March 2010:

‘FCO sources confirmed earlier this week that the strongly anti-Blair caucus at the Department of State sees certain media as ‘a safer conduit’ for information damning to the former Prime Minister’s cause. And a Washington-based Slog source still believes that the Obama White House will leak some if not all of the Blair/Bush correspondence exchanged during 2002. “It will shoot Tony Blair right between the eyes” the informant insisted, “and be immensely helpful to an Administration keen to show Islam it’s coming clean about this stuff. Some of Obama’s people think Blair is nuts on the subject of the Islamist threat”.’

Nobody will give a monkey’s, of course: after all, it was so long ago…and in so many other ways, Tony was such a safe pair of hands, wasn’t he?


Today is national anti-slavery day. As far as I know, Iain Duncan-Smith has no plans to arrange any contrarian special events.


Doris Jobsdone is sounding off again from his eyrie atop the Daily Telegraph’s columns. Today his target is Brussels (hurrah!) and this is his neo-tabloid I’m a good bloke just like you opener:

‘It’s the democracy – or the absence of democracy. That’s what drives me nuts; that’s the hole in the heart of the European project’.

Just two problems with today’s Borisconi rant: Does he support Brexit? He does not. Did he bother about the absence of EU democracy the last time he was in Greece cuddling up to Nia Demokratia? He did not.

If I live to be 100, I will never understand the inability of the British electorate to discern that Mayor Johnson is a sleazy, sex-mad lump who tailors his position to fit his ambition. If Dave winds up falling on his sword over the EU issue, Boris will be there to take over. He just lacks the guts to say “Vote leave”.


And finally, the BBC has either been incredibly incompetent in its Panorama Programme on Syria, or was merely doing what Camerlot told it to do. Or both. With the Beeb these days, it’s impossible to tell: you look at the evidence and decide.

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